Tips for parking at Salt Lake Comic Con

Parking at the Salt Palace:

There are two underground parking garages. The first is located at 185 West 200 South, the second is located at 50 South 300 West. Bicycle racks can also been found in various places around the Salt Palace if you choose to ride your bike. These are paid parking lots.

Parking near the venue at City Creek Center:

You can access parking on West Temple, and then walk to the Salt Palace. Rates: $5 for up to 3 hours $4 per hour after the initial 3 hours.

Frontrunner and Trax:

Don’t want to drive into downtown? You can take Frontrunner from many stations both north and south of downtown. Ride the train to “Salt Lake Central Station” then transfer to Trax. Once on Trax at the “Temple Square” stop, which is right in front of Abravanel Hall. The convention center is just a half a block south of that stop. Then to get back to FrontRunner, get on a blue line Trax (as at this point the green line goes through too), and make sure its destination is Central Station, not Sandy.

For full info on riding Trax visit the UTA website.

Parking meters:

There are also many meters that you can use throughout downtown. For full information, including a mobile app, visit

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  1. Cc says: The meters after 8pm have free parking. On the weekends unless the city says otherwise, have a max of 2 hr free parking on the meters. Free fare zone if you are in a hotel downtown. See the UTA free fare zone map.
    Otherwise see the map of the parking garages. The city library has one for a max rate and so does one other city lot…. Look around on the for rates. City has not just comic con but three other big events. It will be a madhouse… help me!!! lol will be working and say hi and have a good day to many of you.

  2. Alexis says:

    What I’ll probably end up doing is driving down then parking at a park and ride and ride the rest of the way to the salt palace….

  3. jarjar says:

    Nope. None anywhere. It’s one of SLCCon’s efforts to extract as much money as possible from attendees.

  4. Avenues Person says:

    There are not many free places to park downtown. If you are up for walking, you may be able to find some free 2 hour parking south of 4th south, or in the Avenues, but other than that, you should expect to pay at least 2$ an hour per meter or around $7.00 for a full day in a pay parking lot or garage (such as one underneath the convention center or at City Creek). Hope that helps!

  5. Chandler says:

    Does anyone know if there is handcap paring at the salt palace garages? i would really aprecciate the help.

  6. Toku says:

    The tram system is definitely the way to go for this. A lot of the tram line is actually free, so it would be a good idea to find free parking somewhere along the line, then take a short 10 minute or so ride the rest of the way to the con. That’s definitely what I’ll be doing

  7. Yolanda says:

    I know there have been some events where your event ticket counted as fare for trax. will they accept my multipass as fare if I take trax?

  8. Kyle says:

    I’ve parked at the train station on 2nd South (or nearby) many times, and taken TRAX to another location downtown. To the Salt Palace would be within the free fare zone, and only a couple of minutes. Both of the lines from the train station go past the Salt Palace as well, so you probably wouldn’t have to wait long for a train.
    I parked at the Gateway last year for the Con, and had to pay for parking. This year I am going to save the money and use it for food or whatever.

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