Star Trek Ultimate Xperience

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The Star Trek: The Next Generation Crew and William Shatner will be joining FanXperience for a Star Trek Reunion Event!

Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 6:30pm-8:00pm.
Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience at the Salt Palace Convention Center
100 SW Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Tickets are now on sale through our Media One ticket sales website:


Want to attend the Star Trek Ultimate Xperience but can’t afford to buy a ticket? Tell us about your own personal Star Trek experiences in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win one of 25 free General Seating tickets to the Star Trek Ultimate Xperience!
**You will need to be a Thursday, Multipass or VIP ticket holder in order to attend**

The Crew of the USS Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation will be holding an Ultimate Xperience Event at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX convention on Thursday, April 17, 2014! Join us for a chance to meet Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn), Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) and Security Chief Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) in person and create incredible new memories with your favorite stars. The shining star of Star Trek: The Original Series, Captain James T. Kirk himself (William Shatner) will be the Master of Ceremonies at this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Ticketing Information:

All tickets are priced in the the following tiers:
Best Seats: $129.95 – Includes a free collectors Star Trek: The Next Generation lithograph (NOW SOLD OUT)
Second Best Seats: $99.95
Third Best Seats: $49.95 
General Seating: $24.95
**You must be a Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Thursday, Multipass or VIP Ticket Holder to attend the Event. Limited Seating**

Any FanX VIP Ticket Holders who buy a ticket to the Star Trek Ultimate Xperience will receive a Special Bonus at the Event!


The Star Trek Ultimate Xperience will begin at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 17 and end at 8:00pm. Seating will begin at 6:00pm.

A ticket to the Star Trek Ultimate Xperience does not include an admission to Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014.

There will be no opportunities for autographs and photo ops with the Star Trek stars at the Star Trek Reunion Event; however, each star will be available at their respective Celebrity Table for autographs and will be scheduled for Photo Ops at some point during Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014. Most, if not all, Star Trek stars will be attending FanX all three days.

Each panelist will headline a separate panel or combined panel at FanX which will be free to all ticket holders. This event with all TNG cast member is the only premium TNG event available and the only panel with William Shatner.

***Actors appearances are subject to change, though all are confirmed to appear as of March 27, 2014. Salt Lake Comic Can reserves the right to add additional guests***

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250 Responses to “Star Trek Ultimate Xperience”

  1. Kelly says : Reply

    Is Karl Urban going to join this panel?

  2. Erin Ruston says : Reply

    I have two questions.

    1. Is there any kind of VIP discount or priority with this?
    2. Is the lithograph signed by any of the participants?

    Thank you!

  3. Bertha Mejia says : Reply

    Hi I want to know how far out will be the 3rd best seat. Do you have a map of the sitting categories? Please let me know so that I can decide which one to buy. Thank you so much. I never been to a comic con before so I have no idea how the panels are.

  4. Rich says : Reply

    So what is the point if you can not get an autograph or photo op?…why not save the cash and get the meet and greet with the money you would spend on the panel?

  5. Nathan Caldwell says : Reply

    You are charging extra for a panel that all fans were asking for? Way to keep it classy, FanX.

  6. Vicki Speer says : Reply

    I am excited. It will be great to see them all together.

  7. Norma J says : Reply

    so the only way to see this event is to purchase the separate ticket? There was some confusion about that last time with the panel that had William Shatner and Adam West. I thought you could only get in with the separate ticket but I heard afterward that they let non-ticket holders in for the first half an hour or something.

    • This is only a paid for event.

    • Jon says : Reply

      It was a paid for event last year too, but they had a contract to have so many seats filled. Since they didn’t meet that goal with sales, they let people in to fill that to keep their side of the contract. This year with stepped pricing, I doubt that will happen. It will fill up.

  8. Lisa Meade says : Reply

    So, this is the only panel where the Star Trek:TNG stars will be all together, right? The other free panels are the stars individually? I just want to clarify.

  9. Josh Jorgenson says : Reply

    Will VIP ticket holders still get Meet & Greet opportunities without having to purchase tickets for this panel?

  10. Dennis says : Reply

    Due to work, I will only be able to go to Friday’s FanX event but I would like to attend the Star Trek UX on Thursday. Do I need a Thursday FanX ticket to get into this event?

  11. Lisa Meade says : Reply

    Can we take photos of the cast during the panel?

  12. hordmaster says : Reply

    I met Bill Shatner when he was filming an ep. of TJ Hooker in our neighborhood once. I was 11 years old at the time. I wish I had been a bigger fan of Star Trek at the time, I would have held on to his autograph.

  13. Shen says : Reply

    Bad Grammar: Each panelist will be headline a separate panel or combined panel at FanX which will be free to all ticket holders. This event with all TNG cast member is the only premium TNG event available and the only panel with William Shatner.

    Better: Each panelist will headline a separate panel or combined panel at FanX which will be free to all ticket holders. This event with all TNG cast members is the only premium TNG event available and the only panel with William Shatner.

  14. Jeff Roundy says : Reply

    Will William Shatner be signing autographs?

  15. Marcela gillis says : Reply

    So just to be clear, i can’t just buy tickets to just this event? I have to buy tickets to this and then the thursday convention tickets?

  16. Jillian says : Reply

    When you say only available to ‘FanX ticket holders’ does that include people who have tickets to the Friday FanX? I would like to buy a ticket to this Thursday Star Trek event but I only have a Friday ticket, is that alright? Please let me know if this will work!

    • You will need to have a Thursday pass in order to enter the convention on Thursday, even if it is just to attend the TNG special event. An alternative is to upgrade your Friday ticket to a Multipass.

  17. Larry N. Sapp II says : Reply

    I have just commented on the Facebook page from another fan asking about buying a ticket for this event but not able to attend to the FanX convention until Saturday. But you had replied to that fan that you have to have FanX tickets for Thursday to get into this event Thursday night. — THIS IS WRONG — Main reason – Thursday is a short day for the FanX convention – Doors open at 1pm and go until 8pm. BUT this Reunion event is from 6:30pm – 8pm. Which means that catching all you can from the FanX convention – trying to get to a number of the Star Trek Guests Celeb Tables for autographs and photo ops – who I would expect would leave the convention and their Celeb tables about 5pm to get dinner before the Special Reunion – We have 4 hours to get in line and wait our turns to meet them – and everyone else who happens to be a Special Guest there that we want to see. So my plans was to buy tickets for my niece and I for this Reunion event (it would be at the General Ticket prices because I am on a fixed income) and then a Friday ticket for us to both return to see everyone we hope to see using the whole day 10am – 8pm – a much better opportunity to see everyone. Your Rules above say ” **You must be a Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Ticket Holder to attend the Event. Limited Seating** ” It does not say you must be a THURSDAY Ticket Holder – just a Ticket Hold – in which we will on a full days event Friday Ticket Holders. Your advice for the fan on the Facebook page was to buy a Multi-pass. That is too expensive to do for me as we want to have some money to spend on autographs and a photo ops (at least one each – one for me with Marina Sirtis and my niece with Brent Spiner. But since we don’t have a Master Price list yet – I have know idea how much this is going to cost! And I can only do so much being disAbled and on a fixed income.) So although we thought we had the plan worked out to go Thursday night for this Event and come back on Friday for the full days event – is not possible because of this unexplained rule. So we will not be attended this Thursday night Reunion. I guess that saves $50 for photo ops and autographs.

    • In order to enter the event on Thursday, even if it just to attend the TNG event, you need to have a Thursday pass. You can also just purchase a single day Thursday pass which is $25.

      • Larry N. Sapp II says : Reply

        You still don’t get it! You are requiring us to purchase a half-day Thursday FanX ticket to then be allowed to buy a ticket for this TNG Reunion Panel event. Thursday is a very short day for TNG Celebrities and fans. The Doors open at 1pm – TNG Celebrities will leave the FanX convention by 5pm to eat and get ready for this Reunion Panel event. So for 4 hours – that is all that fans will be able to get to all of the TNG Celebrity tables to meet, maybe purchase autographs and photo ops.

        And the doors for the fans who buy tickets for this TNG Reunion Panel event opens at 6pm – so the fans have 2 hours left to find dinner and try and get and meet the other celebrities that are attending the FanX convention and the other events like the Enterprise D Bridge. Thursday is a half day for Star Trek TNG fans. We have to buy a Friday ticket to get a real chance at meeting, getting autographs and photo ops from the Star Trek TNG and then the other Guest Celebrities. It is not fair that your require we buy a half-day Thursday ticket to qualify to buy a ticket for this TNG Reunion Panel Event. You should have made Thursday’s Doors open at 10am OR had this TNG Reunion Panel event on Friday. Right now it is plain unfair.

        I will buy my tickets for Friday for a Full Days opportunity to get to all the Celebs and Events we want to get to.

      • Jerry Simons says : Reply

        Are you saying that the ticket I already bought for thursday for the star trek tng ultimate xperience general seating isn’t going to get me in unless I spend another $25.00 just to get thru front door ? If that’s the case I need a refund .

        • You still need to have a valid pass (either Thursday only or Multipass) to even enter the Salt Palace for FanX. The TNG special event ticket does not get you into the whole FanX event, just the special event.

    • Debbie says : Reply

      Larry, purchase of a multipass and vip gave alot of people free thursday tickets. If you know anyone who purchased one of these, they might be able to give you there tickets. Just a suggestion.

  18. Teancum says : Reply

    What room will the panel be in? I can’t find it on the schedule.

  19. Mark says : Reply

    You said above that William Shatner will be doing autographs. What will that process work since he is only here for the panel? Will he be signing before or after, and where will that be? On the exhibition floor with the other celebs? In the panel room as part of the the after panel?

  20. HaloCure says : Reply

    Do I need to purchase a ticket for this for my under-11 child who will be attending with us? I already have Fan X tickets for the rest of the family but I am unsure if I need to get him one for this event specifically.

  21. Melody says : Reply

    I am wondering how VIP passes and ticketing work for this event. I have a VIP pass. If I want good seats to this event, must I purchase a best seats ticket? Or can a VIP pass get me good seats on a general ticket? Also, would I still get the bonus for VIP passes on a general ticket?

    • Depending on the ticket you get, VIP will get you in first within that seating category. Any FanX VIP Ticket Holders who buy a ticket to the Star Trek Ultimate Xperience will also receive a Special Bonus at the Event!

      • Stu Jones says : Reply

        There were no separate lines for VIP within each seating category, other than the general admission line. There was also no Special Bonus for VIP ticket holders. I had asked a couple volunteers on the way in about it and got rushed into the ballroom with no reply; the volunteers I was able to ask afterwards had no idea what I was referring to.

  22. Ryan says : Reply

    Other than the lithograph, What exactly should we expect for our premium seat ticket? IE what is the format of this event?

  23. Seth says : Reply

    Quickie, my partner bought herself and I VIP passes and I bought the Star trek ultimate experience tickets for the two of us. Will we still be able to get the VIP bonus even though the items are under separate names?

  24. Jerry Simons says : Reply

    So I bought a ticket for the general seating it said they. Start seating at 6pm .so the ticket I bought covers all day Thursday at comic con not just the star trek panel ?right?

  25. rachel says : Reply

    The StarTrek Next Gen paid event is listed in two different places for two different times……….Which time is it going to be?

    Also, several times during the 3 days of comic con, example James Marsters 12-1 Thursday and GatesMcFadden and Denise Crosby 1-2…..both at the Main Stage. Do I have to exit after James Marsters and the re-enter for Gates and Denise. Or can I just stay where I was sitting?

    • Thank you for letting us know. We are still updating the schedule. We will clear out part of the room in between panels.

      • Nicole says : Reply

        You have to exit inbetween panels? That’s a little wonky and NOT how I’ve seen it done at other Comic-Cons. This was an issue last year at SLCC where some of the volunteers told us we had to exit and re-enter after a panel, but others just let us stay in the main stage through multiple panels. I don’t see the point in leaving, especially on days (such as Friday) where I plan on seeing multiple panels in a row in the ballroom.

        • Mary says : Reply

          I think this is how it should be done. Starting clean-slate every time is the only way to ensure that the most people get the chance to see their top picks. Suppose you’re only interested in the 1st and 3rd panel happening in that room? To let someone sit and stay for every panel would mean that people who’ve been waiting in line outside for the 2nd panel might not be able to get in at all because you want a seat for the 3rd. And that hardly seems fair. Even if you are interested in two consecutive panels, again, there have been people waiting for a long time outside, and they should get first priority for the 2nd panel. This why you have to pick and choose your panels carefully. Scheduled right, you can make it to most of them anyway.

  26. Jim says : Reply

    I can attend with my VIP multipass correct?

  27. Erica says : Reply

    I am a VIP ticketholder. If I attend this event with someone who isn’t, can they stand in line with me so that we can get the best seating in the category we’re in? Or do they have to stand in a separate line? If so, will I be allowed to save a seat for them when they get it?

    • They will have to stay in a different line and there is no saving seats.

      • What is the difference between ST:TNG Xperience and a Panel or Fan X and SLC Comic Con? Is there food and drinks at THG Xperience?

        • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

          There will be no opportunities for autographs and photo ops with the Star Trek stars at the Star Trek Reunion Event; however, each star will be available at their respective Celebrity Table for autographs and will be scheduled for Photo Ops at some point during Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014. Food and drinks will not be served at the ST:TNG Ultimate Xperience.

  28. Angel says : Reply

    This is similar to last years big event.

    I didn’t have the cash before hand at all as I was waiting for paycheck. I would love to see this even with my nephew but we will need a miracle to get into it with our VIP status :)

    I would like to win some tickets that would be PRIME!

  29. Kristal says : Reply

    This would be cool to go to.

  30. Briana Farr says : Reply

    I have a question:

    My mom and I and my nine-year-old son are coming to FanX on Thursday. Since ten and under are free, would we need to still buy him his own ticket to the Star Trek panel? Or would he not be allowed to go since he is not technically a ticket-holder for FanX for Thursday? Sorry if you’ve already answered this.

  31. Heidi says : Reply

    My ultimate dream come true….maybe. Patrick? Pretty please? With Earl Grey on top?

  32. Lisa Meade says : Reply

    I think we are all secretly (and not so secretly) hoping for a Patrick Stewart guest appearance. :)

  33. Patrizia says : Reply

    Question: if I buy a best seats option for this event, I get a lithograph, but what else? Are there going to be seats reserved for these ticket holders? Where is this being held at the Salt Palace?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      This fun ST:TNG Ultimate Xperience will be held in the Salt Palace at the North Ballroom Stage. Best Seat ticket holders will be seated first and foremost. Also, any FanX VIP Ticket Holders who buy a ticket to the Star Trek Ultimate Xperience will receive a Special Bonus at this Event!

  34. Marie says : Reply

    Is it ok to bring a babe in arms to this event?

  35. Tammie says : Reply

    If we won a ticket for this event can we get reimbursed for the ticket we bought previously?


  36. Tammie says : Reply

    Thank you for your help!
    You have all been so awesome!


  37. Curly says : Reply

    I have a question about the Enterprise bridge. Is there a charge for going onto the bridge? If so how much will it cost me?

  38. Lee T says : Reply

    Two answers to the same question above contradict each other.
    I have a nine year-old. She gets in free to the overall Comicon with me.

    BUT, does she need a purchased ticket to the Start Trek panel on Thursday night?

  39. Seth says : Reply

    For the star trek event, do we just bring a copy of the QR code to the event lines Thursday night or do we need to go to registration and switch over to some other sort of tickets beforehand?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      If you have your confirmation code or Star Trek Ultimate Xperience ticket print out, you may use those to get into this event.

  40. rachel says : Reply

    What are the provisions for handicap entries to the panels, especially when the panels I want to attend are in the same room and one right after the other?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      The doors are wide enough for you to enter. You may stay in the same panel room. Let us know if you need any other provisions.

  41. Jayson says : Reply

    So, My 3 year old that you are not charging for at the door has to pay 25 bucks so she can have a seat in the room? I think that’s not fair. Yeah sure Kids are free, but You will find a way to make up for that in the end…??
    What if I sit her in my lap, which is what probably is going to happen with a lot of Parents anyways. Seems to be the way it goes. The little Kids sit on your lap regardless if there is an empty seat next to them. I can understand you dont want to give away seats for free but if they are still young enough to sit on a PAYING ADULTS LAP and not take up an extra seat Will this be allowed?? I bet alot of Parents barley scrapping enough cash together for this Con are going to want to know the same thing.
    Please let us know Thank You!

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      The Star Trek Ultimate Xperience is a premiere paid event and we have a per-person contractual obligation when it comes to tickets.

  42. Ryan says : Reply

    Sell me on the value of the more expensive seats, what is the size/capacity of the venue, how much closer are the second/third best seats compared to general seating?

  43. Emma Smith says : Reply

    I am a high school physics teacher and my unit on Energy is entitled “Energize”. I draw many connections to Star Trek in this unit of study–especially how the technologies of TOS inspired today’s engineers and technologies. It’s awesome to hear students admit that they ‘kinda have to like Star Trek now’!!

  44. Steve Fox says : Reply

    Star Trek: The Next Generation was a HUGE bonding experience with my father. We really didn’t have much in common, but we would always meet weekly around the TV to watch our favorite show together. I have been trying to get him to come check out this Comic Con to once again have those nice times with my father.

  45. Emily says : Reply

    When I was little I used to sneak downstairs after my parents went to bed and watch the 10pm Star Trek TNG reruns. I had a grey sweater that looked like Wesley’s and would wear it every day. When my hubby was little he used to play “Data” and would pretend he was Data exploring an inhabited planet. We turned out normal, I promise. I only wear my communicator pin on weekends….

  46. David says : Reply

    One of the highlights of my childhood was staying up late and watching reruns of the original Star trek and Next Generation with just my Mom it was our special time to talk and bond and I would love to go with her at this event its just to bad it was so so much extra

  47. Katherine says : Reply

    Jonathan Frakes was my very first crush. It was love at first sight. I was probably four at the time.

  48. Jessica W says : Reply

    I remember watching Star Trek with my dad and older brother. We bonded over each episode. I remember my dad tried to cover my eyes every time a red shirt bit the dust.

  49. Dustin Robinson says : Reply

    I miss the days of going to Star Trek Conventions with my Dad, sadly he passed away a few years ago, but I’ll be at FanX on Saturday boldly wearing my Star Trek shirt like no one has before!

  50. Bridgette Devine says : Reply

    Id like to go where I’ve never gone before!

  51. Daniel says : Reply

    Star Trek TGN taught me more about life than an associates degree in university. It makes me happy that the whole cast will be there (except Picard, of course).
    Star Trek is my favorite show/movies/sci-fi anything of all.

  52. Vynessa Campos says : Reply

    I’m 44 and have been watching Star Trek in all its incarnations since I was 6. I have always loved the political themes of Star Trek, especially the original series and TNG. Of all the series, TNG is my favorite and I would love a chance to experience the ultimate experience!

  53. Brekke says : Reply

    I graduated from High School in 1995 (at 17 years old) and that summer I was of to California to serve an internship at Paramount Studios in the creative department. I was a huge Trekkie (I watched every episode of TNG) so it was awesome that when I went out for my interview, they happened to be filming an episode of Star Trek Voyager on New York Street on the lot. I made a good friend in the visual effects department on the set and got multiple chances to watch them film. It was perfect that my office happened to be right near where they were currently filming episodes of Voyager and DS9 so I would spend lunch hours watching Klingons and Romulans wander around. I also got to audition for an episode (I didn’t get the part) and I got to be on the set one day and watch a little while Jonathan Frakes was directing (and he shook my hand!). I still have some momentos from my time at Paramount and especially some goodies I was given by crew members. My kids and I have our tickets for Friday and I hope to have the chance to see the cast.

  54. Liz says : Reply

    My husband has been a super fan since he was a child. He and his dad would watch it every night. Then when we got married and we continued the tradition. The best part is now we have a daughter and she loves watching Star Trek with her daddy! There is nothing better than watching them snuggled together watching. :) He would LOVE tickets to this!

  55. Rachel Summerhalder says : Reply

    I would absolutely love to attend this and bring my teenage daughter, but unfortunately i just can’t afford it right. I watched ST:TNG with my dad as a young child/teenager, and I loved it. It was my first foray into the sci-fi genre, and I’ve been a fan ever since. About a year ago I introduced the show to my two children, and now they love it as well! We watched the entire series on Netflix in about 2 days. This would be so, so amazing and I’m bummed we’ll be missing it, but we’re excited to be coming to FanX this weekend!

  56. Corissa says : Reply

    Star Trek (and specifically my extensive knowledge of TNG) got me dates. In fact, in high school (circa 1993) one time we themed our girl’s choice dance date around Star Trek. We made communicator badges out of cardboard and aluminium foil and built the enterprise in a tent in my friend’s garage to eat dinner in. I think I was the only girl in that group that really cared about Star Trek but the dates all loved it. ;)

  57. Sarah says : Reply

    Instead of showing me disney princes movies when I was young, my dad showed me the original start treks shows along with The Next Genration Star Trek shows.

  58. Kelly says : Reply

    I’ve loved Star Trek for as long as I can remember. I would love to win a ticket to the Star Trek experience! When I was younger, I had taped a copy of the episode The Dauphin. I watched it so many times that I had it memorized and wore the tape out! I recently watched it again and still knew most of the lines. I’m raising geek kids and couldn’t afford to bring them and buy a ticket to the experience. This would be a once in a lifetime moment for me!

  59. Sean says : Reply

    Well, I believe we are supposed to “Tell us about your own personal Star Trek experiences in the comments below.” So here a just a few of mine.

    I spent the evening with John De Lancie at a Star Trek convention that was held many years ago In Boise. What a great guy! We had an awesome evening watching the other Trek stars that were in attendance do small skits in front of a dinner crowd that was part of the convention. John did an amazing reading from Dante’s Inferno. He ended up signing and giving me his old wristwatch after I bought him a new one. The one he had didn’t have a back light and it drove him crazy not to be able to read the time when he was backstage at various events.

    At another convention in Boise, I spent a good part of a Saturday with Aron Eisenberg trading gym stories and discussing nutrition with him. Another very personable guy.

    Finally, I have pictures of my daughter with Jimmy Doohan, Walter Koenig and Anne Lockhart & Dirk Benedict at yet another convention in Boise. Jimmy wouldn’t let me leave until he saw that I had a really good picture of him and my daughter. Really funny guy.

  60. Sheila says : Reply

    When I was 16, I met John deLancie on Halloween, it was the best day ever! I would LOVE to go to the trek experience, my kids have been raised to love the show as well! It has taught my kids a way of life to strive for, they learned about exploration, love, adventure and morals. My son even regularly dresses up as Riker, because he finds him to be an excellent role model!

    And besides that…. it’s my birthday!

  61. Debra Berry says : Reply

    So not related to the next generation, but the original Star Trek, I still have issues with bugs being any where close to my face thanks to wrath of khan. Still afraid a bug is going to climb into my ear and do serious damage.

  62. teresa schuh says : Reply

    I have been a longtime Star Trek fan since I could count my numbers…Thanks in part to my Mom (who is now departed) she would be SO excited to meet William Shatner. I first started watching for the fun of it as a little kid, as I grew older I saw the episodes inter-plots of the times. ( I have purchased all episodes, because I enjoy watching them also the countries I have lived in did not play the show) Then came “Next Generation ” what a journey for me to go on WOW!!! I was so excited to see that the journey has continued, I don’t know why but it felt like family coming home. Now “Enterprise” even more exciting!!!. The movies I have watched them so many times ( I bought them too). I have debates with my kids who are now young adults, about the technology used in all the shows. (Star Wars or Star Trek, silly kids.) Now we have cell phones (communicators) medical devices, etc.. We are coming into the world of Star Trek. ( I even have a tattoo of Enterprise) All the good looking men on all the shows, wow. I could get lost in William Shatners eyes. ( sorry little creepy) The women on all the show, yes pretty, I love to see what new hair styles they would come up with, make up etc.. My kids ask my “Mom, what charter would you dress up in if had the chance”, “Green Oran woman or Borg Queen” I would tell them. Thanks for reading my submission

  63. colby says : Reply

    I just recently got into Star Trek over the last year in a half. I now consider myself a full fledged “Trekkie”. I watched all of the star trek series in a row and it changed my life, and the way I look at sci-fi, and astronomy. I dressed up as Captain Picard for last years comic con, and Haloween, and my infant son was my “number one”. Cannot wait for all of the guests coming this year. I didn’t think it was possible, but this year will top last year!

  64. Jodi says : Reply

    I went to a Star Trek Experience with my now husband in Vegas in 2006. We had a ball! He is much more schooled in all things Star Trek than I am. It would be wonderful to experience it again. I would love to surprise him with tickets to this as a belated birthday tickets (his ticket to Fanxperience was one of his bday presents).

  65. Brooke says : Reply

    wish I could afford to go but we spent all of our money on multipasses. I bet it’ll be awesome, I’ve always enjoyed watching with my family :-(

  66. Jana Shumway says : Reply

    I’ve got tickets for all three days, but not to see the cast of TNG….I would LOVE to go to this, please! All through the 90s, I copied Troi’s hairstyle and could never decide if I had more of a thing for Riker or Worf. Sigh. I’ve never seen any of the cast in person, so this would be so much fun! Thank you.

  67. When I was a kid, my dad became an alcoholic after my 3 year old brother died. Things were rough. He left us. This show was one hour a week that I could escape and just be a kid. It gave me hope. It inspired me to be a better person. It also inspired me to obtain work in a laboratory in the science field. My father was a star trek fan. Knowing this, I felt a sense of connection. Thinking he might be watching the show at the same time I was. I promise, if I win, I’ll pay it forward! Thank you for bringing these actors here that made such an impact on my life. This is a childhood dream come true. My dad passed away last October. I think he’d be smiling down on me, knowing that I got the chance to go to this :-) With much respect and gratitude, millissa therrien

  68. Scott says : Reply

    Growing up with my name Scott all I ever heard was beam me up Scotty. I had to know the reference. So I watched the show and instantly fell in love with the character. He inspired me to go to school and get a degree in electronics. And now I manage an IT department. Thanks to the characters influence on my life. My daughter wanted to know why I go by Scotty in my adult life, so I showed her the show and movies. My 13 yr old is now a fan for life. It would be great to take her to this event!

  69. Michelle says : Reply

    when I was younger and suffering from a long term illness, I used to stay home from school and watch all the Star Treks, and they used to cheer me up. I used to pretend I was Janeway, (but with better hair) and imagine I was going to discover cures to all the illnesses I had. I loved watching Tng, especially all the ones with Q. I will be attending comic con but sadly spent all my money on a photo op with Shatner. well, not sadly, but I would still love to attend this reunion show. maybe next time!

  70. Larry N. Sapp II says : Reply

    I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. And especially with TNG as I remember waiting for a whole week for another episode! Not to mention the summer for the new season! But the movies of both ST and ST:TNG. Loved the characters and like most red-blooded males – had – have a huge crush on Deanna Troi/Marina Sirtis (she need more screen time and deeper character developments!) BUT I have never been to a convention nor a comic-con event. But I did have a chance as I was driving through Las Vegas to stop and go through the Star Trek Experience just 4 months before it was stopped. I couldn’t go through all of it because I am a paraplegic and could not get out of my wheelchair to transfer for part of one of the rides (going onto the space shuttle) so I was escorted through the back doors until I was let out back on the regular floor. Still – I got my niece hooked on Star Trek and then on TNG. ANd now the two of talk and re-watch Star Trek all the time. She loves Data and we would love to go to this event – but I am limited on money as a paraplegic with only Social Security Disability. Crossing our fingers! I have entered other contest to win tickets and asked others who will be going if they had at least Thursday tickets for her and I to attend Thursday FanX and then maybe squeeze money to get Tickets for this Ultimate Reunion events – I just cannot afford do do both for both of us. And I have not won any contests. Hopefully this one will be the magic transport to the event for us?

  71. Jana Shumway says : Reply

    I have tickets to FanX for all three days, but don’t have tickets to see the Next Generation cast…I would LOVE to go to this, please! All through the 90’s, I fixed my hair like Troi’s and could never decide if I had more of a thing for Riker or Worf. Sigh. I’ve never seen any of the cast in person, so attending this would be so much fun! Thank you.

  72. Bree says : Reply

    I’m German and when I was 16 my parents took me to a weekend trip to Las Vegas. We went to the Star Trek experience and I had to translate everything that happened to my parents because even at 16 my English was a lot better than theirs. As we were standing in line to go into the experience I had taken my large sunhat off and held it in front of me, looking around in complete awe. Suddenly one of the Klingons (who work there) came up to me and growled at me: “Lady, your shields are down.” I was so scared, but then a Ferengi came and let me stroke his ears and everything was great again :D TNG was always my greatest passion growing up and seeing how I came all the way from Germany for this event it would just be FANTASTIC if I could win one of the tickets!

  73. Kimberly Judd says : Reply

    I loved watching Star Trek as a kid. Hope to see the event!

  74. Kathleen says : Reply

    I have so many fond memories of watching Star Trek growing up. I remember my mom making dinner and then after eating we would all sit down and watch Star Trek together.. Each episode was a new and exciting adventure for us. Captain Kirk, Scotty, Spock and all the others began to feel like family after watching them so much!

  75. Paul Roesberry says : Reply

    As a member of the longest-running Star Trek fan club in Utah attending this panel would be an amazing opportunity for me. Thanks for giving me a chance to attend!

  76. Peter says : Reply

    The high point of my TNG geekdom has got to be when I hosted a TNG-themed How to Host a Murder party at my house back in 1992. I still have a pic of all of us dressed up as the different cast members, with me as Riker. Perhaps I should bring that picture along to be autographed. :)

  77. Amy says : Reply

    I’ve been watching Star Trek tng since I was young, I loved the idea exploring space and visiting planets. Since having kids of my own, I watch the show with my boys and they love watching as well. My husband teases me because in the last movie I overjoyed when Troi & Riker finally got married, and I cried when Data died!
    Love the show, always will!

  78. Cortney says : Reply

    I first discovered ST:TNG when I was 12 or 13. The show was in season six and I remember being so amazed by the season finale, “Descent” where Lore comes out to reveal he has been controlling some of the Borg. I remember being at scout camp that year and finding some fellow Trekkies and discussing theories for hours about how the cliffhanger would resolve. Around that time my family moved and I didn’t have any friends in the new location, so I would watch reruns of TNG late at night on KSTU and read TNG novels during the day. My love of the show kept me sane until I was able to make new friends in the neighborhood.
    I’ll always love ST:TNG for getting me through that time!

  79. Amy says : Reply

    I’ve been watching Star Trek tng since I was young, I loved the idea exploring space and visiting planets. Since having kids of my own, I watch the show with my boys and they love watching as well. My husband teases me because in the last movie I was overjoyed when Troi & Riker finally got married, and I cried when Data died!
    Love the show, always will!

  80. Allison Roesberry says : Reply

    I can’t think of a better birthday present than a chance to attend this panel. The world could do a whole lot worse than to live out Gene Roddenberry’s dream of what our society could become. Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Chris Nielson says : Reply

    I remember being a young boy sitting in my parents room and watching Star Trek TNG with my mom. It was always very fun and was my first real experience with Sci-Fi and television really. Lots of fond memories and have been a fan ever since.

  82. Susan says : Reply

    while attending the Star Trek experience in Vegas years ago, I was insulted twice. the first time, a Klingon asked me if I would like to know how to say goodbye in Klingon. he then proceeded to laugh and walk away, while everyone around me, including my daughter laughed as hard as they could. the second time, I was preparing to take a picture of my daughter with a Borg. I could not figure out how to make the camera work, and while she was trying to explain it to me, the Borg turned to her and said “the woman appears to be incompetent.”. that was 9 years ago and is still a hilarious family story that we all share and remember. I would love to make new ones this weekend if possible. Live long and prosper!

  83. Huu says : Reply

    i would love to attend this! My uncle (since passed away) got me hooked on TNG and hence hooked on TNG. In fact, after work I need to look for some TNG uniform black pants. Anyone have any ideas on where to find some? Would love to attend this experience!!!

  84. Tom Perry says : Reply

    Guess I should read the instructions hehehe.

    For me my TNG moment is the day TNG was first aired. I was 17 and glued to my seat. I had not see what the Enterprise was going to look like. I all I knew was that a new Star Trek was finally back on TV.

    I can still remember listening to the intro song and seeing the Enterprise for the first time.

    Soo much fun.

  85. Ryan says : Reply

    I grew up in the middle of nowhere North Idaho where Star Trek was my only escape in a small town and the only thing my dad would watch with me! Ok enough boo hoo, it’s true but since then I’ve grown to appreciate Star Trek for the messages it delivered about acceptance, decency, good will toward your fellow alien, when to talk and when to fight.

    My single most memorable Star Trek experience was visiting Star Trek Las Vegas, I spent hours reading every bit of the timeline, examining every prop, uniform and ship. It was as though I were physically in the Star Trek universe!

  86. Okie says : Reply

    In high school our class took a trip to souther California and spent one day at universal studios. We waited in line for the Star Trek show. A guy came out and said they needed one more audience member to be part of the show. He asked everybody to give an evil roar. Mine was heard over the crowd and I was taken inside, given a uniform, makeup and a prosthetic forehead to become the Klingon captain that would attack the USS Enterprise during the show that day. Good fun.

  87. Chris says : Reply

    I grew up with Star Trek. It’s in my blood. As an only child in a remote area, I spent a lot of time on my own. That time was devoted to either watching the show, playing around using my dad’s recliner as a captain’s chair, or just looking up at the stars, waiting for my chance to explore. I would love the opportunity to go to an event reuniting a bunch of my favorite people.

  88. Justin Reeves says : Reply

    When I was a teen in the late 90’s, Star Trek the Next Generation was on syndication on Fox 13 at 10:00 every night. I finally got my parents to allow me to have a tv in my room at this point. I hooked up sketchy rabbit ears that still had a bit of fuzz on them. However I still caught probably every episode twice during the years that it was on. I NEVER missed it. I’m not a huge “trekkie fan” kind of a guy. I’m just someone who enjoyed the show, the stories, and the characters. I can’t wait to see these actors at comic-con this weekend!- JR

  89. Kevin Bonnett says : Reply

    I was never a huge fan of Star Trek growing up, but mostly because I hadn’t really watched it. The original series never caught my eye, but as I learned more and more about philosophy I became intrigued the more TNG was mentioned in philosophical discussions. I got ahold of some dvds and probably watched the entire series in about a week. It would be amazing to see this panel!

  90. Rachel Ann says : Reply

    Do children 10and under need a ticket for this panel? Or do they get in free?

  91. Parrish Worrell says : Reply

    My many memories Star Trek go back to watching it on AFN TV when my dad was stationed in Germany. We only had one channel but one program we could always count on was Star Trek. In fact I remember being sick and sitting on the couch watching Star Trek. I’ve enjoyed sharing this great program with my children and grandchildren.

  92. Callie Gibson says : Reply

    Growing up I always looked forward to cuddling up with my parents to enjoy a new episode of Star Trek TNG. I’ve always been a big fan of the show! I was so excited when I found out that they were coming to the Fan Xperience! I so wanted to go! Being a mom of 4 wonderful children and working full time, has made it to where I couldn’t go. They come first. So I wasn’t able to afford to attend, and I was so disappointed! But, then I was given the chance to at least attend the Fan Xperience by a good friend who was given extra tickets and was told to pay it forward. So… I juggled work and I am able to come tomorrow! But… the thing I wanted to do most, which is the Star Trek experience, isn’t something that I can do. I wish I had the money to attend, and the money to get pictures taken with the people that brought me such good memories with my parents… I would love to, but I am truly grateful that I at least get the opportunity to be at Fan X!

  93. Camille says : Reply

    I am a second generation Trekker. One of my favorite childhood experiences was watching classic Star trek episodes with my dad on Saturday afternoons. It always came on at lunch time, and we always had breakfast for lunch. One of my worst childhood memories is hiding under my dad’s chair at the theater scared to death on opening weekend of Star Trek the motion picture. I was 3 years old. To this day bald women really creep me out! Starting with that experience in 1979, I have been there to see every Star trek movie on opening weekend.

    I have enjoyed watching all the various Star trek re-boots, but my heart will always be with the original series, and I will always crave pancakes and eggs over easy when I hear the Star Trek theme.

  94. Brooke Wilkins says : Reply

    So my dad was watching this show that had Levar Burton on it. So of course I had to sit down with him. And then there’s this woman doctor with red hair. “Hey – that’s like me!” I thought. I wanted to be a doctor at the time. And the rest is history. Trekiness galore. And major harm to any of my siblings that messed with the VCR set to record.

  95. Jon Fairbanks says : Reply

    The first TV show I watched on a regular basis was Star Trek: The Next Generation. I would watch it with my Mom every week. It was a good way for my mother and I to connect in my younger years. Now I own all seven seasons and will often throw in an episode to have those same feelings again. This is easily one of my favorite shows of all time and I’d love to see the cast and crew at some point in my life, and now is as good a time as any. Thanks for bringing the opportunity to me!

  96. Braden Ainsworth says : Reply

    When I was a kid, I couldn’t stay up and watch TNG because it was on so late, so I asked my Grandma to record it on VHS for me. The first episode she recorded was ‘Cause and Effect’. When I got the tape, the episode was only 5 minutes long. “Grandma, what happened?” She said it was a weird show and they just kept repeating everything over and over again. So she only recorded the first part. They were in a temporal causality loop Grandma!When I finally saw the episode a year or two later, I was surprised how it ended. It’s now my favorite episode!

  97. Parker Bond says : Reply

    When I was a kid, I loved all the touch screens in tng and voyager. Now we have touch screens, but still no warp cores! Hopefully some day soon…

  98. Austin Kennedy says : Reply

    I remember coming home from school to catch a rerun or two before heading back out for band. I was lucky enough during my first year of Marching Band to play many pieces of the Star Trek series. We opened with the original tune, went straight into Voyager, then back tracked to TNG, and DSN. I also remember talking for many hours with friends about which series we enjoyed the most…mine was always TNG.

  99. Michelle Larsen says : Reply

    My TNG experience is sneaking out of bed to watch it from the hallway as my parents and older siblings watched in the living room. Sometimes I was lucky enough to casually join them, my parents being too absorbed to send me back to bed. I didn’t really understand the show then, but it was full of magical creatures and events that were as magical as escaping bedtime. Plus, Worf is such a beautiful man.

  100. James says : Reply

    Looks like a blast. Hopefully they will give away more tickets to this event

  101. Robert Wolf says : Reply

    My wife was pregnant with our first child and we watched STNG every night. After our son was born any time he heard the STNG theme he would stop whatever he was doing and look at the TV and listen to the music. He could be throwing the biggest fit and he would settle down anytime he heard the music. He did that until he was about 2 or so. We loved STNG!

  102. Jessica Williams says : Reply

    I was born with Star Trek. My mom was a big fan and she raised me to be able to say James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard before I could say my own name. When I was little, I lived with my aunt and at night instead of a story they would let me watch one episode of Star Trek and how I would let me them know was repeating “Captain” over and over again. Since that time I have grown up with the Next Generation very close to my heart. I cannot wait for this year!!

  103. Jeff Roundy says : Reply

    What time on Thursday will I be able to get William Shatner’s autograph?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      We know he will have a booth on Celerity Row on Thursday to sign autographs, but we do not have a schedule for the times he will be there.

  104. My dad was a cop, and when he would come home, it was obvious that he was drained. So he would flop in the recliner and turn on Star Trek: TNG. He was not a sci-fi guy, and was never really into the things that I was into. But for some reason, TNG resonated with him and watching it was one of the few things that we did together. Going to things like Fan X probably seem strange to him, but when I tell him that I’m going to see the stars of TNG, I get a silent nod of approval. Also, when I first started dating my wife, I found out pretty early that she was way into TNG as a teen, and knowing that helped cement the idea that we could be together, that should would “get” me. There… are… four… lights!

  105. Shalee Shutt says : Reply

    Shalee Nichole Marshall I remember being 6 and everybody else in school wanted to be a superstar or a princess and I wanted to be Deanna Troi! Star Trek made me feel okay and confident in being different. Meeting the cast would literally be a dream come true!

  106. Charla Mosier says : Reply

    I grew up on Star Trek. I was raised on Star Treks TNG, DS9, and Voyager, and would watch the old reruns of TOS my Dad (who raised me properly on Star Trek!) would tape with his VCR whenever they were on late at night. I still make it a habit to watch those 4 series annually, and argue how Star Trek is better than Star Wars until I’m blue in the face. At age 27, I have become disabled and unable to work because of a debilitating physical disability, else I would have purchased tickets for myself and my nerd friends who bought me a Thursday ticket to go to the Star Trek Experience.

    I have a service dog who pulls my wheelchair for me (who will be in attendance with me). His name is Commander William Puppybro Riker (He answers to Riker, Puppybro, and Number One). I named him this because he is as loyal as the character Jonathan Frakes played. My Dad bought me a Friday ticket, and purchased me a picture with Frakes so I could get mine and Number One’s picture taken with him, which will be displayed prominently on the fireplace mantel of my home.

    Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis played two of the characters I tried to emulate growing up. In fact, the entire show is still poignantly relevant to modern societal issues. I adore Star Trek, and would be absolutely thrilled if I were given a chance to see almost the entire cast together again. Please consider me as a recipient of a free ticket.

  107. Mark Gamble says : Reply

    I think my best Star Trek experience was at the Star Trek exhibit at the Las Vegas Hilton about 12 years or so ago. My wife and I were on vacation and we took our then 6 year old son’s Flat Stanley with us. We approached a Klingon warrior for a photo op with the Flat Stanley cutout and he, still staying in character, said “Ah, Flat Stanley, always going where no one has gone before.” My wife and I got a great pic and had a good laugh. I only wish I had a copy of the picture to post.

  108. Audri Mooth says : Reply

    Star Trek has meant time with my mom and sister. We’ve gone through several series together, even as we’ve moved apart. Breaks, quick trips home, whenever we’re together, we get in some Star Trek. TNG was hard, though, since we were all in different places, so we watched it on our own and would coordinate with each other, making sure none of us got too far ahead. Now, we’re still far apart, but we’ll always have Trek to look back on and smile. Good times, man. Good times.

  109. Steve Lundberg says : Reply

    I heard off google plus there were 25 tickets to be given away to some very lucky fans. I’d like to throw my hat into for a chance for my wife to attend since I will be attending a table in the vendors hall.

  110. darcy says : Reply

    Ugh, this site is so frustrating, how do I pre-register? the link I was sent took me to purchase tickets, which I already have.

  111. Nate Kratsch says : Reply

    One of my greatest Star Trek experiences was back in 1993 and Disney World in Florida. They used to have an area of the park devoted to Star trek which included a place to have your family filmed doing a scene from the show. You do the whole thing in a large blue-lit room with cue cards all over the place. It was one of the best bonding experiences my family ever shared…and also some of the worst acting in hollywood history. :)

  112. Jonathan sommer says : Reply

    I grew up watching TNG every night at 10 on channel 13 with my dad. I loved Commander Riker because he was so cool and my name was spelled the same as Jonathan Franks. It was huge for me as a kid to have someone who didn’t spell Jonathan with an “h” or an “on.” I couldn’t wait until i could grow a braced like Riker. I used to run around on the elementary play ground as the Enterprise exploring different cultures (groups of kids) avoiding the Romulans (girls) and “beaming down” to act out the previous nights episode. I got into DS9 and Voyager but TNG was was my favorite!

  113. Carl Russell says : Reply

    I’m 63 years old and have watched everything Star Trek. But it took my grandkids to get me to my first ComiCon. So here I am with my 12yo grandson, 18yo granddaughter, an her best friend. They are my proof that I have lived long and prospered. Thank you Star Trek.
    Carl Russell

  114. Lisa P. says : Reply

    Lol I was born 3 days after the original series debuted. Also, my eldest daughter was born to The Next Generation episode Frame of Mind. She made her entrance into the world as Riker was yelling, face pressed against the glass, “Let me out!” I felt his expressions, both verbal and facial, were appropriate considering his “view.” ;-P

  115. Jenny Kipnis says : Reply

    My future husband and I went to Las Vegas in 1998 to celebrate his birthday. He knew how much of a fan of Star Trek I am and took me to Quarks Bar at the Hilton. While we were there he proposed. We still have the souvenirs from that trip, that I will of course never forget.

  116. Brooke Wilkins says : Reply

    Is the fast pass that I printed up with my ticket confirmation what I need to bring to the ballroom to get in? Or do I need to do something at registration?

  117. Looking for Sunshine says : Reply

    Star Trek Next Gen opened the gates of Sci-Fi for me… As a teenager I remember watching specifically for Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart. <3 I was not what I would call a "Trekkie" until my husband and I got married. We own ALL the Star Trek movies (on DVD) and we are trying to save up to buy all the series as well. I love that each series has had strong women. Each series has given us the opportunity to dream, wish, and wonder!!
    My husband went to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas many years ago. He is a huge fan and is able to quote along as he watches the show. I have been able to acquire a ticket for one of us to attend opening day and if I could get a ticket to this show for him I would send him and sit home happy!
    PLEASE pick me! :)

  118. Doug says : Reply

    I have a photo op at 6:00. Would we be able to get in with a ticket even if we may be late or will the doors be closed at 6:30?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      We are actually suggesting that you arrive 15 minutes early to your Photo Op to secure you place in line. Normally, Photo Ops only last 15 min.

  119. melissa says : Reply

    Omg I have a trekki friend that would so love these seats.. I don’t know anyone more into them than her… She goes to meetings every geek week and would be honored to suprise her with these seats.. She’s been down and that would make her the happiest person on the planet… And I would love to pass them to my childhood best friend… Please pick me… Or should I say her… I would be her bestest friend ever actually she would probably pass out.. Lol… Thank you for the chance to give to someone who would really love them….

  120. William Sebring says : Reply

    It would be awesome to see the Next Generation crew with William Shatner!

  121. Nicole N says : Reply

    I would love a ticket to this group event. I have seen in person Bill Shatner and Nichelle Nichols from TOS, also Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis from TNG. Of course Shatner was hilarious with his story about hiding Leonard Nimoy’s bike on the set of TOS. Frakes was fun to listen to, but came across a bit, well, pompous. Marina was also very funny with stories about how the cast and producers thought she was very shy at first on TNG, when really she has quite a mouth. But these were all individual panels. To see them all together would be such a delight! My favorite personal ST experience was Nichelle’s panel a few years ago at Denver StarFest. She told the fans an inspirational story about meeting Martin Luther King all those years ago when TOS was on the air, and his encouragement to stay with the show because of her huge impact in portraying a black female in a position of importance, as a bridge officer with beauty and smarts. Wow, she is a class act!

  122. Brett Forsberg says : Reply

    Ah the memories. Star trek defined much of our playtime as youngsters. Using sparking “ray guns” as phasers, transporting from one bucket lid to another by running really fast, and pinching each other neck and shoulders until we could stand it no longer, as we practiced our Vulcan Grip. What a great time to be alive for us long time sci fi fans. Trekkies are no longer geeky outsiders–its everybody else who doesn’t get it that’s uncool. Now lots of us boldly go where no one has gone before!

  123. Evan C says : Reply

    I started watching Star Trek:TNG with my sister. We really bonded watching it together. My favorite thing about Star Trek is that there is always a moral to the story, something to teach us.

  124. Deanna Shea says : Reply

    My husband only married me because my first and middle names are Star Trek-related. Deanna and Denise. Hahahahaha! Yep, Star Trek can help you find the truest love. :-P

  125. Sheena Cram says : Reply

    I remember having sleepovers at my Grandma’s house and feeling so lucky to be able to stay up and watch Star Trek: TNG with her. I think it started at like 10pm. That was when I was 8 or 9. Then I never really thought about Star Trek again until I married a Trekkie. I love it and all the break off series’.

  126. Christopher aragon says : Reply

    I NEED to win this! I LOVE Star Trek more than ANYTHING!

  127. Adam hill says : Reply

    Growing up every Sunday afternoon I would gather with my family around the TV and watch Next Generation. Ever since then, Star Trek has been a big part of my life bringing me closer to family and friends.

  128. Kendra says : Reply

    When we were dating, my trekker hubby vowed that he would turn me into a Star Trek fan and he has! We’d love to win tickets so we could go to this panel!

  129. April P says : Reply

    It would be awesome to go to. Growing up I would watch Voyager with my dad.

  130. jana says : Reply

    I really wish to see my heroes. I’ve been watching Star Trek since the series first began on tv. William Shatner has always been my handsome hero. I’ve loved Star Trek since my childhood when my parents watched every (rerun) episode with us making it a family event. I’ve been a trekkie ever since. I’ve seen every movie, every original Star Trek episode, every TNG episode and even the DS9 episodes (’91-’99). There was never a more dissapointed soul than I when Star Trek episodes ended.
    I LOVE STAR TREK, and I really, really want to go to this event. I just can’t afford it. Please gift this to me. I’ll be loyal forever more!!

  131. John H says : Reply

    I would love a chance to see this panel

  132. Chris Sorensen says : Reply

    I saw every Star Trek movie on opening day with my dad, in several cases, with him checking me out of school. They are some of my favorite memories of him. He worked nights while I was in school and would wake up just as I got home and we would watch TOS reruns together. While I was in college, we would get together to watch TNG once a week and have family dinner. Later, when our time together was around his nursing room bed, we would watch re-runs of whatever Star Trek was available.

  133. Tory says : Reply

    One of my favorite memories with my Grandpa is watching Star Trek Voyager with him.

  134. Amber says : Reply

    I have very early memories of watching Star Trek, sitting on my fathers lap. He was a Trekkie from the beginning. When I hit the teen years and distanced myself from Daddy’s influence, I couldn’t distance myself from Star Trek. I fell in love with The Next Generation, and it always linked me to my Dad when adolescent angst threatened to sever the bond. Sixteen years after his death, and I still associate Star Trek with the unconditional and ever geeky love of my dear father. :)

  135. Troy Oldham says : Reply

    My father was an electrical engineer in the Air Force. He raised me on the original series. I watched reruns and rejoiced in the Saturday morning cartoons. I would hope for the day when I would see those miracles of Gene Rodenberry come true.
    With each new star trek series I became more and more in hope for humanities future. (I have seen every episode. I may not remember them all but I have seen them.)
    When I heard about the Star Trek Experience in Vegas, I hoped one day to go. (Now it is gone.)
    I am bringing my sons to ComicCon to meet with some of those actors I have shared my life with. To experience what I can.
    I am still waiting for that grand experience,

  136. Jayson says : Reply

    For Me, Star Trek is like having an Old Friend always here for Me. Just to see it on TV or even just to hear it in the back ground always makes me feel better. When ever I have a Bad day, Life gets stressful I can always find Star Trek somewhere and it lifts me up again. The Wonder message it has and the lessons it can teach makes it go beyond just a Show. Thank You Fax X for bringing these guest to SLC it means so much to so many People in their own Special Ways!!

  137. Katie Towne says : Reply

    Star Trek has influenced my life in multiple ways. Like most people here, I grew up with it. What is a bit different is that I’m on the autistic spectrum and have been called Spock my entire life, mostly in a derogatory way. I never understood why it was an “insult” when I quite liked him and even adopted him as my favourite character. It took a very long time for me to understand how much I could identify with him and even now I look up to him. If I’m ever in a situation in situations in which I’d feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed, stressed, or whatever other negative emotion may overtake me, I think “what would Spock do”? I turned what was supposed to be negative into a positive. Star Trek was always a safe thing for me to go back to when I felt out of place in this world; the utopia was accepting of differences and that was something that I needed.

    Star Trek also has aided in giving me a job. The revolutionary way in which it portrayed the future has influenced many areas of science and technology. It has given me two jobs at two innovative technology companies. It has also greatly influenced my decision to pursue a graduate degree in astrophysics. Pursuing a career in the sciences, as a woman, is extremely challenging and somewhat terrifying. I hope to level the playing field, much like the crew of the Enterprise.

    I’ve never attended a comic con due to monetary issues. I’m a poor college student with a part-time job that pays nothing. This would be an amazing experience to attend.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Jason Brentner says : Reply

      This is another thing Star Trek does; It brings fans together and reminds us, we’re not alone. I grew up with a similar issue (my experience is below). Thank you for sharing and I hope you get a chance to go.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Your Star Trek Ultimate Experience General Admission Ticket has been emailed to you.

  138. Liz Vance says : Reply

    My favorite Star Trek memory (and I have many) is laying in bed every Thursday night with my family to watch Next Generation. My dad was very sick with cancer at the time and spent most of his time in bed. He raised me on Star Trek, showed me the TV episode where Khan was introduced, took me to see the films every time they came to the theater. Spending time with him often meant watching Star Trek, so I can’t help but feel close to him again anytime I watch one. I’m forever grateful for those moments. :)

  139. Jason Brentner says : Reply

    I live with Asperger’s Syndrome and I grew up always feeling like I didn’t belong. One day, I told my Mom I felt like “an alien”. That is when my mom introduced me to Star Trek TNG in 1990. She had been a fan of Star Trek since the original series.

    I was immediately hooked. Whenever I watched the show, my issues with sensory “overload” seemed to disappear. For the first time, I felt like I connected to people. The ideals these characters embraced made more sense to me than the social standards I struggled to comprehend at school.

    Out of all the characters, Data was my favorite. I didn’t understand why I liked him so much until recently as I have now come to a better understanding of my condition. His desire to become “human” gave me the inspiration as a child to go out and make an effort to understand people better.

    Because Asperger’s wasn’t recognized as a mental illness until 1994, I didn’t receive proper treatment. Data was my therapist. It was very refreshing to connect with someone else and have those “me too” moments; even if that someone was an android.

    The whole series and it’s cast reinforced the values my Mom struggled teaching me because of my condition. I value knowledge, acceptance and understanding over the superficial things we are told everyday are important. She saw how much the show helped me and so this became “our” thing we shared.

    I remember Mom purchasing a Star Trek Communicator Pin and she wore it all the time. She wore it on her graduation gown and on her blazer when she went to work. She was a manager for a tech support team and her co-workers loved having a “boss” that understood them.

    I think she wore it so much as a way of saying “thank-you” for helping me cope with being so out-of-place. Plus I think she wore it as a daily her a reminder of how to live. She was a remarkable woman and was loved by so many.

    She passed away in 2012. I now have that communicator pin and for some reason it means more to me than any of the pictures and other reminders I have of her.

    I wasn’t planning on going but a friend had extra tickets and there is no way this nerd is turning them down. Unfortunately I didn’t know the Star Trek event was a separate cost and money is tight.

    I would love to share this experience with my fiancee in hopes she would get a better understanding of what this show meant to me growing up. I’ll be wearing Mom’s communicator pin today because I know she would of loved to see something like this.

  140. Jesse Walker says : Reply

    I just might owe my wife to ST: TNG. Part of our courting ritual was the consumption of all things Star Trek. We’ve now seen all the movies and episodes. Ever. All ST series, but my wife’s favorite is TNG. It’s what she grew up on. Thank you Star Trek, my wife’s pretty awesome! Even through she threatened to steal my ticket if I win so she can go instead. =)

  141. Nicole says : Reply

    I have loved Star Trek my whole life! I would watch TOS syndications on Sunday nights as a young kid and really got into TNG as a teen – I went to a SLC Trek Convention and met Marina Sirtis. I have watched all the other series too – DS9, Voyager, & Enterprise. Love love love Star Trek and everything to do with it!
    Needless to say, I would love to win tickets to this

  142. Martin says : Reply

    How do we find out if we won one of those 25 tickets to this event…or how will we be notified??

  143. Alyssa says : Reply

    I grew up on TNG, and it was one of the few bonding experiences I had with my mom, with whom I otherwise had nothing in common! Dad would always pop the popcorn while the rest of us gathered to watch. We rarely missed it, it was certainly a tradition at our house. It’s my all-time favorite Star Trek series!! My husband and I have seen every last Star Trek ever made, including all the TNG. I love the writing, I love the acting, and I would LOVE to go to this and listen/watch/meet this amazing cast!

  144. Carter says : Reply

    Would love to go to the event its my 30th today. :) life long star trek fan.

  145. cherdavis says : Reply

    I would love to attend this event to see all of my space trekking hero’s! I grew up watching Star Trek with my Dad and loved every minute up! It created an amazing bond between myself and my Dad and being able to attend this event with him since he almost died in Feb from an aortic aneurism but miraculously survived and is recovering amazingly! All the doctor’s said he is miracle to have survived, attending this event would just be an amazing to create with him! :)

  146. Barbara says : Reply

    Star Trek (the original series) was forbidden programming at our house. I don’t know why, all my dad would say is, “it’s stupid”. Fortunately for me, it aired during the time my parents did the weekly grocery shopping. I would get the younger kids involved in a board game, then slip off to watch by myself. Of course, this fooled no one and every time a sibling got into trouble it would come out, “Bobbie was watching Star Trek again”, which resulted in some corporal punishment and another week grounded. Being a huge fan of the show I found this a small sacrifice, but out of the three years the show aired I’m quite certain that I spent between 1 1/2 and 2 years forbidden to go outside, see a movie, watch TV or read a book. It was all in pursuit of that 1 hour of entertainment that challenged my imagination and view of what the future might look like. I did sacrifice for the love of Star Trek, it would be so nice to get some reward for my devotion to it.

  147. Darrick Grimmett Sr. says : Reply

    As an instructor in the military, I often talk to my students about vision, innovation, excellence. My analogies that I often use are example from Star Trek. When I speak about innovation I use the example of how Scotty, or Leforge and Data, or Dr. Crusher have a need and then think on it and come up with several ideas and usually one of them is out of the box and innovative but they don’t give up. When I speak about Excellence I usually talk about the engineering crew and how they ensure that the Enterprise is running at peak proficiency, how Scotty, LaForge, Trip, and Torres know there stuff and strive to know more. Lastly when I speak to them about vision I mention Mr. Roddenberry and how I believe he is the creator of the cell phone, iPad, and flat screen TVs. Not literally but because of his vision people looked at the future differently and started looking at things being possible. There daily statements and mine have changed because of Star Trek. I don’t think that things are impossible, but all things are possible if we can imagine it. I try and teach my own children the same thing. This only a small portion of my Star Trek experience.

  148. DeAnn Kelly says : Reply

    My youngest child is named Kira after Kira Nyrese of ST:DS9.

  149. Kelly says : Reply

    Leaving a comment so I can remove the “notify me of new comments” function.

  150. Cole Wandler says : Reply

    So if I have the muiltpass or Thursday FanX pass, do I also have to buy a general seating ticket for the Stat Trek: TNG UX event?

  151. Kindall says : Reply

    I brought along a good friend to comic con this year, its our first time coming ever. He is the biggest trekkie Ive ever known. As we are walking through he was disappointed by some of the stuff we saw, but once he found out that there was a panel for Startrek he was stoked! Voyager and Next Generation are his favorite and it would be amazing if we could attend this, my son who is 4 is also super excited. I have been watching Startrek for years, I most definitely love the new ones, but you cannot go wrong with the old ones. We travelled all the way from Colorado to come here. Please make our trip even better by allowing us the free tickets to this event. Thank you very much.

  152. kris says : Reply

    I was under the impression that VIP ticket holders were going to get something extra at this event. I didn’t get anything.

  153. Chad Gilbreath says : Reply

    Two questions: Will it be possible to purchase that lithograph at a later date as I missed my opportunity with the best tickets. Also on the site it states those who bought tickets and are VIP ticket holders would get an extra bonus, is that still happening and where do we pick it up?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      The lithographs are not available anymore. Please watch for an announcement for the Special VIP Bonus!

  154. Rob says : Reply

    Any FanX VIP Ticket Holders who buy a ticket to the Star Trek Ultimate Xperience will receive a Special Bonus at the Event!

    What exactly was this supposed to be, because I have a FanX VIP ticket and didn’t receive any special bonus that I am aware of, and not one of the volunteers that I asked knew anything about it.

  155. Ted says : Reply

    I Love Star Trek. I grew up watching the original series and movies from the 60s on to the present. When the Next Generation Series came along I thought, how can they improve on the original series? .It took me a while to warm up to it. The more I watched it ,the more I seemed to like it. Of course like half the men in the world, the beautiful Dr Beverly Crusher made us hope we could end up in sick bay if only for a moment. The terms illogical, live long and prosper, beam me up Scotty, now would be good, red alert, load the photon torpedoes, make it so, and come are indelibly part of our thinking. To all of the actors in the various Star Trek series, Thank You for some memorable entertainment.

  156. Christopher says : Reply

    What was the ‘special bonus’ that all VIP members were supposed to receive at the ST:TNG paid event last night? We had VIP tickets and did not receive anything…

  157. Cora says : Reply

    Did I miss the VIP “special bonus” announcement? I haven’t been able to find any info about it…

  158. Raf says : Reply

    Do you have any video of the xperience that you could post for those who were not able to make this? I would love to see what they talked about, and the double amputee experience

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