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Salt Lake Comic Con’s Share Rewards Affiliate Program is back! EARN points that can be redeemed for more admission tickets and special event tickets happening at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017!

Purchase any ticket to FanX 2017 on the Salt Lake Comic Con ticketing page to become a Share Rewards member. Once a member of the Share Rewards Affiliate Program, you will receive a unique link to the Salt Lake Comic Con ticketing page. Share this link with your friends, family, and online connections. When people purchase tickets using your link, you’ll earn points you can use in the Salt Lake Comic Con Share Rewards Store! Fans will now be rewarded more than ever for spreading the word about Salt Lake Comic Con!

If you have a nonprofit or website and can sell more than 100 tickets, you can earn cash instead.

How Do I Participate?

1- Qualify. Anyone who has purchased a ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017 qualifies to participate in the Share Rewards program.

2- Join the Program. Open your GrowTix confirmation email and view your order online. The Share Rewards sign up is on the upper right side of the page.

3- Share Your Link. Share your affiliate link via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. You will earn points for every purchase made through your link.

4- Get Cool Stuff. Redeem your points in the Share Reward store.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Anyone who bought a ticket to FanX 2017 is eligible! The Share Rewards program is associated with the email address you used to purchase your ticket through the GrowTix ticketing system.

How do I qualify to become an affiliate?

You qualify to participate in the Share Rewards program automatically once you purchase your ticket to FanX 2017.

How does it work?

  1. Access your Ticket confirmation page from the email sent to you from GrowTix for the FanX 2017 pass you bought
  2. Click on the orange button on the right-hand side that says, “Sign up for Share Rewards.”
  3. Create a password for your Share Rewards account and confirm it by typing it in twice. This will create an account for you under the email address that you used to purchase that ticket. *This is also now your password for your GrowTix account *
  4. Once in your Share Rewards account, simply copy and paste your unique Affiliate Link.
  5. Send the Affiliate Link to your friends, coworkers, and anyone you know via social media, blogs, websites, email or text.
  6. When they click on your Link to buy their tickets to FanX 2017, you earn points that you can redeem in the Share Rewards Store!

How many points do I earn?

You earn 100 points for every $1 spent by those who use your referral link. Points can be redeemed for Salt Lake Comic Con or FanX admission tickets,  Bash tickets, charitable donations and MORE!

How are points redeemed?

Points can be redeemed at the Salt Lake Comic Con Share Rewards Store in GrowTix.

How can I access my Share Rewards account?

The easiest way to access your Share Rewards account to see how many points you’ve earned and to redeem those points is by logging into your GrowTix account directly. You can also access the Share Rewards portal through your ticket confirmation email from GrowTix by clicking on the orange button on the right-hand side that says, “Sign up for Share Rewards”.

I was given a ticket as a gift, can I count my ticket voucher towards the Share Rewards program?

No. The Share Rewards program will be affiliated with the email address that is associated with the ticket order in GrowTix. If someone printed out the ticket and gifted it to you, you will not be able to create a Share Rewards account with that ticket, since it will be assigned to the person that originally made the purchase.

I won a ticket, can I count that voucher towards the Share Rewards program?

Yes! You can access your Share Rewards account through the electronic ticket that was emailed to you from GrowTix the same as if you had purchased it.

Will it be possible to use Share Rewards points to upgrade tickets?

At this time, no. Share Rewards points can only be applied towards original ticket purchases and cannot be used towards upgrades.

Is there any way to get points from friends I referred before I became an Affiliate?

No. Currently, there is no way to retroactively add previous referrals. They must click on your unique Affiliate link to purchase their tickets in order for you to get points.

I am a Vendor who purchased a Booth, can I use my booth space to qualify?

No, purchasing a Vendor Booth does not qualify you to enter the Share Rewards program. You would still need to purchase an original ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con or FanXperience through your GrowTix account in order to become an affiliate.

I signed up but never received an email. Is this normal?

Currently, there is no confirmation email that is sent out once you join. You will simply see My Share Rewards program show up in your GrowTix account.

Can I transition to the Business Affiliate Program?

Yes! Once you sell 100 tickets, you qualify to become a Business Affiliate and will get paid a percentage of sales in cash. Any points you earned prior to becoming a Business Affiliate will have to be redeemed at the Share Rewards Store. Any points earned after becoming a Business Affiliate will be paid out in cash.

I have more questions about Share Rewards. Who do I contact?

For any questions about the Affiliate Rewards program, please contact us at

Share Rewards Affiliate Program Trips


When you retrieve your Affiliate Link URL from your GrowTix account, it will look something like this –

We suggest shortening your Link to make it look nicer and be easier to share, as well as allow you to keep track of how many times it has been used.

To do this, go to Google URL Shortner and paste your long Affiliate Link URL into the space provided in order to produce a shorter URL for your unique page.

After being shortened by Google URL Shortener, your unique Affiliate Link will look something like this –


We recommend giving a clear call to action, such as “CLICK HERE –”

Keep in mind that in accordance with the FTC, you must disclose that you earn points when friends use your link to purchase tickets. Please include something like “I get points if you purchase via my link,” “#ad,” or “#sponsored.”


Using social media networks are a great way to share your unique affiliate link with your friends. Regardless of where you’re sharing it, make sure your friends know they must purchase tickets using your unique affiliate link in order for you to earn points!


    • Post a status, link or photo with your unique affiliate link.
    • Share FanX 2017 announcements from the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook page to your Facebook page and add your unique Affiliate link to the announcement. Find instructions on how to share, HERE.
    • Introduce your friends to Salt Lake Comic Con. Be sure to include links to where they can see guests, features and more. They can also look at our About Page or this article to learn more about Salt Lake Comic Con.

More Social Media Sites

In addition to Facebook, you can share announcements about FanX 2017 on other social media sites such as Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. Some important things to remember:

  • Use the official event hashtag (#FanX17) on related posts on your social media sites to help our fans find your account. To make sure our social media managers are aware of your posts and accounts, you should also tag Salt Lake Comic Con’s official social media accounts. (Find our official accounts, click HERE.)
  • In your social media posts, include images, provide information and provide a link to your Facebook event page or one with more information, preferably on your website or blog. Use short links on Twitter.
  • Keep your messages short and end with a call to action statement or question to encourage followers to engage with your posts.


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