The Hillywood Show: Hocus Pocus Parody

What do you get when you mix the Sanderson Sisters of Hocus Pocus with the children from The Nightmare Before Christmas? Parody video magic.

The Hillywood Show is back, raising the YouTube parody bar another notch higher. In the video, the Hindi sisters portray the Sanderson Sisters (a little too perfectly) as they list the multitude of ways they plan to kidnap children. Described by the Hindi sisters as “Burton-esque”, the video replicates the scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas where the three small children plan to capture Sandy Claws.

Many viewers didn’t initially realize that the song in The Hillywood Show video is actually “Kidnap Sandy Claws” from The Nightmare Before Christmas with some tweaked lyrics, but the parallel is perfect combination of the two worlds. Watch the video and relive two of your favorite childhood movies in one epic mash-up.