Share To Win Google + Winners (April – Part 2)

We’re giving away Fan Xperience Multipasses and other prizes on  our official Google+ page.  To enter, watch for posts marked CONTEST, then follow the instructions given in that post. As always, THANKS FOR HELPING SPREAD THE WORD!

To claim your FanX Pass,  ——> Contact us <——- . (Please mention your the name you use on Google +.) Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, they will contact you as soon as possible!





Multi-Day Pass Winners to FanXperience
Our April event. One pass per winner.

Byken, Mandy
Goeckeritz, Erich
Harrison, Shayna
Kartchner, Mikaylie
Masters, Arielle
Meikle, Amanda
Moss, Tennyson
Myers, Vanessa Richins
Northrup, Michael
Ortega, Chantelle
Russell, Katie
Sears, Jon
Thompson, Michele
Vanlangeveld, James
Vo, Jimmy
Wilhelm, Paul

Thursday Only Pass Winners to FanXperience
Our April event. One pass per winner. Thursday Only passes can be used as is, gifted to a friend or family member, or UPGRADED here.

Buttars, Mary
Hernandez, Mark
J, Jamie
Kartchner, Matt
Liechty, Brian
Magro, Trichia Marie
Malohifo’ou, Ann-Marie
Malohifo’ou, Florence
Mierow, Robert
Poulson, Seth
Thomas, Tara

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  1. Matthew Kartchner says:

    I won another ticket! This is awesome. I was also chosen as a winner last week in Google plus and still haven’t received my email. Thank you.

  2. Arielle Masters says:

    How fabulous! Somehow I couldn’t get this page to come up until tonight; doubt I can make it at this late date :-<

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