Salt Lake Comic Con on YouTube: Stephen Amell’s Panel is live!

Great news, Arrow fans: Stephen Amell’s panel from Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 is now LIVE on our YouTube channel! If you didn’t have time to catch Stephen in September (or if you simply want to relive that glorious panel for the second time), now is your chance! For everything else Salt Lake Comic Con, head over to our YouTube channel for even more awesome highlight videos from the convention.

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  1. LHS says:

    This is a fun panel.. Stephen is a really excitable guy apparently. Seriously, I can’t decide if I like him or Oliver more. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Beth Icard says:

    Oh my gosh, this is such an exciting prospect!! Are you guys really going to post full panels, and will you really take suggestions? Well, here goes . . .

    I would love to have the Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy panels made available, of course. I think that goes without saying – for everybody, not just me. I also had a blast at Manu Bennett’s panel and I’d dearly love to see it again. I think it would be a terrible shame if SLCC didn’t post the Jon Heder/Napoleon Dynamite reunion panel – the movie is such a cult hit here that it seems like it would be unfair not to make that panel available to Utahns (and everyone else, too, of course!!). And lastly, I would like to voice an ardent request for the Barbara Eden and Bill Daily panel to be posted. I had a LOT of fun at that very sweet panel, much more fun than I ever expected, and I know that my one and only chance to ever see it again rests in your hands.

    Please please please, SLCC, make the humanitarian choice and post full panels on Youtube! 🙂

  3. Lakita says:

    Please post the Sharknado panel with Ian Ziering!
    It’s breaking news that SyFy just greenlit “Sharknado 3”, which will film in DC and Florida (aka “the Feast Coast”,

    During the SLCC Q&A, I asked Ian if he would consider filming in DC since sharknado has the backstory of climate change and DC is the place to be for environmental policy!
    He really was receptive the idea and hilariously acted out a scenario of him saving the President from a Sharknado–it was priceless! It would be great to see this panel shared on youtube, plus it’s a good SLCC fan story for a pop culture phenomenon that’s literally sweeping the nation. SHARKNADO!

  4. Dani says:

    PLEASE post John Barrowman’s panel. He was so engaging and genuine at his signing – I hated that we could not get into his panel, and would love the chance to see it!

  5. Mat G says:

    Eliza Dushku! Not only is she a fascinating and engaging speaker, but she is incredibly kind and outgoing to her fans!

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