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Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets

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  1. Genet Kelly says : Reply

    Just wondering what the VIP pricing would be for the 10 and under crowd..? Is it a flat rate across the board?

    Genet Kelly

    • 10 and under can get in with you early to the event, but cannot have VIP access to the panels as there is limited seating.

      • Skyler says : Reply

        I’m kinda new to all of this, but what are the panels, etc. If I got a VIP, and my 10 yr old got in what would he be able to do with a free ticket? Also what about swag bags, etc. Just trying to decide whether to spend $300 or $50 hmmm?

        • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

          Panels are when special guests speak about a topic to an audience. SWAG bags are still being determined, but they will have added pieces of merchandise.

    • Mauricio says : Reply

      All Celebrity will be there every single day? Do you can guarantee me that my favorite artist will be on Thursday to pay my VIP pass?

    • Andrew Fanelli says : Reply

      Why is the Autograph Pricing and Photo Opps not listed?

      I would like to attend from California, but won’t unless this is posted and I can budget.

      I would think that the promot would show ALL pricing as other conventions do. I understand this is the first time in Salt Lake City is doing a Comic Book Convention, but people like to understand what they are getting them self into prior to making a commitment.

    • billy says : Reply

      so what do I do ? I waited in line for 3 hours and I bought tickets for my son and wife to go to comi con on saturday , my wife and son got to the event at 2:30 pm and waited for 4 and a half hours to get in , they would not let them in because the venue was at capacity , so what do I do to get my money back , the people there said no refunds , so did I just get comi con my out of my money , it seems that you people should be more organized and not sell past capacity so little kids don’t have there dreams crushed . I for one will not be supporting any more events done by this promoter unless my money is refunded !

  2. Markus says : Reply

    i can`t buy tickets because i dont live in the usa!!

  3. Nina Morse says : Reply

    Just bought a ticket from my iPhone but it would not print and once I try printing it, it does not give me the option to try again. How do I get my ticket?

  4. D mullins says : Reply

    Can tickets be purchased there at the convention centre on the days of the event or do they have to be bought online

  5. dawn roberts says : Reply

    I just purchased tickets. Do I gt the Gaming and SWAG bag and the 2 Vouchers for $5 Off Celebrity Photo Op? And how do I receive these items?

    • You will get these at the show.

      • Candice Dudley says : Reply

        Just FYI, I was told at pre registration that the plastic bag and pamphlet WAS the swag bag. Now I’m confused. There’s still a swag bag w/actual swag? How do we get it and our vouchers if already registered now? They were clueless there

        • D McAllister says : Reply

          Funny that there is no official reply to Candice’s comment. What does the extra $100 really get the VIP Pass purchaser besides a T-shirt? Free parking – nope. Main event entrance – maybe, but not guaranteed. It is a nice looking tee shirt though.

        • Jane says : Reply

          I hope the 2014 event is better organized (or something) than this one was. I was also told that the bags we got at registration (with VIP) was the swag bag. I was not impressed. A straight off the boat from China action figure named Super Guy and the big not good for much pamphlet. At least we got the shirts. And even though we paid for VIP tickets, we still had to pay through the nose for every little (and big) thing after. I was happy to meet William Shatner and so many others, but once was enough for me because of the way it was run.

          • We are sorry to hear you feel this way. The numbers of attendance and what ended up happening was unlike anything we could have anticipated. It was definitely never part of the plan.

            We would love to hear you share any suggestions for improving the next Salt Lake Comic Con. We’re taking all the feedback very seriously and working hard to make sure next year’s show doesn’t make the same mistakes.

          • Jane says :

            Don’t get me wrong-I lived seeing all the celebrities, the costumes,etc. I realize the sudden change is venue was probably the reason the promised parking wound up not being included, but that was very expensive, and the way or schedules are we had to pay it a couple of times each day. Here’s one big suggestion: instead of posting a schedule with times and room numbers, you should put big, easy to see signs on doors, “such and such is in this room at this time.” I rescued a large group of people who were standing in line to no where. I asked someone what the big line was for. She said she didn’t know, just saw a line and got in! I didn’t want to miss whatever it was either, so I found a staff member who said she didn’t know what that line was for, as there was nothing scheduled for that room. As for the printed schedules, you had to gather around the little piece of paper with 20 other people or find someone who could give you one to keep. I did that but found it didn’t really help me much. And then there were the autographs. Vouchers or no vouchers? Some yes, some no, okay, but when there’s a sign saying, “vouchers accepted,” then you get up to the table and the staff knows nothing about vouchers, that’s kind of a pain.

          • We totally agree Jane, there is so much to improve upon for the next one. Thank you so much for submitting your suggestions and feedback. We are working hard to make sure the next one doesn’t make the same mistakes. Thank you for still being a part of the first ever Salt Lake Comic Con!

  6. sarah says : Reply

    I was wondering if you buy the VIP do you have to pay also for autographs/photos? Is the VIP ticket limited to just one autograph or is it for all the stars?

  7. Michael says : Reply

    Is there a separate pass to meet William Shatner?

  8. Robert Mierow says : Reply

    Will there be a difference in the SWAG bags given out on different days, or are all of them going to be the same Thursday-Saturday? And if you get a 3 day pass do you get a new bag every day or just one for attending the convention?

  9. Robert Mierow says : Reply

    Are the SWAG bags the same every day, or will one from Thursday have different things than one for Saturday? And also will you get one per day you attend or only one for attending the con?

  10. Nichole says : Reply

    Is there a limited number of VIP passes available?

  11. D mullins says : Reply

    crazy question..But will we be able to re-enter the center if we leave to go to our hotel room for a short time or out for food

  12. Claire says : Reply

    What is the cost for Photo-Ops?

  13. Teancum says : Reply

    I was wondering if there will be assigned seating for the panels? Or is it first come first served?

  14. Devan says : Reply

    Can we bring our own items to have autographed and if so is it cheaper?

  15. Philip says : Reply

    So when we register we get wrist bands. Will there be any type of pass with lanyards? And what if the wrist bands won’t fit over our costume?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      VIP will get lanyard passes. The Comic Con Staff will find a way to get the wristband on you.

  16. Amber says : Reply

    What if you want to purchase photo ops in advance, but you have also purchased the VIP pass. Can you get the vouchers now so you can save on the online purchase of photo ops?


  17. Claire says : Reply

    Do non-VIP ticket holders get to reserve photo ops in advance? If so, how will that work?

  18. Danielle Dyson says : Reply

    Where do I go to get tickets if I do not want to buy them online?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You can buy them at the door, but most likely tickets will sell out. If by some chance they do not sell out you would not get the pre-order discounts, or incentives and the line to buy the tickets at the show will be much longer than the line to pick-up tickets bought in advance.

  19. Jeffery Hales says : Reply

    I just bought a VIP pass and have no proof as my iPhone had a brake down! So what do I do?

  20. BTork says : Reply

    Got my 3 day pass! Also pre-bought a photo OP as well. How will the photo ops work? First come first served? Is there a sign up list for those who pre-purchased? Just curious

  21. Brett says : Reply

    When and where do you purchase photo-ops?

  22. Jake says : Reply

    When you pay for photo ops for an actor is their a photographer taking the pictures? And are you able to use your own cameras for photo ops?

    • They have one photographer and you get a print, with an option for a jpg.

      • can I get my print autographed? or the autograph goes in a poster or anything that I may have ??

        • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

          We leave this entirely up to the guests. Most comic book creators and authors do not charge for autographs, though some do ask for donations to various charities. Most, if not all, of our voice actors and Film and TV actors have a fee for purchasing autographs or will sell you a photograph, book or other item and then autograph that item for no additional charge. Prices are generally clearly posted at the guests table, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Most prices range in between $25-$75 for an autograph. Unless otherwise stated, you will purchase an autograph opportunity at the convention.

  23. Felicia says : Reply

    Hi, I was just wondering if we buy the regular ticket now, could we upgrade to the VIP ticket later if they are still available?

  24. Tyler B says : Reply

    I know that pictures cost 50-75 bucks, but what about signings? What do they cost? Anything?

  25. Question with children under the age of 10, specifcally infants. Are we going to be allowed to bring strollers; Diaper bags into the convention center? Is there going to be a policy with outside drinks, ie bottled water?

  26. Noreen Astin says : Reply

    I used to have a Volkswagen van like this. I think it might go faster with these legs!

  27. Noreen Astin says : Reply

    George Lucas must have been influenced by the German designers here.

  28. Noreen Astin says : Reply

    I think half of the appeal of this kind of convention is the humor involved, and of course the creativity. We can unleash the “kid” inside us and just be completely young at an event like this.

  29. Erin Price says : Reply

    When one picks up their three day pass, does one have to show their ID? My little sister doesn’t have an ID. Thanks.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Don’t worry, all the info about the ticket is on file. Just head to the registration area and someone there will help you out.

  30. Adrianna says : Reply

    Does the VIP passes give you VIP parking? I would love to come early, leave for a nap at noon and come back in the evening and not have to park so far. and don’t act like parking isn’t going to be a mad house!!

  31. Eric says : Reply

    Hey all…….did they ever announce details on picking up tickets prior to the event? I purchased two 3-day tickets, and seem to recall there was an area on the site saying there would be details upcoming about being able to pick up the tickets at some point before the show……..

  32. Brett says : Reply

    Is there a list that shows what individual guests charge for photos and autographs? All I can find under buy tickets is one option for photos and autographs.

  33. Camille says : Reply

    I am trying to decide between a Thursday Only ticket and a 3 day ticket. I have never been to a comic con and have NO idea what I’m in for. I’d hate to miss out, but I would also hate to waste money. I was hoping for a schedule so I could decide what events I’d like and what dates to attend. Any advice??

  34. Sarah says : Reply

    I didn’t realize Saturday was sold out when I bought the three day pass. Do I still get to go Saturday if I bought the three day pass? And does the ticket include the Zombie Ball and Cosplay Ball?

  35. Erica says : Reply

    I’m confused by the advanced selling of the autographs and photo ops. They’re being sold now for $75 each but at the event they’re $30 to $75 depending on the person. So if I buy one now and it turns out the person I want is less than that, will I be able to apply the $75 toward the person/people I want?

    If I wait and buy autographs and photo ops at the event, will I be able to use a card for the purchase or will I need to have cash? Do you know if the vendors will accept cards or will I need cash for them?

  36. Jose says : Reply

    I have never attended one of these conventions, will there be vendors that are selling Action Figures and or other Collectibles that are exclusive for this particular Event; similar to the SanDiego or New York Conventions?

  37. Lindsay Stock says : Reply

    Hi! My name is Lindsay Stock. I am a 36yr old handicapable gimpy geek, domestic goddess and mother of 3 amazing kids that got the geek/ nerd gene from my husband and I. Maddie is 16yrs old very into sci-fi and anime, Isaac is 8yrs old he has Autism/ADHD he is high functioning but lives as though he is in a comic book. He is EXTREMELY ARTISTIC and has been making his own comics since he was 5. He’s convinced if I write you and ask for tickets for our family that’s all it will take :) He’s the reason I’m writing this to ask for tickets on Isaac’s behalf . Sophie my 6yr old loves comics as well as dressing up. In Dec she was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease and nearly die. She spent some time at Primary Children’s and is doing much better. With all the medical bills and medications (28) between Sophie, Isaac, myself and Maddie (she has bipolar and PTSD) we don’t have extra money for fun things and outings as a family. We had planned on going told the kids then our car broke down. If there is anyway possible to get tickets or discount tickets my family would be eternally greatfull We will volunteer, help out whatever. Beg, plead, grovel…
    Thanks~ love and light~

    Lindsay Stock

    • emperorbailey says : Reply

      “Each adult ticket purchased entitles you to two (2) free children’s admittance for children 10 and under.”
      Just buy the tickets for you, your husband, and your teenager, the others can get in free.

  38. Adrianna says : Reply

    Does the VIP passes give you VIP parking? I would love to come early, leave for a nap at noon and come back in the evening and not have to park so far. and don’t act like parking isn’t going to be a mad house!!

  39. Ron Wright says : Reply

    how do we use the vouchers for the celebrity photo op that are included with the 3 day pass ? when going to purchase the photo op it says between 35 to 75 but will only charge 75 . are different Celebes different prices ? is an autograph from ray park 75 ? are all artist going to charge for sketches ? is there going to be basic sketch for free ? more deluxe sketch charged (which is fair) ? please can i get a response
    Thank you Ron Wright

  40. Matea says : Reply

    Will Michael Hall be there??

  41. James Brown says : Reply

    If I purchased tickets and my film is in the film fest., will I be comped for the tickets or am I still required to purchase tickets?

  42. Sadie V. says : Reply

    So I bought tickets last week and got a confirmation code but my friend bought tickets last night and got to actually print our his ticket. When or how will I be able to do that or did I just not see the button when I bought the tickets? Is there a way to access that now?

  43. Angela says : Reply

    I just bought some 3 Day Passes. After I paid I saw the page where you can pay for a photo-op or autograph but I wasn’t sure about that yet. I left the page and I don’t know how to find it again. How do I get back to that page?

  44. Erica says : Reply

    So will you be accepting credit/debit card purchases at the event for photo ops and/or autographs or will cash be required?

  45. Tami S says : Reply

    When are the ticket for the 3 day pass being pulled? Just trying to figure out if I should just buy the VIP pass.

  46. Mel says : Reply

    Strollers allowed?

  47. Malinda says : Reply

    My spouse and I both have the VIP pass. However my spouse can not make it on Friday. Can I allow my younger brother to come that day in his place with his ticket?

  48. Kristin M says : Reply

    How important is the name on the ticket when you print it off? Can you not use a ticket if it’s not in your name (I bought an extra ticket for one of my friends, but am going to have them fight to the death for it. I wanted to print my tickets now and probably just have both in my name. Would that work?)

  49. Jacob says : Reply

    If you are picking your tickets up in person at the convention, do you need to bring anything else with you other than photo Id and the comfirmation code to get your tickets?

  50. Mason says : Reply

    So what other cool stuff will be added to the VIP package?

  51. paul says : Reply

    I’m new to all of this. what stars are going to be there?

  52. Brandon says : Reply

    I wont have money to get vip until middle august think there will still be vip tix by then? Is there way to reserve them if i cant afford it now?

  53. Fazz says : Reply

    Where is there a schedule for special and main events/speakers?

  54. Erin says : Reply

    Now that the Comic Con has moved to the Salt Palace (which is notoriously a parking nightmare) are you still offering Free parking? If not, I would recommend updating your ticket holders and Ticket information right away.

  55. Keil says : Reply

    Wait, autographs cost money? For all of the special guests?

  56. preston says : Reply

    Ok I know I’m bitchin but I am starting to get upset I bought me and the wife VIP passes because of all the perks. Now the other tickets have swag passes and coupns for meet and greet we lost our parking too. I know we added the express line was added but we seem to be losing VIP perks here. Just my observation

    • The other tickets don’t have meet and greets and there are special VIP SWAG. We’re on the parking thing and we’ll still be adding stuff to VIP.

      If you’re not happy we will offer you a refund.

  57. Chris says : Reply

    Will people who have the 3 day pass need to use the same wrist band each day, or will they be given a new one for different days? Also will you get a swag bag for each day that you go?

  58. Ceci says : Reply

    How can I upgrade my 3-day pass to VIP?

  59. George Stapleford says : Reply

    Do you think Mr. Shatner will be irritated that there is no Senior Discount ticketing? Hmmm?

  60. Kallen says : Reply

    When you say autograph or photo-op of your choice for the VIP pass, do you choose the celebrity, or whether it’s an autograph or photo-op?

  61. joe says : Reply

    Your site advertises ” cool stuff be added”to the ticket package, but it seems that you’re just taking things away, what’s up with that? Booooooo

  62. andy randall says : Reply

    Is it ok too have my pictures taken with my own camera. Also can I have my picture taken with two celebrities, Adam West and Burt Ward, and pay double the price for the session, or is it a strict rule of one photo per celebrity? With me, I’d love too have a pic with the original Batman and Robin. And one with Sorbo and Ferrigno. But with Ferrigno and Sorbo individual pics work great too.

  63. Marcy says : Reply

    Do we need to register our tickets before we go?

  64. preston says : Reply

    Not saying I’m not going just looks like we were losing special privileges. I’ve been trying to talk my wife into go to the san deigo.or Philly cons so we will be there

  65. Monica says : Reply

    How do I buy a photo-op? And can I pay to have two people in the same photo-op?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      At the event we will have the option to pay with credit, debit, or cash. It is up to each guest on how they are int he photo-op.

  66. joey says : Reply

    Will there be any Dr. Who merchandise or anything having to do with the show there?

  67. Robert Mierow says : Reply

    So is the ending time a hard set time, like at 8 everyone is kicked out. Or are there things going on well past then?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      There will be other events happening around Salt Lake, but the actual convention center will be closed.

  68. Heather E says : Reply

    When is the last day that I can buy the VIP pass?

  69. lucas says : Reply

    Any more announcements on more guest? Any hints?
    My friends and I suggest someone from ghost hunters or stargate…..

  70. Shelley says : Reply

    Where and when can I pick up my 3- day passes ?

  71. Anne says : Reply

    Can multiple people be in a photo op? Does each person have to pay the fee, or is there a discount?

  72. Ryan says : Reply

    There are enough people in Utah that are walking dead fans that if there was a booth or even an actor for walking dead I bet this would sell out super quick.

  73. Erica says : Reply

    If we buy autographs or photo-ops at the convention instead of beforehand, will we be purchasing them from SLCC or from the celebrities themselves?

  74. Ron Wright says : Reply

    Just purchased some artist alley voucher’s . was wondering how you use them ? do you give them directly to the artist ? some where you have to trade them in for something else ? can you use one voucher on 2 different artist ? thank you

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      We are working on something to provide you with during Artist Alley. Depending on the amount that you purchased, there might be a way to use on more than one artist.

  75. Nathan C says : Reply

    Can the 3 day pass be used for only 1 individual, or can it be used by someone different every day? My brother would only be able to come up Saturday, but I know of other friends that would go with me on Thursday and Friday. Just wanna know the rules before I decide how/which tickets to purchase. Thank you.

  76. kristy says : Reply

    I have an 11 year old dying to go to this. He has aspergers syndrome. I cant afford a vip pass so is there a difference between what ever day you choose? or is it just a lot to see all in one day. I am just trying to figure out the best time to go. is it differnt stuff differnt days or all the same and just a whole lot to see? are the celeberties there all of the days?

  77. Tisha says : Reply

    Is there a countdown or special allowances for people with disabilities?

  78. Tisha says : Reply

    Is there a discount or special allowances for people with disabilities or use mobility aids.

  79. cami says : Reply

    is it still ok to buy tickets for saturday showing only or are they all sold out please let me know i have 2 kids i want to buy tickets for but for saturday only please let me know thanks in advance

  80. Devon says : Reply

    When I bought my tickets, it said free parking. Is that no longer the case?

  81. Lona says : Reply

    I don’t see a list of vendors yet. When do you expect to be able to publish this on your website?

  82. Amber says : Reply

    We have two adults, a sixteen year old and an thirteen year old going on Saturday. Since the child tickets are sold out for Saturday, we bought 4 adult tickets. Is there any difference between the adult and child passes?

  83. Dani says : Reply

    Will tickets still be available around the 16th of august

  84. Linda says : Reply

    What days and times will Kevin Sorbo be there?

  85. Mason says : Reply

    Will there be free parking added for the VIP ticket holders?

  86. preston says : Reply

    An idea on the pre buy for the meet and photos plus the artist alley. Why not give the pre buy in 5$ groups at the con. Bring in your confermation and get the blocks of 15 or 8 tickets to be used at the signings or artist tables. I belive everyone c

    • preston says : Reply

      The rest of that was I believe everyone charges in multiples of 5$ so then you can use these as need be. For the 5$ off on the VIP you could give them one of these also. I wanted to buy 300$ worth of drawings and celebrity photo ops but don’t want to be tied down to just a few people’s. Also could you put a photo and autograph price guide so we can get our finances down

  87. I’m so excited to a regional comic con! I manage a comic book shop in Idaho. Are there passes available for professionals who work in the industry?

  88. Steven says : Reply

    If you buy a one day general pass for say Saturday, can you still get autographs from the celebrities?

  89. Steven says : Reply

    I’m mainly looking for Adam West, Burt Ward, and Shatner….just curious?

  90. lori says : Reply

    I am confused on the pricing $20/$12 what does this mean???

  91. Ron Wright says : Reply

    i have purchased and printed my ticket’s as well as artist alley voucher’s . Do we just show the ticket on the way in the door ? is there some where you have to exchange the ticket for something else ? if so can we do this before the con ? thursday is such a short day don’t want to spend half the time waiting in lines just to be able exchange .

  92. Maddy says : Reply

    Do you take master card as a payment for a ticket?

  93. Steven says : Reply

    I would like to get autographs but I have never been to one of these before and have no idea how the autograph situation works?? I don’t want to walk away without the autographs I’m looking for… do I get the ones I want. The website says $30 to $75 day off for per autographs or will there be lines I can wait in to get the autographs i want? I am very confused!!! Any help or suggestions any one can give me? I have been a fan of William shatner, and the original Batman show(Adam West and Bert Ward) foreverI would be so disappointed if I couldn’t get an autograph from them!!!! Help Please!!

  94. Chris says : Reply

    For all of you worried about parking you should think about using our wonderful transit system. We are taking the front runner down to the salt palace. You can take a bus or tracks or front runner. They have a group pass for five or six people for six dollars. That is good for that day riding the bus, tracks and front runner. such a good deal.

  95. elizabeth says : Reply

    if someone is 16 years old, are they classified as an adult or as a child?

  96. Carlie says : Reply

    I have a Sat only for my son. Turns out he has a class now. Since you are using wristbands, can I let my son-in-law come in his place, so I don’t loose the ticket. I don’t remember giving you everyone’s name. I have 4, 3 day passes and 2 Sat. only. Thanks for the info.

  97. Carlie says : Reply

    I accidentally deleted having your reply sent to my email. Big finger on small boxes. Sorry. So this is just so I can read your reply to my above question. Thanks and sorry for my fat finger. :)

  98. Steven says : Reply

    Does any one know what autographs are going for? And do they sale beer at the salt palace convention center?

  99. Nate says : Reply

    This is similar to what Steven said, but if we buy general passes do we have any opportunities to take pictures with the guests, or do we always have to pay extra.

  100. Florence says : Reply

    We would like to go to this event, but we don’t use credit cards online – can we purchase the tickets this week at the Salt Palace (week of 19 August) in person?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You can buy tickets at the door on the on any of the days of the event, but there is always a chance that it will be sold out.

    • Jamie says : Reply

      If you dont feel comfortable using a credit card online, go buy a debit gift card from walmart or target that you can use as a credit card that is loadable…its another option if you dont want to use your credit card/debit cards.

  101. Brent Robison says : Reply

    Here is a question, what if I bought a one day pass and then afterwards decided that I wanted to upgrade to a 3 day pass, is that possible?

  102. Melissa says : Reply

    If I bought three day passes for my husband and myself, could I send my 16 yr old in my place on Saturday, when she doesn’t have school?

  103. Gwen says : Reply

    Has it been determined what is involved/included in the swag bags?

  104. Draven Noir says : Reply

    Must you pay with a credit card?
    Is there no other payment option?

  105. Jamie says : Reply

    I bought a VIP pass and and have a questions concerning with the Celebrity photo-op/Autograph. You indicated you are going to pick the guest in which we take with it…will there be a list say of 3 people we can choose from? That way it may give us more of an option, also Tee-shirt sizes with the VIP pass, it didnt say anything to choosing for it

  106. Tiffany says : Reply

    I purchased VIP tickets and I will probably only be able to attend on Saturday. Is the full package of amenities still going to be there for me? Or is there a possibility of you running out of items that the VIP purchase entitles us to?

  107. Melissa Foust says : Reply

    I bought a 3day pass just so we could go on Saturday. At the time it was at the South Towne Convention and Saturday was sold out. Now that the venue has moved and there are Saturday only tickets available is there anyway that we could change and get reimbursed? Thanks!

  108. Joshua says : Reply

    I bought my tickets months ago. Now I cannot attend. Is there any way to sell my tickets or get a refund?

  109. Subject1 says : Reply

    I am just wondering when I print my tickets if I should put my name on 1 and my sons on the other? He is only 13 and does not have a id, and I would like to pick them up early. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

  110. Aaron says : Reply

    My son will be 11 on the 18 of September. He is tall for his age. I didn’t buy him a ticket. What should I bring to verify that he is still 10? If I need to, I will purchase a ticket for him, but thought I would ask first.

  111. Kelly Orton says : Reply

    i have three 3-day pass (adult) can i trade them for a vip pass. i bought two of the tickets and one the third

  112. Fletcher says : Reply

    What is this talk about registeration, and how do we go about doing it?

  113. jakeypoo says : Reply

    does a ten year old need a ticket or does he just walk in

  114. Gomezdaddy says : Reply

    What is the deal with the Film Festival pass I’ve heard about? THANKS!

  115. Dusty says : Reply

    Quick question about early registration. Can I bring the printed tickets for me and my friends that are attending and register all of us on Wed. (for Saturday only ticket), or do they all have to be present in order to register? I purchased the tickets, but put their individual names on each and printed them.

  116. Sola says : Reply

    Do my kids need to be with me for registration? I plan to come up Wednesday morning while they’re in school.

  117. Dylan Ong says : Reply

    I tried to buy 2 tickets for Friday, (Youth Tickets) and it said the transaction had a AVS Mitchmatch but I don’t see ANY mismat at all. Are the tickets sold out for Friday comic con?

  118. Bob Peterson says : Reply

    Is Jessica Nigri going to be at SLC Comic-Con 2013? If so, how many days is she going to be there?

  119. Todd says : Reply

    On the VIP ticket it says that we get “1 Autograph or Photo-Op with a celebrity guest (TBD by SLCCon)” How will this work. William Shatner is the only person I want to get Photo and/or Autograph. Will my VIP pass take care of this?

  120. Matt says : Reply

    Why do they charge for autographs and pictures. You would think they get paid enough money just to be there. As for us people that can’t afford or have had to scrape up money to get to the event sure puts a damper on getting photographs with these guys. Not cool!!! If we are paying that amount of money to stand in line for hours, it should be free for pictures and autographs.
    Just sayin…

  121. Lisa says : Reply

    If I buy a photo op can my fiance and myself take a picture with a celebrity together or do we each have to buy a photo op?
    Can he go through the line with me at least if he can’t take a picture with me?

  122. Nicole says : Reply

    For the early registration on Wednesday the 4th- can I register all of my family members or does each person need to present at time of registration?

  123. Richard Slack says : Reply

    Is there a discount for Seniors ?

  124. Jane says : Reply

    My husband and I have VIP passes and are bringing our 7 yr old. Not too worried about him but we also have a 12 year old son with autism. He really doesn’t want to come at all, but we are getting him regular youth passes, but will he be able to go in with us wherever we go? it’s not like we can park him someplace while we skip ahead in the lines. So I’m wondering what the deal will be, if my husband and I have VIP passes, will both of our kids be able to stay with us? My husband and I plan on taking turns for panels if our 7 yr old can’t come in, but I am wondering about my older son with a disability. He won’t want photo ops, etc.

  125. Tim Bunker says : Reply

    I have two questions.

    First, will we be able to take photos with the celebs with our own cameras?

    Second, is there any chance that cast members from Doctor Who or Firefly might be there? And if not, can they be invited next year?

    (OK, that was actually three questions.)

  126. Scott says : Reply

    Is the event sold out?

  127. Sarah says : Reply

    What does a Super BASH entail?

  128. Gomezdaddy says : Reply

    I heard you can buy a film fest pass for a special price. True?

  129. Carmel says : Reply

    Is there a place we can buy tickets other than online?

  130. Atamu says : Reply

    My wife just found out that she will not be able to attend SLCC. How do I go about refunding her ticket?

  131. Danny says : Reply

    can i still buy tickets on the 6th for saturday and if yes where, since i don’t want to miss this great opportunity

  132. Peter Schmalz says : Reply

    I am confused on Thursday it says 4PM to 8PM but the schedule has stuff listed at 10AM

  133. cherdavis says : Reply

    I was wondering why my 3-day pass does not give me all the great bonus options that were listed when I purchased them on the very first day back in May?!? And I feel duped that my tickets came at that time with free parking and now no longer do? Why did you not add something to make up for that change?!?

  134. Tim Bunker says : Reply

    I just downloaded the Guidebook ap onto my phone. On their schedule, Karl Urban and Evangeline Lilly are both shown having spotlight appearances, but they don’t appear on the guestlist. Have they just not been added yet, or was Guidebook mistaken in listing them?

  135. Ron Barrett says : Reply

    I bought a three day pass and I received a confirmation number of my purchase but I did not receive an email for me to get the event Pass or to register for it. How do I get my Event Pass for this?

  136. Erica says : Reply

    I echo what Peter Schmalz says…what has happened to Thursday?? I made plans for the afternoon with work and appointments based on the con not starting until 4pm. And now Nick Brendon (someone I REALLY wanted to hear speak) is going to do his panel at 2pm on Thursday?! I have an appointment at that time, and there is no way I’ll be able to be at the convention center for it.

    When did this schedule change happen? Why wasn’t it announced or did I just miss the announcement? I am really upset I’m going to miss NIck. And now I’m also not sure if I’ll be there in time to get a seat to see Brian Krause who was originally supposed to go on at 5pm and now is scheduled for 4pm.

  137. Erica says : Reply

    Oh and by the way according to the schedule as it stands right now you’ve got Nick Brendon scheduled to be on the Main Stage AND the Small Stage for two different “Tales from Sunnydale” panels (one by himself and one with Camden Toy) at the exact same time on Thursday. A time I can’t attend either one. *sigh*

  138. eliza says : Reply

    Will matt smith be coming?

  139. Patrick says : Reply

    Can you confirm the hours? I am a 3-day pass holder and there are events that I want to go to at 2:00 on Thursday and 8:00 on Friday, but according to the ticket info, the con is closed. What’s the real deal?

  140. Matthew says : Reply

    Is there a half-day rate? For, lets say, Saturday evening? That’s the only time I’m really interested in going, but it would seem like a waste to pay for the whole day.

  141. Kevin says : Reply

    My Son and Daughter have purchased VIP passes, but my Daughter will be in school and my Son will be at work. Can I bring in their tickets or ticket information and register them on Wednesday? Please advise soonest.

  142. Karen says : Reply

    Are there still tix available for Saturday only?

  143. alex joseph says : Reply

    do you sell tickets at gate

  144. Dylan says : Reply

    Where can I register to get the wrist bands?

  145. Brittany says : Reply

    I am confused if Comic Con is at the salt palace or at south towne expo. Please help.

  146. Kirsten says : Reply

    I purchased a VIP pass back in June and at that time it included free parking and a free celebrity photo op/autograph. Now of course there is no free parking because the venue has changed. I get that. But I look at the website today and suddenly my celebrity photo op is just a $30 voucher toward a photo op. Is this a misprint?

  147. Jonny says : Reply

    Will there be a Bluefin Tamashii Nations booth? If so, what days?

  148. nichole says : Reply

    Where and how do we pick up our swag bags?

  149. Dev says : Reply

    What if we don’t want to get a photo or autograph. Can we still meet the celebrities?

  150. Dillon Gator Milewski says : Reply

    How do you get your $5 voucher for a autograph/photo Please reply

  151. Alicia says : Reply

    where can i buy a comic con tshirt?

  152. Julie says : Reply

    I too was told that the plastic bag with a magazine in it was the swag bag. Come to find out, that wasn’t the case. All of the staff I asked knew nothing about the swag bag, or where I could pick it up. I’m super disappointed because I never received my swag bags! We bought 4 tickets, yet didn’t even get the long awaited swag bags! Isn’t there any way to still get the promised bags?! Please help!!!

  153. Desiree says : Reply

    So when I bought my tocket months ago we were told it included a gaming and swag bag then found out they were gone? Is this going to be made up ro the people thay were promosed this? Also why werent any tshirts with the offcial square comic con logo sold?

  154. Amy says : Reply

    Wooo!!! That was so awesome! Thank you very much!! Volunteered all 3 days and had bought tickets prior so i was there a lot and it was the best weekend

  155. waldo says : Reply

    How about a refund for the 2 tickets I boughtand was told I could not enter this comic con was horrible and I paid to go and was denied please refund my money.

  156. abe says : Reply

    Please provide a customer service number for ticket refunds for those who could not attend to this event? I can not find any contact number for my ticket refund?

    Please provide a direct contact number.

  157. Graysie says : Reply

    When do you think the tickets will be sold out by so we don’t save up and then not be able to buy any?

  158. stuart newton says : Reply

    When are the tickets for sale for the comic con in sept 4-6?

  159. Katharine T says : Reply

    I purchased 4 tickets and on accident 2 of them were purchased at the first responder rate. How do I go about fixing this? Please help me.

  160. Brandi says : Reply

    I was just wondering does the military discount app to veteran two

  161. Anna says : Reply

    If a multipass ticket was purchased while the buyer was 16 years old and they turned 17 before the event, would they still be able to use the pass?

  162. Angie G. says : Reply

    if I get a VIP pass and get my kids regular passes can they get into VIP with me or do they need their own VIP passes… i am new to comic con and would like to know what ticket route to go and if VIP is worth it…

  163. Jose says : Reply

    So I accidentally purchased a child’s ticket instead of an adult ticket. Is there any way I can like return it and get an adult one

  164. carolina says : Reply

    So do VIPs get a free photo op? Im new to.this and i don’t know what to do. Or do VIPs just get a discount or something?

    • Breann Jensen says : Reply

      VIP’s will receive a $30 voucher for photo ops. Purchase your ticket now online and you will be given a rebate when present your voucher at the Photo Op.

  165. Lauren Stringham says : Reply

    Do I still get a free Thursday pass if I win a multipass?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      No, only if you had purchased a Multipass were you eligible for a free Thursday pass. Congrats on winning free tickets!

  166. Amy says : Reply

    Can we still get a first responders discount if we don’t have military ID because we volunteer at the fire department?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You will need some sort of first responders ID (doesn’t have to be military) to get the discount.

  167. Derek says : Reply

    I can’t go because my son is in the hospital, what can I do?

  168. adam says : Reply

    If i got a free ticket to Thursday could I pay 10$ to change it to Friday?

  169. Arden Compton says : Reply

    Is there a 15% discount for those who went to comic con last year? If so, how do we get it?

  170. Jbrad says : Reply

    My wife bought me a ticket a while ago, but i cant find the printout. Also she cant find the email confirmation. Is there a way to recover a copy of the ticket?

  171. Sally says : Reply

    Do you need to bring your ID to pick up your ticket you bought online? What if you don’t have one?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You do not need to bring your ID unless you purchased tickets with a Military or First Responder discount code.

  172. Cynthea says : Reply

    I need to call someone for ticket help. I cannot find my original email and TODAY is the show. Please HELP!

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Your tickets have been emailed again. If they do not appear in your inbox, please check your junk folder, just in case.

  173. anthony says : Reply

    I bought my ticket on the 4th and printed out my receipt with the confirmation # but I still haven’t gotten my ticket via email or sent to my physical address. Will I be able to access comic con with my receipt? How do I go about receiving my ticket?

  174. mark says : Reply

    I won a pair of multi day passes! Does the same person have to come with me all three days or can I have two people use the second ticket on different days?

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