Wizard Crafts at KidCon 2016

All Access Crafts

  • House Badges – Take sides and align yourself with a house with these crafty badges. Show your support and meet others of your guild!
  • House Duct Tape TiesLook snappy in one of four Duct Tape ties to accompany your house badge! These are fun to make and fun to wear to show you’re brushing up on your wizarding skills.
  • Cheshire Cat Ears– Get mischievous with these Cheshire Cat ears. Wear them with your favorite cosplay or by themselves around the house.
  • Poseable Action DragonsGet your own dragon companion with these poseable pipe clean dragons. Wrap them around your finger, wrist, or wear them in your hair with optional hair clip.
  • Pom Pom Launcher – Fight feisty beasts with a Pom Pom Launcher! Pull back and let fly with a fluffy projectile that is fun but safe.
  • Apprentice WandsYour basic wand made of stout wood and crafted from the heart. Comes with a box for storage when not in use.
  • Imbued Wands Ready to take on heartier foes? These wands light up as you cast your spell and show the world that you’re on the way to wizarding greatness!
  • Sword of SorceryNot all problems can be solved from a distance. The Sword of Sorcery can protect you in close quarters and from creatures that get a little too close for comfort. Customize your blade with characters of your choosing.
  • Fantastic Froggy Foto – Craft a fantastical jumping frog and get your own wizard-themed trading card that fits in a nifty box!
  • Acolyte Accessory – Make a bottle necklace to hold the ingredients for your favorite potion. Perfect for those who prefer to keep their spell ingredients close to the heart.
  • Duct Tape CraftsUse your favorite fixing material to make amazing purses, wallets, and flowers!
  • Shining ShieldsNeed a little defense in your life? Armor up with a Shining Shield to protect yourself from fearsome fiends, spells of ruin, and a variety of other projectiles.
  • LightsabersTake your trusty lightsaber into battle and win the battle at home or among the stars. A variety of lightsaber types are available for creation for those who wish to try their magic in the Milky Way.

Advanced Crafts (13+)

  • Monster Diary – Record your adventures in this book that’s bound to keep secrets safe! This fuzzy little friend is waiting to be your companion on adventures.
  • Wizard’s Crest (Deathly Hallows Charm) – Prove you’ve mastered the mystical myths and wandered the wizarding ways with the Wizard’s Crest. Those who know its secrets will appreciate its significance.
  • String Art – Connect the dots in this adventurous piece of art. Choose your favorite pattern from a variety of fandoms and really tie the look of your room together.
  • Dice Bags  – This bag will keep an eye on a role player’s most valuable weapon. Whether you play on a table top, the living room floor, or in the wild, this bad will keep your dice safe and at hand.
  • Leather BooksWhere better to study ancient spells than from this mystical tome? These books will fit in any mage’s library and is the perfect accessory to go with your robes.