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125 replies
  1. CarlyW says:

    The Wasp! She’s my favorite mostly because I feel bad for her…founding member of the Avengers and doesn’t even get a spot in the movie.

  2. Jennie says:

    Currently, it would be Black Widow, I loved seeing the more human side of her in the latest film. Plus she has some great lines, kicks butt, and as she said is always cleaning up after the boys.

  3. ann bull says:

    I am not sure what my comment is supposed to be about, so I will just say I love chocolate truffles.

  4. mitch clegg says:

    my favorite is Captain America because I can relate to him the most. we both were never the biggest guy in the neighborhood but we both never backed down from a fight and we both do the best we can for the people we care about

  5. Brittany Porter says:

    Hawkeye because he developed his amazing “super powers” without radiation, special suits, or being a god. He just practiced and got freaking amazing! Plus he’s a family guy, which I really appreciate.

  6. lexie says:

    Iron Man! Let’s be honest who doesn’t love Tony Stark!? I love seeing the “mad scientist” side of him.

  7. Sarah Thomas says:

    My favorite is Captain America, because 1) he has Chris Evans’ face, 2) he’s like Superman without the powers or invulnerability, and 3) he’s worthy enough to hold Mjionir (though apparently not in the MCU).

  8. Clarissa says:

    I like the Hawk guy, he uses his own talents and he doesn’t ” brag” as often as some others . which drives me crazy! second choice is Captain America how he try’s to set a good example to the others.

  9. Kelsey Wright says:

    Iron Man. He doesn’t need anything other than his brain (and money) to be a superhero. I wish I could be as smart and as inventive as he is!

  10. Stephanie Meek says:

    Bruce Banner/the Hulk, because while he hates the lack of control and danger he poses as the Hulk, he recognizes his utility and necessity in certain situations. And even when he’s not a super-powered giant green thing, he’s still a kick-ass scientist, which is even more badass.

  11. Morgan says:

    My favorite avenger is the Hulk. Because he’s the only avenger so dangerous they shoot him into space to get him away from the people they are supposed to protect. And then he proceeds to be more awesome than all of them.

  12. Brooklyn B. says:

    Currently I’d have to say Captain America because he keeps the team in check and ends up in the middle of some of the funniest jokes as well ^^

  13. Morgan Cassidy says:

    Hawkeye is my favorite. Though he doesn’t get a whole lot of screen time, he’s pretty funny and I wish I had his skills.

  14. Marissa Sylvester says:

    Iron Man is absolutely brilliant. He can come up with a billion different ideas at the drop of a hat. When things go wrong, he doesn’t give up. It pushes him to go even harder and prove that he can reign victorious. He has a hard shell protecting himself, just like his suit, from any possible hurt or sense of vulnerability, but to those that know how to get past that, they can see a man with a gentle hear and disposition. So why is Iron Man my favorite…? 🙂

  15. Jes H says:

    Captain America – because he’s a romantic, he uses clean language and he’s so darn patriotic! 🙂

  16. Jared E says:

    Thor because he is a literal god! And Valhalla seems like an awesome place to kick it!

  17. Sarah Gardiner says:

    I love all the Avengers, but my favorite is Captain America, because he’s so …. good. And fights for justice, and always tries to do the right thing.
    I love The Truffle Cottage. Please pick me!

  18. Kyrstiana orvin says:

    I’ll have to say Captain America. He truly stands for goodness and doing the right thing and the best for the team and the world. I just feel like he is a relatable person with a great personality. Not to mention he is hot as hell.

  19. Emily says:

    Captain America is my absolute favorite. I’ve been asked why many time but it’s hard to put into words. I love what he represents, not just America, but hope! Not just in the comics but in real life! Caps comics came out during WWII and he helped people get through such a horrible time.

  20. Shellie says:

    Captain America! He’s what a superhero should be like. Honest, humble, and he cares about every life. He’s the best!

  21. Brittany Payne says:

    I love Tony Stark. Who wouldn’t love a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”?!?!

  22. hanna says:

    Captain America because I feel like I could just chill with him. We could totally be friends.

  23. Marlee D says:

    My favorite Avenger is Captain America because he exemplifies sincerity, truth, and freedom.

  24. Chuck Brewer says:

    The Hulk!! Brains coupled with that hidden and Brutish side we all have inside ourselves! ! Primal and Dangerous yet capable of great things!

  25. Harrison King says:

    Captain America. The moral center of the avengers, he stands up for what’s right an die unrelenting in his pursuit of justice and freedom

  26. christi says:

    Wait wait wait how can someone pick just one have you seen the asses on these guys oh man how can one simply choose there all hot hot hot

  27. Bree H. says:

    Black Widow all the way! Someone who can change their future from the darkness of their past.

  28. Hannah says:

    Hmm probably Captain America because not only is he selfless but he uses his powers for the good of the world.

  29. Carrie S says:

    I love Thor, because he’s so very very handsome and is the ONLY one who can pickup the mallet!

  30. Lael Anderson says:

    My favorite Avenger is Captain America, because he has a good perspective on what matters in life and what he’s fighting for. 😀

  31. Marleen Smouse says:

    Black Widow. I think more women need to be seen in the comic based films being made. And she is downright awesome!

  32. Michelle Cantwell says:

    Black Widow!! We need a female role model who is brave, smart, intelligent, and an equal to the men! Not to mention she went through a horrible childhood and still chose to fight for good.

  33. Susan says:

    Captain America – because he’s my newest crush, he’s adorable, cute, funny, sexy!! Why not Cap? 😉

  34. Amanda Daggett says:

    Thor is my favorite Avenger because I love mythology and superheroes and he is the perfect blend of both!

  35. Kelly T. says:

    My favorite Avenger is Iron Man. I like that he has a lot of money but finds ways to use his intelligence to put the money to good use and help try to make the world a better place. Even though he is cocky and full of himself most of the time. But overall he does strive to make the world a better place.

  36. Julie Hill says:

    I love Captian America because he’s just a good old American Boy and not too bad looking either 🙂

  37. Jami Witt Spencer says:

    I like them all, no real favorite. There is something unique to each Avenger and put together they are remarkable.

  38. Melissa says:

    Omg I love the avengers! Though I don’t know that I have a favorite, I just love how, at least in the heat of battle, they ask have each other’s backs.

  39. Audrey says:

    My favorite Avenger is the captain, because he’s old school and it’s funny, and because he is just and caring.

  40. James says:

    I love Captain America because he’s the good-est of the good guys. He’s a great hero and a model of character as well.

  41. Karsyn Fergus says:

    My favorite Avenger is Ironman because he used his smarts and money to become a hero, plus he’s the funniest and Robert Downey Jr is perfect for him.

  42. Jenny says:

    Captain America! Because he’s a true, just and honest person. The natural leader of the Avengers.

  43. Haley D says:

    Captain America. Cause he’s awesome, and is like all the others in one and can relate to them all

  44. Sara says:

    Thor, because he’s not from our world, yet, he cares a lot about it and is here to protect it. Besides, asgardians are cool, science and magic are the same thing for them 🙂 Besides, he’s like a Labrador. A big, fluffy Labrador with amazing hair ;D
    On a side note, those truffles are amazing! I’ve had some doctor who ones and they were just SO GOOD!!

  45. Val Pilch says:

    I love iron man. Yes he’s cocky and somewhat of an a-hole but he really cares about everyone and brings a bunch of wit and comic relief. 🙂

  46. Samantha Ann says:

    Iron Man is my favorite Avenger because he is who introduced me to the Avengers, and my life is better because of it. Thank you Iron Man!

  47. Jarod Moser says:

    The Hulk and Black Widow, especially due to their relationship in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Being able to see them express their feelings and love for each other really hit home for my wife and I who are currently struggling with infertility.

  48. Amber Thielman says:

    Hawkeye. He doesn’t have monster superpowers which makes him that much more of a badass. And he’s insanely compassionate and loving towards his family, friends, and team.

  49. Elena Blomquist says:

    Iron Man has always had a special place in my heart! From the witty comments to the willing to sacrifice and give all it takes, he is my man!

  50. Monica C. says:

    I do not know if I can pick just one, because they are so cool and awesome in their own way! I used to play superheroes when I was young with my brother and I was always Hulk and he was Thor so they have a special place in my heart, I also was always buying Hulk comics when I was younger too! So I will go with Hulk for now, but I love all of the comics Marvel and DC!!

  51. Heather says:

    I was partial to Thor, because of the bulging muscles, but the more I watch them, I’m really liking Captain America and what he stands for.

  52. Stephanie says:

    I love Captain America! He has true standards and ideals and holds true to them. He is loyal to his friends and doesn’t let his strength get to his head.

  53. Hailee W says:

    Thor, because I love how he just rolls with things he doesn’t completely get… but let’s be real here, it’s also those luscious locks. <3

  54. Tonya says:

    I love Captain America! Good old fashioned values with a little butt-kicking thrown in 🙂

  55. McKensie says:

    Are you kidding!? There’s no way I could choose just one favorite Avenger! But if I have to… then maybe Tony for his epic sense of humor and insane intellect.

  56. Megan L says:

    Captain America is the best Avenger! He always knew what he stood for and fought to display his beliefs. Even when he was rejected many times to joining the US Military he fought to be a part of it. He always honored his beliefs and set an example for all. Even when he was stolen from his time period he fights for what is right and stands up for his beliefs. He knows he has to be the example, because no one else will. That is what being a superhero is all about. He is the leader of the Avengers and the best of the best.

  57. Brooke says:

    Black Widow, because not only is she the only woman, but she holds her own and kicks a$$ just as good as the men do!

  58. Blair says:

    these are so cool and yummy keep it up!!! But I think you guys should make gremlins or aliens and predator I would love that

  59. Jena says:

    Congratulations! You have won an Avengers Truffle Set from Salt Lake Comic Con and The Truffle Cottage!

  60. Jena says:

    Congratulations! You have won an Avengers Truffle Set from Salt Lake Comic Con and The Truffle Cottage!

  61. Jena says:

    Congratulations! You have won an Avengers Truffle Set from Salt Lake Comic Con and The Truffle Cottage!

  62. Jena says:

    Congratulations! You have won an Avengers Truffle Set from Salt Lake Comic Con and The Truffle Cottage!

  63. Jena says:

    Congratulations! You have won an Avengers Truffle Set from Salt Lake Comic Con and The Truffle Cottage!

  64. Jena says:

    Congratulations! You have won an Avengers Truffle Set from Salt Lake Comic Con and The Truffle Cottage!

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