Salt Lake Comic Con Press Conference Announcements on July 8!

We’re announcing our official press conference at The Leonardo July 8, 2014 at 11am MST. We’ve got some exciting announcements including guests from Weta and The Big Bang Theory but also new guests from CW’s Arrow and a long list of authors, comic pros and panelists.

This is open to the public and everyone in a costume will get a Multipass for attending as a small token of our appreciation.

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Press should contact us here:

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  1. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    A Multipass is a ticket to the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con that gets you into the Main event, which includes Regular entry to the Celebrity area, Expo Hall Entry, Vendors, Artist Alley, KidCon, Regular entry to Panels, and most Special Events for all 3 days.

    Your can bring 2 children ages 10 and under as part of your ticket.

    *Certain Celebrity Meet and Greet events, Professional Photo Ops and Autograph vouchers will cost extra and be sold separately.

  2. Kris says:

    Does it cost extra for photo opportunities with celebrities? Also, what would count as a costume at the press conference? (I’m sorry; I’m poor; I have to ask).

  3. Kris says:

    Sorry, that first question was supposed to have the words ‘at the convention’ at the end of it.

  4. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    A costume would be something that would immediately be recognized as a costume.

  5. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Of course you may upgrade the pass to a pass that you want, all you will need to do, is once it’s been claimed, go on to the ticketing website, select the upgrade option and pay the difference between the price of the free pass and the price of the pass that you would prefer.

  6. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Yes, you just need to pay the difference in price from the multipass to the price of the VIP pass.

  7. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    A costume would be something that we would immediately recognize as a costume, something that we can tell you took the time to plan out, we want to see your excitement so we can share in your enthusiasm.

    Also, to answer your other question, yes, you will need to pay for photo ops with celebrities, we will make a formal announcement when photo ops are available for purchase. Stay tuned!

  8. Ethan says:

    Is anyone that is at the Leonardo by 11 in a costume guaranteed a multpass? Or is there a limited supply?

  9. Francina says:

    How do we claim our tickets? Will they be emailed out, or do we have to do something to claim them?

  10. Sharron says:

    My friends and I went to be event, and we gave The lady in charge (Corrine?) our email addresses now I have my ticket but my friends still haven’t got theirs. I think the lady must have misspelt the address or something. We have proof that we were there and in costume. Is there a number or some way to contact the people in charge to fix this?

  11. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Hi Sharron,
    We just got your message on Facebook as well. We are in the process of sending these out and they will all be sent out no later than Monday. Thank you for your patience and thank you for attending.

  12. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Hi Francina,
    Thank you for contacting us, to answer your question all passes will be sent out no later than Monday. You will receive an email from GrowTix that contains the ticket.

  13. Travis Anderson says:

    I never got an email about the multipass. Is there someone I can contact to ensure that I get one? I attended the press conference and a lady took my information down on an IPad.

  14. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Hello Travis, We were able to look you up in our system and we have sent you an email, regarding your concern.

  15. Amy Buchanan says:

    I attended the press conference with a teenager that doesn’t have his own e-mail address. they put me down for having 2 to be sent to my e-mail address but we only received one. anyone know who I could contact about that? 🙁

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