Stephen Amell: Real Life Superhero

By Shelby Hailstone Law

The thing about seeing Stephen Amell in person is that the star of the CW’s smash hit Arrow is just as nice as you’d expect, based on his charity work and adorable interactions with fans online. Maybe even nicer.

The other thing about seeing Stephen Amell in person is he’s hilarious. I could honestly do several pages of just hilarious stories and funny quotes, but here are just some of the highlights from his panel at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014:

[Some potential, minor spoilers to follow.]


On Olicity:
(For those of you that don’t watch the show, Olicity is the “ship name” for Oliver and Felicity in Arrow.)

When asked by the moderator if it was too soon for a relationship, Amell’s first comments on the Olicity relationship were sweet: “If we don’t take chances with our hearts, what are we doing here?”

But don’t press him for details! One fan asked him what the deal was with him and Felicity—and also asked for a picture. Amell walked across the stage and waved him up so that they could pose together—then, as he sat back down, said, “Now that I’ve been nice to you, the deal with me and Felicity is none of your [expletive] business!” It was the perfect Stephen Amell moment: one part adorable nice guy, the other part funny sarcastic man.

On Season Three of Arrow:
Amell was able to reveal plenty of character spoilers for the upcoming season, as well as information about crossover episodes with the new Flash series. We now know that John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlyn will be a series regular, Black Canary is returning and Tommy Merlyn will be returning in a flashback (yay!). We also know that Roy will become Arsenal (finally!) and that Ras al Ghul will be the series’ villain. Other heroes to appear will include The Atom, The Flash and Firestorm (played by Amell’s cousin, Rodney).

Amell also revealed that Season Three will have an Oliver-lite episode called the “Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” and that Oliver will spend his time in Hong Kong during the flashback sequences. We also found out that the 50th episode “will be worthy of a 50th” (hopefully that means it’ll be even more epic than usual!) and that a specific scene and confrontation in that episode has been building up for two and a half years!

On crossing over with the Flash TV show:
Amell revealed that he will be in the pilot episode of Flash and that one other Arrow character will be in the show’s fourth episode. He said that the eighth episode of both shows will be a “two-night crossover extravaganza.” Spoilers for that crossover? When asked when Arrow would introduce a Justice League—before the DC Cinematic Universe launches its Dawn of Justice, even!—Amell said, “I dunno, Episode Eight?” and then assured a very excited audience that he was, in fact, serious.

On doing his own stunts:
Amell has an interesting relationship with stunts. He likes to do his own stunts, but he has a thing about heights… He said, “If they won’t let me do [a stunt], I’ll demand to do it shirtless so it has to be me.” But then he admitted that once he’s up there, the height and danger can be daunting! (It’s okay, Stephen. We still love you for trying!)

On working with his Arrow cast members:
Surprisingly, the best prank story did not involve John Barrowman (though Stephen assured us that, yes, Barrowman is the prankster we all think he is). It was David Ramsey (who plays loyal bodyguard John Diggle)! Apparently, Ramsey whispered “the dirtiest thing I’ve ever heard” in Amell’s ear during shooting, and after that, “it was on.” The two of them love to mess with each other! (Let’s be honest: this just makes all the Arrow Cave sequences with Diggle and Oliver that much better.)

The obligatory John Barrowman story came with a mission for the fans. After Amell told his story about being kicked in the knee by steel-toed-boot-wearing Barrowman, he told fans, “If you see him, tell him it still hurts.” (And if you, like me, stayed for the Barrowman panel during the next hour, you know that message was delivered—hilariously.)

On his charity work:
Like I said, Stephen Amell is the nicest and funniest celebrity, and he has focused his charity work not on big-scale corporate charities, but on things he can personally do for families and individuals. The entire audience was moved when he spoke about his reasons for doing this work and he summed up his amazing attitude well when he said, “If you can help people, you absolutely should.”

On the “Oliver Queen” speech:
Yes, that speech. The one that starts off every episode. The one every fan has memorized—except Stephen Amell, himself.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to give it his best shot! When a fan asked him to recite the “My name is Oliver Queen” speech, Amell did pretty well… up until the speech got off the island and back to Starling City. Thankfully, someone in the audience helped supply the words for him and Amell finished off strong, even going right into “Previously, on Arrow…” He was adorably embarrassed about not getting it right and swore to the whole audience that he would memorize the entire speech from the pilot episode (you know, the really, really long one) and recite it at his next con appearance!

On just generally being adorable:
What better way to end a panel with an Arrow star than with the Arrow’s catch phrase? That’s what the last fan thought when he used his question to ask Amell to recite that thing you’ve seen on all the mini Arrow buttons. But this time, it was personal; the fan gave him his name. Big mistake, Phil.


And if that wasn’t awesome enough, everyone who’d been standing in line waiting to ask a question got to go onstage and get one big group picture with him.

Amell the Adorable. Seriously, that’s what I’m calling him from now on.




Shelby Hailstone Law is an Official Salt Lake Comic Con Blogger.

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  1. Matt says:

    Aparently my comments and questions made a big splash in both panels cause I noticed mention of them in multiple news articles. I wasn’t going for noteriety, but I am glad that people were entertained and it is kinda nice to get noticed.

  2. Nadia says:

    Do you have a picture of the end, when he had all the people come up on stage? My daughter and I were in the picture, but we didn’t have anyone with us to take our own picture.

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