Press Release: Salt Lake Comic Con Moves to Salt Palace for Pop Culture Event September 5-7, 2013


Salt Lake Comic Con Moves to Salt Palace for Pop Culture Event September 5-7, 2013

Initial High Ticket Demand Created Need to Expand for First Year Convention

SALT LAKE CITY – July 26, 2013 – Due to unprecedented ticket sales and expected attendance, organizers of Salt Lake Comic Con (SLCC) today announced that the convention will move from the South Towne Expo Center to the downtown Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City for its inaugural event on September 5-7, 2013.

Information about VIP, 3-Day and Single Day Ticket sales are available at  Press Registration for the 2013 show is also available online.

“We’re excited to make the best in gaming, comics, TV, movies, technology and pop culture available and to bring the incredible Comic Con experience to the huge fan base in the Intermountain region,” said Dan Farr, Show Producer. “Never before has there been this many celebrities, comic creators and bestselling authors gathered in one place and accessible for fan interaction, photos and autograph opportunities.”

The convention has secured a world-class lineup of celebrity guests including the legendary actor William Shatner, best known as James T. Kirk on Star Trek. Joining Shatner will be Batman and Robin stars Adam West and Burt Ward, Ray Park, Manu Bennett, Tia Carrere, Lou Ferrigno, Kevin Sorbo, Adrian Paul, Richard Hatch and many more.  A variety of comic artists, book authors and gaming and cosplay celebrities will also attend the show. Additional panels and guests are being added daily. More information about guest availability and activities at the convention is available on the Convention website.

Salt Lake Comic Con is Salt Lake City’s first comic convention (comic-con) and is expected to draw 25,000 – 35,000 attendees.  The pop culture convention attracts a wide cross-section of fans eager to meet and greet the creators, actors, writers, and artists.  The show includes top talent from the worlds of comic, film, television, book and gaming and will include a dazzling selection of artists in the Artist Alley as well as a Film Festival.

For sponsorships and booths contact Marie Bowcut at


Salt Lake Comic Con is organized by Dan Farr Productions in partnership with Media One of Utah, a joint operating agreement between the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, and ABC4/CW30 of the Nexstar Broadcasting Group. Dan Farr Productions is an event and marketing group devoted to organizing events, launching and acquiring new shows, and partnering with premium celebrities and brands in the pop culture arena. Dan Farr Productions is dedicated to producing spectacular celebrations of popular culture that lead the market in providing exceptional and rewarding experiences for our consumers, fans, celebrity guests, vendors and partners. Find out more at:,, .

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107 replies
  1. Z33KtheG33K says:

    What does this mean for parking? I’m not that familiar with the Salt Palace so I don’t know what kind of parking is there.

  2. Katie says:

    Im somewhat disappointed, i really liked where the convention was going to be. Because its close, now its in downtown. I have no clue how to get there where to park or anything.

  3. Magen says:

    Yay! I’m glad to see this move to downtown!
    TRAX will make it a piece of cake getting there.

  4. josh says:

    Lots of bitching I see. #1 so what if theres is no free parking. Why are you even trying to go to comic con on a budget?????? #2 your crying cause its downtown and too far? I live in layton stop bitchin! And if you don’t know were it is google or or join the rest of us in 2013 and use a GPS. I for one am stoked about this.

  5. Tim says:

    I live closer to the expo center as well, but i think i’ll probably just take trax now and not worry about parking. hope this helps.

  6. jc says:

    So, now I have to pay for parking too? Can I get a refund for my 6. 3 day passes I bought? Very disappointed!

  7. Erica says:

    Well I, for one, am ecstatic! I had planned to make the (mild) trek down to the South Town Expo Center because I want to attend this convention. I was either going to deal with TRAX (something I’m not super familiar with) or just go ahead and drive and deal with the insanity of the parking.

    But now? I can WALK! So, SLCC, I am DELIGHTED with this news! It’s very exciting the first SLCC is selling so well.

  8. ZH says:

    Very cool! Would rather have it be downtown anyway. Those of you complaining about parking, just take the damn train. Couldn’t be easier. Besides, if they left it at the Southtowne Expo Center, it’d be stupidly overcrowded and no fun as a result.

  9. Erica says:

    And, P.S., folks, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I don’t understand why you’re complaining about having to pay for parking now. I mean, this event is happening in our own backyard. We don’t have to pay for airfare or hotels or anything like that. I’ve attended conventions in other states before (show-specific, not comic cons) and the trips have cost me over $1,000 due to all the other costs involved including the con tickets that cost hundreds of dollars by themselves. The 3-day pass here is only $50 for pete’s sake! We’re getting such a bargain considering the roster of guests they’ve lined up.

  10. Uppty says:

    I live downtown, I ordered a 3 day pass when they first went on sale, and was fine with heading to Sandy, because this is gonna be awesome. I am surprise at the people complaining, if it creates more space and the opportunity for a more enjoyable Con experience, I don’t see what the problem is. Ride Trax, it will drop you off right next door.

  11. Idris says:

    LOVE that it is Downtown 🙂 Downtown parking can be frustrating, I know, I live Downtown. TRAX is very convenient though, it’s fast and it’s close by (and cheaper than parking downtown). Had it stayed at SouthTowne, even with the free parking, I probably would be taking TRAX anyway (traffic in the south end of the valley is often worse than anything you see Downtown, unless it’s Conference Weekend or the Lighting Ceremony on Temple Square the day after Thanksgiving).

    I am super excited that it’s already proving to be a huge success in Salt Lake City. I am always bummed when I hear about all the cool stuff happening at Comic Con in San Diego and other places that I’m missing. I don’t always have the time or funds to travel at the peak of summer (when prices are more expensive). I also have more liberty in constructing much more elaborate costumes and props if I only have to travel a short distance – I don’t have to worry about stuff breaking in transit when it’s just down the street or across town vs across several states or Across The Pond.

  12. Madison says:

    There is the Frontrunner and Trax that go straight to the Salt Palace. Just park in the park-and-ride locations all throughout UT and take the train! No worries!
    And yes, so much cheaper than San Diego. Thank you Salt Lake City Comic Con!

  13. Mark says:

    I’ll be doing free cosplay photography all 3 days! I’m excited for the venue change. Better spots for photos. 😉

  14. Jodi says:

    I was a little freaked out when I heard this. We are traveling from South Dakota for this event! I had already made reservations at a hotel and I had to cancel them and make new ones. I was lucky and seemed to have done that ok, but I am also wondering about parking. We were driving in and the free parking was going to be wonderful. Now I am wonder at the parking in general. The hotel charges and I have never been to Salt Lake City so have no idea what to expect for parking. Any info on what I can expect??

  15. SGT Courtney says:

    Thank God! I thought for sure I would have to park at the mall and walk over. There is a lot more parking at the salt Palace. Parking fills up at the expo center for little things like the Home show for God sake.

  16. Becca says:

    With the logistical nightmare this now causes with being able to take our kids with us on Thursday night (a school night), we will now only be able to utilize 2 days of our 3 day passes. VERY Dissapointed.

    Yeah, we can take Trax, but we then have to run on Trax’s schedule which will most likely mean not getting home by bed time, because we can’t drive now and be on schedule all due to the parking nightmares this creates.

  17. Cory Loughmiller says:

    I am very upset about the change. The Sandy Expo center would have been perfect. I cannot attend if it is going to the salt palace. I wish you would reconsider.

  18. TheBoojum says:

    Better bars downtown and the train stops right next to the salt palace. Drunken cosplay on a train rocks!

  19. Steve says:

    Erica, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I don’t understand why you think you have the right to tell other people how to feel about the venue change. Comic-con SLC listed “FREE PARKING” as one of the things included with our ticket purchase. They only changed this on their website within the last couple of hours, and long after we bought tickets based on that promise. (I printed it out when it still said FREE PARKING even after the announcement this morning.)

    Bringing up the parking issue does not mean we’re not excited to have a comic con in SLC. Obviously we’re excited…we bought tickets. And we bought more than the organizers were expecting. Last year, I took my family to Comic-Con in San Diego. Yes, I spent more to do it than I’m going to end up spending this year in SLC. That is irrelevant.

    The Expo Center is easier to access for most people and has FREE PARKING (as was advertised). Not too hard to grasp why people would be talking about it today.

  20. RavenRequiem says:

    I am just wondering if you by chance have a con-friendly/approved/sponser hotel. We’d love to stay right there and not travel each day and would like to support the con at the same time.

  21. Bruce Wayne says:

    AWESOME! I have been hoping for this since a Salt Lake Con was announced. Much bigger and better venue.. especially if we want this to keep growing and attracting big names. As a vet of the SDCC, I am very happy to have a local con and to be there for its initial run. Geeks rule.

  22. Fire Lord Ozai says:

    I’m super excited for this event. When they have it in South Towne Expo, I was thinking of lunch & dinner options where they have few quality places to eat. Now we have a very good location, drop off from Trax, a lot of quality food choices around & if I decide to stay in a hotel – there are a lot of places to choose from. So this change is all plus in my own opinion.

  23. D mullins says:

    Not good but what can you do I just hope i can change my hotel reservations to somewhere downtown Other wise i have a big decision to make on whether to still go or not 🙁

  24. Trevor says:

    When I paid for my VIP pass it said I would get free parking. Now that’s been changed. I would think I should get what I paid for.Do you guys plan on keeping your word on free parking for those of us who bought VIP passes early enough that indicated there would be free parking?

  25. Sherry says:

    The “deal” is because it was stated in the original ticket purchase agreement that free parking was included.

  26. Nick says:

    Excellent! Downtown is the cultural heart of Salt Lake, anyway. The ‘burbs are for squares and their square families. Let them ride Trax with the rest of us.

  27. Brett says:

    You guys need to quit your whining about parking and all that other crap. Do you have any idea how impressive it is that in its first year the Salt Lake Comic Con is going to be way bigger than anyone could have guessed? With the amount of people attending it would be impossible to accommodate everyone without upgrading to a bigger and better facility. Let me ask you, would you rather have free parking at a small convention, or be able to attend a big legitimate convention? because at this rate this thing could be huge after a couple years.

  28. Daniel says:

    Are you serious? There’s this brilliant thing in Utah called Trax it goes all the way downtown and it’s cheap. The stupidity in Utah never ceases to amaze me.

  29. Tune says:

    It was super close for us. But sounds like we’ll be taking the train. Coming in from out of town, so haven’t tried Trax. Any suggestions for the out-of-stater? I’m sure it’ll just add to the adventure! Can’t wait

  30. Jonathan says:

    I live and work downtown. Driving and parking is much easier than anywhere in the suburbs. I have family in Sandy, and dread going there because of the traffic. For an event like this, if you can’t find one of the MANY free street parking spaces, you may have to pay $3-$5 for parking adjacent to the convention center. Or Trax is only $2.50 and has a station 2 blocks from the Salt Palace. This is an amazing thing happening for our city’s economy and overall culture!

  31. the moabite says:

    Hey I’m coming all the way from Moab. So all you people who are upset about the move just cus you have to drive a little or pay to park or something stupid realize this is an amazing thing that is happening for us and some if us are so excited and can not wait to take a trip up to slc and go where we need to go to experience this amazing opportunity that we now have.

  32. Ronni Sorensen says:

    Everyone is saying how much cheaper (and easier) Trax is than parking and to just take Trax. I tried Trax in December from Orem to Salt Lake for the first time, with my two teenagers, and it cost me $30 for the one round trip ride…that’s not “cheap” (I won’t even get into how packed it was). And I realize it’s in Utah (and I’m thrilled about that, honestly, so before you lecture me about this post know that I’ve been a huge supporter and will continue to be!!)…but as a single mom (between tickets, costumes, food, etc.) I’ve had to budget down to the last dime for this event (yes…some of us still have budgets…even for Comic Con) and when I purchased tickets it included free parking. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to be a little frustrated if that suddenly changes. Not that we even know if this has changed because no-one with any authority has addressed this issue to tell us whether the tickets we purchased in advance, with free parking listed, will still include the aforementioned free parking…or not…especially since “free parking” is no longer listed under the new ticket options. The quicker this question is addressed (by someone who actually knows what is going on), the less complaints, frustration, questions, and catty responses (from both sides) there will be.

    The move creates another complication for me because I have a teenager under 18. They aren’t allowing teenagers under 18 to attend the After Hours Bash (which we all really want to attend as well!), and now there isn’t even a remote chance that I might be able to take my 15 year old daughter home at the end of the evening on Saturday and still come back up and attend (which was pretty much my only option up until now). Comic Con, I realize you are saying that teenagers under the age of 18 are not being permitted to attend the Bash because of liability issues…but I fail to see how there are any less liability issues when those same teenagers will be attending the Con itself (most without parental guardians). Since alcohol is not an issue…can we drop the age on the Bash to 15? Please?! Or teenagers with an adult? Pretty please with sugar on top??!! We really want to enjoy as much of the activities as we can. Thanks ;-).

  33. Ryan says:

    Personally I would hope that instead of free parking use the money that would be used to bring on a few more surprises (Walking Dead…).

  34. Brittneybelle says:

    If I were you, and I had reservations at a downtown hotel, I would leave my car parked there and ride Trax. There are stations all over downtown. Then you won’t have to pay for, or fight for, parking.

  35. Philip says:

    I little bummed that it has moved to the Salt Palace. I’ve never been to the Salt Palace and was told that the Sandy Expo is bigger. I think what the Salt Lake Comic Con should do is give vouchers for UTA the people that purchased thier tickets before the change in venues for each day they purchased. It’s the least that could be done as its only a month a way and many of us are trying to map things out and organize the event. I know this is the first comic con here in Salt Lake, but it seems so in organized. A few months before Emerald City Comic Con can to they had everyone listed that was attending with prices and booth they were at. Still have a lot to learn young Jedi.

  36. Jeff says:

    The reason the tickets said free parking is because the southtown expo center has free parking. It was not something that was paid for by your ticket. The move to the salt palace means more room for an even better con. Trax goes there. Red line for university and day break. Green for WVC and airport for the out of towners. blue for sandy and other cities as you head to the con. This means that more trains can get you there and wont all be crowded on the blue line as what would happen with south town. I am excited for the expansion!!!!

  37. Jacob says:

    To all those complaining about tickets and parking, I am super happy to take anyone that’s not goings tickets I’m possitive ill find several others to come along. Free Parking or not. And my kids will be happy to go to on a Thursday and break there curfew! What the Hell people, seriously this is a major event to be coming and it should be in the heart of Salt Lake City. Its in New York, Phoenix, and ah you think it should be Sandy?

  38. Jill says:

    If you’ve moved to a hotel right downtown, you should be able to take TRAX for free. There’s a free fare zone for downtown, so you won’t have to buy tickets to ride it. Just be sure to make sure you know where the free zone ends if you plan to adventure outside of the immediate downtown area.

    I don’t think you can avoid the hotel parking charge, which is a bummer, but at least you won’t have to pay for additional parking for the convention. Even if your hotel isn’t right downtown, you can park for free at a TRAX station and pay for an all day pass. It’s cheaper than parking downtown.

    Hope that helps.

  39. Lotus Petal says:

    Whoa! Super excited about this announcement! I’m sorry for you guys who were looking forward to going and had made plans for the initial location that might not work now that the location has changed–but seriously, TRAX should be more than enough for us ‘burbians who live an hour or more from the Salt Palace by taking I-15 (I haven’t been in there since 1995!)–and the larger location right there in the heart of Downtown means that more people than ever before will be able to access it. Can’t wait to meet a lot of new people and see William Shatner and Adam West in person!

  40. Felstef says:

    Really excited to see the bigger venue! Hotel change may complicate things a bit, but still this is a very god thing!

  41. Jill says:

    Just make sure you pick up a schedule and know when the last trains run. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere for the night! If you are staying right downtown, there is a free fare zone for TRAX, so make sure you know where that is. Don’t pay for a ticket if you don’t have to. 🙂

    Also, I’m not sure how common this is since I’ve only ever really lived in Utah, but you buy the tickets at a kiosk at the station before you get on the train. Be sure you give yourself enough time to get a ticket for everyone in your party before the train shows up. If the trains aren’t packed full, they will likely be patrolling for free loaders, so have your tickets ready.

  42. Jill says:

    When I first heard it was at the Sandy Expo Center, I thought there was no way there’d be enough room there. I like it when I’m right. 😀

  43. BangorNot says:

    Please realize that there are a lot of people who love comics who may be living below the poverty line.

  44. Idris says:

    Park just outside of the free fare zone and ride TRAX the rest of the way

    Parking Finder Map

    Also, if your costume allows for it, there is a bike share program all over Downtown SLC that you can pick up a Green Bicycle in one location and ride to another to park it. How cool would it be to see a Stormtrooper riding a bicycle to Comic Con? 🙂

  45. Ronni Sorensen says:

    And before anyone corrects me (or calls me an idiot)…I’m aware that the prices for Trax are supposed to be $5 for the day…but that’s not what the kiosk charged me (and I backtracked out of it twice trying to figure out why) before the train started coming and we had to catch up to our friends or watch them head off into the sunset without us. They were also charged $10 each. Soooo…afraid I’ve not been a big fan of Trax since :/

  46. andy randall says:

    I had just got my hotel booking 3 days ago. I ended up cancelling that room, and getting a room at double the costs of where I was going too stay. Oh well, at least the Salt Palace is across the street.

  47. Idris says:

    Sandy has some pretty sucky food options-I know-I used to live there…Not much available except fast food chains, most of which are not within walking distance (outside of the ones at Jordan Commons), which means you have to get in your car and drive someplace, but by the time you get back, there probably won’t be any parking spots left… (The same can happen Downtown, but you are at least within walking distance of places with better options, so there is no need to move your car, unless of course it is illegally parked, and if you don’t move it it will get towed…You definitely don’t want that to happen!)

  48. Idris says:

    The thing is, since parking was already free to begin with, you didn’t pay anything extra to get it…when it was at SouthTowne, everyone got free parking, not just the VIPs… Free parking is part of that venue’s policy.

    But now it’s at the Salt Palace, and as part of their venue policy, they don’t offer free parking. (But there are plenty of free, legal parking spots in Downtown SLC if you know where to find them).

  49. M@JONES says:

    Thank you, to those that are making all this possible, thank you for letting this to continue to grow.

  50. Wild tulip says:

    Yuk! What a disappointment to have to FIGHT downtown parking, traffic, just an enormous stressful cluster —k. Salt palace sucks! So dissappointed!! Yeah Southtownexpo Booo salt palace.

  51. Zombiemistress says:

    I understand that parking can be a concern but they made this switch with enough time for you to research it and find out what will work best for you and your budget. Since a lot of people are going you could also talk to your neighbors and carpool possibly splitting the cost of parking or there’s the option of parking a bit away and walking. You have enough notice to figure this out.

    I am really glad that this had grown to be moved to Downtown because traveling to Sandy was going to be just as big of a pain. South Towne Expo has always had free parking so that wasn’t anything that you had “included” in your ticket. The parking there is just as bad and there isn’t much choice around for eating establishments and it’s not very pedestrian friendly.

    Also, people it boils down to if it’s going to be so much of a pain for you then maybe you just shouldn’t go and try to get a refund on your tickets so that other people that really want to go, can go. Nobody’s FORCING you to go to the Comic Con if you think it’s going to be that big of a pain for you.

  52. David says:

    80-85% of us are on a budget. Paying for 3 days of parking/riding trax, means that it is on less photo/autograph, or one less piece of art, or something else cool, that I was planning on getting. I splurged for the VIP pass, now I feel like I should have saved some money and just done the 3 day pass. Also driving around the Salt Palace looking for parking is just a pain. Hope people on trax like having cosplay sitting next to them.

  53. Karl Johnston says:

    It’s funny to see all these people complaining about it being moved this just means bigger place more people more fun and to the people say oh the salt palace is so far away the expo center was so much closer I’m driving up from cedar city 250 miles yeah the expo center was closer but I’ve been to the tattoo convention at the salt palace and it was great this is going to to be amazing …. QUIT BITCHING at least were having a comic con …… Closest one to utah I this wasn’t taking place would be Las Vegas or Denver Co.

  54. Idris says:

    When one is traveling 250+ miles to come to SL Comic Con, what’s another 17 miles from Sandy to Downtown? Not a whole lot. The Salt Place is an amazing venue-why do you think other really big conventions and expos like Outdoor Retailers and USANA and BrainShare choose to hold it there? Because it’s centrally located, it’s big, it’s convenient. We ARE lucky to finally get our own local Comic Con, and I am really excited for it! I would have attended wherever it was held, but think the move to the Salt Palace is definitely a smart one. Get there however you need to – public transportation, carpooling, walking, bicycle, but just GO. You won’t regret it. You will have a fantastic time, and you will soon forget about any of those minor inconveniences and wonder why they were bothering you so much to begin with.

  55. Bry says:

    Ok – so I’m pretty excited about the venue change, however, is it true the Adrian Paul is going to be there too?!?!??!?! I might just pee myself if that’s true!

  56. andy randall says:

    We do indeed!!! Lol, I took in the SDCC last year, and took lots of pics. I hope this one will just has good. I bought the VIP package and hope too get pics taken with Ferrigno, my boyhood hero when I was a kid. And bought some additional photo packages when I’m their. Sounds fun

  57. I Love William Shattner says:

    I understand the change in venue, but I have a twinge (just a twinge) of disappointment. I live in Sandy, and I was super excited about the venue which is in walking distance from my house. We host many great events here in Sandy, and Comic Con would have been great for Sandy City. I can’t imagine that the city is super excited about the change of venue. I lived downtown for 10 years, and all who make snarky comments about the burbs are misinformed about the traffic and food options. I mean, come on, Rio Tinto is across the street from the Expo Center, and the stadium regularly fills up for soccer games and concerts. We’ve got this down. Don’t forget that there is a Trax stop across the street from the Expo Center. I still think that the Expo Center would have been ideal, a more intimate setting. I was looking forward to the smaller crowd. But I get it. I would have made the same business decision.

    For you out-of-towners who have already booked hotels. You might check and see if your hotel is near a Trax Line or if the hotel shuttle offers you a free ride to Trax. Alternately, you can drive to a Trax station and park for free at the station. There is a park and ride lot at the 90th South Station and the one just off of Sego Lily by Jordan High School. If the hotels downtown are double the price, it might be best to stay put out in the burbs and spring for the price of a Trax ticket downtown. From Sandy it is a 30 minute ride to downtown. The Trax runs every 15 to 20 minutes, and it’s a great option. I’ll be taking Trax to the Salt Palace.

    Looking forward to an amazing event!!!

  58. Hajoxsu says:

    I’m so happy comic con is in downtown SL! I love going there! Even though it’s farther from me, I prefer the new venue.

  59. Mike says:

    I’m very happy to hear this. I wasn’t sure I was going to go, but I got a three day pass now. Sandy is way to far from Salt Lake City! and the expo center there is way too small.

  60. D Fritch says:

    UTA (The local bus, Trax, and Train) have a great deal. 4 people can travel after 10am on any bus, train, or trax for only $15.00. Great way to park outside of SLC and get around— From web site—-

    The Group Pass allows up to four riders, of all ages, to travel together on FrontRunner, TRAX and local bus. This pass is available for purchase at FrontRunner ticket vending machines, online, and at Customer Service centers. A group pass must be purchased in advance for trips beginning on a bus. The bus operator will then validate the pass for the date of service. If your group is starting their trip on TRAX or Frontrunner, group passes must be purchased from vending machines on the platform on the day your group is traveling. This pass will be validated by the FrontRunner and TRAX ticket vending machines and will expire the day of purchase. Effective December 9, 2012, the Group Pass is valid starting at 10:00 am and expires at the end of the day of purchase (12:00 am midnight). Sunday service is not available on Frontrunner.

  61. Bry says:

    What days? He isn’t listed in the master guest list. And is there a way to switch our tickets from Friday to Saturday?

  62. andy randall says:

    Has anyone representing the SLC Comic Con approached some of the celebrities who were at the SDCC? I’d love it if Scarlett Johanssen from The Avengers and Iron Man ll could make it. Lol

  63. Matt says:

    Yeah… I’m very unhappy about this change. That’s another 20 – 30 min drive time for me plus having to deal with downtown traffic and drivers and parking and the fact that it is downtown Salt Lake… South Towne Expo Center was much closer for me and a much nicer area. I am significantly less excited about this convention now. Not sure if I’ll get tickets now…

  64. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry for those that are disappointed but I am very happy about the venue change. Salt Palace is easy to get to if you use Frontrunner. I really don’t like the South Towne center because they have horrendous parking. That gravel lot across the street is the major lot people use and it sucks. And anywhere else will charge you. Plus the Salt Palace is a really nice venue compared to South Towne in my opinion.

  65. S Leslie says:

    How come the picture of the Salt Palace has super heroes all over it? It is pretty clear that this is an Entertainment Expo and NOT a Comic Convention since they don’t seem to care about bringing any nonlocal comic creators in. I really wish they would change the name because it is super misleading.

  66. Momma Draco says:

    You do need corrected. Trax does not run to Orem, only FrontRunner. FrontRunner is a different fare schedule. Though if traveling on FrontRunner after 10am you can get an all day group pass for $15.00 good until midnight.

  67. Jodi says:

    Some people are agreeing with the venue change and some people don’t. I am sure that all these comments will be taken into consideration next year. I am guessing that the decision to move the event was to offer a bigger better space for the event to offer us even more of an experience, not to make people upset of the parking situation. I am sympathetic to all the people that had to change plans because of the venue change since I had to change hotel reservations because of it. I just try to remember that they are working hard to make this the best first annual Comic Con for Salt Lake. They can’t please all the fans, but I bet they will please as many as they possibly can.

  68. candace says:

    THANK YOU SLCC for all you do. We’re all grateful that you’ve organized such an event for Utah! How exciting that this first one has already outgrown a venue.

  69. Kody Ortega says:

    it is a comic convention and if you notice about any of the other comic conventions in America they are the same as this one if not worse and what the documentary about San Diego Comic Con from 2010 it has become about more Entertainment than Comics and the people they have coming in a way have something to do with the Comic world or have something to do with the State of Utah.

  70. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    We are working on the final layout and we will post as soon as it is completed.

  71. Ronni Sorensen says:

    Well…I stand corrected ;-P. But, aside from that technical error in name, I still had to pay that much for our ride, it was after 10am, and there was not a cheaper group option available to choose on the kiosk (or I would have…gratefully). Even if they have fixed the issue and/or now offer that discounted price (as I have no idea if it was just a pricing issue with the kiosk itself or the group discount is new…not that it matters), that would mean we couldn’t board the train till 10am, and with how busy it will be, all the stops, etc., that would very likely cut an hour or two off of our time at Comic Con and wouldn’t be any cheaper than parking anyway (if we end up having to pay for parking, that is). Taking all of this into consideration Frontrunner and Trax are not necessarily the best solution in transportation options from Orem/Provo unless an individual has no other options available to them. My point being that many of the solutions being suggested (many suggested rather nastily, unfortunately…not that yours was Momma Draco…and I appreciate that) aren’t all they are cracked up to be, depending on where you are coming from and your individual time/money constraints. Everyone clearly wants to attend (I know I do) and is really excited about our first Comic Con in Utah, or they wouldn’t be so worried about the parking situation and/or costs to begin with…so when someone posts their frustration concerning an issue, that still hasn’t been addressed by the powers that be, they (at least most of them) aren’t saying they are no longer going to attend. Having concerns, questions, and frustrations over unanswered changes are not unreasonable.

  72. cheernerd says:

    most of the parking around the salt palace is pay to park but theres always the option of parking father away and walking, but even with that since it’s downtown you run the risk of having to use a meter.

  73. Mike says:

    My girlfriend bought me my 3 day pass for the comic con. does she need to be with me to get in or can i just bring the printed ticket even tough it has her name on it?

  74. CourtyardResidenceInn says:

    The Courtyard Downtown and Residence Inn City Center are offering discounted rooms to those traveling for Comic Con Salt Lake. Each hotel is near restaurants, nightlife, and only 2 block from convention center. We also offer complimentary wireless and parking. Courtesy block will be on hold until 8//23/2013 or until hotel is SOLD OUT!

  75. Idris says:

    Nice! Even though I won’t be needing a room in a hotel (I live 5 minutes from the City Center), it’s fantastic there will be some available at discounted rates for those who do.

  76. Idris says:

    “…not that it matters), that would mean we couldn’t board the train till 10am, and with how busy it will be, all the stops, etc., that would very likely cut an hour or two off of our time at Comic Con and wouldn’t be any cheaper than parking anyway (if we end up having to pay for parking, that is).”

    The only day this would matter is Saturday, as on Thursday and Friday, the Con doesn’t start until after 10 am (4 pm for Thursday and noon for Friday).

  77. Idris says:

    Just because Sandy does this regularly, doesn’t mean they are pros. I lived in Sandy for 5 years, very close to the Expo Center (and worked there for 7 years, with a year of commuting from Layton and and a year of commuting from downtown SLC).

    At the time, TRAX was still very new-there was a TRAX stop at 9000 S and 10200 S but not one at 9400 yet-The one at 9400 S has only been there a few years-I agree, it is very walkable for the Expo Center and Jordan Commons (if you want to spend $30 on very mediocre food options at movie theater prices) or you can risk your life trying to cross the street to get to any of the other places that are trying to pass as restaurants that serve edible food.

    When they planned Rio Tinto, they didn’t plan very well for parking-have you ever attended an event there where there are 25,000 people showing up (many of which only have one person in their cars)? I’ve been to many events at Rio Tinto on such days (and also just in the area on said event days). You can park at Jordan Commons for $10 if you are attending a game (free if you are attending a movie or just going to hang out at Jordan Commons). Rio Tinto has a couple of lots you can park in, but it’s going to cost you $10 or $20 to park in them for just a few hours (depending on which one you go to)…

    There is a shuttle that will take you to the parking lot at SouthTowne, but if you miss the last shuttle it really sucks trying to cross the street on 9400 S & State Street going E-W can take a long time-you can be standing there for nearly 10 minutes waiting for the light to change… and then it only gives you 30 seconds to get across before it changes again. State Street is very wide-you have to be practically running to make it in time (Can be very difficult if dressed in cosplay). Sandy is very pedestrian unfriendy, especially at this intersection (where SouthTowne Expo is located). I’ve seen so many accidents at this intersection, mostly with multiple cars involved, but also cyclist and pedestrian accidents involving cars-it truly is scary being a pedestrian here!

    I’ve recently attended an event at SouthTowne Expo, and I took TRAX out-I walked through the parking lot and there were people driving around in circles, looking for a space to park in. It was an event nowhere near as big as ComicCon, and parking was a problem (so even if it’s free, you may have to pay to park anyway-If it stayed there, Jordan Commons and Rio Tinto would probably be charging for overflow parking). Sandy is very strict when they say “NO EVENT PARKING”- they don’t want people parking in the neighborhoods and they will give you an expensive parking ticket if they think you are in violation of the posted rules.

    I’ve lived Downtown most of my life-I chose to return to Downtown after college and working out in Suburbia. My earlier comments were not intended to be snarky – I am making points from direct, firsthand experience, and Downtown just has more options, better options. The Salt Palace is a lot bigger (4x the size as far as capacity goes), it’s a super nice venue, close to everything, and you don’t have to risk your life trying to get to it.

    SLCCC is just trying to make this the best experience for as many as possible, and they are doing an excellent job! Obviously this doesn’t work for everyone, we all have our opinions on this, and many will not agree with me (which is fine).

  78. Erica says:

    Do you know if the Salt Palace allow us to bring in our own food and drink? I’d like to bring water and granola bars and such for munching on but wonder if I’ll be allowed to.

  79. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Parking is found outside and around the convention center. The convention Producer is working to provide parking solutions that are low-cost or Free. Stay Tuned

  80. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Don’t worry, all the info about the ticket is on file. Just head to the registration area and someone there will help you out.

  81. Jennifer says:

    What happened to the free parking options that Comic Con was going to work out? I went tot their parking page and only found the option where you pay and your good for 2 hours. They also mentioned meters and parking garages–all cost money. Did they work out free parking or not? Don’t mean to complain, but I’ve got a long drive ahead of me to get there and free parking that’s close to the venue would put a big smile on my face.

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