#SLCC17 Hashtag Contest Day 2

Here are todays winners! We wanted to see your highlights from Day One at Salt Lake Comic Con 2017! Check posts below to see if you are one of our winners! CLICK HERE TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE

Announcing the official hashtag contest for Salt Lake Comic Con 2017! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Use the official hashtag #SLCC17 on all of your posts, photos, and videos about Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  2. Make sure your posts are PUBLIC, or we can’t see them!
  3. Each day, we will announce 20 winners, who will be featured in a Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Highlights blog.
  4. Winners will receive a Multipass to Salt Lake Comic Con 2018!

Let’s show the world what they’re missing in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend! 


Chirrut!!! #slcc17 #starwars #rogueone #chirrutimwe #cosplay #starwarscosplay

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Frizzle for the day @theleonardoslc #slcc17 @saltlakecomiccon #whenyouworkatamuseum

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This is what happens when I go to comic con 😉 #slcc17

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She is a freaking badass! Gorgeous #cosplay at #saltlakecitycomiccon #slcc17 #slcc #utah #saltlakecity

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Dead hood #SLCC17

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If you can find one simple joy in the day, even if the rest of the day was a wreck, it was a good day…. I love Comic Con, but it takes so much out of me. So much drama today. Anxiety really really sucks sometimes. I'm almost crying thinking about how my anxiety disorder is probably going to prevent me from going to any other ones. But it was a good day meeting @jasongraystanford #Monk was the one of many detective shows I watched growing up. He is kind of my hero since he's riddled with anxiety, and still manages to kick butt. I hope one day I can be like him. He also voices #SherlockHolmes in "Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century" very few people know why I love #Sherlock as much as I do. But I just do. Thanks Jason. You made this day a great one. #SLCC17 #ILoveSherlock

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