Salt Lake Zombie Walk

This Event is Over – Thanks to Everyone Who Made it So Fun!


Salt Lake Zombie Walk

Salt Lake Zombie Walk – Food Not Brains

A zombie walk is a public gathering of people dressed up as zombies (and zombie hunters), taking place in an urban setting.  There are zombie walks that take place in big cities all over the world. The Salt Lake Zombie Walk has become an annual event. This particular semi-organized gathering is meant to be a flash-mob style zombie outbreak in the city. The zombies will stay in character, moaning, and grunting down the streets, occasionally taking (volunteer) victims and turning them into zombies as well, while the zombie hunters try valiantly to defend Salt Lake City.

When: Sunday, August 11, 2013 7:00PM

Where: Starts at Pioneer Park

Other: Free Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets

500 T-Shirts available – First Come First Served

Bring an optional non-perishable food item to donate to Utah Food Bank

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How to make a zombie costume

How to make fake blood

How to walk like a zombie

And this truly awesome eHow video series

94 Responses to “Salt Lake Zombie Walk”

  1. MaryAnne D. says : Reply

    Love me a zombie walk!!!!!

  2. Sherry says : Reply

    When you say “before the show” I assume you mean that it will be a separate event. According to wikipedia, “A zombie walk is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes. Usually taking place in an urban center, the participants make their way around the city streets and public spaces (or a series of taverns in the case of a zombie pub crawl) in an orderly fashion.” Sounds like a good time! It would be fun if it was also a bar or restaurant crawl to make a night out of it! You could partner up with the restaurants in the South Towne mall area which is right down the street from the convention center.

    • Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

      There are a lot of local make up artist (amateur and professional) that you should try recruiting to help people out beforehand. I know of many who are on Facebook. Same goes for photographers. It would be a great chance for some of our local talent to get their names out as well. You could post an announcement looking for volunteers…I’m betting you’ d get a big response. And thank you so much for bringing Comic Con to us…we can’t wait!!

  3. My resident evil cosplay group and I are coming all the way from Colorado Springs to check this out and we would love to take part in it.

  4. Brandi says : Reply

    If i am coming all the way from Portland, OR to SLC for this, there better be a “zombie walk” pub crawl!! fun!

  5. I love this idea. Cant wait to see what u come up with.

  6. Allie says : Reply

    I’m planning on coming as a zombie trekkie, I never pass up an opportunity to play zombie dress up. It’s always more fun to do it outside. I’ve done the zombie walk that they’ve put together downtown, and basically, you just need a zombie horde, a route, and a reminder for zombies and zombie hunters alike to respect people not participating in the event, respect business property (no bloody handprints or leaving messes). I think a fun, public route could be something like starting off at the southtowne mall an walking up the road to the expo center, short and sweet. If you decide to use state street, make sure you have enough staff to keep the zombies in line so we don’t have any traffic problems. I also guess since it’s “before the show” and Saturday is the biggest day, it’s assumed to be Saturday morning, so no pub or restaurant crawls. I think it would also be cool if at the end, there was all things zombie area with photo op with whoever is representing from the walking dead and arthur suydam signings or even artists willing to do zombified caricatures. I know I’d gladly pay a little extra for things like that before heading in to the actual comicon.

    TL; DR. Just crazy excited!

  7. Dana says : Reply

    Reavers are Zombies too!!

  8. Sonia says : Reply

    Maybe post some how to zombie make up tutorials on the site to help people that want to try but have never tried to make some zombie attempts

  9. Clarisse says : Reply

    any chance of getting nicholas hoult or rob corddry to be there? tons of people loved warm bodies.

    my husband and i dressed up as plants vs zombies one year. it was a huge hit.

  10. Rose says : Reply

    I have taken part in all of the local Zombie Crawls here in SLC and must say I’m hooked. It can also be a great way to help kids get over a fear of monsters/zombies by allowing them to dress up as one. I’ve seen some AWESOME kid zombies. However I have also seen some zombies that were NOT family friendly. People should keep in mind the “audience” of these crawls. If there will be kids present, try to keep it PG13 if possible.

    A tip when looking for fake blood recipes…if it uses food coloring it will STAIN everything it touches, you’ll want to put a heavy duty foundation under it or you may have a pink chin for weeks. If it uses chocolate, you may end up eating it all before the crawl.if it uses dishsoap, you don’t want it in or near your mouth. Whatever you use, try to give it time to dry before you leave the house. That way, you don’t make a mess,AND your look doesn’t get smudged

  11. Rose says : Reply

    As for things I would like to see…I used to volunteer at Rocky point haunted house and on weekends we had the dancers from Odyssey Dance Theatre performing live every 15 minutes or so.( to M.J’s Thriller, of course). I think it would be awesome to see them perform this again. It’s Amazing! The crawl can begin with a special performance from the local talent.

  12. Cheryl says : Reply

    Zombie walks are free gatherings… your Facebook post made it sound like you plan on selling passes to it. If you do that, you’re not going to have much of a zombie walk. The annual SLC zombie walk (in August) attracts a few thousand people. I’m not sure how you’d prevent people from joining if they wanted to, but if you sold passes, you’d probably actually turn people off to it.

  13. April says : Reply

    If the Zombie Walk is going to be prier to the show, I’d have it at least the day before. That way people still have time to come in their cool costume for Comic Con. If you do it the day of, some people may not attend because they don’t want to go as a zombie. On the other hand, if it’s Thursday then people don’t have to come up with a costume idea for Thursday. If a pass is required to enter, I’d do a reasonable price and give the people a reason to show up to it, i.e. special guests, signed photo, something special for the Zombie Walkers.

  14. Jeremy says : Reply

    Maybe the 2 holes in my side still won’t be healed by then. Then I’ll have to use less makeup.

  15. Robert smith says : Reply

    Have the zombie walk to the doors to kick off the weekend.

  16. Catrina Melton says : Reply

    I love zombies. I think that there should be something crazy like an announcement that there is an apocalypse before the zombie walk. and a big boom as the beginning or something big and memorable like that. I have never been to any zombie walks and I am really interested in going to one :)

  17. Trent Taylor says : Reply

    I would start off by calling it a zombie shuffle, stumble, walk/jog. I’d give prizes for best costume, best shuffle ext. I would try to find a place that’s dark and make it look like a run down zombie trap. If its outside, I would do it at dusk under torch light or low light. This sounds very fun and I would love to have a “hand” in it. :)

  18. Jen Ogle says : Reply

    This sounds like it will be a blast! I am so looking forward to the SLC Comic Con!

  19. Salt Lake Comic Con Events says : Reply

    We want it to be a zombie run where “walkers are chasing” the runners.

  20. Jared Green says : Reply

    You should have it start out as a normal walk and have people with green paint infect people to become zombies and see who can make it to the end of the walk without being infected.

  21. Robert Chavez says : Reply

    Zombie obstacle course!

  22. cori Nelson says : Reply

    Zombies. I’m thinking of going as sith zombie if u pick me to win some tickets. Would love to do this.

    Have u announced who will be there from walking dead? Sooo excited!!!

  23. Pamela O'Hearn says : Reply

    I would be so excited for a zombie walk. we’re coming down and staying with a friend. I do like the idea of doing it the night before, so we can have a zombie costume and not interfere with any ‘daytime’ costumes we come up with. For those of us coming from out of town that don’t know the area well, would you have some kind of map to show the route of the zombie walk? that way if we got messed up trying to drive in and park, and missed the beginning, we could catch up. I haven’t been to a zombie walk yet, but I know some are used to raise money for charity, or food for the food bank. It sounds like a great idea. Can superheroes become zombies? it would be great to have a comicon costume theme for the zombies. Or maybe a zombie dance party. just too much fun to think about!

    • Pamela O'Hearn says : Reply

      still thinking about it…what about a zombie gala the last night, and having makeup people at comicon who can help do the costuming and makeup for those who want it? we could do some of the cool stuff listed here, and then end up some place where we could have a zombie ball.

  24. Colby says : Reply

    All these ideas are awesome. I especially like the zombie run where runners are chased by zombies. I think we should make a huge game out of it and offer a prize to the last person standing.

  25. M. Peterson says : Reply

    My family and I love zombies. What I would like to see if that the event be family/kid friendly without losing any of its fun. I don’t mean tone down the blood or makeup but I’ve been to Zombie Walks where people were practically naked, and once where a guy was dragging around actual cow intestines. Not family friendly in the least. We are planning on dressing up…from Mom and Dad to our 7 year old, our preschooler, and if the toddler will hold still she’s getting made up, too. If she cant, well….she’s coming as a zombie snack I guess.

  26. Macy Mecham says : Reply

    The adult in me thinks the zombie pub crawl sounds awesome! But, I have a 7 year old who would be devastated if she didn’t get to be zombified also. So my suggestion is maybe make it an all day event with kid friendly activities early and a pub/restaurant crawl later for adults.

  27. stacey partner says : Reply

    Me and my kids love the slc zombie walk, it’s always so much fun to go as survivors, the zombies stay in character as my boys spray them with water (is usually hot and they appreciate te cooling off) and I love all the crazy pictures we get! I’d love more info on this and how is going to work!!!!

  28. Tyler Simons says : Reply

    If Salt Lake has had an annual zombiewalk every year in August, i highly suggest contacting the person who organizes the event somehow, and see if they can have it be on Wednesday, September 4th, as an all day event to kick off the first ever Salt Lake comic con :)…. that way you’ll get a massive turn out from all those people who are hooked on going zombie walking every year (the SLC zombie walk has been going for 5 years).. if your going to combine all the conventions into one, why not add this annual zombie walk?
    we all know that zombies are mindless… but this zombie walk needs to be organized like crazy… you’ll need a route with signs along the way, local authorities should be notified of the time and place, having survivors walk through the zombies is a good idea too, but they’d need to wear something that signifies they are participating…. zombies should be encouraged to stay hydrated, rules should be set, the same rules for the comic con costumes should apply, it should be family friendly. and there should be a best zombie awards at the end… and most of all it should be either free, or a very low cost, so that you get the best turn out possible…. the best option is to have it be free, but you may need sponsors, it could even be a charity event.

  29. Brianna Hale says : Reply

    I think a zombie walk would be a great way to advertize the comic con for people who aren’t aware it’s going to be in Salt Lake. It’s new this year and I’m excited. Real Stadium and Megaplex theatres are near the event center and we could do a walk by there or through there. I think the movie theatre would be a great place to go through. So maybe not a restaraunt or pub crawl but the theatre would be cool.

  30. Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

    There are a lot of local make up artist (amateur and professional) that you should try recruiting to help people out beforehand. I know of many who are on Facebook. Same goes for photographers. It would be a great chance for some of our local talent to get their names out as well. You could post an announcement looking for volunteers…I’m betting you’ d get a big response. And thank you so much for bringing Comic Con to us…we can’t wait!!

    (For some reason when I posted this it was put as a reply to another post.)

  31. Carlin Cottam says : Reply

    Several zombie walks are used as hunger walks to gain awareness of world hunger. I think it would be amazing if SLC did something like that! You could still keep it free so lots of people come but also sell zombie walk t-shirts and other peraphenelia and give the proceeds to whatever cause you want to raise awareness for. There is no reason why we can’t have an awesome zombie walk and raise money for a good cause!

  32. Donna Orton says : Reply

    I have a friend in Missouri who runs a haunted house every year and organizes a Zombie walk every year in Lebanon, but I have never been able to go. They have alot of local businesses who donate to the cause and the streets are basically lined with “Zombie well wishers”. I CAN’T wait to share this experience with my husband and daughter!!!

  33. Nathaniel Smith says : Reply

    If this could be an entirely separate event that would be terrific, or maybe schedule it at a time in the Con where no really important or interesting people are giving presentations because I’m sure it would bum alot of people out if they missed a guy talking because of attending the zombie walk, and vice-verse. Also I know I personally would appreciate it if it were later in the day or at least on saturday so that I could attend and not worry at all about making up for school or skipping out on it. I’m very excited for this even and I hope more announcements are made soon. Thanks!

  34. Holli D says : Reply

    I love the idea of a Zombie Walk! I even have a few friends who are not going to Comic Con that I have convinced to go Zombie walking with me! So as soon as details are out we will be signing up! That said I did have a couple of ideas to contribute…
    (1)what about a costume contest? You could give awards for best group, best zombie shuffle walk, best dressed brain etc? the prize could be as simple as a pic on your web site. I know people would love that.
    (2) I was thinking it may be fun to walk from the convention center down around the outside of Lake Hills Cemetery and back up. I know the zombies would like to walk past a cemetery and its not far at all from the convention center.
    Anyway the zombie walk is a great idea I can’t wait to see what the end result is!

  35. Amy G. says : Reply

    I think the pub or restaurant idea is fantastic. It would be great to have a theme room for Comic con attendees. I know that Southwestern Catina has a large banquet room. Perhaps you could have them host a zombie buffet, and offer specialty dishes and drinks (bloody mary, rack of ribs, exc.).

  36. Carol M says : Reply

    I love the idea of a Zombie walk, but I do think it needs to be more accessible to all. The walk from the mall is too far for a great deal of people (then they need to walk back to get their cars.) Couldnt the walk be to the Jordan commons which is much closer? We could start at the convention center and walk to the street and around the Jordan commons. Also the Jordan Commons has restaurants, movie theatres and entertainment. Zombies walk slowly so the walk could take as long as people wanted. and fun things could be planned for afterwards even at the convention center. I think a lot of families with little people could have fun with this shorter version too. My adult son is disabled and he could walk that far and enjoy the activity.

  37. Clarissa H says : Reply

    Could you have a zombies vs survivors event somewhere in there? If there is an open area or park, you could play a fun version of freeze tag or something similar. I set up something like that last summer and it was a riot. We used different colors of paint to mark hits (washable paint on kiddie balls), but it would also work on a touch basis, with water guns (for those who are ready to wash off their make-up), or flags or something. If a survivor touches a zombie, they are “cured” and become a survivor. If a zombie touches a survivor, they are infected and become a zombie. We played that if you switched sides 3 times, you died and were out, but you could also play it where one side wins when everyone joins it, or have some other objectives involved (capture the flag style, but when you are tagged you switch sides). I’m not sure if this is for everyone participating, but for those interested it could be a really cool way to end the day!

  38. Matthew says : Reply

    You could do a zombie 5k you could pay to run in the 5k and the horde would chase you (horde is free to participate). I know they do this in some places I think it would be fun. Plus it would bring out the running crowed which would give it a bit more publicity. Those runners are crazy and would be more than happy to do it if it was for a good cause or something.

  39. Matt Farr says : Reply

    You could do a zombie 5k you could pay to run in the 5k and the horde would chase you (horde is free to participate). I know they do this in some places I think it would be fun. Plus it would bring out the running crowed which would give it a bit more publicity. Those runners are crazy and would be more than happy to do it if it was for a good cause or something.

  40. Huu Tran says : Reply

    I, for one, am super excited. I will start off as a Zombie hunter, however, if I were to be infected during the walk, I can totally see myself becoming a zombie mid walk. Tragic, when I think about it

  41. Jason says : Reply

    Zombie runs are the best! It would be fun to have some “Humans” thrown in to the zombie mix fighting for survival. I coordinated one of these at my local YMCA a few years ago and gave the human kids some Nerf guns to plunk the zombies. It was a blast.
    At any rate, I’ll be the Stan Lee Zombie in the crowd.

  42. Brandy says : Reply

    I think this is a fantastic idea because so many people in Utah are hooked on the annual Zombie Walk in August already. I do agree with some of the for mentioned statements such as using the walk to help promote the convention more. I’d suggest actually doing the zombie walk/crawl/shamble August 31st, the Saturday before. By taking to the streets the Saturday before you open the walk up (especially if you give news agencies the heads up in advance) to promote the very first comic con in Utah. Another idea that someone mentioned is selling swag at places along the walk and donating proceeds to a charity. You can go even further with this since so many people have suggested that they would like the walk to be either be a reasonable cost or free why not turn it into the cost to participate as a donation of canned food and make it a food drive as well? I don’t know anyone who would turn their nose up at handing over a can or two of food that can be donated to the local food bank for the cost of admission. I’m sure you could even get people to volunteer to help with the organization of it all.

    I really do think that if you run the Zombie Walk in conjunction with some kind of charity event not only will you help a good cause but also get more people involved as well as get the word out about the convention. Either way I look forward to September!

  43. Lynne says : Reply

    I have actually participated in a zombie walk before, and it is soo much fun!! I know a couple of artists, if you are interested in finding some local people to help out with makeup?

  44. Hi guys and gals,

    SubjectZero here from the largest Zombie Crawl in the state…. the Ogden Zombie Crawl. Contact me if you need any info or help. I know all the local effects guys and we had over 700 come and participate last year as Zombies and over 1000 as survivors, protesters, and cleanup crew. If you want to pair it with the con, it will be easy, low cost, and fun. I always recommend a food drive, because Zombies and Hunger go hand in….ummm brains? Let me know if you want or need some help or a quick response.

    Subject Zero

  45. Charles Dye says : Reply

    This is a great way to attract people of all ages, both young and old. Zombies have been around forever and people love dressing up as them. One fun thing that you could do would be to have a zombie contest for who looks and acts the most like a “true” zombie. And to make it even more fun, maybe involve some of the special guests to participate on the voting panel. I really think that the crowd would love to see them involved in the process. And maybe for the prize, let them win a photo op with the special guest of their choice.

  46. I definitely think you should have a “ramp up” time to get the word out about the zombie walk before the Con. Have staff start posting different posters reporting zombie sightings in SLC or Staff dressed like zombies in downtown handing out information fliers the weeks prior to the walk. The VIP opens at 3pm in the afternoon on Thursday I believe so maybe that morning get volunteers (an above comment spoke of recruiting make up artists and the first people could get some better make up) to make there way towards your start location. You may want to contact Larry H Miller Corp due to the proximity to the Jordan Commons as they are very good at hosting/supporting events like this. I dont know how realistic it would be to get access to Rio Tinto if you have enough people, or maybe even just Sandy City for use of Raintree park. I would love to Volunteer to help out as Im sure many others would be too. Good luck guys! Super Stoked for the Con!

  47. shazzy88 says : Reply

    My husband says the best thing for zombie flesh is fried chicken skin. Apply it with a little bit of latex makeup to make it stick. Also, if you add food coloring corn starch, it makes really good fake blood but the food coloring is potent so use a good foundation before hand. Oatmeal mixed with red and green food coloring, more red than green, makes really good brain matter.

  48. Jengo says : Reply

    I know there are a lot of amazing bakeries in the area. Maybe you can find some to sponsor the zombie walk by providing the zombies with “treats”. Raspberry filled cupcakes decorated like a brain, for example–I’ve made them for a Walking Dead marathon. Cute and delicious! I’m sure a bakery can come up with some great, gory designs. It would be a great way to satisfy hungry zombies and advertise bakeries as they compete for the best zombie delicacies! Mmmm. I’m suddenly hungry for finger sandwiches….. ;)

  49. Max says : Reply

    I definitely think pairing the Zombie Walk with a food drive would be awesome. I think Pittsburgh had walk that brought in more than 2000 lbs of food to aid the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. If you guys decide to go with the food drive, maybe consider some goal to try and surpass the Pittsburgh Z-walk. Couple that with costume/make up help and photograph opportunities along the way all by local talent, and you’d produce a ton of support for the local community and make it an awesome event! Can’t wait for the Con!

  50. AngiB says : Reply

    Why not do the zombie walk to either kick off or end the fantastic weekend. There’s also a ton of talent for makeup you should be looking in to. One is Dan Smith. perhaps a most convincing zombie contest as well to really get the hype going.

  51. Rachel says : Reply

    In honor of James Dashner we should do something with The Flare!!! For anyone that’s read his books, I can totally see this as a plausible apocalyptic scenario…government conspiracy and viral outbreak, from sun-flares because we’ve messed with our planet? Too good, and HIGHLY possible in reality. Awesome!

  52. Tarin says : Reply

    A zombie walk sounds like a great idea! It might be a good idea to just supply/sell a few, easy to apply, zombie-esque prosthetics to make the zombie walk more accessible to con-goers. Some people may be daunted by the task of obtaining their own make-up, if make-up is available on site it may seem more appealing. A little pale foundation, decent prosthetic and some shady, dark make-up around the eyes is all anyone really needs to become one of the undead! I can’t wait for the zombie walk! I am sure that it will be the highlight of my Comic-Con experience!

  53. Crystal says : Reply

    A Zombie walk/run would be the cherry on top of the cake of a great weekend. Especially if we could get a Marvel Zombie theme cosplay group together. Finishing off the night at a restaurant/bar would be priceless to seal the deal of giving the neighbors a fun show. Doing a fake or real speed zombie dating would be hilarious and pretty fun idea as well!

  54. Shakes says : Reply

    Any chance there could also be a Zombie Run? Following in the footsteps of the successful Night of the Running Dead? Maybe a short 5k through the surrounding neighborhood? Zombie walks are great but there’s something truly awesome/terrifying about seeing zombies chase down victims.

    • We are working on an event similar to this. There have been alot of requests for it and we have wanted to do something similar to these requests since we started SLComicCon. We still do not know if this will happen this year. Stay posted to see if it does. Cross your fingers!

  55. kenny says : Reply

    Fantastic!!! RISE Great & Ancient!! time for my zommbe/mummy self dust and appear again. Food and zombies allways go together bring food for the less zobiefied is amagnife ieade. count me !!!!

  56. jonathon mario says : Reply

    If any one is looking for a makeup/ fx artist takea look at he is local and really works well one on one with you.or just email him at crowcawfx@yahoo

  57. Brandon says : Reply

    I like the Idea of a Zombie walk. I however do not have a costume or outfit to “zombify” I would propose to have a two group walk. The Zombies and those None zombie costumes the zombies are “chasing”. That way anyone who would love to participate in an outdoor pre-show walk in costume can do so even if they are not a zombie. I saw this done in a zombie race and the none zombies get a 2 min head start and the zombie try to catch up.

  58. Alma says : Reply

    I honestly think that it would be fun to change it into a game of some sort. Either having zombies chasing hunters or hunters chasing zombies. With Nerf Guns of course. But that’s just an idea :)

  59. RJ says : Reply

    I think it would be cool if there were a a ton of zombies and like there were obstacles and like you would climb over things and crawl under other things such as chain link fence raised up on 4 posts. It would be amazing if there was a section where it was a walk thru / walk way that was mostly dark with some light coming in just enough to see the zombies coming after you and or pounding on the outside trying to get in. Having zombies all over the place would make it more realistic. My brother’s and Dad would be excited to help out by being zombies. I am sure I could get some more of my friends to come out and help this as well. I am excited for Comic con 2013 Salt Lake City.

  60. Alia says : Reply

    I think it would be so cool to join a zombie walk/run, i always wanted to go to do one i think that would be amazing and so much fun! and totally be worth it! i definitely would love to go! count me in.

  61. Taylor says : Reply

    I think if you did it with an obstacle course kind of idea it would be fun like have things you have to climb over and cars parked in the way like it was abandoned. i like the idea of using the streets but i don’t think that would work practically. so i think even if you had it surround the event center and buildings nest to it that would work. If you used ramps that you had to climb over and walkways full of zombies that would work really well too. the course doesn’t have to be extremely long but that would mean you would need to make the course more dense with obstacles.

  62. Shawna says : Reply

    I play Zombie with my kids all the time, my 2 year old baby girl has been practicing her zombie, so count us in. this will be her 1st zombie walk. there should be a prize for youngest zombie walker.

  63. Chelsea says : Reply

    Doooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thisssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! I’ve got 20 friends already in.

  64. Maya says : Reply

    A zombie walk sounds like a lot of fun. It would be cool if it was held downtown at the Gateway or Liberty Park! I am already planning a costume! It would be helpful it you post videos on here of easy ways to make fake blood or peeling skin since not a lot of Halloween stores are not yet up.

  65. Zauber says : Reply

    this is a great idea! i am an apprentice makeup artist, and there are many other make up artist here in Salt Lake City, Utah, that can make you look great! of course youtube have great tutorials on how to do it yourself, but it could be expensive to buy all that makeup in bulk.
    but this one is one of my favorites

  66. I will be working in the artist alley at comic and would love to help paint people up as Zombies for this! Check out my work at and look for me there at the event!

  67. Dan says : Reply

    Zombie Walks Are ALWAYS FREE. You should not have to pay to walk down the street. San Diego Comic Con (SDCC, the biggest convention in the world) Zombie Walk is FREE. You shouldn’t have to pay 10$ for this unless its going to a charity or a good cause.

  68. natalie says : Reply

    at comic con last year they had a light saber run that ended at the convention center, it was pretty fly. some races ive seen they have where you can come as a human and they give you like a 30 second head start before the zombies that would be so fun!

  69. Jimmy says : Reply

    I could imagine a lot of people showing up not dressed as a zombie, who are just DYING to attend the zombie walk. I think we could have a booth where you can pay for a quick zombie face-pant makeover and a bloody, mangled t-shirt!

  70. Corey says : Reply

    Ive been “Dying” to go

  71. Stacy says : Reply

    Does the Zombie walk cost money? Can I pay for it there?

  72. Amy says : Reply

    This will be our first walk and its all my daughter (6) is talking about.she has had he costume ready to go for months now haha. We are all very excited about it.

  73. Scott says : Reply

    Bringing my three step-sons and wife to this. I have seen many of this back east and now that I live in SLC excited to show my still non sci-fi family what this fun is all about. I also think do a food drive as part of this is great for the community.

    To the planners of this event….my hat is off to you.

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  75. Hey all!!! I think The Walking Dead has done a lot with the idea of zombie children. That was just awesome.

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