Big Movie Mouth-Off Tickets

  • Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 7PM
  • Jordan Commons Megaplex
  • Pickup tickets between 4PM and 5PM outside of  Cold Stone Creamery at Jordan Commons Megaplex and convert to Megaplex ticket for guaranteed seating.
  • Sometimes there are more tickets issued than can be accommodated so come early.
  • The person with  the tickets will have a Salt Lake Comic Con t-shirt on.
  • This Special Screening  is not associated with Cold Stone Creamery or Megaplex Theatures. A Salt Lake Comic Con employee will be near the Creamery to pass out tickets for your convenience.

Thor 2 The Dark World Movie

THOR 2 Winners who claimed prizes –

Brandon Casorla  –
Jon Bair

Halima Yarow

Preston Bruner 
Eric W. Call
Moriah Ozberkmen
Erin Fritzsching
Jennifer Henkes Jensen
Cujoe N Berlin Mulitalo / Berlin Mulitalo
Alyce Wind-Star Patmides / Alex Patmides
Ben Coombs
Tom Sloberstintski / Tom Sobieski
Devan Chatelain
KimberLeigh Felix Hadfield
Sabrina M C Neibaur
Cooper Maestas
Scott Frandsen
Darrell Blevins
Rebekkah Shaw
Karen Young
Jeremy Toone
Candice Allred Dudley
Belinda Christie
Jim Astin
Erin Fritzsching
Moriah Ozberkmen
Aaron Christensen
Did not claim, but won –  2 tickets each –
Jeremy Hughes
Destiny Herlitz-Lanier
Cleveland McKay Nicoll
Micah Marlowe
Dean Christensen
Brian Ford
Cameron K Moore II
Lisa Lopez
Eli Buxton
Steph Lim
Linda Grace
Kyle Anderson


You must Contact us to claim your prizes and passes. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US