The Zombie Invasion Ball - FanX 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con Zombie Invasion Ball
Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014 Presents:

The Zombie Invasion Ball


Blood Carpet Event at the State Capitol

Join us for our pre-FanX event at the Utah State Capitol! Help Salt Lake Comic Con invade the grounds of our State Capitol. Play the part as zombies or hunters… followed by a night of dancing and fun with the Salt Lake Pops Quartet!
All-ages are welcome at the Zombie Invasion Ball, ages ten and under are free!


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Join the Zombie Invasion Ball Facebook Event

Join the Zombie Invasion Ball Facebook Event

Date and Time:

Friday, March 28th from 5pm – 10pm


$10 pre-sale
$20 at the door
FREE for FanX VIP pass holders
FREE for children 10 and under
Buy your Zombie Invasion Ball tickets ahead of time, and SAVE $10! If you do not want to attend the ball, you can participate in the Invasion for FREE.


Wear your best dress… zombiefied. Please be respectful of the Capitol as your prepare your makeup and costumes. No blood that can drip onto surfaces. Cosplay Weapons will be checked at the door and may be held if they don’t meet our safety guidelines.

Parking & Transportation:

Fear Factory Zombie Bus

There is plenty of parking available at the Capitol, but Zombie Invasion Ball attendees that want an extra thrill can ride the FREE Fear Factory Zombie Bus from the Gateway mall to the Capitol. The frontrunner and Trax lines are close to Gateway and from there, you can walk over the the Zombie Bus stop located on the South end of Gateway (near Z’tjas and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory). The shuttle will begin pickups at 5:00 pm and will continue picking up and dropping off every 30 minutes until 10:00 pm.


4PM – Press and Volunteer Check-in
5PM – Meet at 5pm to surround the capitol. Volunteers will place zombies in sections to prepare to invade.
6PM – On command, begin the Invasion heading toward the south entrance of the Utah State Capitol. The Salt Lake Pops Quartet will be playing spooky/creepy appropriate music during the invasion. The Press will be there to cover the “breaking news.”
6:15PM – 10PM Once inside, zombies and hunters can dance till they drop!
7:30 – B-Boy Federation Dance Off: Zombies vs. Survivors!
8:30 – Zombie Invasion Ball Royalty announced!


– Zombies vs. Hunters Dance-Off
– Awarding the Zombie Ball Royalty (Winners receive free passes to Salt Lake Comic Con FanX).
– $5 Professional Photo Ops by Melissa, featuring Capitol stairs and dead flower backdrop.
– A variety of food can be purchased inside the Capitol from Jason’s Deli.Food, Not Brains Food Drive

– In association with the Utah Food Bank
– Every five cans of donated food will be rewarded with a free raffle ticket!
– Help make a difference in the community!

Adult After Party (21+)

The Metro Bar (540 West 200 South, SLC) with specialty Zombie drinks following the Invasion Ball beginning at 10pm.
There is a $5.00 cover with plenty of free parking! RSVP HERE

Remember Zombie Walk 2013?


Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience Tickets

Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience Tickets


70 Responses to “The Zombie Invasion Ball”

  1. janet says : Reply

    I would like to attend this event however I don’t have tickets to Comic Con because I am a vendor. I would like to go to this event how do I get in?

  2. Brandy says : Reply


  3. Shana Scheibe says : Reply

    Do we just show up if we have a VIP pass or is there a way to get a ticket with it?

  4. johnna hansen says : Reply

    I am volunteering for the main fan x, and was wondering about volunteer opportunities for the ball.

  5. amanda lujan says : Reply

    i too am volunteering at the main fanx event and would like to volunteer for this event as well.

    • Special Events says : Reply

      We actually have all the volunteers we need for this event at this time. Be sure to get a ticket though as this event is going to be phenomenal!!!!

  6. Christie Davis says : Reply

    I would also like to find out about volunteering. I’m already volunteering for the main FanEx.

  7. Jeff says : Reply

    Do children need to pay the $10 for the Zombie Ball?

  8. EK says : Reply

    What if you want to participate JUST in the Zombie Invasion part of this event, do you still have to buy tickets?

  9. Anthony Pham says : Reply

    Hi, I would love to do a cool film project with the walk and ball. is there any way I can film this event?

  10. Kirsten says : Reply

    I work for Salt Lake City at an after-school/summer camp program, with kids from 8 – 14, I was curious if there was a way we could get a discount if we take the kids on a field trip to this event? Please let me know! Thank you for your time!

  11. Edward Wilson` says : Reply

    How many kids per ticket can get in free to the Ball?

  12. alex says : Reply

    What is “zombie royalty” and how is it determined? Costume contest??

  13. Ammon Mailo says : Reply

    How do you register to be a volunteer, if needed, for this event?

  14. Noah says : Reply

    What exactly would the hunters wear?

  15. Edward Wilson says : Reply

    The Press will be there to cover the “breaking news.”. What Press?? Is it gonna be on live TV? Do you know what news stations are covering the Invasion? I’m bringing some kids and I’m sure their parents would love to see it.

  16. Sara says : Reply

    I won a Zombie Invasion Ball ticket with a Thursday pass. How do I give one to my friend without the other? I only have one Quick Pass

  17. Angelique Topping says : Reply

    I’ll be there!

  18. Anisa says : Reply

    Please please please I would love to go!

  19. I would love to go!

  20. If I had a couple of tix me and my wife would so go and definitely shake things up

  21. Isis says : Reply

    I’ve never been to a zombie ball. Never been to a ball in general. I would love for this to be the first :)

  22. mowen says : Reply

    Yep, I’d go. I even saved some zombie make-up with household supplies tips on my phone…just in case.

  23. Marcia Star-Artist says : Reply

    I want to go. Dead or Alive, you’re coming with me.

  24. Marlee D says : Reply

    I would go if I had tickets! I’m looking for something to do tonight with my friends :)

  25. Chris mclain says : Reply

    I would love to go to this and i even have zombie wear, if only i had tickets :)

  26. Jennifer Stevens says : Reply

    I will be there! Hoping to win tickets

  27. Heather McAllister says : Reply

    I wanna go!!!!!!! Awesomeness

  28. Andy Pacejka says : Reply

    I believe I would like to attend this moderately existential flopping-about event.

  29. Christine Polatis says : Reply

    I’ll be there!

  30. Kip says : Reply

    I’ll be there if I get free tickets. Forget about what I need to be to bed early for.

  31. Megan B says : Reply

    I’ll be there! (Hopefully!)

  32. April Francom says : Reply

    I’ll be there!! even if I have to get a last minute babysitter.

  33. Huu says : Reply

    If only I had a full Zombie Lui Kang costume

  34. Shyna says : Reply

    My two boys would ENJOY this event I would like to take them!!! They love watching zombie shows and play survival, I want to take them and show them how dressed up people get we would all love it!!! Would be a great time if I could go! I always gotta work and it would be exciting!!!

  35. Valerie says : Reply

    I would so go if I had tickets! Zoooooombies!

  36. Jeanette says : Reply

    I would totally go if I had tickets!

  37. Amber says : Reply

    I would love to be there to help defend against the undead hordes just need to get some tickets!!

  38. Allie says : Reply

    All dressed dead with nowhere to go…oh wait! Finally a place for us undead to let it all hang out. Where hunters and zombies, for one night, can hash it on the dance floor instead of well…anywhere else us…Me and my fiance will be there! (if we win tickets)

  39. Angi says : Reply

    I would so go to this.

  40. Morganne says : Reply

    “I’ll be there!!”

  41. Mari Smith says : Reply

    I’ll be there !! :)

  42. Tara P says : Reply

    I’ll be there and loving it if it were only possible to receive a ticket in my email!
    I am loving everything that is happening this weekend and am not sure how to do it all!!

  43. Josh silva says : Reply

    I’d go, just to be able to take my wife out for a bit.

  44. Jim Astin says : Reply

    Sorry I’m late, I’m not like all you “28 day later” zombies. Call me old fashioned but it takes me awhile to get around…

  45. Nikki says : Reply

    I would love to go!

  46. Nicole Brown says : Reply

    I’ll be there! This has been on my bucketlist for a while

  47. I’ll be there if I win tickets!!

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