Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2015 Poll!

The FanXperience 2015 Poll is now closed. Thank you for your input!

We need your help. There are challenges for FanX based on a number of factors in the Spring. The only available date for April has some significant issues. We are seriously considering doing FanX the last week in January coinciding with Sundance Film Festival and even considering not doing it at all. Help decide the future of Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience! Would you like to attend FanXperience in January during the Sundance Film Festival (and maybe snag some awesome Sundance guests) or stick with tradition and hold FanX in April on Easter Weekend? Here’s a few things that we’re considering:

Issues for January 29-31 (During Sundance)

  • Better time for us to attract celebrities due to: (1) The Sundance Film Festival, (2) lack of other conventions and (3) fewer filming projects
  • One or more of the guests that previously canceled may be able to attend
  • The best time to ski (for guests and out-of-state attendees) is during Sundance
  • A more media and entertainment focused event:makes sense for FanX and Sundance
  • We have the opportunity for a more exclusive and intimate event
  • Limited outdoor events
  • Weather could be a challenge for Mystique and Hulk cosplay without an overcoat (Coat check will be available )
  • Better timing for Christmas gifts
  • More opportunities for network and studio screenings and involvement
  • More Nerdvana faster

Issues for April 2-4

  • LDS Church General Conference is April 4
  • Since it’s conference weekend, it will probably rain 🙂
  • Easter Weekend
  • More competition for booking celebrities
  • Likely better weather
  • Larger event or no event until September 2015

Make your voice heard in our poll below:

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440 replies
  1. Jeff says:

    I would prefer to have only one event per year. I believe this would allow for a bigger, better event in September with more and better guests.

  2. Joe says:

    I’m concerned about over saturation and burnout. Just don’t want to see a good thing die by trying to take off too quickly

  3. Joe says:

    I loved comiccon, but don’t know if I can afford another so soon. I kmow many people in that same boat.

  4. Meghan says:

    Biggest problem I see with January dates is the line for entry will be absolutely freezing. A lot of people will opt not to go at all because standing outside in the mild of a Utah winter, even on a nice day, is not pleasant.

  5. Melissa Jensen says:

    I don’t like either of those options. Traffic would be crap on General Conference Saturday. The first session is at 10 so that would be a nightmare for parking. I don’t see how it could work. January is too soon for vendors and attendees alike I feel. I liked Easter weekend just fine last year and I’d love it to be that weekend again.

  6. Nicole Larsen says:

    Only because if I am going to be stuck outside in a line for 2 hrs then I want it to be a bit warmer.

  7. Chris says:

    I’d be fine with one event per year. Better for my wallet. January is way too soon. After Christmas I’ll be broke anyway.

  8. Lewis selders says:

    Salt Lake comic con you guys are amazing for trying to hold all of this together at such crazy times thanks you

  9. alisha says:

    I would rather not have it at all. Both weekends are not ideal. Just think about how much better you can make Comic Con if you can focus on it longer 🙂

  10. Jason says:

    Being an out of towner (and stater, for that matter), I am personally a fan of focusing the resources onto one larger convention in a more fair-weathered time of the year.

    That being said, if there is still enough demand from the people, why not go for it? Though both potential dates for FanX have quite harsh problems.

  11. Deb says:

    As much as I love the cons, I say hold off until September. Two cons a year is financially hard for some and or most of us. During Sundance or Conference is going to cause massive chaos downtown and harder for people to get hotels if they come in from out of town.

  12. Hailee says:

    Easter weekend! Winter is like the worst time to do a con! What if there is a snow storm? No one wants to sit and wait in like outside in the freezing cold, or risk ruining their costumes. Also January doesn’t give us much time between the other con. Even though it’s Easter weekend and conference everyone who wants to attend could at least come one day.

  13. Karen Chidester says:

    I have tried to vote and it won’t let me! I would actually be fine with either but was going to cast a vote for January!!!

  14. karess says:

    Have you already booked a site for Comic-Con? Seriously… we live in a small town and book our big events out 2 years in advance.

  15. Matthew Carroll says:

    My family and I attended FanX and Comic Con in 2014. We loved it, but two a year is too much. We’ll be saving up for VIP passes next September. No FanX for us.

  16. Anna says:

    On conference Saturday, TRAX would be a nightmare for both FanX and conference-goers. Both draw larger than normal crowds to the public transportation

  17. Stu Jones says:


    End of January, people will still be recovering financially from Christmas, and those receiving tax refunds won’t receive them yet. You’re also still fairly close to people just having spent their money on SLCC and aren’t as likely to make significant purchases at the con.

    I also vote no to April simply due to not wanting to have 2 cons a year. Currently things are filling up fine; but the cons are still a novelty. Once that’s worn off, people are going to start getting fatigued at the expenditures and hassle of the overpopulated cons and interest is going to dwindle. One con a year all but guarantees max attendance every con, more spending per participant, and renewed interest. The con(s) may not make as much this year, but careful planning (build a new convention center?) can make sure the longevity of the con (and associated spending) far surpasses the short term gains that will quickly dwindle otherwise.

  18. Erica says:

    Really the only reason I voted for April is because January is just too soon for me to have money saved up. I need more time!

  19. Keith Rouse says:

    April! I’m broke after the holidays. At least in April I have tax return to spend. And money I saved.

  20. Susannah Burt says:

    Thank you for asking! I would love to go to FanX. I would say that if January isn’t an option, then just wait until Sept for ComicCon. SLC is crazy during conference – parking, transportation and space would be a deterrent for me. Even with the U of U game on Saturday, Frontrunner and Trax were crazy busy during ComicCon this year. I think we could get a number of coveted celebrities – but I fell in love with the panels!! Good Luck – Salt Lake Comic Con is an amazing organization!

  21. Brian says:

    Skip FanX do a bigger better Comic Con. Get rid of kid area & get more known artists like Jim Lee,Rob Liefeld & Todd McFarlane (if possible). Going to burn people out.Run it like other cons/more comic stuff less unlrelated & random booths.

  22. Carl Stark says:

    Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet has already booked the last Saturday in January for the annual Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet. This is our anniversary event. I voted for the April event (or no event until September as listed on the options). Thanks for taking our input.

  23. Ed says:

    I would prefer for only one event a year for time and cost purposes. I’ll support you guys through it all, but it’s getting expensive for 2 events a year.

  24. liz says:

    Where’s the option to not do it at all? I love comic con but January is too soon and it sure would be annoying to have to miss out in April. I’d rather just have one a year (cause two are expensive) lest people get bored with it and the numbers start going down.

  25. Melissa Ambriz says:

    My only concern with January is that my family drove down from Boise and the roads might be really bad in winter.

  26. Heather C says:

    Though I would absolutely love to snap pictures of the ultimately priceless reactions of the anti-Mormon picketers when they see good church going people intermingled with the demons and Deadpools and scantily clad Princess Leahs of Comic Con, I have to say that for the fans’ sake it’s a bad idea. Have you ever tried to go to an event that coincides with Conference? It is so hard to drive and find parking in Salt Lake on that weekend anyway, not to mention how packed the hotels and eateries are. Please, please, please do not do it Conference weekend….though I’ll be there no mater what.

  27. Carl Stark says:

    Thank you for giving us the option of “Wait until September 2015”. IMHO this is a much better option. It gives the fans and fan clubs a chance to recover (be it financially, emotionally, energy, etc.) and plan for better costumes and booths. Please let us catch our breaths so we can be our best for your great event.

  28. Brandy Blackerby says:

    PLEASE DON’T GET RID OF FANX IT IS MY VERY FAVORITE!! I would rather change the date then not have it at all!! Plus September is when everyone starts filming again so it would be nice to get different people!! I LOVE FANX

  29. Chanse Hansen says:

    Either one works April gives me more time to save up money but I can see the issue with having it either time

  30. Beau DeLaMare says:

    Other good cons against having it in January. Snow, ice, having to walk around in snow and ice(possibly in cosplay or with collectables) transportation in possibly snowy thick heavy weather. It’s to soon after Christmas for Con spending money. Hotel room availability competing with Sundance.
    pros for having it in April include having money for the con from tax returns. Better weather (much better dealing with rain than snow). Spring is a great time to promote upcoming summer movies than in January. Also, having the cons further seperated from each other in the year is better for people’s availability to attend both. I haven’t missed either comic con or last year’s Fan X, but January is just too close to September (and Chrstmas) for me to justify the cost for both.

  31. Wendi says:

    Why do we need two? I don’t understand, unless it’s for nothing but getting more money out of us. I loved every moment of comic con, but there’s no way I can afford to go to both. And how does a person decide, when you don’t announce the big guests until right before the events? I vote for no fan-x, just make comic con better.

  32. Susi says:

    I have a hard time justifying a travel committment (flights,hotel,etc.) for only one day. Jan and September dates are during school, preventing us from attending when there is only Saturday as an option for attendance. If you scheduled during the summer or over an entire weekend (Sunday) you would attract more attendees from out of state.

  33. David says:

    I’m lost why are the other weekends not available? Winter would blow I’m traveling from Ogden in the snow.

  34. Dennis says:

    None of the above. Focus on one great con and stop trying to run 2 mediocre cons. Have some respect for Utah fans and their money. You sucking everyone dry.

  35. Curtis says:

    I think the options are unfortunately limited. January will be too cold and April will be too busy. For that reason, I say hold off until September.

    That said, of the two options, January is probably the better choice.

  36. John says:

    In all honesty, I think both of those dates, especially in April, will have major consequences for another comic con event. January would be less so, however look everywhere for performance of any store or anything in January, it’s half of any other time of year. It’s also way too soon.

    I bought tickets to comic con in September, but I didn’t go because I just didn’t see the appeal and wasnt impressed by the guest turnout, and I had already just gone to fanx in April. If there’s another one in January its once again just too soon. One comic con a year is a perfect amount, and fanx this year was awesome because of all the good celebrities you got to come. Take the time, wait to get the most number of people, and do it in September.

  37. Keith Rouse says:

    Plus who wants to wait outside in January for 3 hours? I won’t be going in April unless they have guest like they did last FanX. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have a money tree. And meeting, local Internet sensation so and so, for $70, isn’t my idea of a great guest.

  38. Erica Abner says:

    Please, please, please!!!!!
    One event, in September.
    Give us time to recover from this year’s expenses, because most of us aren’t rolling in cash, and have bills to pay, children to feed and clothe, vehicles that require care and upkeep, and, I’m sure this will be a revelation for some, other interests outside of going to conventions.
    Plus, we need time to create new cosplays.

  39. Karen says:

    As much as I’d love to go to fanx again, I have to scold a lot of the other opinions. It’s WAY to soon after Christmas, people who wait on tax refunds won’t be able to use them, and it’s really soon after comic con. And people burning out is definitely a concern. I think focusing all your time and energy one septembers con would be best for everyone. Looking forward to 2015 🙂

  40. MaryJane Anderson says:

    I voted January. Seems to have more pos than cons. Plus having Fan X AND confrence the same weekend? Let’s not break the Trac system, shall we?

  41. k-ry says:

    April is much better for fans financially and weather-wise. It’s timed out better. Don’t skip it because the main Con is so big already. Sundance would be fun to have film screening events, maybe called “Fandance” during the Con.

  42. Carol Clayton says:

    Thinking in terms of lines outside, I think it would be a very bad idea to hold it in January, when there is a good chance of inclement weather – both cold air with the possibility of freezing rain and/or snow. Holding during General Conference doesn’t bother me – in fact, perhaps the crowds will be more manageable. Bonus.

  43. Russ says:

    I vote for Sept. Doing an event like this during another Utah tradition treads on that events attendance and is in poor taste.

  44. Melanie says:

    I LOVED FanX last April, and I think it would be great to have it in January. I feel like FanX was much better planned and way more fun than the past 2 Salt Lake comic con events in September, and have really been looking forward to it again. I think with the Sundance festival going on, there can be some really great opportunities for meeting cool guests. Also, I think the awesome guest opportunities can make for some great panels. I understand the issue with both dates shown, but I do not think there should be just the comic con in September.

  45. Stephanie says:

    I voted April, but I would go in Jan if you did FanX because after this last comic con (granted it was very first comic con experience of any kind), I was left wishing it wasn’t so long between now and April. So I hope you don’t scrap it altogether. Jan would definitely be tough with the weather.

  46. Justin says:

    Crowd wise April would be a nightmare. Weather wise Jan, will be colder-no room for line snafus in Jan.
    But imagine the guest/celebrity possibilities with having Sundance at the same time!! I vote Jan overall
    Are there reasons it can’t be done in March or May?

  47. yancey r says:

    I went to comic con and I enjoyed it a lot, but unfortunately I did spend a lot of money and I don’t know if I would be able to afford to go again so soon! I say wait until April. I bet I am not the only one in this situation.

  48. Lisa says:

    Why has no one mentioned one biggie per year in summer, like in June when school is out , weather nice and people can take vacations? NO NO NO to gen conf weekend!!!! Traffic and trains insane. Many of us Utah geeks are mormon and it would be impossible to do justice to either one. I hate winter, snow, early dark so Jan is out for me. I loved Fan X actually more than CC, but might have to go w one per year.

  49. Tina says:

    I agree with what Stu Jones said above, for all the same reasons. I’ve been to all three events and had a fabulous time at each, but due to the short time between each I really had to pick and choose who I wanted to meet and had less to spend for each con. I really think resources would be better served in putting on one Con a year. More than one event a year could lead to burnout. And people would have more than a few months to save their money and be able to spend more on all the fun merchandise. Thanks for bringing such a great Con to Salt Lake and keep up the good work.

  50. Rachelle Hearn says:

    Someone mentioned get rid of the kid area. That would be a huge mistake. I love how family friendly FanX and Comic Con were, and took my kids every day. If you can work dome things out with Sundance, that would be awesome in January. If people know it’s coming up, Christmas can include tickets etc for presents. April is Spring break. Lots of families go out if town. I think it would be cool to at least try January, but stress over and over the beauty of preregistration so you won’t have to stand in line outside!! I’d rather have one in January or April than not at all.

  51. So thoughts says:

    I voted wait till September however if i could get a second option, id pick April so I can spend tax money @ fan x

  52. Brian Nixon says:

    I love your events and love attending, but I just can’t do two every year. And I’d feel very bad if I couldn’t attend and you had someone I really wanted to meet. Please, please limit it to one super duper event in September. January is too close, and mixing general conference crowds and FanX crowds would be a seriously crazy big Jun hoard of people.

  53. Emily P says:

    I agree with many others. January is too cold and added chances of snow storms. Plus it’s right after the holidays so money will be tight.
    If you have it in April, at the same time as LDS General Conference, Trax will be a nightmare and that is how so many people get to Comic Con. Plus there are many people who will go to the LDS General Conference instead of Comic Con so your ticket sales won’t be as high.

  54. heaven Bassett says:

    Travel in January/February is high cost. A lot of the people I met at fanx were out of towners. Also a huge event like the Superbowl is that weekend (February 2).

  55. Gayle says:

    I’d rather the focus be on once a year. I can really only afford one con a year and the one in September is the best one for me to attend, so I voted for September.

  56. Allie says:

    I actually love the idea of a con in January, however, it’s way too soon this year and I too am worried of over saturation. I vote you guys wait for September.

  57. Jordan says:

    As a vendor for your events we want to create the best and most kick ass booth for our fans and those that are hearing about us for the first time. We are stretched far enough as it is with our project, and trying to make a large presence at Comicon as well really can create a strain and delay us from our main goal. One large event a year I think is wise. You look at other Cons and successful conventions and if they are in one area they only do one a year. Others will do one a year per region like PAX which has PAX West and PAX East. Yes it’s two shows a year, but one is on the West coast and the other on the East. You will make your fans, our fans, and non fans happier by having just one convention a year. You’ll create a lot more longevity and following.

  58. Lillian says:

    My first thought was that if you can partner with Sundance on some events, a January FanX sounds pretty good! But if it means conflicts with Sundance, definitely not. And conference weekend is a really, really bad idea. As much as we enjoyed FanX last April, I’d rather wait and have a super awesome Comic Con than have those conflicts.

    I voted for just the one event, but even then the space issue is a HUGE deal. I hope you guys can arrange for ways to spread out to area hotels (like how Westercon was at the Marriott during Fantasy Con) and other places downtown to alleviate the insane crush of people inside. It was a huge detraction from the event for me and my family.

  59. Lon says:

    I’m concerned that you’re over-saturating the market. Between comicon, fanX, and other cons, even the most diehard geek is going to, at best, have to pick and choose which to attend, or, at worst, become sick of the manic crowds and hype and phase out altogether. I’m more in favor of one or two done very well each year.

  60. grant ostler says:

    I say no to fan x .two a year is just to muc.lets stick with the one con and make it huge and really blow sdc some I would love to do both but work and funds makes it difficult

  61. Trevor says:

    Speaking as a vendor, I love FanX but I think it would be better suited to focus on one awesome event per year as opposed to two pretty great events. I feel like people are going to get burned out quickly if you hold a huge event like this every 5-6 months.

    Just my two cents, though.

  62. Anna says:

    I voted January because the guests are a BIG deciding factor for me attending, and I would really love to see some better guests show up–specifically Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone. Dang that would be cool. Also my costume was not ready in time for Comic Con but will be for FanX even if it’s in January. And as much as I hate the idea of waiting outside in the cold in line, I hate the idea of waiting longer for FanX much more!

  63. Angela says:

    I voted for April, but would have also voted for September if possible. January is impossible for a number of reasons the biggest one being NO MONEY, as I spent the last of what I saved from my tax refund on SLCC 2014 and will not have more until mid February at the earliest. The next largest factor is getting time off from work as I would have had to already asked as the January dates have already been saturated. Another problem not listed for out of towners would be hotel space as the Sundance celebrities will have taken all the hotel space.

  64. Celes says:

    I’d love to see more than one con in the area. One thing I miss from being in the Pacific Northwest is that there were conventions for different fandoms all the time. Sakuracon in the spring and Kumoricon in the fall was just about perfect for most people I cosplayed with though. We really don’t have enough variety in the intermountain west right now.

  65. Sarah W. says:

    September. Freezing cold and EPA superfund-worthy unhealthy air vs. the worst possible weekend for dual huge events downtown? Neither appeal to me. Honestly, spend the time until September working on line logistics, better information campaigns for pre-registration and properly interacting with cosplayers, and spend the money on a more robust geek guest roster.

  66. Ben says:

    Whatever you do, can you vet the questions being asked during the q and a’s? Once the umpteenth person asks if they can take a selfie with a celebrity, it starts to get annoying.

  67. Marcy says:

    Is there no other weekend in April or even May that could work? Why is April 4th the only option? I say spring fever will get people out and be excited. I think it is too much competition with Sundance and way too cold.

  68. Jennifer McKenna says:

    I voted for January but my only concern is money (I’m still wiped from Comic con in September). Definitely can’t do it in April because the general conference will make downtown SLC crazy. If unable to do it in January, just wait til September.

  69. Ycntibu says:

    Very tough situation. Two rock/ hard place options. I’m a volunteer for both Comicon and Sundance. Talk about ConCrud. The cold weather, the crowded hotels, films being shown at Library, Broadway Theater & Rose Wagner add to downtown crowd. Conference crowds mixed with CosPlay fans could be tough. Interesting mix. I might set up viewing booth

  70. Ellen says:

    I would vote no for January because of the inevitably horrible weather at the time of year. Also, it may be difficult for those wanting to go to both Sundance and FanX. The same goes for those wanting to go to the LDS General Conference and FanX if it’s the first weekend in April. Parking was already a nightmare during Comic Con and will be nearly impossible during Conference. Why are those two weekends the only options?

  71. Dee says:

    Jan is too soon after Xmas, no money, especially as I have 3 children who love to go as well. April don’t want to clash with conference weekend downtown, I never go into town as it is crazy. Also after a couple of years we will probably only go to one event a year as it gets too spendy and exhausting. I voted for one con a year, more people will come and keep the interest going. I am going to hit a nerve here but I don’t think strollers should be allowed on Saturday, the parents look harassed trying to push them through the crowds and I got hit numerous times in the heels with their wheels. If you could extend the conference by half a day on Sunday, or start earlier on Thursday that would be fab, couldn’t go Thurs despite getting a gold pass as I had to get children from school soon after it started!

  72. Phillip says:

    As an exhibitor, I saw the same thing. Lots of people came – very few came with money to spend.

  73. Marcy says:

    I also attend and volunteer at Sundance and there is no way I would go to FanX in January no matter who the guests are.

  74. Kirsta says:

    I voted January just because I loved the September one so much I say the sooner the better. And you better do one! For people that llooovvveee comic con we will still go. I go to watch all the celebrity panels and the fact that January you might be able to get more celebs, then YES PLEASE.

  75. Janet says:

    It is so hot in the building due to all the people, I would like January maybe March.
    Can you add 1-2 extras day. It was so crowded even on Thursday, I went all three days and didn’t see everything.
    Can you put the artist and Authors in their own room, so there is more space for the crowds.
    And the lines needed more organization when we were waiting out side we did not know which line to wait in.
    You need clearly marked lines that say VIP or general admission. So, we are not waiting in a wrong line.
    More chairs to sit on we all get tired and there is no where to sit and rest. Some of us have knees issues and
    it is very difficult to stand for more than 20 minutes while waiting for a autograph, can there be some benches or chairs?
    I really likes how you did the Actors area, maybe put them in alphabetic order, so we can find them better.

  76. Phillip says:

    The April weekend is also when WonderCon is down in Anaheim. With a large comic and media show that same weekend (and it only being a few hours away), you’ll drastically reduce the amount of comic people that can attend.

  77. Lauren says:

    January is too cold to be waiting in line outside, and people will be poor from Christmas. However, conference weekend doesn’t sound like a good idea either. Is there any other month when it could be done. May, perhaps? I liked FanX better than regular Comic Con, so I don’t want to say skip it, but neither of these options is very good.

    If there’s a way to keep people from having to line up outside for hours, then January. It is convenient for gift giving. Just start selling tickets early (preferably with early-bird discounts again) so people can buy tickets before they get poor from buying Christmas gifts.

  78. Amanda says:

    I think doing a “Mini-con” up around Sundance versus doing something at the salt palace would be a better option

  79. So thoughts says:

    Also and i cant stress this enough. Give the volunteers a break!!! They need some rest from all the great work they do

  80. Liam Millard says:

    I say get rid of FanXperience. Get big names for one convention. Two a year is too many and could result in less ticket sales for one of them. There is no need for two

  81. Trent Silvernail says:

    SUPER COMIC CON!!! Scrap both events and create a SUPER two-week con in the middle of the year. That would eliminate all problems and create several opportunities for different scheduling of guest stars and help all attendees and their schedules. C’mon, let’s support this.

  82. Larry N. Sapp II says:

    First of all FanXperience is a MUST. This year’s FanXperience was 10x better than the September Comic Con. Is this the only two choices for having the 2015 FanXperience? I chose the January but worry because of 1) weather and 2) booking celebrities in such a short period. Better get it on! At the same time – you do have a point that there would be less production shootings and therefore maybe more available to attend. The celebrity autographs and Photo Ops and their Panels during the FanXperience was way cool. And the autographs and photo ops were more affordable (about $10 less for each on average) and therefore was able to get more of them then I did at the Sept Comic Con. Would love the Star Trek TNG again (not all were able to attend the whole event last time) – but also – maybe if it is in January – the creator and cast of Continuum? And Defiance? Just off the top of my head!

  83. Lauren says:

    I would rather have 2 smaller events/year than one large con. I felt SLCC was too crowded, and would be much more enjoyable if it was more exclusive. If FanX was also this way, people could chose between the 2 events if they can’t come to both, and would have a great time either way. I voted for January, because it would be awesome to have the celebrity attendance from Sundance, and as long as you get the lines under control, it shouldn’t be a big deal!

  84. Pleiades says:

    Salt Lake City downtown is craaaaaazy during general conference, and hotels are pretty booked due to people flying in for conference and planning mission/family reunions around conference time. It seems like a total logistical nightmare, honestly. Any other weekend would be better than that.

  85. Kim says:

    If January is too cold for cosplay, why is Easter weekend/conference weekend the only other option? If anything, it should be a last resort. 1 time does not make it tradition.

    That said, I think 2 large events a year is way too much. I skipped Comic Con this year mainly because I was getting bored with the whole thing after both SLCC events and Fantasy Con. All the shops and panels started feeling the same.

    Also, the cosplay contest at FanX paled in comparison to last year’s SLCC. Fantasy Con killed SLCC in both guest lineup and ambience, but didn’t have the same energy as Comic Con.
    It’s a shame all the best parts of all three can’t be combined into one kick-@$$ con.

  86. DeAnna S says:

    I think that January would be best because the conflicts in April are just going to make it a huge bust. And a lot of the fans around here are LDS (including myself) so they might not want to miss the conference. Plus snagging the stars from Sundance would be AWESOME!!!

  87. Julie says:

    Easter weekend is horrible, and coupled with Conference Weekend? That should be an automatic non-starter. I voted for January as the lesser of two evils, but neither date is ideal. Between LTUE, CONduit, World Horror coming to SLC next year, Salt City Steam, Anime Banzai, and ComicCon itself, plus other geek events through the year, people are going to get burnt out. Honestly, the only reason I went to SLCC this time was because I got in free on a vendor’s pass.

    Skip FanX and do a bigger, better altogether con in September, if those are the only two possible dates.

  88. Bryan Davis says:

    Whats wrong with March? That would make it an even six months between conventions. January is too soon and…to cold. And General Conference…uh…yeah…major conflict. I know many of your attendees aren’t LDS but two things to consider are:
    1. Many are and it’ll cut down on attendance

    2. SLC will be a nightmare to navigate.

    I like having two cons because many will only attend one and I believe this will help even the crowd and prevent SLCC from becoming too crowded or selling out too quickly like other cons. I hope you find a good solution.

  89. Roger prows says:

    Ultimately the guests draw the people. Doing it in conjunction with Sundance is a no brainer. I would say to plan more space for inside lines though if this is going to be done then, and move some things (panels, gaming rooms, wrestling matches, etc) into neighboring buildings that want to participate. Places like Gateway could use the traffic and would probably donate space.

  90. Felicia says:

    While I totally dig the concept of FanX and loved my experience last year, I voted to just have one event. My worry is over saturation. January is less feasible because most of us are working class people who have to save for a big event like this. And less time to make it fantastic. I’d be ok with April, but I do see the problems with that with it coinciding with Conference. One show, with a whole year to focus on it, train volunteers, work the kinks out and make it the best ever would make the most sense, at least in my mind.

  91. Ann says:

    Nothing gets in the way of Sundance for me. I wouldn’t even consider not giving my full attention to sundance. Winter is tricky too. How many people are likely to drive in if there’s a storm, and the inversion is bad that time of year.

  92. Meg says:

    Honestly after Saturday at the last con I was considering not coming because it was too busy. I did 2 things all day and that was just not worth it. It seems like salt lake doesn’t have a big enough venue to get bigger or better. I vote do 2 and people that can only afford one will have to choose between them and maybe they won’t be so over crowded.
    And conference/Easter weekend would be a terrible choice!

  93. Michael says:

    You guys should try and bring in the Nostalgia Critic, JonTron, Game Grumps, or some other YouTube celebrities. Not the vlogging kind, the gaming/movies/general nerd-dom kind.

  94. Brooke says:

    I look at it this way, if you do a Con, we will be there will bells on, as we are usually vendors. April is out for us because of Star Wars Celebration VII that we are shelling out many $$$ for. So January or September is great. I have to admit, I’m liking the Con thing every few months, but like others, I’m concerned about burn out for those that can’t afford it and vendors that can’t make it if it isn’t announced sooner.
    Regardless, we are in if we can make it. 🙂

  95. Lynn Ward says:

    January=snow, cold, no tax return to spend (that’s how I could afford the last FanX)
    I would probably go in April, but after three Cons in the space of a year, I’d like a little more time to save some money.

  96. CosplayChris says:

    I voted for January. After reading some of the comments Im thinking not. Both are equally problematic. Are these the only two dates available? If there are two Comic Cons a year it makes sense to divide the time between them equally. A different weekend in April? Or maybe late March?

  97. Michelle says:

    Awesome to let the fans have a say! I vote January simply due to an already congested downtown area in April. Honestly I would love to see regular comic con moved to sometime in the summer. It would make it easier on parents and teachers. Also extending the number of days the con is open would be awesome!

  98. Kirsten says:

    I’ve purchased VIP for both Cons and FanX. I voted for just one event next year. Partly for burnout but also because the VIP prices keep going up but perks keep going down. Anything downtown during the big LDS conference is a bad idea and January? No. Can you imagine the catastrophe of the horrible Thursday lines during freezing temps and a snowstorm? Bad idea. Put your resources into upping your game and giving SDCC a run for their money!

  99. Steve says:

    My vote is for April. Yes it will be crowded downtown. FANX last year was amazing!!! I don’t think doing it in January will be enough time to plan the event, also weather could be a huge factor.

  100. Jeanie says:

    We need a FanX! It was awesome! We need something In the middle to tide us over. My husband and I use tickets as gifts for each other. We don’t have much money, but it works well as presents.

  101. Alex says:

    I would love to have fan x in January. I’m dying for more comic con and if we could get some awesome celebrities so would love it. Secondly, why not trying to partner with sundance somehow to try and get one or a multiple films being premiered at comic con for much larger audiences. With fan x though I think you should limit drastically the number of tickets you sell. People don’t want to have to stand in line in the snow and cold. however why the evil smile towards general conference? Many of your supporters comic con are lds. Ps I want to win a VIP pass

  102. Tom says:

    No to January. No money for FanX so close after Christmas.
    No to April because: (1) 2 cons a year = burnout; (2) FanX and Conference will not mix well because of Trax, conference weekend weather; (3) we’re already booked for Easter Weekend (out of town due to get away from Conference.

    Make a bigger, better Comic Con in September because one awesome event a year will be awesome (yes, I meant to write it that way); and the weather will be better for all those who don’t capitalize on the pre-registration so they can walk right in, unless they like standing outside for hours. We’ll be able to afford VIP passes in September but will only be able to do one day in January… on Saturday… during the blizzard.

  103. Jeff says:

    Please just focus your energy on doing a fantastic fall con next September. You’re seriously risking the fatigue of your audience.

  104. Jason Kent says:

    I think if you try and do it at the end of January with Sundance your not going to get as many guests as you could get in April. I however voted to wait until September because I feel if you focus your energy into getting the guests that you would try to get for April for September then comic con would be even bigger!

  105. Chawnee says:

    It’s unfortunate both dates have the drawbacks they do. No dates in March or later in April are available? Either way I’ll attend. I love having two cons a year and have had a blast every time. so no matter the date for Fan X, I’ll be there.

  106. MaryJane Anderson says:

    What about doing it at South Towne expo center instead? Maybe do it easter weekend, but on the other end of the valley, away from general conference

  107. Dorothy says:

    I voted for January. I like the idea of having different people come who have been tied up during September and October and hope that some of the Sundance celebrities can find time to attend FanX.

    Is there any way you can partner with Sundance and host some movies or panels?

    You may have fewer attendees at FanX, as always the activities and celebrities will determine how many attend. It might be a good time to try out a few ideas to alleviate the crowding problems.

    Some people have suggested having an extra day for Comic Con, you could try that out in January. I’d suggest a half day on Wednesday, sort of like the current Thursday schedule with 3 full days afterwards, but maybe shorter days because it’s winter. I’m not in favor of keeping the half day to just VIPs though.

    If you’re considering using another venue, make sure there is a lot of signage so people won’t be confused about what’s where.

    Whatever you decide, I’ll be there in a volunteer shirt!

  108. Janet langston says:

    I think fanx would be better in April because a lot of people have to wait for their taxes and April’s would be perfect I think. … If it is held in January no one will really have the money because Christmas just got done with … That’s just my opinion though I say April

  109. BReed says:

    I say drop the FanX thing altogether and just focus of planning Comicon in September. Utah doesn’t need (and most people can’t afford) to attend 3 conventions a year.

  110. Alpine Garrison CO says:

    Star Wars Celebration VII is in April, and we’ve been waiting seven years for this periodic con to come back to the western United States! PLEASE WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!! The Star Wars community will make it up to you in September and rock your con like never before!!! 🙂

  111. engineer wizard says:

    I voted for September but then agsin, you have the State Fair and Greek Festival going on at same time every yesr. Would be super cool to have it at the Fairpark (they have tons of space) the weekend after the State Fair.There is plenty of parking, Trax goes right to the Fairport and most of all….there would be BREATHING room#

  112. Mr. Dark says:

    January would be awfully soon – Soon enough it might hurt attendance due to people recovering from Christmas AND the last Comic Con (and those who happen to be vacationing with vampires in between).

    Would be disappointed with the First of April as well – I happen to be a HUGE March Madness fan and would consider not attending so that I could watch the games.

    Can’t we just kick out one of the outdoor retailer expos? I mean one of those a year has gotta be enough right?

  113. Antony says:

    Question, why not plan for March? Or maybe even May?

    I just feel that January would be cutting the time between SLCC and FanX way too short. There’s the burnout factor to watch out for as well as the weather. However, it WOULD help the celebrity draw in regards to scheduling it with Sundance… (But wouldn’t that also create scheduling conflicts with celebrities that are going to be at Sundance already?)

    I dunno, I cast my vote for mid to late Spring mostly because it worked out so well for this year’s FanX (I didn’t feel there was a shortage of celebrities and our only “problem date” was on Saturday because of LDS Conference, but Saturday is always a hectic day anyway, so…)

    Just please don’t do away with it! FanX is loads of fun and I’d hate to see it go. It’s nice to have two major Cons a year! Breaks it up and makes the year more enjoyable!

  114. Jared says:

    I think the January time is brilliant and should be a yearly time for the event. It helps you sell celebrities from both sides.
    People that might not normally do a Con might be willing to take a brief trip from Park City down for a 1 hour panel and a few hours of autograph/picture time with fans. Celebrities that might do Cons, but have some hesitancy to come to Utah might come knowing they can do Sundance and skiing as well. It seems like a great idea for growing our celebrity numbers. I don’t feel like there can be enough SLC Comic Cons. My wife and I have had a better marriage just from the time we got to spend together in September without the kids and we found ourselves having withdrawals after the last one was over. Thank you so much for such a great event.

  115. JT says:

    You need to consider that the LDS church will be using all their parking lots for their conference. Thus making them unavailable for patking. this will force con goers to patk farther away. my vote is for January.

  116. Abbie Cavender says:

    Why are there only 2 options? I loved FanX this year and I loved having it in April! but if it conflicts with Easter and General Conference, why not have it in the middle of March? or the middle of April again?

  117. Jennifer says:

    While I love all things Salt Lake Comic Con and FanX, I think you should just wait until next September! Both of those weekends would be horrible for people trying to get around town, not to mention various other drawbacks to them. And a show every six months – or especially every 3-4 months – is just overkill. Reeks of greediness, not geekness! =)

  118. Megan says:

    Really? Those are the 2 best weekends? I don’t believe that. There has to be a 3rd option that doesn’t conflict with such huge events otherwise in Utah.

  119. Mike says:

    Not being LDS and being an out of towner I see no problem with the dates in April. My only struggle, being a physically disabled individual at Fan X was not knowing about the Disabilities passes and in some cases having one event or celebrity on one end of the convention floor and having to go through many a costumed convention goer to get to the next place I wanted to be.

    I got a Disabilities pass for SLC Comicon and it helped greatly! Please don’t merge FanX and Comic Con!

  120. Chelsea says:

    It would be legit if there was a ticket bundle option (if you were able to pair up with Sundance). Pay extra for a comic con ticket but get to register for 2 films or something.

  121. Angelique says:

    I like April for the weather, but I chose January because of the possibility of getting more celebrities. I loved FanX and actually liked the celebrity lineup at FaX better than Comic Con. Yes, Sundance is that weekend, but Sundance actually starts the weekend before that, and Sundance dies down a lot by that second weekend.

    Like Larry N Sapp II said, I’m also concerned about how little time you have to prepare for FanX. Regardless of when you have it, I will be there.

  122. Lynsey L says:

    I voted January. Mostly for the fact that I’d love another convention, and possibly avoiding as much traffic as possible. But the issues I have are 1) I am very broke from SLCC. 2) being right after Christmas it’ll be hard finding the money to have a good time (meeting celebrities and such).. 3) I might have issues getting those days off from work. 4) my family only has one car so I wouldn’t be able to stay the whole time (due to my dad needing my car to get to work in the bad weather)… And finally, doing too much of a good thing is, well, TOO much. Eventually people won’t wanna go because it’s just more of the same, plus being this close together you run the risk of not having very many people go or they go but don’t spend money because they’re broke. All in all I love the conventions! But I don’t want to miss out because I can’t afford it.

  123. Antony says:

    Sorry, comment’s already in moderation and I can’t edit it. I just made the mistake of saying that FanX and LDS Conference were at the same time this year, when really it was two weeks after. My dates got mixed up.

    But still, I cast my vote for April (if not March/May) mostly because the only problem day would be on Saturday and January just seems FAR too ambitious (with the temperature, the snow, the problems regarding scheduling conflicts with Sundance, etc). Also, the fact that it’s right after the holidays and people are BROKE.

  124. Tim Bunker says:

    I would definitely love to do FanX again! I love the idea of having FanX be more oriented towards pop culture, movies, TV, etc, and ComicCon more towards comic books. Either January or April would work.

  125. Tracy says:

    I think April would be better. Yes, it is Easter weekend, but most people who attend a Good Friday service do so for only an hour or so, and SLCC doesn’t usually offer anything on Sunday anyway. Being conference weekend is not so great because of the heavy traffic, but for this last con, there were at least 3-4 big events happening on Sat anyway. My two biggest concerns against having it in January is the weather and being so close to Christmas. Like someone else said, if we get a big snow storm in, people might hesitate to show, and I know I don’t want to wait outside in the cold, as well as having to lug around a warm winter jacket. As for being close to Christmas, that makes it tight on money to be able to spend money at the vendors. I say do it in April, or…instead of doing Comic Con in September, do a FanX. THAT is my desired recommendation. FanX offered SO much more last year. So much so that my family and I only want to do FanX rather than Comic Con. (And besides—San Diego has NOTHING on the FanX name!)

  126. Mutt says:

    I think that if you’re going to do it around Sundance, then just participate in Sundance. Don’t hold a convention at the same time. Instead have venues for watching Sundance films, and panels.

    I voted for wait for September 2015 mostly because I thought maybe FanX could be every two years allowing for better planning, and hopefully being able to draw more stars by planning further out.

  127. Nathan says:

    As much as I love Salt Lake Comic Con, twice a year is hard to get work off. My thinking was that moving the Con to April and not having FanX at all would actually be better because there were less challenges for guests (football season, for example). But January is intriguing. I do like the idea that you could maybe get some guests who might otherwise never come. But would it be too cold? Again, once a year would be the best and I think January (other than being cold) has a lot going for it.

  128. Donna Gibson says:

    I voted for January, but think you should SKIP FanX this year and just do a nightly Zachary Levi hosted NerdHQ panel the week of Sundance. Sell specific seat tickets to it like a concert would. You could have it at the giant auditorium at the U of U and cap it off with a Mystery panel with A list guests like Joss Whedon. Each night could be a different genre; New Star Wars, New Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Scifi Women, Sherlock OR Supernatural & A-List Mystery Panel.

    HOWEVER, decide now if you’re going to do 2/yr cons and plan ahead in future. I would prefer ONE ANNUAL ComicCon in SPRING, not September, to better accommodate TV actors’ film schedules. Most shows have just started shooting in late August and are less likely to release actors for a con appearance. If you’re fixed on having an Autumn Con, have it in the cooler weather of late October or early November when cast schedules are less fluid. Airline tickets & hotel rooms are seasonally cheaper in Spring and late October too. Which would attract more attendees from out of state, like me.

  129. Donna Gibson says:

    Please, please, please whatever you decide, DONT schedule during LDS conference times. Hotels would be a nightmare & airline ticket costs SOAR at conference time. I wouldn’t be able to afford it and I would hate to miss it. FanX was the clear winner for me in 2014. It was WAY more fun than SLCC.

  130. Joshua A says:

    I vote for January, I don’t do anything with the Sundance festival but I imagine it would help to get more stars out. I don’t see weather being that big of a problem. As for April traffic and parking would be terrible, Saturday attendance would suffer, and I think it would help the local artist and vendors.

  131. Rusti Lark says:

    My vote is April. It’s too cold for January lines plus it’s too close for financial recovery immediately after Christmas. It sucks that general freaking conference is going to screw over FanX. Is there any possibility for a different venue? Or is their contractual obligations to the Salt Palace? Just curious. If not a different venue on different date might make it so it works out? Just a thought.

  132. Jennifer Lavender says:

    Sundance is so popular that I just don’t see you getting the guests to commit to sitting at a table and signing autographs when they would ratjer be watching the films or participating in other events. Perhaps instead of a full-blown con of your own you could partner with Sundance to provide meet and greet opportunities that would be included with the Sundance ticket or could be purchased separately for those of us who don’t want to go to Sundance.

    You could also just skip FanX this year and start planning for 2016 and make it an every-other-year event and just have the main September con every year.

  133. BHSLC says:

    Lots of great comments, including close to holidays, finances, etc.

    Doing it in winter, with the potential for bad weather, could result in a lower attendance. Also, if weather is an issue, celebs may not be able to make flights into SLC. And standing in line, outside, in cold, or potentially wet weather, will not make for a fun experience. And if people are all bundled up in coats and umbrellas, logistically, where will everyone put them once inside the hall?

    Can’t do it during General Conference. It would be insane, and conflicting obligations for many attendees. And, given that it’s a holiday weekend, one that people typically celebrate together, you might have fewer attendees.

    As much as it is a bummer to wait till September, it’s probably the best option. You’ll probably have a similar attendee base, though it would likely be larger. So why not expand the event a day or two to accommodate more events, more panels, more celebrities etc? The weather will be better. Even if it’s warm outside, it’s far better than snow.

  134. John says:

    I barely spent any money at Fan X when i went in 2014 because I had spent all my money at ComicCon and was trying to save up for the next comic con. Have Fan X 2014 be a 1 time thing and just focus on Comic Con in Sept.

  135. John Barnes says:

    Seriously? January is a serious option? If you’re going to have long lines outside the building, I don’t want to be in it during the coldest month of the year. My girlfriend is in a wheelchair and the snow will be too much of a hassle just for that. January is a No go for us. Also I believe the Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet Admirals Banquet is that Saturday in the Logan area and am already going to that.

    I’d prefer to spend Easter with family. Otherwise April is the better option if you must have FANX. Also agree that 2 conventions a year is getting costly. I already sacrificed Student Loan payments to go to this year’s conventions.

    For those reasons I voted Wait until September. At least for me.

  136. Cher says:

    Jan is much better. I’m coming from out of town but I’m from SLC from a home towner doing in April will be NUTS tring to find a hotel any where in the valley will take an act of God. Then the above said high chance of rain anyway. The trafic will again be NUTS!

    You will need to do something about the 2hr waits in line or you’ll have frozen geeks.

  137. AJ says:

    I really think there should only be one con a year. Better to have one awesome event with awesome guests, instead of risking burnout by trying to make it happen twice a year. Just wait until next September.

  138. Morgan M Smith says:

    I like when it was last year around the 20th of April. I am totally okay with having comic con in Sept AND april. Some people are saying that people are having a hard time affording it and I can easily see how. At the very first comic con at Utah most of the celebs did photos at their booths for $20-40 with your own camera. At this last comic con I think one or two celebs offered pics at their booth forcing u to spend $40-60 for a picture. Things like that really add up quickly. On top of the ticket cost, food, parking it’s become more and more expensive each Con we have.

  139. Katie says:

    I was going to point out this very thing (well, part of it) as something to consider. I know a number of people who volunteer for Comic Con who also volunteer for Sundance. If you’re thinking about having it the same time, think about not only the impact on general attendance, but also volunteer availability. Overall, I’m with those who have said FanX was a blast last year, but moving forward, one event per year is probably better for me.

  140. Rebekah says:

    fan ex was handled so much better that comic con. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not merge them!!!!!! We did both this year and preferred fan ex. would go back in an instant!

  141. Tiffany says:

    Around April. If you hold it during Sundance, all the celebrities will be there in Park City, not in SLC. Plus we are out of town and the roads are horrible to drive on in January usually. If it’s in January, financially, and possibly weather, would keep us from going. We went to FanX last April and I thought it was wonderful and nice outside. I would vote for then.

  142. Nancy says:

    Financial fatigue in January and possibly still by April. Getting burned out! September was miserable, with way too many people.I spent all three days in long lines. Impossible to patronize the vendors. Thursday is a throwaway day with most celebrities being no shows, and not much going on in panels. Consider one Con with more days. Everybody in the rest of the world does Sunday! Sat. is miserable. Why not give us a slower day that most of us are off from work? Tired of taking two vacation days per Con.
    If there are two Cons, I’d rather have it in January. Organize better so no one is in line outside! Have pre-registration outside of business hours, so more people can get it done. Why not mail tickets to people like the rest of the world? Have them pick up swag @ their leisure! The Olympics and Fantasy Con did!

  143. Meagan says:

    I already avoid downtown SLC during conference time because it is crazy busy. If you do a Fanx my vote is for January. It’s genious to make it coincide with Sundance.

  144. Jason flynn says:

    I think you should wait til September so you have more time to plan an even better con than last month. It’s hard to wait but I think it would be worth it!

  145. The Kev says:

    I think you should not hold FanX in 2015. Salt lake has struck gold with ComicCon. You have to be careful to not saturate the market, otherwise people will lose interest. You know, supply and demand and all that.

    The Kev

  146. Adam says:

    I agree with this statement. Every two years would make it more of a special experience, and allow for more stars and better planning. Also, navigating SLC during the LDS General Conference is a huge pain. There is absolutely no parking anywhere in the city that weekend.

  147. David Taylor says:

    I voted for January due to not wanting to battle thousands of people going to conference. Please have Fanx. I can’t go to comic con in September because I’m salaried for a seasonal Halloween store and work everyday open to close from mid august to early November. Don’t take the only experience I can afford and go to away!!!

  148. Miss Angie says:

    I vote April for sure! With those lines around the block January would be torture. Also parking and marching through the snow… Wet floors… It sounds like a mess and danger all around.

  149. Pat says:

    I think January is too soon after the holidays and most people are a little short on money, plus the snow can be bad then too. As for April that is a crazy time with conference and I would avoid downtown completely. So just having one in September is good for now.

  150. Ken says:

    January is just way too cold for people to be stuck outside in line. 2 cons closet that 5 months apart is just too close for peak interest. If you believe it is too crowded now, then shifting to only 1 event will only make it worse. I had VIP passes to both events this year & was really looking forward to next year. You really pooched it by not reserving the facility far enough out in advance. Is the nothing available for May? Fanx being on a school break weekend in 2014 probably really helped attendance.

  151. Miss Angie says:

    I agree! I liked FanX infinitely more. It was less stressful-more fun. If people don’t want to come-don’t. There will be plenty of us that do. Lol

  152. Amanda Anderson says:

    Personally, I live north of Salt Lake City in Idaho. If the convention were to occur during January there’s a really good chance I would have a hard time getting over Malad pass due to snow. Even if I were to take the Salt Lake Express (which is more expensive and leaves me without transport in the city) the weather conditions make the journey very hazardous. Since you have a lot of people who travel for your con I would not recommend January. I spoke with people during September con who had driven for 10+ hours to reach con. During hazardous weather these individuals would not be able to attend. Even if someone like me was able to take the Salt Lake Express, you could lose out on a lot of other people.

    On the other hand, I can see why general conference would conflict drastically. The hotel situation in salt lake would be such that your attendees may have transport and tickets but no place to stay. If it’s at all possible (although I’m assuming it’s not since you only offered these options) I would see if there is another time around the first weekend in April for comic con.

  153. Lela says:

    With regard to, “Since it’s conference weekend, it will probably rain,” all I have to say is, unless it snows. 😀

    Taking advantage of Subdance in 2015 could help FanX really solidify when is best to have it in the future. If there’s less competition for stars all around it might be better for FanX to always be then, you’ll never know until you try it.

  154. Eric says:

    I would also say keep it to one event per year.
    Vendors would probably agree, when you consider that people are probably going to choose only one event or the other as their “big spending event”. If you are trying to attract more out-of-town big name vendors and want to make it worth their time and money, having one event will concentrate consumer spending.

  155. mark says:

    Park City Woes:
    park city is too far away to drive in winter conditions, no room in hotels for the volume comiccon brings in, too cold for cosplayers> Restaurants too expensive for people who don’t leave the convention center so it doesn’t provide any economic boom there. No venue big enough, not enough parking in the whole of Park City for all those who wish to attend (especially during Sundance. Ticket prices would have to skyrocket to make up for the loss in numbers.

    Salt Lake Pros: Last year was Awesome, no need to change it. Who cares about the conference rain and conference isn’t going to affect anything. Hell, open FanX to a 4 day event like that California one, let’s see where peoples loyalties lie 😛

  156. Robyn Laura Jorgensen says:

    If it is too close to easter we will not chose it over family time. I would think sundance would enable more stars because they could do double duty.

  157. Michael says:

    If those two weekends are the only choice then just wait until September. Conference weekend with a large convention = disaster! And those who want to see celebrities will be at Sunday in Park City. Too much competition (how long has sundance been going on????)

  158. James says:

    The problem with LDS conference weekend will be the parking and the traffic.

    If you were at Comic Con, you were witness to the sea of humanity that invaded the Salt Palace. An ocean of humanity of equal magnitude, (but dressed out in Mr.Mac suits, floral print and toting 3.5 kids), will be invading the area just two blocks North of the Salt Palace the first weekend of April.

    Traffic will be nightmarish, parking will be abysmal, simply because that area was not built to handle such large numbers.

    Another weekend would be great, just not that weekend.

  159. April says:

    I think we should only do one event a year. It really starts to lose its cool factor after awhile. However, I do like the idea of having the event coinciding with Sundance. I vote having it once a year in January.

  160. Rayna says:

    With January only being a few months away, that’s not a lot time between the 2 events. Plus, the possibility of competing with Sundance… Though the media & celebrity attraction would be great. Not to mention the weather won’t be the greatest.
    I’m not LDS, but having it over Conference weekend would probably reduce the audience size by a significant amount. Plus, navigating downtime that weekend would be a complete nightmare…
    Having 2 a year almost seems a little too much… I’m not aware of any other Comic Con that does. I worry about over doing it and burnout.
    I would gladly wait until September. Gives me more than enough time to save up for it and plan my costume 🙂

  161. Seth says:

    Hmm. We have a no-win situation. Having FanX duringthe LDS General Conference will be disastrous logistically and you will lose a huge demographic here in Salt Lake. Trying to compete with Sundance won’t work either for similar reasons. I know I’ve already committed to volunteering for Sundance and can’t take off any more time for FanX. Plus, celebrities come to Sundance to party, not to hang with us fanboys.

    So given those choices, I have to choose another unhappy option, to wait for a year until next September. ~sigh~ No-win situation indeed.

  162. Who fan 1 says:

    Personally, I love comic con and would love to go to either FanX event, but since I’d be driving all the way there from out of state, I worry that snow in the passes may become an issue. If I had my drothers, I’d pick April since the weather is warmer (less chance of snow), and it’s right around the time of my spring break, so more of my family would be able to attend. Holding the con sometime around the end of April or early-mid May would be the most ideal. Was everything booked up during that time period?
    If no other time is available though, my vote would have to be for April. Please don’t get rid of FanX! It sounds like it’s even better than your Comic Con, which says a lot given that your Comic Con was the most awesome con I’ve ever been to!! 😉

  163. Kit says:

    Star wars celebration is in April as well. Traveling to Anaheim for a con is pricey, so I’d have to pick between the two. …

  164. Robert Mierow says:

    Personally I would say to wait until September. That being said, if there is still the desire to have the event, what if it was a significantly smaller event and it was held at the south town expo center? If I remember correctly the original plan for FanX was for it to be an event that was smaller than Comic Con, but it most definitely was not. So if you go back to the original small event plan and see what the schedule is for south town it could open up some different more workable times.

  165. Hunter says:

    I vote January, but that’s dang cold! I vote May. And I love the two cons ( but because people are talking about it) if you do get rid of a con. Get rid of SLCC and keep FanX! SlCC is in the convention season, that’s why we can’t get the best guess available. FanX is in the convention off season, that’s why the celebrities are more available, they’re not going anywhere, so have them come to us!

  166. Ang T. says:

    Not everyone is Mormon or cares about conference. April sounds nice. It will be a nice start to spring.

  167. Eric says:

    Thoughts on your list…

    Issues for January 29-31 (During Sundance)
    • Having been to Sundance, you won’t really get any celebrities from that event because they stay booked and busy with the Festival, and travel between SFF and SLC is harsh and precarious. If you schedule a panel, the celeb could be late or not show at all because of road conditions.
    • ‘You can ski’ isn’t a great selling point. You want them in the Salt Palace spending money, not an hour away on the slopes, right? 😉
    • I’m sure Sundance wants the focus on them during their festival, and would likely resent you sharing any of their spotlight.
    • Weather WILL be (not could be) a factor for ALL cosplayers due to freezing temps and slippery conditions (unless extreme outer wear is a part of your costume)! It’s hard enough to walk in some costumes as it is! lol! January is also statistically the coldest month of the year in SLC.
    • Not sure what you mean by “Better timing for Christmas gifts”. People are BROKE and starting to get their Christmas bills in January!
    • I think it will hinder out-of-state people (a demographic the media claims SLCC needs to build up) due to weather and road conditions.

    Issues for April 2-4
    • LDS Church General Conference will cause issues with parking, traffic, hotel and food availability, and Trax, not to mention those who will go to GC instead of FanX.
    • Easter weekend is generally a time for families and small, intimate gatherings. I would think having a con on a holiday weekend would be risky. I believe that hampered Fantasy Con with their attendance.
    • Many schools have their spring break during April, and I would think they’d plan time and money around that, not a con..
    • Weather in early April is still very unpredictable.

    You just got done proving that September is an awesome time to have an awesome public response to an awesome fan-based con! 🙂

  168. Steven says:

    I am writing from the vendors point of view. My 3 full time road crews and myself exhibit / vend in over 78 Comic Cons/ Fantasy themed events each year . I feel I know this business from the inside out and from every angle.

    Winter is a time when its slow so its a open schedule except that snow may keep attendee’s away.

    APRIL – May is the absolute best time . Especially late april when there are no competing cons and the weather is super prime for attendee’s. Many vendors run a circuit and the last week of April fits perfectly for many serious full timers like myself who tour all the major ” A ” list Con’s of which Salt Lake City is certainly at the very top of my lsit of the best of the best. It is Extremely well managed and well promoted.

    September is absolutely terrible from any vendors perspective . Especially on long 3 day weekends such as lob or day or Memorial day weekend as this brings Salt Lake city ComiCon in serious conflict with at lest 6 other major events that their own vendors may have already committed to. Dragon Con comes to mind and a few others .

  169. glenn says:

    Do a comic con/ fan experience in september Together/ rent energy solutions/ salt palace/ portables they used for sundance and make it a 4 day event- send tickets and passes in the mail. Talk about dominate the comicon world!

  170. Daphne Jorgensen says:

    I’m voting for myself and my two teenage boys, so I think my opinion (which is right, by the way) counts as 3 votes 😉

    January, definitely.

    I LOVED FanX this year so much!!! Truthfully, though, when Comic Con came in September, it felt too soon. Financially, it’s a big hit (because I spend so much) and spacing it out is better. Energy-wise, I was almost too tired to really enjoy ComicCon; I felt still worn out from FanX.
    On a personal note, I really do want to have FanX next year, though normally I would say one a year is fine. BUT, it will be my son’s last chance before he leaves for a couple years to go. We didn’t really get into ComicCon or take advantage of the opportunity, though we did go all 3 days. I want to have another awesome time with him before he leaves and, if it’s anything like this year, FanX is AWESOME!!
    I’m also down to get the big stars while they’re in town for Sundance; just seems to make more sense to me.
    I think the colder weather is better. The poor cosplay people are so hot in those big costumes! And when you pack that many bodies in a building, it’s just so hot for everyone. Cooler weather seems like a plus to me!

  171. Daphne Jorgensen says:

    I disagree. NOT far more kidcon based.
    I like kids and all, but you are already doing plenty for kids. These last two events had plenty of kid stuff. If the place gets overrun by kids, the adults (with the money) will not want to go.
    Nothing against kids, I take mine, but then mine are 16 and 18 😉 but there are plenty of great kids activities in the area already. Don’t turn ComicCon or FanX into another one. Something for the kids is fine, but don’t let the kids take over.

  172. Wendy Darling says:

    Are those really the only two weekends available? January feels too early, and Conference Weekend would be a parking nightmare. But I’d hate to see FanX be skipped this year! I liked FanX MUCH better than Comic Con, as comic con was way too crowded this year and seemed poorly organized (the lines were seriously ridiculous). I’d say choose pretty much any other weekend Mar-May. If that’s really not possible, it might be worth trying Sundance weekend, because I’d hate to imagine how crowded it’ll be if you wait til Sept. 2015 (unless it’s possible to expand location-wise!!). If it’s too crowded to enjoy, it’s not worth anyone’s time.

  173. james woodham says:

    Let’s wait for September because April 2-4 both FanX and LDS Conference is going be super jam packed

  174. Casey says:

    I really think that once a year is the smartest idea, I have gone to all 3 conventions, but I never have as much to spend as I would like.

  175. Aaron Stevens says:

    I’m for only one event a year, as many have stated January is to soon, cold, and most won’t have much money saved up. I for one can’t afford to go that soon. April is a bad Idea for Conference Weekend because Downtown is already a nightmare.

  176. Curtis Kidd says:

    Seriously, the only two weekends you can find are Sundance weekend or Conference weekend? Have you actually given any serious consideration to the kinds of logistical nightmares you’re creating for yourselves with either of those options?

    January is the ugliest time of year to be in Salt Lake City. It’s the peak of the inversion season. It’s perennially the coldest month of the year, often with daytime highs that don’t even approach freezing and sometimes with wind-chills that drop into dangerous ranges. Sundance gets around it by getting people out of Salt Lake, and above the inversion layer in Park City, unless they’re in Salt Lake for a screening (and then they’re indoors).

    Another facet of ‘tail-gating’ Sundance is that anyone who is coming from out of town for FanX (including celebrity guests) is going to find that a difficult weekend to find a hotel in SLC. A LOT of people come to Salt Lake for Sundance, because it’s the closest place to Park City that has any decent hotels.

    Weather-wise, April is a LOT better…but it’s still a huge gamble, because early April is notorious for its fickle weather. Parking and hotel wise, it will be even worse, because there’s nothing drawing people out of Salt Lake to Park City. Late April or early May is far better weather, it’s after ski season so hotels aren’t as crowded, it’s after Conference so downtown won’t be a compounded sea of humanity muttering curses about the other group taking up so much space.

    If that’s not an option, wait. Even if it only winds up being for one year, if the only choices are Sundance Weekend or April Conference Weekend, then for the sake of giving people a relatively tolerable FanX experience, wait until September. Comic Con gave itself a huge PR black-eye with the fiasco of people waiting to get in this fall…anything even approaching that level, when it’s a mere twenty degrees outside, will result in a lot of extremely cold people attending the convention, if they’re willing to tough it out. Don’t overlook the fact that having a bunch of people requiring medical assistance for hypothermia because they were stuck in line will be yet another ‘someone didn’t think that through’ situation to mar the reputation of SLCC and FanX. The only reason I made it to both FanX and SLCC this past year is because I was working booths in one and won tickets for the other…I, like many other people, can’t afford to do both (even when I’m getting in for free, I almost can’t afford that much time away from work…)

    Do the reasonable thing, either find a better spring weekend or wait until September. I know there are people who will miss out if you only do one event a year…but if you take your time, plan it out well, and make it a really good event (including no ‘we waited for hours and couldn’t even get in’ situations on the first day), you’ll be that much more likely to pull off two events the next year. But if the only options for FanX are January or Conference weekend? I won’t be there. I’m a fan, yes…but there are limits to what I’m willing to suffer through to celebrate my fandom. Freezing valued pieces of my anatomy off is WAAAAY past those limits. So is enduring a double-dose of ‘Oh my hell where did all these people come from?’ Downtown is crowded enough when it’s just ComicCon OR Conference. Both will be ludicrous. And, quite likely, disastrous.

  177. Dani says:

    January, or just one big show!

    I am a vendor and from out of town and I have yet to miss the last 3 shows. Since the first Salt Lake Comic Con, I look forward to attending this convention! There are several big shows going on that same weekend of April. It was hard enough for me to pick between Sakura Con, Anime Matsuri, and Anime Boston, so please don’t add Salt Lake FanX to that list!

  178. FM Garret says:

    Coming from out of state, September stands a better chance of decent weather. Won’t attend if it ends up being January and April seems like a pretty major local conflict…hotels, food, etc

  179. David says:

    Some really great comments on this and I agree with a lot of them. I like the idea of FANX every other year and yes pick a different month than January or April. January with Sundance could be a huge mess and April well let’s not make God mad it rains everytime so do the math on that. Good luck guys on your decision.

  180. Chrissy Poo says:

    I replied with January. April would be fine with me, but for the sake of the convention and a majority of the people going, people are going to want to go to LDS general conference, and the turnout might not be as good.

    If you end up only having Comic Con in September, I would be totally fine with that.

  181. Amanda R. says:

    January- Absolutely not, because of the weather, fact that it gets dark so quickly, and there being not much turn around time between cons. I feel there would be an extreme chance of burnout.

    April- much better weather (great for cosplayers). The is a more even amount of time between events. Still a possibility for burnout. But I LOVED FanX earlier this year.

    September- best weather. Gives people more time to save money and people won’t be burned out. Dislike the fact that if I can’t go and there is only one event a year, I would have to wait 2 years (from basically now) for the chance to go again (that is, if they don’t have FanX in 2016). That thought makes me sad.

  182. Lexi says:

    I voted Jan because I believe you’re right in saying you’d get more celebrities. Many would be here for sundance & it’s good tourist season.

    However, after reading through the comments I have to agree that the timing of January for financial situations is a bad idea! I did not attend fanx last year, but I heard it was so much better organized than comicon2014 was. Also the prices from 2013 to 2014 went up so drastically that I’m considering to never come again (unless a celebrity demanded it) I think holding off til September, planning it to the detail to make floor plans, lines & especially VIP’s way more convenient for people & lowering the costs on celebrity autographs & photos is a much better idea. I’m going to give comicon one more shot, but first year (2013) I loved it. But I was only able to attend 1 day. This year I planned to DO comicon, bought VIP’s stayed downtown spent all 3 days & at the end of it I was burned out & broke. Really sad when I’m walking around with a bag full of photographs & autographs that I could have spent on a cruise & had money left over. The no pictures at the booths or extra $ to take photos was a joke & the cost/autograph almost doubled on the celebrities I went to see. (Most of us will still buy a photo op, even if we’re allowed to take a photo at the booth, especially if the price is better.) Also if you’re going to give con cash to VIP’s for spending the extra money make sure the celebrities accept it!

    I hope you’ll focus on making comicon 2015 better for the fans or I have to agree that the novelty of slcomicon is going to burn out fast.

  183. Shelby says:

    January is way too soon and right after Christmas, so not many people will have money saved up! {We went to ComicCon and are still making our money back from all the awesome celebrity meet-ups!} Plus, coming from California I would be very worried about traveling up there, plus during with it being snowy season.

    April would work, but Easter weekend isn’t the greatest decision as it’s a family holiday – but that time of the year would be awesome! Nice weather, maybe the second or third weekend would be better for everyone. or even March or May.

    I don’t think you should do only one convention a year, doing two different cons a year makes you guys awesome (:

  184. Caesar says:

    I agree once a year is a cool concept. The state legislature only meets once a year and it works for them. McDonalds should only have one really big kick ass commercial a year. Walmart should only open for one day a year, but just think how much money they they would make that day. All those stores that are open every day are stupid because I don’t have money to spend at their store every day.

  185. Devin says:

    I think if you do decide to go with just the one convention that it should be extended to at least 4 days long. Otherwise I thought it was fine last time around being Easter weekend too, but I’d be just fine doing it the week before or after too. January, though it’s possible for me to go still, seems like it is a bit too soon though since it’s almost six months between each convention and allowed us to save up enough money to be able to afford the things we may want too. That close after Christmas will just mean that people will have that much less they can spend on other things they may want.

  186. Gator says:

    It doesn’t matter to me if Fan-X is in January or April. If there is going to be a Fan-X in 2015, I’m going.

  187. Jason says:

    Do it in April. Most people get tax returns by then. If you can’t find a way to go to FanX (Which I know sucks) please don’t vote not to have one. It’s not fair to those of us that can go. Not having a con until September doesn’t mean that it will be the best Con ever. It just means that we have to wait another year! By the way January would suck. The cold and snow would not be good for the cosplayers. Not to mention it’s right after the holidays.

  188. Quinn says:

    I love Comic Con. I love Fan-X. But my vote would be to wait for September. Initially when I heard Fan-X 2015 might be on, I was happy….but worrying that two big events each year would be spreading yourselves thin, and maybe wearing the fanbase out.

    Hearing that the only available weekends are Sundance (bad for media coverage, celebrity attendance, nerds with or without money attending both) and General Conference (I’m guessing about half of the attendees are LDS, which puts them in a bad position, and also adds about 21,000 people (at three different Saturday sessions, so 63,000) trying to find parking downtown) …I’d say forgo it and focus on September’s Comic Con.

    Then in the future, if there’s a date that makes sense in spring, give Fan-X a shot, if you can make it great. I heard a lot of grumbling as an attendee and exhibitor at September’s Comic Con that it was too soon after Fan-X and Fantasy Con (not your production, and I didn’t go, but a lot of the same fans did), and if they hadn’t pre-bought CC tickets they wouldn’t have come at all. Focus on making September’s Comic Con frigging amazing.

  189. Ronald Hanna says:

    Having attended every Event so far (1st and 2nd SLCC, FanX and the George Takei Pre-Event), I vote for just one Event, in September per year… January is too close after the Holidays, and while Tickets would make great presents to friends and family, the additional expenses (Autographs and Ops, Vendors, Food, Parking, etc.) is just way too much right after the Holidays… I believe that one Yearly Event, in September, would be best…

  190. Jenifer says:

    I think having two a year is very difficult at best for everyone. I’ve seen lots of folks say have FanX every two years, and I agree with that. Plus, what about having it in May? Something tells me, though, that a decision has likely already been made.

  191. Ginny says:

    I have already planned in my budget for an April Comic Con. Being from out of state, it is quite an expense for us and it is likely we would not have the money so close to Christmas. Additionally, the roads for travellers who would be coming in might be a bit sketchy. Thanks for allowing input!

  192. Toni says:

    I think April is a great idea for FanX due to tax season and everyone getting their taxes so they have money to spend

  193. Ginny says:

    Keep in mind not all of us have money to travel to all of those other cons. Thus one is a big deal for us…

  194. Toni says:

    Might I also add that it was held last Easter weekend and that didn’t change the outcome. Plus, Easter is on Sunday.

  195. Ginny says:

    I doubt there would be a lack of ticket sales… a lot of people plan for only one a year and April is that one fir us.

  196. Ginny says:

    Some of us prefer FanX and we only go one time per year… I don’t think anyone will lose interest. There a lot of people who travel from out of state and would continue to do so. Imagine if all of those had to just consider the one Comic Con… the lines and congestion would be crazy with everyone having just the one choice. Just a thought!

  197. Ginny says:

    Thank you! I think there are a lot of us who cannot attend in September who are counting on a Fan X.

  198. Ginny says:

    I doubt that attendance would at all be limited because of an event that far away. There are so many people that come from states to the north that would never be able to go to events in California. Montana, Idaho, andWyoming all count on Salt Lake’s amazing event so that we can get our geek on too!

  199. Erik says:

    Due to both possible weekends seeming to have conflicts (maybe something that should have been looked at earlier???) I’d like to see a bigger and better Comic Con in September. That being said, there needs to be a lot of work to make the Comic Con bang on if we’re missing out on the Fan X.

    Lines, Crowding, Not being able to get in for the ONE actor I wanted to see, were all things I would like to see some work on if you want to keep your customers coming back and happy.

  200. Sue Miller says:

    Have ONE big SLCC ( Too many yearly events makes us less apt to go to ANY of them)
    in the spring BEFORE SDCC. The big celebs are Comic Con-ned out by the time September rolls around and don’t seem to want to attend SLCC. January is too cold. What’s going on March-May?

  201. Matthew Knighton says:

    I’m Going for Sept. I just need time for my finances to recover, I spend a whole year saving up for the one big event, and when that’s done I need to refresh it.

  202. Alex says:

    I voted to wait until September. FanX was cool the first time around, but I agree, two Cons is almost two much of a good thing. And for a lot of people who want to attend both, it can kill the wallet. If it were me, I’d say just do Comic Con in September and make it so good, people will forget FanX never happened. Put all the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears that would have gone into FanX into making 2015’s Con one that will rock the socks off of SDCC and NYCC.

  203. Shelle D. says:

    It really ought to be one giant blowout in September–let’s show San Diego what happens when we mean business!

    Also…please…for the love, start screening questions at panels. It’s so rude to the audience when guests go all “fan girl” and want fist bumps and hugs instead of asking real questions. Isn’t that what the autograph tables are for? Screen the questions and please SET SOME BOUNDARIES for those poor celebrities, otherwise they won’t come back.

  204. Taylor says:

    I agree with Steven. Let’s just do one huge one a year. We can make the best one ever. And I agree with a bunch of the other comments, let’s not do it LDS Conference weekend and let’s not do it during Sundance. That will cause a lot of conflicts. Let’s just do the SLC Comic Con in September and make everyone want to come to that. Let’s not be over-zealous and try too hard and make them mediocre Cons… we won’t get as much recognition or get as many celebrities if it sucks.

  205. Aoirselvar says:

    I voted for January, yeah the weather sucks, but so does the whole month, gives me something to look forward to, that and if it’s during conference weekend then I’ll miss the Saturday, and that’s my favorite time day of the con. Wow, tough decision.

  206. John W. Morheead says:

    As someone who has been to all your conventions, and has contributed by way of panel participation, I think with these two dates and their drawbacks it would be better to focus on September 2015. January is too close to Christmas expenditures and won’t give folks enough time to pull together the funds to attend and spend. Plus, having done FanXperience and Comic-Con we’ve had trouble keeping up with the time and funds to attend. Better to put the next event out a bit and put all the energies into one “kick ass” event in my opinion.

  207. Crystal says:

    I think Skipping Fan Ex this year and focusing more efforts on September is a great idea. (Also i am still recovering financially from Comic Con so having a year to build back up the bank account would be better for me!) PLEASE MORE STAR WARS GUESTS! Maybe Make FanX an every 2 years or every 4 years event to add more anticipation.

  208. Fish says:

    I would agree that if these are the only two options then let’s combine them and make it a huge experience. As my experience so far with Utah Comic Cons was solely on Thursday this year with 2 other adults and 4 kids who were amazingly patient as I had the single worse experience I have ever paid for in my life (the line of death), I’m hoping for a better experience with the next go. If it is combined into one larger group, avoiding the competition of two other large local events, then hopefully the folks running the show will be able to better solve the line and crowd issues. Perhaps even extend the time the show is open and pull in some major announcements from movie/TV/comic companies to help boost notoriety for SLCC. Additionally, if it only rolls around once a year, and the lawsuit from that OTHER comic con winds up costing too much money, perhaps they could simply integrate the FanX to resolve the issue. Just my 2 cents without knowing the direction the organizers want to go with naming rights and image. I would also think that fans would have a harder time with January knowing that weather and waiting outside could freeze you out, ruin months of cosplay work or make it miserably messy once inside would be a big issue.

  209. Danielle says:

    As a small Artist Alley vendor I would definitely say focus on the September event. The mass LDS exodus in April vs January being Utah’s heaviest month for snowfall/freezing rain makes both of the current options for FanX fairly miserable in terms of transportation, lodging, and waiting in line for attendees. Also, I think many of the convention’s growing pains have a lot to with trying to do/grow so much in such a short amount of time. Focusing on September allows for more/prolonged training for volunteers, more time to plan and coordinate panels (and actually get the schedule into the physical program guide this time. No use knowing what the panels are if you can’t find them). It also allows for smaller/local vendors more time to prepare unique products tailored to your event, and allows attendees to plan and save for one big con haul.

    I know there’s also the concern for celebrity schedules, but maybe you could coordinate smaller, celebrity oriented events that match select celebrities schedules or even host fundraiser events for said celebs and their favorite charities. SLCC seems to be pretty good at making sure people know what’s going on, and if a popular celeb is in town for some random weekend meet and greet/panel experience I think the fans getting pictures/autographs/etc at SLCC would pay just to attend that on its own.

    Anyway that’s my two cents, at least in regard to scheduling.

  210. Robert Smith says:

    I think one huge convention in September would be better. The guest list at this last comic con was not as good as FantasyCon or FanX. I think maybe concentrating on making one awesome convention would be better than two good conventions.

  211. Clint says:

    I voted for doing it only once a year. I feel having two events causes both to suffer. Also, both of these dates are terrible times to have a Con. I’m sure having two Cons a year is great for the organizers when it comes to the $$$$ they make off us, but the events definitely suffer from it. Please, just do one great con a year and maybe a FanX every 2-3 years. That way you can focus on getting the best guests possible and more comic artists/creators. I for one would love to get Jae Lee, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Kenneth Rocafort to name a few.

  212. Lynn says:

    or if they ask for a hug…omg I rolled my eyes so many times during the questions. I had to pay for my photo ops for that ability and they just get to do it free? sounds rude but…kinda upsetting if you know what I mean especially when you drop over $50 for a photo op….

  213. Kody Ortega says:

    issue for Jan is SNOW!!!!! and Jazz games and SNOW!!!! so it would become just an event for Salt Lake and not the whole state because someone like me that comes from St George, doesn’t want to drive the whole state and find out can’t make the rest of the trip but find out half way through we can’t go any farther because the roads are snowed in.

  214. Michael says:

    The venue was too small for the amount of people that attended. Honestly it was just too crowded to be much fun. It took my family 3 hours to get into the main comic con this last September and those that had single day passes probably didn’t get to fully enjoy the experience.

    Maybe you could work something out where you split it up to different venues. Like the salt palace and the South Towne Expo Center or if the weather is fair the SLC fair grounds. There are Trax trains that run between them easily enough or coordinating with UTA for transit between the venues. Either way it was WAY too crowded to be enjoyable. Honestly Either use a bigger venue, don’t sell as many tickets, or run the convention for a longer period of time.

    That being said I did enjoy both Comic Con and FanX this last year so thank you guys for putting it together.

  215. lacey leblanc says:

    I think we should just have one con a year, in September.

    It would be better on the wallet and better planning makes for a stronger event.

    Thats not to say you cant run a geek inspired event with sundance. Just dont make or expect 100, 000+ con sizes.

    Run a paid sundance event and invite a few celebrities. Keep it small. Like, 5-10, 000 small.
    Or smaller.

    And conference weekend just sounds like a very bad idea.

  216. Lynn says:

    if they moved the kid con off the floor, they could do it in a hotel ballroom where it would be out of the way of the crowds and safer for the kiddos. Would also help decrease foot traffic thru the con/ less strollers. They could also hold more family and kid orientated events at the same place if possible. Movies/guests/ mascots/etc that are family friendly could be shown/be there instead of taking up room on the main floor. if they put it at a close by hotel it also wouldnt cause a huge issue with walking back and forth between the two. Just my two cents 🙂

  217. Lynn says:

    or pay them so they don’t feel like they’re being burnt out. Plus maybe you would be able to get more people to do it year after year and be experienced if you paid them 🙂 Since the con is so big now, why can’t you afford to pay your staff?

  218. Justin says:

    I think one AWESOME, MEGA event in September is the way to go. If you really want to rival the “other con” that wants to shut you down, focus on one event and make it HUGE! I think having two will start to bleed your crowd and dilute the event so that it is not something to look forward to. Just my thoughts.

  219. Justin says:

    I totally agree with Sadi! It was nice the first year because it was like a reward, but now that things are moving one a year seems like the right way to go. Really focus on making an event that can rival the big boys of the con world!

  220. Lou says:

    Lets have a recovery period. 2 cons so close is draining the pool of customer funds and vendor capability. People are buying the tickets but not spending money in the show. As a vendor I have $1 items that I cant sell because people are “strapped for cash”. One Con, maybe add a day to it and see what Sunday brings to the show. Not having a sunday puts an accent on the fact you’re in SLC… at least thats some of the feedback I’ve gotten from out-of-towners.

  221. Clint says:

    I think the “pro” for January of having celebrities here already for Sundance is not as big of a “pro” as one might think. Most celebrities here for Sundance are here because they have a film they are promoting, which means they will not have as much time to devote to a convention. My personal opinion is focus on making the SLCC as great as possible, having the two different conventions is a little overwhelming and can be too expensive.

  222. AB says:

    My only concern about having just one event a year in September is that the ticket prices will be jacked up beyond anything affordable.

    I am not LDS, but I understand that the LDS conference will have a massive impact on the convention. It had a massive impact on attendance on an event that I took part in, and that event was free and three hours away from SLC.

    January is not as feasible, I think. People, especially their bank accounts, are still recovering from the Holidays.

  223. Jeannie says:

    I am all for a second event, but are those the only two dates? I am leaning towards April, but perhaps a different weekend in April? Or late March. I loved Fan X this year, and would love to go again!

  224. Meisha says:

    PLEASE wait until September! BUT it would be AWESOME if it was Thursday-Sunday. Tickets are always over sold and people get mad because we end up not being able to come in because its too crowded. It would be fantastic if it was extended another day.

  225. Nick Keil says:

    I do not wish to convey the message that I did not enjoy FanX… was Awesome!
    With that said, I feel that it would be more affordable for everyone to save up for only a single HUGE CON in September.
    This would give me (and others) more money for Vendors, Autographs and Photo-Ops.
    I talked to many vendors who seemed to be getting a lot of responses from shoppers that they spent their money at the last CON FanX and Fantasy Con and they have no funds to buy what they would like.

    Without a FanX event the SLCCC VIP Ticket holders would probably even be OK with paying a little more, particularly if it leads to bigger names.

    Unless FanX is being used to gain more capital to bring in bigger names to the Salt Lake Comic Con, the by all means hold it…but I will not attend…My continual VIP money will go towards SLCC.

  226. Courtney says:

    I personally think there should only be one big Comic con in September .. Not everyone is rich and can afford going to two .

  227. Mikey says:

    I think only one in Sept should be considered. January is too close to after Christmas and not a lot of us will have money left from presents and April is conference weekend and that’s not a good idea because it will be busy and salt lake will be crazy . Doesn’t make sense to do it either dates except one big con in sept. Make it bigger and bring in more big guests

  228. Robert Baird says:

    From my FB post:

    I am a large fan of FanX and I think this past year as well demonstrated the ability of our cons to sustain two event model. I really thought April worked well, but overlapping Gen Conf will prove to be a big disadvantage.

    I would prefer April over January for various reasons, but Sundance is not one of them. In fact, I would move forward to say that a Celeb resource limitation is less than a non-issue, these two events compliment each other and the timing could just as easily create a greater pool of celeb opportunities. I can’t say it will for sure, but those who say it won’t aren’t really givng any valid reason apart from an intuitive feeling.

    I just don’t see Sundance and FanX as competing for audience. Sundance is largely an influx of people from Hollywood and NY looking at what might be worthy of purchase. While tickets are made avail to locals, it is not a locals event. FanX has out of townies, but they majority of attendees are locals. Yes you can get a glimpse of a celeb at Sundance, but it is a stolen moment if you are lucky or have a press pass.

    Sundance is an elite’s event to it which is to say, the celebs are not there for the fans. Celebs at Sundance and Celebs at FanX are likely to have a small venn overlap. Where it does, it will favor FanX more than act as a disadvantage.

    Furthermore, there is a place where the two can and should coordinate and that is in film. Here films promoted in both events likely have overlaps that would create larger audiences. This doesn’t mean the the overlap will cause this naturally. It does mean it provides an opportunity for producers of both to actively consider ways of using the larger audiences.

    I prefer April without a Conference conflict. Barring that, overlap with Sundance is a preferred alternative.

  229. Tiffie says:

    I love that we (Utah) gets to have a fans and comic on each year. That being said I voted for January but would be happy with either Jan or April as long as we still get to have a fanx!

  230. Angel says:

    ok here are my thoughts…
    if we wait for September again it would allow more people to save money… I had a hard time getting funds together for tickets for september so soon after FanX last year. And I do not seem to be one of the lucky ones which wins a ticket ever.
    If we wait for september and the prices of VIP increases similar to how it increased from 2013-2014 then we have a problem. the price more than doubled from SLCC 2013 to SLCC 2014.
    If These are our only options then I would say September.

  231. Gary says:

    this is not a win for me so I did not vote
    January I will be skiing, unless I am sick (no fanx either way) or hurt.
    I do not go downtown on conference weekend

  232. Becka says:

    I would love to keep fan x and I think January seems like a great time. Because we’re all house bound because of the weather it would be nice to get out and have fun with other nerds. My biggest problem has always been with September. I’ve gone to every slcc/fanx since you started. September is really hard for me. Besides all the other things going on down town my kids usually have something going on that they can’t miss. I’m sure college students have similar problems. If we had comic Con before school started it would really make a difference on how often I came and what I did. Right now I end up driving to and from slcc at least 3 times a day which is a huge waste of gas and parking, not to mention time. Just a thought.

  233. Eileen says:

    Please give us FanX!!!! I NEED FanX!!!! Three events would be too many, one would be too few. Two is just right! :O) And I enjoyed the different variety that you offer through each one, so please, give us this fun experience! And please get Norman Reedus to come, I mean how is the guy expected to fall in love with me and marry me, if he doesn’t even get to marry me??!?!?!? ;O) Thank you for asking our input, I don’t think anyone else has done this for an event of this magnitude! You’re the best! 🙂

  234. Keith says:

    Given the options, I believe it would be best to simply wait and put on an amazing Comic Con and skip FanX this year. January is REALLY soon and the weather will be bad. I’m not sure that’s really even enough time to plan something this big, but I’m not the one planning it. Personally it seems like it might be kind of miserable having people waiting in lines to get in at the coldest time of the year. April is also problematic with all the parking, traffic, hotel issues that come with Conference weekend. I would love to see an even bigger better Comic Con and I think that might be best accomplished by focusing on one amazing event rather than two pretty good events.

  235. Ryan says:

    FanX felt unnecessary and like a cash grab. Focus on making he true Comic Con as good as it can be. Anything done at FanX can also be done at Comic Con.

  236. Rachel says:

    I say one event in Sept but make it the FanX named/structured event. That has a more unique draw to it than just a regular con.

  237. Ryan says:

    They’re pretty much the same. Anything that was at FanX they could do for Comic Con. No need to split it into two events

  238. Zoltan says:

    I think you should combine FanX and LDS General Conference into one big event. That would be AWESOME!!!

  239. Amanda says:

    yes if you have been paying attention on facebook, Bryan already announced that Salt lake Comic Con (minus the -) is booked for the salt palace.

  240. Melissa says:

    Please spend more time and energy in just one event. The first Comic Con had its issues, but I felt it was a better Con. This year’s was horrible, in my mind. In setup, cost, vendor setup, and guest experience. I was also a vendor, and it was a horrible experience at this year’s Con. (We were forced into the wrong higher priced area, my name was spelled wrong and we recieved no benefit as a vendor (free parking, discounted food, etc).

  241. Dink says:

    All I would really like to see is a better way to get around faster in large crowds, and a more intuitive/detailed way to find what I want when I want. The app was a start but data was a problem for me.

  242. mandy says:

    I voted for April, mostly because I work retail and couldn’t go in January at all also being right after the holidays I’m going to be broke. I normally like 5 mouths between my cons for my wallet to heal.
    But after I voted I did remember how much a pain it be up in slc, around that April weekend it looks like there just not a good choice hear

  243. Kreston Lee says:

    Another consideration relating to Conference weekend in April is Parking. I manage several of the parking lots downtown and currently Comic Con, Conference, and Christmas are the times when all of our garages fill. Several of the big parking garages downtown are on property owned by the LDS Church and so Conference Parking will receive higher priority and finding available parking for FanX will be challenging.

  244. James says:

    January seems close to September but, you don’t want to fight with general conference.
    The Sundance connection would allow more Independent films (a good thing)
    You would need a really popular star booked asap (someone who really knows how to make the crowd feel special)

  245. Debbie says:

    I voted January but changed my mind after thinking about and looking at the other comments!! It is to close from Christmas No money!! To much other stuff going on! Same with the other Date!
    But how about March or even late April early May would be a better Ideal!

  246. Becky says:

    I voted for April, but honestly, neither of those choices for FanX sound appealing. January is cold and yucky, can you imagine how filthy the Salt Palace is going to get from all the tracked-in slush? Plus there’s an extra chance to get sick due to the time of year. I know there’s going to be a coat check, but not everyone will use it (I wouldn’t, I’d be terrified I’d never see my coat again); so people will be lugging coats around for themselves and their kids, what a pain! People will have shot their wad on toys for the kids for Christmas; even if they’ve gifted or been gifted FanX tickets, they won’t have a lot to spend on the vendor booths. People coming from out of state may choose not to go due to weather concerns. You also have Sundance to compete with, and as someone else mentioned, a lot of your volunteers also volunteer at Sundance every year. In April, people would likely have more money to spend, the weather would hopefully be better (though this IS Utah and it’s been known to snow in April), people will have spring fever and be itching to get out of the house. On the down side, you have GC that weekend, which creates traffic and parking problems. Many Mormon fans will likely not come if it’s conference weekend (though I suspect some will). I don’t think it being Easter weekend is that big of deal; it wasn’t this last time. I say if you’re going to have FanX, April is a more appealing choice (at least for me, it would be). But frankly, I think you would be better off to scrap FanX altogether, focus on the Sept. event and concentrate on making it the best, most kick-ass con in the entire United States.

  247. Tsha says:

    Put so nicely! 🙂 Really, though, parking and masses will be terrible if we tried to do it that weekend. Like, Apocalypse-grade terrible.

  248. Tara says:

    To be perfectly honest I won’t go to FanX no matter when you have it because it takes me a full year to save up for the Comic Con which is my true love! The TV end of it dosn’t interest me as much as the books and the art. And while I find the television shows entertaining, the actors are not the characters, simply the face, or one face, of them.

  249. Melinda says:

    I really like the idea of a smaller and more intimate convention, so if there are fewer people, I think it would be more enjoyable! Also, who doesn’t love two conventions in one year? I know I do!

  250. Brandee says:

    So many of your volunteers also volunteer at Sundance that you’d likely be VERY shorthanded if you move this January. (Today is the last day for them to sign up to volunteer for Sundance, so they’re already committed by now.)

    Unfortunately, Easter weekend is also just bad for too many people, whether it falls on Conference weekend or not. Although, that will also create a major problem…

    I love the events, but I agree with a number of people who say that too many events in one year is too much. I don’t know how people can afford it.

    And one last frustration… How come we can’t have a Friday, Saturday, Sunday event? I want to attend as much as possible, but can’t take off two days of work for it. And I can’t, as a responsible parent, pull the kids out of school for those two days either. We miss way too much, because Thursday is just not a feasible day for us. We can’t be the only ones?

  251. Dani says:

    Wait for September – and use the time to address the lessons learned from this last session.

    I want more expo, for sure, but Id like to make sure its done in a way that everyone can enjoy it and have a great experience.

  252. Kim says:

    I voted January because it would be the only convention around that time, but as an exhibitor I noticed the same thing as Phillip, it seems that market may be over saturated with 2 cons so close together.

  253. Catie says:

    I loved FanX this year. & if you did have it again in April, I’d go. I love the 2 cons a year model. I can go to a con once during each semester at school.
    I don’t think January is a good idea. The weather is at best freezing cold, & at worst miserably messy. Add the cold and possibly wet/icy/dirty conditions to the already limited nearby parking & it makes getting to the convention unpleasant. Being right after the holidays limits the amount of money people have to spend at the convention, if they can afford to go at all. On the planning end, I think that trying to plan an entire convention in 3 months would be problematic.
    I would have no problem attending FanX on an Easter weekend. I thought it worked out nicely this year. However, the insane amount of traffic that Conference draws is a problem.
    If you decide not to go for it & have FanX in 2015, I’d say get dates for 2016 Fanx on the books & then plan for a fantastic Comic Con next September, & an amazing FanX the following spring.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into making the cons fantastic!

  254. Brian says:

    I think it would be good in apirl the weather starting to get nice kids are on spring break from school

  255. Kris says:

    My concern about having it in late January would be transportation. What about the freezing temps and chances of snow? I live in Utah, so I don’t have to come nearly as far as some people, including the celebrities, but I prefer not to travel along blinding slip ‘n slides . . . or if I’m likely to lose digits to frostbite while chasing Nerdvana. Then there are the times when the airports get closed because of weather, so even if the fans make it, what if the celebrities are stuck up in the sky for the duration, or am I overthinking now? On the other hand, will there be free hot chocolate? I’m totally there if hot chocolate is in the cards.

  256. Becky says:

    One CC in Sept is best. I am so involved at Sundance during Sundance that I won’t even consider attending Fan X if held then. Many others won’t come either. If we see them at SFF why would we want to see them the same weekend at Fan X?

  257. HaloCure says:

    I voted for April. I absolutely loved the FanX this past April, and in my opinion, it far surpassed the Sept. event in terms of the quality of guests and the quality of panels. The Star Trek guests and panels were just stellar, and getting Nathan Fillion was a major, major coup guest-wise, as was getting Patrick Stewart and Karen Gillan. I also felt the FanX event was far better organized and more enjoyable overall. I liked having a good six months between the events, and I didn’t think it was too much to have two in one year. Out of the two, I actually spent more money at FanX because there were far more people I wanted photos with / autographs from. September’s Comic-Con was actually held at the same time as the Atheist’s convention and nobody complained about that, haha. As far as parking and traffic, well our downtown is not very suited for large events, and that’s not going to change any time soon. I don’t think that the organizers should bow to pressure due to the “dominant religion”, because FanX is not held on Sunday anyway!

  258. Bruce says:

    Tradition is what we are trying to start. We need to have a time of our own NOT a time that is marked for others. Not being of the faith that is of the time period for April, it would be a conflict. Costumes would be constantly chastised, rebuffed, told “bad taste for the time”, etc which would be constantly in conflict with what we are trying to do. That is, Have fun and as I said trying to start our own tradition. Don’t let those try to fool you and say that wouldn’t happen. It would.
    September offers a great time of year and hopefully, HOPEFULLY we can get a Star Wars themed FanX event as well. Let’s have our time and our Day!!! FANXtember

  259. Morgan says:

    I would do it during General Conference allot of utah peolpe will still go and General Conference will not effect out of state attendees.

  260. Melissa Rasmussen says:

    I simply can’t afford two events a year and I feel like we missed out on some star power in September because April’s event diluted it. (I’m still crying over the fact that I had to save until September and you brought Picard and all the Next Gen gang to April, I sort of hate you all for that 😉 -And then in September, no big surprise name like Patrick Stewart. BUMMER. That said I had a blast anyway and I will try to save and make it to one event a year. The weather is nicer in September for travel and parking and such. What I would LOVE to see is for it to extend into Sunday, like most cons, a Thurs through Sun is most satisfying. I would also like to see more events take place at night. Fun stuff. The people that used to run ConDuit might have some ideas in that department. Even if you left the vendor room open a couple more hours each night that would be cool. -perhaps move the speed dating to evening so we don’t have to miss out on the con events. -Also loved the film fest on site hated it at the Megaplex. Hated noisy allstar wrestling in the middle of the vendor room, loved that you opened it up for more space. Good times. (Another pro for going Sunday, is people could skip Thurs and wouldn’t have to take an extra day off work. And the ) Overall, you guys are doing a great job scrambling to keep up with your fans. Print a paper schedule you can pass out for the activities though. When the phones go down and the app overloads and some phones run out of batteries, it’s extremely frustrating not to be able to know what is going on where. I’d pay$1 dollar more per tix if they came with a two sided mini photocopied black and white schedule to back up when all else fails what is going on where. Every convention of any kind I have ever been to has provided that. September con was really lots of fun, thanks 🙂

  261. Gennie says:

    Personally I would rather wait until September. I loved the last FanX. It had great atmosphere and it was regal. The recent ComicCon lacked a little of that. Of course I love them all. I would like to have time to save up more money so at the next one I could purchase more. Budgets are budgets, so I would prefer a really great one and not so many.

  262. Andy says:

    I voted January mostly because I don’t want to wait clear till April, Lord forbid I have to wait clear till September… plus a smaller event with better celebrities, why the hug not?

  263. Jeanine says:

    It’s too soon to do FanX in January and too cold! No body wants to wait in those long lines in such poor weather conditions. I say, stick with the original month that FanX was on which is April!!
    Gives you guys more time to organize and plan stuff out and us more time to save up money and work on our costumes haha
    If we waited all the way ’till September that is just too long of a wait, I’d drive myself crazy!

  264. Sabine says:

    I am an out of state fan. I love having two great SLC shows to travel to. My vote is for April. April provided enough time to save up money. SLC is very easy when it comes to travel and parking, the front runner is convienent so I have no worried about the traffic conficting with the LDS convention. We can work around each other, big cities are good at that. I think the Sundance festival would bring the wrong crowd. Let’s keep it for the nerds!

  265. Julie says:

    I vote for September only. I like saving up my resources for nice stuff and having one awesome CC a year would be great.

  266. Tristen says:

    Honestly I loved going to both fanx and comic con april was amazing for me and my family so was comic con in Sept can’t we do fanx the weekend after conference the only complaint I could have would be my kids missing school to go. But I think having 2 a year gives us a better opportunity to get celebrities not always available during one time during the year

  267. Tasha says:

    Is there going to be another fantasy con?
    We love Comic Con and whatever date it happens, we will be there!

  268. Marla says:

    I’m getting very burned out on cons that are six months apart. Its too expensive and many of the guests are repeats. Comic cash isn’t worth much with not being able to combine it. You have that built into your costs, allow families to use that as they wish, in the areas you allow, and combine it so they can actually make use of it.

  269. Gary Brantner says:

    Money wise (for the price of the table and hotels) I can only afford one of them a year, but it makes sense to have it near Sundance time. That said. . . I still think the Sept one should be sooner and out of school year times so that more can attend from Utah’s other counties. We can’t all still go to school and get down there before you close. Being the geeks they are my kids have this crazy notion that they can’t miss school due to some attendance award and my wife works in school too. I would prefer it if it was before the school year started or a week after it ends.
    I hope to someday be able to have a table at both.

  270. Robert says:

    April usually has great weather in SLC – except for Conference weekend. But I think we should all chance it and take the April date if January or September are the only alternatives. September can still be very hot, and if weather is like this year’s monsoonal rains, it could be a “washout”. January is generally too cold and (hopefully) snowy, although I can see the attraction of pulling in celebs from Sundance. Overall, though, this local votes for April.

  271. Ashley says:

    Knowing what I know of ComicCon’s and FanX’s behind-the-scenes actions, I will never attend another expo by them. They’ve done some stupid stuff, some bad stuff, even some shady stuff. I don’t care when they hold their next FanX – me, my family, and my friends will never attend.

  272. Gillian says:

    January will be to cold for people to stand in line outside.
    The first week of April will have no parking or TRAX because of General Conference. Plus you’ll lose lots of con goers because they’ll be at General Conference.
    I recommend a different week in April.
    And as for Comic Con in September. I recommend adding another day. If you were to add Sunday you could lower some of the Saturday crowd, and Sunday shouldn’t be too bad because all of us Mormons wouldn’t be there on Sunday.
    (This is just my thoughts and opinions, others may not agree, and that’s okay.)

  273. Amy says:

    Honestly the time between Sept and Jan is to short for funding especially given the holidays. Also you run the risk of getting snowed out or in. on a final note, most volunteers that help with comic con will be working at Sundance and you really dont want to run the risk of being that short handed. Strive for an epic con in Sept and dont burn people out which will happen eventually.

  274. Cinder says:

    I think that we should do it in September 2015it’s a long wait I know but!, if we do it in January then it’s cold no one wants to stand in the snow and it just seems like all the other months are busy months with other stuff busy traffic and no one wants Extra traffic trust me.

  275. Bluesfier says:

    Where is the option D: Choose a different date since neither of those are any good ?
    For me I won’t be going if it is either of those days. It will be a pain either day, too cold in January to do most cosplays, and too crowded for hotels and basic people downtown for April.

    If those are the choices, then I’ll see you in Sept.

  276. John says:

    Either have FanX or have Comic Con, two Cons per year AND Fantasy Con is too much. If you guys give yourself a year to focus on one convention, I think you’ll be able to do it justice. May seems like a good compromise. I don’t like Fan X in April, it’s still too cold and Comic Con in September is–in addition to being the start of the school year, usually a street festival and the Greek Festival–too warm still. Also, allow people to pre-register for next year’s Con at the current year’s Con (i.e., allow people at the 2015 Comic Con to pre-register for the 2016 Con).

  277. Carlos M says:

    I voted for September only.

    Focus all your attention on just one event a year. If Seattle, Denver, NYC, and L.A. are content with one big geek event a year, so can we.

  278. Scott Ferrell says:

    Are these the only dates the salt palace is available? They’re both bad ideas. Unless you can figure out somewhere inside to line people up, January is out. Nobody wants to stand outside in January. And parking will be brutal downtown if there’s any other event going on. I say find a different date in the spring or wait until September.

  279. Jasmine says:

    Doing comic con in April would be nice cause it would give people something to do in the summer. Doing it in January would be to soon. Doing it September is too long.

  280. Laura says:

    My biggest problem with January is the unpredictable weather. As many attendees travel in, road conditions could be a problem. Fans in accidents, fans upset because they bought tickets and couldn’t attend on account of snowed roads, celebrity no-shows due to weather-related travel restrictions. Plus as you mentioned already, winter would certainly make finding a costume much harder for some.

  281. Maria says:

    I voted for September. For simply personal finance reason. .However think about this…. If you really where going to have it the first weekend in April you would have had to decide that this past April. General Conference times never change. They have always been the first weekend of April and October. Meaning that after this weekend LDS members will already be making their plans for next April. A something you may or may not know…tickets for conference are easily available to people from out of the country local churches have much fewer. That means hotels will be booked months in advance! The church has made arrangements for free travel with TAX some years I believe also. Local Comic Con attendees would have no wear to park. TRAX and Buses would be over crowded. And out of town attendees would have little too no chance of a hotel accommodation. Think logically and in consideration regardless of belief (I am not a member of that faith, it just make sense to not have it in April)

    As for January hotels prices and car rentals are usually more expensive because of Sundance and ski season. Weather could shut down the state one day for all we know as well. Lol

  282. Thea says:

    Traditional to hold it in April?? One event does not make a tradition!! I voted for January because of easier access for actors to attend but the weather (unless you ski/snowboard) is abysmal. However it was best of the three choices given: April would be a nightmare for crowds and parking and accommodation for out-of-towners. Merging FanX with Comic Con would be a nightmare…..have you not learned anything from the crowds and disorganization of the last Comic Con? First make sure you can handle that before merging another Con into it.

    Someone suggested every other year and I think that is a spectacular idea. Celebrities would be more willing and able to regularly attend an event every 2 years rather than every year, renting a suitable place would be easier and there would be a greater choice of dates (I vote May) and so much more time to organize well. There is a reason why the Summer/Winter Olympics are only held every 4 years!

  283. Tabbi says:

    I think having it in Jan is a good plan. I’m sure the fan-base will be there! April was a big let down last year, as anyone living in Moab most likely can’t attend. Jeep Safari is a big event held each year on Easter weekend. Tourist season starts….anyone in the service industry, especially managers can’t take the time off. So bummed about missing the Boondock Saints last year because of the time it was held! Gotta love living in a tourist town. -_-

  284. Lee Smith says:

    Why not get a different venue, that would solve most of the problems! Have you thought about renting out the entire South Town Exhibition Center? Or what about a stadium? Also, I think it would be better if it could be held Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

  285. laura says:

    I would love to have it in January. There are more positive about it. I love having two twice a year. Plus maybe Norman reedus will be able to make it

  286. laura says:

    I would love to have it in January. There are more positive about it. I love having two twice a year. Plus maybe Norman reedus will be able to make it

  287. laura says:

    I don’t think it is fair to say get rid of kid con. It makes the kids happy and also gives them something to get excited for. There is no reason why that should be taken away.

  288. Patrizia says:

    Many of your volunteers also volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival, so you will lose a lot of volunteer support if you hold it in January. Right after the holidays is a hard time to expect people to have much disposable income available for shopping or buying tickets or photo ops. If the only available date in April for the Salt Palace to be available, then book the SouthTowne Expo Center for it on a better date. General Conference is a horrid traffic situation to ask people to compete with, but if you held the even at the opposite end of the valley it wouldn’t be as bad. If you just held the once a year event, it’d be something people look forward to and save more to spend at the event as well.

  289. Antony says:

    If the Salt Palace is COMPLETELY booked and those are the ONLY two available dates, has anyone considered the South Towne Expo Center for FanX this year?

  290. Nichole says:

    Though I had fun at both events, I would like to see a BIGGER SL comic con with more focus on all ages and less focus on the little ones.. who, by reading your reviews on Facebook, didn’t have an enjoyable time anyhow. I travel from out of town and I expected SLCC 2014 to be bigger than FanX, seeing as FanX was bigger than SLCC 2013. I was disappointed to see the same vendors selling the same things as they were at FanX months prior. Eyes on the prize ya’ll..

  291. Nichole says:

    Oh, and PLEASE never (ever) move the entire event to January in Park City. There is absolutely no way I could make the drive in our unpredictable Utah weather.

  292. Nichole says:

    Agreed. I live 2 1/2 hour south of SLC, if they were to move this event to Park City there is absolutely no way I could make the drive through Indian canyon or Price canyon. Impossible.

  293. sylvia says:

    I would like to see another date besides Easter weekend in April, or perhaps you could consider a date in May. Spring can be wonderful in Utah! The January date would be problematic here in Utah for parking, traffic and generally being outside waiting to get in 🙁

  294. Pete Foran says:

    It’s not that we didn’t enjoy Fan X, and I understand the filming schedule issue, but please spend the time and money for one Blow-our-socks-off event every September. Instead of spreading everything too thin on two really good shows! Thank you.

  295. Corey says:

    I really love/appreciate what ya’ll have done with Salt Lake Comic-Con, but I feel that you really need to stick to one event now that you’re so well established. It can be expensive going to Comic-Con for many people (tickets, reservations, travel, cosplay, gifts/souvenirs, celebrity photo ops)…so my reasoning is, is that it’s better if people have more time to save and also more money to spend. Also, it’s kinda like Christmas…Christmas wouldn’t be as good if we had it twice a year. So please just do the Great Con itself once a year. Grow it, bring in more celebrities, vendors, and awesomeness, build a new venue if you have to! Please keep Salt Lake Comic-Con a unique, family friendly experience, that can be enjoyed by lot’s of people…………………and give San Diego a run for its money…again.

  296. Still Reeling says:

    Speaking as a vendor, your last con was so disorganized and horribly run that you need to focus on ironing out the major (and I mean major) problems you have before they impact the fan’s experience. You need to do CPR on Comic Con first and most importantly. I am not the only vendor who will tell you this.

  297. Deborah says:

    I think January is an awesome idea. As a serious convention attendee, it would be a good early start to convention season.

    I thinking getting rid of FanX would be a bad idea. So far, me and my boyfriend enjoyed FanX much more than ComicCon. Even though it might not be a record breaker again, I think it would definitely be worth doing again.

  298. Deborah says:

    Also, I think people underestimate how many people would show up on Easter weekend. Think of how many people showed up on the 4th of July to FantasyCon.

  299. Deborah says:

    It would not be in ParkCity. They’re just saying there’s conflict because others might want to go to ParkCity.

  300. Marscaleb says:

    That sounds good in theory, but with so many people eager for comic con and following everything they do, how could it be small? Seriously, how could you turn it into a small event when so many people would want to go?

  301. AJ says:

    Please do fanx And use it to work out the crowd kinks that comic con faced. We were lucky but I know several people weren’t. 🙂 maybe have wristband pickup in the weeks before the event. 🙂 make them scannable to avoid fraud? I don’t know.

  302. james says:

    100% agree that saturation is the. Too much of a good thing is a very very bad thing. January weather is horrible and conference weeken equals no parking anywhere. Save up till September and make it mean more.

  303. Stephanie Thompson says:

    I purchased VIP passes for all three SLCC events and traveled from Boise. FanX was the best event hands down. It was far more organized, had some of the best guests/panels, and was less crowded. BUT, it was significantly more expensive for photo ops and autographs. September 2014 was also a blast with more incredible guests. BUT, the registration debacle on Thursday left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths and Saturday was a nightmare trying to walk anywhere. In theory, having FanX at the same time as Sundance sounds awesome because of the number of celebrities who attend. Unfortunately, those same stars are most likely going to be focused on promoting their films and stuck in hotel rooms doing press junkets a good chunk of the time. Then there are the weather and money concerns for us attendees. I’m HIGHLY reluctant to buy VIP (or any) tickets for a January event because of the potential of horrible/closed road conditions driving from Boise. And there is NO way I’d stand in those rediculous registration lines outdoors in the cold/snow. That’s assuming I’ll have money to spend so soon after SLCC and Christmas. Vendors will probably be reluctant to attend that close to Christmas as well. April sounds like a nightmare in terms of parking, TRAX, and hotel rooms. Luckily, I have a friend to stay with who just relocated to SLC, but the majority of out of state/towners don’t. So, if you HAVE to do FanX this year, please do April. My preference is for one HUGE event in September though. I can already see people getting burned out and tired of spending small fortunes twice a year.

  304. Jordan Anderson says:

    I Voted for April, but I think both of those dates are terrible! Who wants to walk around in cosplay and freeze their butts off in the middle of January and potentially have snow rim your costume that you worked so hard on our spent good money on? I know I don’t. And having it the same weekend at General conference is stepping all over each other’s events and will just cause issues. Plus i am am out of towner and having it the same weekend as conference would make hotel rooms that much harder to find. Is there another date you can do it? Like the end of April? (My birthday

  305. Kevin says:

    April. No question about it. Cons in winter weather are absolutely terrible. Imagine if it snows heavily that day. No one will come. About “conference” weekend, who cares! Car pool, TRAX, park an extra block away. Don’t revolve around the LDS church like everyone in the state seems to.

    And to all the haters who only want one SLC Comic Con a year, find a better job or learn to budget!

  306. Rob says:

    April! I can’t imagine a better way to spend my easter, and I don’t want to miss Sundance to go to FanX. I am speaking on behalf of 14 of us. 😀

  307. Michael Gebhard says:

    I voted for January, but I think I’m going to change my mind and vote for April- the weather is nicer and since I don’t plan on going Saturday anyway, the General Conference crowd won’t be an issue for me. I don’t understand all the people complaining about having 2 Cons in one year?

  308. von_brewer says:

    Financially I think it’s difficult for many people to afford to save up and do two cons. Sadly, I would likely find myself having to make the hard decision of which con to go to if there were two cons in one year again. I think it just makes more sense to have one awesome con.

  309. Carrie says:

    Whatever you do, please don’t do it in January! Just let the celebrities enjoy Sundance! That’s what they are there for! If you want to have a little event for Sundance then that would be cool! Plus, traveling in Utah weather that month would not be fun for us out of towners! I don’t mind the April dates –parking is always going to be an issue, no matter when you have it. That’s all a matter of planning in advance for that, but it would be extra difficult. If it’s harder to book celebrities, then just save then for the September event! I voted for waiting till September, but if you did do it in April then I would consider coming for that!

  310. Kelly says:

    D) None of the above. General Conference weekend will be terrible for all the previously stated reasons. January is far too soon to adequately reach out to celebrities, artists, etc and expect a reasonable attendance. Only having one Con a year seems to be a step backward. FanX was the best event by Salt Lake Comic Con thus far. I would look, as has been mentioned before, for a different weekend in April, late March, or early May.

  311. kaitlyn says:

    I believe april. Two is actually a great idea. Some people may not be able to attend in september but having the option for April makes that easier. Those saying 2 convention a year is too spendy NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO GO TO BOTH! That is the beauty a lot of people who attended FanX didn’t go to comic con which made the crowd better than if all those people only attended one. April seems easier also. I rather fight conference and Easter than sundance. Parking will be hell but Trax run more frequently in the area you can park at a trax stop and hop on No problem.

  312. Dawn T. says:

    Most of the logical arguments for NOT holding a separate FanX event have been made, and I agree with them. As a 50-year old fan of comics, s/f, historic fantasy, and niche subculture, allow me to add a couple of points:

    The Sundance festival has a very different focus and culture than cons do. The creators who attend Sundance are there to make business deals and network with their own kind, not to please fans. Having been part of both worlds, I would venture that injecting large quantities of pop culture nerds into an event “owned” by hard-core cineophiles would not likely go well.

    One large mega-event over several days will give SLCCon admin better leverage in booking more Con space, hotel room discounts, and parking package deals in downtown Salt Lake.

    If Salt Lake wants to become a serious force in the national con “industry,” then the timing of its events according to what other events are happening in the region and nation becomes more critical. Lots of other, smaller events take place across the country in Spring; fewer are available between the end of summer and the start of holiday advertising season. A mega-con over Labor Day also means a better chance of attracting studio promos for movies and merchandise being released for the annual shopping season.

  313. Robin says:

    If you have it in April some people will have there tax returns back. Most people are broke after Christmas; even though it would be at the end of January.

  314. Tabbi says:

    I think only focusing on one will make it that much more crowded. Two is a good plan. People ARE NOT forced to go to both, so the money thing really shouldn’t be an issue.

  315. idris says:

    Personally. April works better for me-I am heavily involved with Sundance and am very very busy those last 2 weeks in January, especially the last 3 days of the Festival. You may get some awesome guests as a result, but then again, you may not-if they are there for Sundance they may not have much time to spend at FanX. Some stay for an entire week where most come just for the premiere , say a few words, maybe go to a party, and they are back on a jet and are back home 8 hours later.

    The other problem with January is that the weather can be really cold & wet-not good for epic cosplayers if they get stuck outside in inclement weather. Ice can be especially dangerous for people on stilts and wearing stilettos….Weather can be sucky in April too, but has historically been more tolerable than January (not to say we don”t have the occasionally balmy January-no way to predict 2015 will be one of them this far out…).

    I am not religious at all so Conference Weekend or Easter don”t really affect my plans to attend FanX. I try to stay as far away from North Temple as possible during peak hours of Conference Weekendthough, due to traffic being a nightmare. Luckily I live close enough to walk or take TRAX to the Salt Palace if I need to.

    The other good thing about April is that it falls over spring break for at least some schools, meaning kids won”t miss school (and teachers and parents can go on other days besides Saturday)

    I love having multiple cons spread out all year long and would be sad if FanX didn’t happen. With that said though, I do like the idea of having it only in September, but only if one of the other two options doesn’t work out.September weather is almost always better than April weather and definitely better than January weather. Once you get there and inside weather outside doesn’t matter but getting there can be a challenge if your costume isn’t waterproof or is complicated, big, heavy, Barkley there, or otherwise not appropriate for inclement weather.

  316. Caitlin says:

    Don’t skip FanX! Comic con is great, but FanX is a different experience (imo). I want both! I voted for January because I can deal with the cold, and my main focus is the celeb panels.
    I think the line issues and logistics can be addressed and minimized, and I assume there will be fewer attendees. A more intimate event sounds brilliant.

  317. phil says:

    January. The tickets would be great xmas gifts if you price them right. I would spend my xmas money at fanx. January is so boring so this would be a great way to get through the winter. Smart marketing idea with Sundance.

  318. Paige says:

    I vote that FanX and comic con combine and there is only one event. Focusing on just one awesome event could be fantastic! And putting it sometime in the Spring could increase the chances of getting more television stars.

  319. Kim Price says:

    I voted for waiting til Sept. mainly because Jan would be horrible with weather for cosplayers and if there are lines outside. April, nightmare! I used to work for parking services at the Conference Center and parking for attendees would be awful. General Conference encompasses parking from the Triad Center, City Creek and all of the small parking lots in between. I think it would be too chaotic to try and do both on the same weekend. Hotels would also be scarce. If March or May were an option that might work. For those concerned with cost, it would give them a chance to save after Christmas and have some time in between for Sept. Have you thought about dong FanX every other year so it’s a “special” event? I also like the idea of a 4 day event for Sept. Just a thought 🙂 Please don’t get rid of the kid area either. I had a great time with my 2 sons that are 4 & 7. Good luck with the decision! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next 🙂

  320. Jason says:

    I think January should be when it happens get some awesome people from sundance and the cold will help weed out the haters who complain about every thing They can stay warm writing on Facebook while everyone else is having fun at fan X

  321. Oh Hale Yeah says:

    I have done the last 2 Comic Cons and FanX as a vendor in Artist Alley. With the events so frequent it is beginning to burn me out. There is not enough downtime for us to rest, and prepare for the next event. I am afraid that if you keep doing 2 events a year, your vendors and exhibitors will burn out and return less frequently. This means there will be less stuff for your fans. I also imagine that organizers will start to burn out as well, which means we may experience more problems like we did last September. Organizers were far more prepared in April than they were in September. September’s con was a bit of a mess, and they really dropped the ball on a few key things, (like moving artist alley vendors last minute, and not telling them until they came to set up.) We lost a lot of business because of this. No one knew where we were.

    1 event a year has my vote. Fans may say they are ready, but those of us who work to participate in the show, need a rest. That way we can come back in September with even cooler stuff, and have a better event.

  322. Mike says:

    With the amount of people that attend, why not have 2 events. January will be too cold. April sounds great, however, that particular weekend might be problematic, but only on Saturday. If you build it, we will come. Individual budgetary concerns are just that. If someone can’t come that would open up some room for someone else to attend. What kind of astronomical crowd would there be with only one event a year. Images of San Diego and the nightmare that has become comes to mind.

  323. Erica Hale says:

    Taking into account parking and hotel issues (April) & weather/travel and competing event issues (January) I’d say probably to wait until September and make it longer…just three days crams A LOT of people into a very short event. I’m sure there are quite a few people that would want it to last until Sunday when crowds could calm down. Staying open later at night would be nice too. Also, personally my bank account is still feeling the pains of both FanX last April and ComicCon last month, and I’m sure other people are in the same boat. It would be nice to have more time to save for next year to be able to support vendors and artists more and get some Christmas gifts rather than have all my money go to tickets/gas/hotel/parking. Thanks for asking for the fans’ input! 🙂

  324. Andrew says:

    Just do Comic-Con in September. Make one event. Make it special. Make it important. Don’t split your resources, and don’t split ours. It is expensive for the average fan to go to one of these events, let alone two. I run a booth, and I can tell you that transportation, loading, and unloading become a MASSIVE problem in bad weather, so January is ridiculous. Neither date is ideal because of them coinciding with other events. Don’t make people have to pick between you and other events. Try to schedule around RSL, Conference, Utah Jazz, Sundance, etc, etc because any other large Utah or downtown event is going to split the fanbase, only hurting the event and Utahns as a whole.

    IF you insist on a second event, make it something WAY more unique than ComicCon 2.0. Do a gaming convention!! GEEX was a cool idea that never got fleshed out. Look at PAX. I would love to see something like that more locally!!

  325. Andrew says:

    AND just make ComicCon a 4 day event over Sunday as well. I know a lot of Utahns will not like the Sunday event, but the extra day is an amazing idea for the event as a whole!
    It alleviates some of the pressure from Saturday as far as the crowd goes.
    Vendors have an extra day to make money.
    More people can make it without having to take time off work.
    Panels can be more varied and spread out with an extra day.
    The event as a whole can make extra money.
    It gives people more opportunities to attend if there is a conflict another day.

  326. Teresa Swanson says:

    I think once a year is best. Doing this twice a year does not give people time to save up money. No one can be a bigger fan than me, but once a year is plenty.

  327. Noel says:

    I think given the issues you guys had with this last one….waiting tell next year would work better! It would give you guys more time to make it a better experience instead of the mess it was this last September! If your going to have a fanX then do it in MARCH it’s not as cold in March as it is January and you want have the issue of parking that you would have in April, but that doesn’t leave you much time for Septembers Comic Con!Personal I want the 2015 Comic Con to be better and more thought out and planned so that people don’t get turned away like we where this year! Or not being able to to spend the time you want to spend because you had to wait in line most of the day to even get in the building!

  328. Marcia says:

    I would love to have it in April. With 2 events, more can make it. I love fanx. If SLCC doesnt have one we will go to a different state. I would like to keep our money in state? January is hard right after the holidays. April gives everyone time to save up for tickets and spending money.

  329. Hunter says:

    January and don’t make it once a year. People SAY its fine, but if you take it away people will FREAK and you will never hear the end of it!

  330. Shelley says:

    I voted for April. I loved Fanx and Comic-Con this year, it has been fun. I cos play as Harley Quinn and standing in the cold and snow in January is not ideal. I like the 2 con’s a year. April is perfect because I use my tax return as well for tickets.

  331. SHunsaker says:

    September. That will give the event planners time to get their act together although they’ve now had a year. Ticketing and admission continue to be a joke. It just can’t be that hard to get folks with tickets into the event. If you offer a shirt again, figure out a different way to make it happen, like in the bag at time of admission. Don’t put the goofy WWF event in the choke point; Is there anyone looking at a diagram when they do this stuff?

  332. Nicole Jimenez says:


  333. Orbit says:

    I voted April, but am good with January as well. To me, the overwhelming crowd last month proved we still need 2 events and I enjoyed spending my Easter weekend at FanX this year. April seemed to be better with weather as well. The only thing I think would be a mistake is to skip it. It’s nice having a smaller event for those of us who want to attend and those who only want to focus on a single convention can save up and attend Comic Con in Sept. I say keep FanX around for as long as the community is willing to support it. If it only brings in 70k-100k that’s just less of a crowd I have to deal with.

  334. Don says:

    Have Fan X at Layton.s Davis conference center, There is a empty field between the conference center and Michael’s Craft store that could be used for parking also Toys R Us parking lot is mostly empty anyway. 2 Hotels are close by including Clearfield frontrunner station. Downside L.D.C.C only has 43,000 sq. feet.

  335. CrowderSoup says:

    Honestly, I think focusing on ONE event per year is the way to go. I want to see Salt Lake Comic Con be the best Con it can be and I don’t think that will happen if we’re trying to organize two events.

  336. Peggy says:

    I totally agree with Ben. Perhaps announce before each panel that photo ops are available for purchase and should not be requested during the panel. People spend good money for photos with celebrities. Requesting a free photo isn’t fair to the fans or the celebrity. It also takes up so much of the time which could be used on questions and answers.

  337. Peggy says:

    Two Cons in a year is NOT too much. You proved this past year that you could produce two very successful Cons in one year. I’m already in withdrawal from last month’s Comic Con. I don’t want to wait an entire year for another one.

    I voted for January. It might be easier to book celebrities, especially if they’re already coming to Utah for Sundance.

  338. Ian says:

    Agreed! Please make sure that there is a legitimate question. Not a life story of how the fan’s life was made better by the presenter’s work OR a request for a hug OR the same question that has already been asked.

  339. Jason says:

    I would *LOVE* the opportunity to attract more/bigger celebrities by doing it in January! I think it’s a great idea, and helps because there are already so many other cook things to do in Summer, so this way things are spread out a bit more. Plus the logistics of April sound horrendous. And finally, NO WAY should you cut it back to once a year!! FanX is amazing and tons of fun, and if you buy tickets somewhat in advance it’s not that expensive, people should just plan a little ahead if that’s their concern. The more SLCC the better!! 🙂 I love being able to get my fix locally twice a year

  340. Hank McCoy says:

    I went to FanX2014 and SLCC2014, but If you have another one so close I will not be attending*. I think what you have created is AMAZING, but once a year is just fine. If you keep doing then so close together people will get burnt out and stop coming. For me it’s big expense [mostly because there’s so much awesome stuff to spend money on :D], and I can’t do it every few months. Let people have some time to recover from that last con and only do it once a year. That’s my two cents.
    * The only exception would be if J2, Mark, and Misha were going to be there, OR if the entire crew of Serenity was there….. Or something epic like that.

  341. Steve Lundberg says:

    Why does it have to april 2-4 why not 9-11 or Better yet 16-18 ? Are there scheduling issues on those particular dates? It would Bypass General Conference and any other other type of LDS or Other such type of events in that month, I love that we *finally* have these type of events on hand thru out the year. it helps the stress induced release and relax the fan boy/girl community and helps keep the working class maintain a even and balanced output.

  342. Jeff says:

    I enjoyed FanX more than ComicCon last year because you had the TNG reunion, and bigger stars like Nathan Fillion and Karl Urban. If FanX can bring bigger names or more members of popular TV shows (Hint Hint: Matt Smith, David Tennant, Billie Piper, Jenna-Louise Coleman, etc) then my vote is for FanX in January. I won’t go if you do it Conference Weekend, way too many people.

    I was going to say that one con per year would be better overall, but with the turnout in Sept, maybe two cons would be better for Utah. There would still be good turnouts, but not quite as many people at each one as if there was just one con per year. There were so many people in September that I’m less excited about going next September if it is going to be the same situation.

  343. Daren says:

    Let’s have one big event in September!
    April with LDS conference would overwhelm the downtown area and be way too congested.
    I would be ok with January, but it does seem a bit too soon. I don’t want to cheapen the experience.

  344. Mike says:

    I agree with the Comments that April would be a madhouse for Parking and Traffic. Conference weekend does not work, no matter what. As for Sundance, I am sure you have some information on demographics. Are the same people going to go to both ? I think us committed Nerds will go to FanX over all other activities. I like the idea of “Attracting more celebrities. The main reason Celebrities turn down or cancel for Comic Con is Scheduling Conflicts. If they are ALREADY HERE for Sundance, there is NO conflict. I LOVE the idea of TWO events a year (FanX AND Comic Con) and I profoundly disagree that one would be better. The MORE events we host, the more we will be noticed, especially if we sell them both out ! It is great for the local economy, and two events give people more opportunities to attend, especially if they do not live nearby.

  345. Mike says:

    We could not GET any bigger. We are already selling out the largest possible venue, so a combined event would only cause many people to not be able to go, because there is simply not enough room. I think two events will make it easier to walk around (floor traffic last Comic Con was insane). As to Celebrities ? Having two events makes it easier to attract Celebrities. “Sorry, Mr. Cumberbatch is booked in September. Well, we are having another event in January, what about January ? Why, YES … He is free in January”. See what I mean ?

  346. Francina says:

    Let’s skip FanX this year. I saw so many cool things at both events this year, but couldn’t afford any of them because of tickets for the other event. I’d rather save up all year and then go crazy at one event.

  347. Heather says:

    I like the idea of January, mostly because I think it makes sense to try and get guests from Sundance to stick around for SLCC–they’d have to do something about the lines, though. There’s no way people could stand for long periods outside in January weather the way lines have been snaking around outside at every single event–but particularly the one last month. I honestly don’t find the April date disrespectful (as some people have suggested). The event ends Saturday and folks who want to attend the LDS conference can still do so on one or both days, they’ll just have to prioritize if they want to go to the Saturday sessions. It would definitely make parking an issue, though. I wouldn’t be opposed to simply waiting until next September either–it gets expensive to pay for tickets and photo ops and autographs plus travel expenses, etc. It would be nice to have some time to save up for the event.

    Honestly, I wish they’d move *actual* SLCC to earlier in the year. Doing it in September means we’re competing with a ton of other comic cons, including some of the more well-established cons which makes me feel that we’ll always be struggling to bring the biggest names. But then, what do I know? I just pay money and show up.

  348. Mandy says:

    Not to mention, from a business aspect, would you really want to compete with such a large Mormon convention IN Utah? Ticket sales will certainly be hit hard if people have to choose between their faith (which dominates this state) and their geekdom.

  349. Kody says:

    If you get rid of Fan X or combine it with Salt Lake Comic Con then San Diego Comic Con wins! Don’t give in to their tyranny! Don’t take away a great thing from us 🙂

  350. J says:

    Sunday works if they get UTA to have Front Runner running for the event. Considering the shortsightedness of UTA – which continues to not have Front Runner running Sundays, even for events, with the only real exception being general conference – it doesn’t make much sense to have it Sunday. Sure, I can drive to SLC, but the traffic and parking is terrible around the event.

  351. Jed says:

    The january dates are very good. There is only one wizard world show to complete with for stars and with sundance it might be possible to get someone like Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games to head line the show. Otherwise I think that one, the sept show, would be my next choice. Doing one show and doing it up right accross the board would be awesome as well.

  352. Meghan says:

    I voted for April because January’s weather is awful (think of standing out in the line to get in during those temps, especially for those that travel in and aren’t used to the cold). But I couldn’t agree more that two cons isn’t too much. FanEx, ComicCon and FantasyCon all had great crowds and that was three big convetions one right after another. As a vendor who makes their items, getting stock together was tough but not impossible by a long shot.

    May or March would probably be better if they could dates in those months though.

  353. Seth S says:

    January with sundance could be an issue with some please since many that attend comic con events also want to be seeing sundance films. So what would they choose. Panelists as well could have that issue as well such as Jimmy Martin being a movie critic would be seeing Sundance films at the time. If I had to choose between the con and sundance for what to do, sundance wins since it is a bigger part of my life.

  354. Erica says:

    To add to the many comments about overcrowding – SLCC needs to put a cap on TOTAL attendance. Not just tickets sold. The Fire chief counts EVERY body in the building – babes in arms, toddlers in strollers, and anyone else there that didn’t buy a pass.
    Maybe add an extra box when tickets are being purchased: “Bringing a geek or geeks too young for a purchased pass? Let us know how many in the box below.”

    Also, please bring back the printed schedule in the program book. The app is great – when you can get signal – but not everyone has a smartphone or mobile hotspot for their tablets, or wants to pay the Salt Palace’s exorbitant rates for their in-house wireless.

    Third – because the Salt Palace is currently the biggest convention space we have, please look into expanding some things to the neighboring hotels – it will alleviate some of the congestion.

    Lastly, and most important – THANK YOU!!!!! For bringing a world-class event to Salt Lake, and for caring about your customers enough to ask for our input.

  355. Marc says:

    As an out of towner it makes more sense to have it in April everyone that lives in this area knows how unpredictable the weather can be in January. Autorama stopped doing early in the year shows for that reason too.

  356. Sarah says:

    Don’t try to compete with Sundance. I have a friend that works for them and they are saying that the celebrities that go to Sundance want to come for that, do their thing and go home. They are not going to want to go to another function. Also, it’s just too soon. You don’t want to take away the novelty of comic con by giving us too much, too fast. Wait until April, or just do another big one in september.

  357. Lisa says:

    Completely agree with James. That is why I voted for January. It wouldn’t normally have been my first choice of weekends in the first few months of the year but it’s better than competing for parking and waiting in traffic during the LDS conference. At least Sundance is in another city…… If those are our only two options to keep FanX, then I say January!

  358. Tabbi says:

    January! Winter weather isn’t that big of a deal if people actually take advantage of pre-registration! During the con this year my wait time to get in was 0 min!!!!!!!

  359. Ashley says:

    It’s soooo expensive and having it twice a year really cuts down on peoples budgets… I really think everything should be put into having it just once a year. I know we all want it to happen more but I know I will personally enjoy it a lot more if we just have it once a year. I went to fanx this year and comic con and it severely cut down on my costume and spending budget. But if it’s just once a year then I can save up more and spend more time getting a good costume together, and I wont have to choose one or the other and possibly miss out on some guest appearances. I really think maybe having Fanx like every 4 years and then having Comic Con every year would be the best thing. And you guys could really build up the guest list and booth/panel set ups. It could be bigger and awesomer. ^^

  360. Michael Gebhard says:

    I agree with Gary- if we’re gonna have just one a year, A summer schedule makes the most sense. My daughter went with me for the first Comic Con and loved it, but she’s also a straight A student taking several AP classes and that one day set her back to the point where she decided it wasn’t worth it this year to come to the Comic Con due to her schedule and trying to maintain her GPA. My son is in the same boat. So, there are 2 customers right there that would go to Comic Con if it were held in the summer and I know Gary has several children that would go as well. My kids get out of school around 3:00 pm and it’s about a 1 1/2 hour drive to SLC from Logan, so getting to the Con with just a couple of hours to spare, if we are lucky, doesn’t make much sense. And I don’t want to put all of my eggs in a basket and only plan on going Saturday, because we all know what kind of chaos Saturday just by itself is….

  361. Melanie says:

    Hi. I know I’m submitting this comment sort of late.

    I feel that there should only be one comic con a year. It costs a lot of money-food, souvenirs, plane ticket to get to and from Utah. (I come from out of town, and I had to fly each time I came.)

    As for the dates, I don’t think it is a good idea to double-up with another event in or around Salt Lake City. It would be conflicting to have it during Sundance, as well as the LDS Conference. It is also very cold in January, so that would not be a good time.

    I think it would be great to have it in September, if it isn’t conflicting with other activities. The last September Comic Con was during the Utah State Fair and the Greek festival. So the traffic and parking was pretty bad.


  362. nikk says:

    i’m all for having fanx in January the last comic con was fun cant wait another six months for it january is just 3 months away please have it in january please (:

  363. Connor S. says:

    I was just wondering when the results of the convention date poll was going to be announced. I am becoming very anxious to know when the next convention will be

  364. Gator says:

    When are you announcing the new dates for Fan-x? When can I buy tickets? Why can I not buy tickets right now?

    These are the questions that keep me up at night. Or as Fry would say “Shut up and take my money!”

  365. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    All details will be coming soon! Stay tuned here to our website and to our Facebook page for the most up to date information on what’s to come!

  366. Camille Layton says:

    I was wondering if I could redeem my tickets that I was not able to use at the last one in September for the one that will be in September next year? Can I do that or will I not be able to redeem them for that event in September?

  367. Camille Layton says:

    I still haven’t renewed my tickets from the last Salt Lake Comic Con that was in September of last year. Can I still renew my tickets or will I not be able to renew my tickets? If I am able to, can you a least tell me how much it will be to renew them for the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con in September of this year, please?

  368. Camille Layton says:

    Salt Lake Comic Con tickets, those are the ones that I still have. Is it possible that you can still renew them or not?

  369. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    We currently do not have a renewal system in place, everyone who bought tickets at the last event will need to buy tickets to this event in order to attend.

  370. Camille Layton says:

    Can I get a refund on my tickets that I had bought for the last event in September of last year though.

  371. Camille Layton says:

    So, I might as well get new tickets for the event coming up in September then. But I’m not going to get them right now. Thanks for helping me out anyway. Oh, are you still receiving any more Celebrity Survey by any chance. I have a list, but I am almost done with it. As soon as I’m done. I’ll put on that one website where other people put down the Celebrities that they want at the Salt Lake Comic Con in September this year.

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