2014 Salt Lake Comic Con Ticketing Information

The 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience took place April 17-19, 2014 at the Salt Palace Convention Center and was attended by over 100,000 people making it the largest convention in the state of Utah, third largest Comic Con in the United States and largest Comic Con in North America per capita! The SOLD OUT 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con broke records including largest first year Comic Con in North America and was the largest convention ever in the state of Utah with over 72,000 Attendees. Tickets for the 2nd Annual Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 go on sale in May 2014. Thank you for your support!

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  1. When and how can we sign up again as a vendor for this event?

  2. kate says : Reply

    I am confused, is this different than the original comiccon?

  3. megtaylor says : Reply

    While I’d love to go all three days, is it possible to get a 1-day pass?

  4. Hayden says : Reply

    Hey SL Comic Con… My sister and I want to meet Norman Reedus. Bottom line. We’re a little unsure of the best route to go as far as tickets go… What options do we have? If we buy the $60 tickets, does that ensure a meet-and-greet opportunity, or merely a discount on a photo-op?

  5. Alyce says : Reply

    So could I purchase the normal multipass now and upgrade to a VIP pass by paying the difference later?

  6. Sara says : Reply

    SO SUPER STOKED!!!! :) That is all.

  7. Francisco says : Reply

    Will the walking dead cast also be at comic con in September?

  8. Ashley C. says : Reply

    are children 10 and under free (up to 2) on the VIP passes as well????

  9. Riyko says : Reply

    If you purchase a VIP pass does it also include free entrance for kids under 10? Or do you have to get a separate VIP pass/ticket for the child?

  10. Beth says : Reply

    My brother volunteered at SLCCC and had a great time. I’d like to volunteer this time around. How do I go about doing that?

  11. Fubeca says : Reply

    What is the discount code if we attended 2013

  12. Ann says : Reply

    Will there be vendors in the children’s area? Vendors aimed for children?

  13. Jennifer says : Reply

    How do we get the discount for going to last year’s event?

  14. Corin Alvarez says : Reply

    The news release said there is a discount for people who went to the event last year is that included in the $60 price?

  15. Seth says : Reply

    When will they announce the guests who will be attending?

  16. Tim says : Reply

    I just bought my tickets to the April event. If I was to win tickets to it later on, what are my options on what I can do with the tickets? Can I transfer the tickets to someone else for example.

    • You can gift them to loved ones.

      You can also use it as a ‘credit’ of its dollar value towards upgrading your ticket to a VIP package.

      You can upgrade your pass by going back into the ticket page –


      On the right hand side, it will ask you, Already have a ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014 and want to upgrade?

      Enter the email address you used when buying your ticket and your voucher or order # and it will take you to a menu where you can change or upgrade your ticket and pay the difference.

      You can also do this for passes that you won.

      • Jaxson says : Reply

        What does this event exactly have? I know it has authors and actors. Does it have comic vendors? Will they have silver age, golden, and modern age?

      • Donna Orton says : Reply

        When we purchased VIP tickets we got the Thursday only ticket and when we down loaded it it was in my name. I was going to give it to someone but now I can’t find the download to change the ticket to her name. Will that matter?

  17. Chris Young says : Reply

    What is required to get the 15% OFF if you attended the 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con (Discount good until 12/31/13)??

    • When you go to buy the tickets to Fan Xperience 2014, on the right hand side, it will ask you, “Did you attend Salt Lake Comic Con 2013? Get a discount!*”

      You can enter either your email address that you used to register your ticket sale or your voucher # from SLComicCon 2013 and the discount will be applied automatically during check out.

  18. Brady LeSueur says : Reply

    Are you guys going to eventually sell tickets for each individual day or is it just these for this FanX event?

  19. Jeremy Pedersen says : Reply

    I recently won a multi day pass on facebook is it for the September Comic Con or for this event?
    Also when I went to print it out it said it was not valid.

    • Hi Jeremy, the prize you won is for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 in September.

      If the prize you won prior to this announcement says ‘Salt Lake Comic Con 2014′ it is referring to the September event. We are now giving away the FanXperience passes and they will specifically state ‘FanXperience 2014′ and will be for the April event only.

      • Jeremy Pedersen says : Reply

        Thanks for the info. I also recieved the new email for the september pass and was able to print the ticket thanks and have a super day

        • Jeremy Pedersen says : Reply

          You sent me a second email for my September 2014 pass with a new voucher #. Is the first one you sent me no longer valid or did you just accidently send me a second one. If they are both valid I will happily keep them both, if you folks are OK with it.

  20. jared says : Reply

    so is there a difference between a fan expo and a comic con or just what you are calling it

    • It is basically Salt Lake Comic Con 2.0 but more ‘Fan experience’ centered.

      In addition to more space at the Salt Palace, FanX will incorporate key additions to its program, including:

      Kid Con Pavilion. The Kid Con Pavilion will focus on entertainment and activities specifically designed for families and children.
      More Cosplay events: There will be additional Cosplay Contests, photo areas, and some first of their kind activities to take Cosplay to a whole new level.
      More social activities. Including robust interactive panels, Q&A’s with celebrity panelists, speed dating, social media groups and expanded areas for attendees to take pictures and socialize with fans with similar interests.
      More entertainment. More shows within the show like last years’ Jedi Mind Tricks Comedy Show and Evil Dead Musical as well as special celebrity Meet and Greet events.
      Longer hours. Nearly a half-day more of open hours over the course of the three-day event.
      Expanded VIP experiences and benefits. VIPs will have greater access to celebrities, fastpass lines, preferred seating in panels, early show entry and much more.

      Check out the Press Release for more info –


      • Jeph says : Reply

        I still don’t get why the FanX. What was wrong with ComicCon last year?

        Last I checked ComicCon is extremely fan centered and isn’t specific to fans of comics or comics in general and hope that you don’t limit the Con to that industry.

        I dunno, I just miss all the build up to ComicCon last year and feel that the FanX has taken a lot of the wind out of ComicCon’s sails.


  21. James says : Reply

    Just to clarify, if you have a child and you buy a ticket after Dec 31 do you also have to purchase an additional ticket for the child?

  22. Melissa says : Reply

    what about volunteer for this event?

  23. The GD Utah Batman says : Reply

    Will the mulitpass be wristbands again or badges this time?

  24. Shauna says : Reply

    Hi there,
    I’m so excited for this new event! I just bought my ticket for the FanX, and got the email for the quick pass, but I noticed it says Salt Lake Comic Con 2013 at the top. Will that be a problem when I go to redeem it?

  25. Chris says : Reply

    Do I need to purchase a ticket for a nine year old child?

  26. Lacy Walter says : Reply

    How do we apply our discount if we attended 2013 ComicCon? These tickets will make an awesome Christmas present for my husband!

  27. Kayla says : Reply

    My son is 3 if I buy a VIP ticket for myself. Is he still eligible to get pictures taken with the walking dead cast who will be there? And how exactly does that work. Even with the VIP ticket do I have to fork out more money to meet them or get a picture? Like I take the picture myself.

    • Yes, your son can take pictures with you. In some cases, it does cost extra to take photographs and meet the celebrity. This varies with each celebrity guest.

      • Kayla says : Reply

        I would like to know if by any chance if you know who from the walking dead will be there or if any one from walking dead will be there at all? And do you know around how much extra it is to get photos and meet them? Can you still meet them and get photos with just the 60$ tickets? How soon before you think before you’ll possibly sell out? I wanna make sure I have money or if I could possibly wait for my taxes.

        • Norman Reedus, star of the hit series The Walking Dead™, will headline the initial celebrity guest list at April’s 2014 FanX. Reedus will be joined at FanX by Walking Dead co-star Chandler Riggs.

          Photo op and Autograph prices are not available yet.

  28. Kaelin S. says : Reply

    I’m planning on purchasing tickets before the new year, but money’s tight. I’m curious if after the new year some children will still be free with an adult pass (like 3 and under), or will we have to pay the $5 fee for newborns as well?

  29. Garin says : Reply

    I know that you have already said that you would announce later whether or not single-day passes will be offered, but for some of us nerdy college students, it’s the only way we can afford it. If I get a vote, my vote would be that you PLEASE offer a single day pass!! I would love to meet some of the amazing guests you have coming, but I doubt that I could afford three-day passes for my wife and I*.

    *Of course, you could always just pick me as a winner on one of the Facebook drawings instead, and then the problem would be solved! Or at least mine would be…

  30. Celeste Bailey says : Reply

    My son was 10 at the last comic con but will be 11 for his one. Since I didn’t have to purchase a ticket for him last time, does he not get a discount this time? Or is the 15% off that I apply for my ticket good for my entire purchase?

  31. Chaz McDonald says : Reply

    Hi, I’m in a wheelchair & require a personal attendant. If I was to purchase a 3 day pass to the FANX in April, what is your policy on disabled care givers coming with?

  32. Brandy says : Reply

    At other conventions Norman Reedus has his own VIP pass will that happen at this one or is there only 1 VIP PASS?

    • There will likely be additional passes to purchase for the special events with Norman.

      • Brandy says : Reply

        So if I already bought the VIP pass does that mean I’ll have to spend more & have this pass go to waste? I’m sorry for some reason I’m not seeing your replys. I HAVE emailed questions & haven’t received a response

        • If the VIP pass that you bought was for the Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, it is still valid for the September event, but not for the April one.

          • Brandy says :

            No I bought the one for April! I double checked! The question mainly is will there also be a VIP for just Norman as I asked in The very first part of this comment

          • Okay, I see. Your VIP pass will give you all sorts of perks throughout the event. At this time, I am not aware of a special VIP pass just for Norman, just the Photo Op/Autograph vouchers that will be additional.

  33. Donna Orton says : Reply

    I REALLY need to see Norman Reedus… how can I win? I’ve been liking/commenting/sharing PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :)

  34. Jenna says : Reply

    So I realllllllllllllllly love Norman Reedus with a passion. I need to meet him. Is the only way i can meet if if I get a VIP pass?

  35. Casey says : Reply

    Other Cons have had the Norman Reedus VIP Experience – do you know if this will be happening at this one? Thanks!

  36. Shaun says : Reply

    My wife and I attended the Comic Con last year and can only make it to the fanX or the Comic Con and I am really wondering what differences there will be? We had a great time at the Con and September works better for us. Is the caliber of guests expected to be as good at both the FanX and the Comic Con, because the list for the FanX is already enticing.

    I am also wondering if there will be a discount applied to the 2014 Comic Con if you attended the 2013 Comic Con and when information the September event will start to come out?

    Any information to help with decision making is greatly appreciated.


    • Both events will have fantastic guests and something not to miss.

      There will be a discount for 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con if you attended the 2013 one.

      We will continue announcing details about the September event in the coming weeks.

  37. Angie Wilcox says : Reply

    Your Saturday list of times says that the first panel starts at 8 am. The VIPs don’t get in until 9 am. The General Admission doesn’t get in until 10 am. Are those entrance times to get into the main floor where the booths are? If we want to get into the panel at 8 am on Saturday is that going to be somewhere else? Or was the time on the panel a typo?

  38. Bella says : Reply

    If we get the three day pass, is there a possibility of not being able to get in on the last day because of tickets being oversold beyond capacity?

  39. Nicole Weaver says : Reply

    I volunteered at the 2013 Comic Con, and it was amazing! Is there going to be an opportunity to volunteer for this as well?

  40. Liz says : Reply

    I do not remember my voucher number and my ticket was gifted to me and someone else had won I did do an upgrade once I got there. How do I get the 15% off??

  41. Robbie Kinyon says : Reply

    My wife and I already purchased our VIP tickets for this FanX event!! And I appreciate that 15% discount as we had attended the 2013 con as well. Could there be a possibility for a bigger discount for the Sept. 2014 Con if we attended both the 2013 Con and the FanX 2014?

  42. Riddy says : Reply

    I’m a first responder who attended comic con, will that accumulate to give me 30% off?

  43. Eric Davis says : Reply

    Does the military discount apply to veterans with disabled vet ID cards issued by the VA?

  44. Drew Huber says : Reply

    I went to last years comic-con and loved it. It seamed fun to volunteer. What is the age limit for volunteering?

  45. joe smith says : Reply

    How do you choose who wins the free passes on facebook?

  46. Iliana A says : Reply

    So I want to purchase my tickets soon with a discount. My question is if I upgrade later to vip will I still be able to apply the discount? Also, how much are the panels with just a regular multi pass? Thanks

  47. Holly Mahan says : Reply

    I was just wondering if you are selling tickets for the meet and geet and Photo Op with Norman Reedus already, if so can you send me the direct link please?

  48. david says : Reply

    I just want to confirm is Sean Patrick Flanery going to be there? And if so, since you have the boondock saints there will there be a showing of the movie with the stars? cause that would be great! any hopes of other boondock saints cast members coming?

  49. Belinda says : Reply

    I was looking at the ticket information and didn’t see the age break down? What ages does a child pass cover for this event?

  50. Brandy says : Reply

    Can I just use the quick pass I was sent to get in off my phone or should I print the tickets off? I bought them while I was on my iPad & couldn’t print! Is there a way to print them?

    • Yes you can enter with just the quickpass code on your smart phone. You can also go back into the link in the original email you received from Media One when you purchased the ticket to re-print the pass once you get to the printer.

  51. Erin D says : Reply

    How do I purchase a ticket for just one of the days? My son wants to go but he is only 8 and the multi day pass would not be used. Thanks

  52. Amber says : Reply

    Can we make a request for special guests? You already have Adam Baldwin coming so you should seriously try to get Nathan Fillion to come! Is there anything we as fans can do to help convince him to come? Thank you!

  53. Melissa says : Reply

    Does the Military discount apply Military spouses with the proper ID?

  54. Adrienne says : Reply

    How do I find out about becoming a vendor? We own a rock shop on main street and want to do a table of ‘crystals’ and ‘elements’ from comic books.

  55. Nicholas Forsgren says : Reply

    I noticed there are military discounts this time around. How do I go about doing that?

  56. Matt says : Reply

    I just want to thank you for keeping the days Thursday to Saturday for both the April and September events. I recognize that there are likley a multitude of factors you had to consider in making this choice, but from my perspective this is excellent. Thank you. As a result I bought VIP tickets for this time around.

  57. Kate G. says : Reply

    How old do you have to be to volunteer?

  58. Brittany says : Reply

    We attended Comic Con 2013 and loved it! Do you know if the event planners will be using Froggy Photo for the photo ops at FanX or Comic Con 2014? I sincerely hope the answer is no as they still have not sent the photo we purchased back in September and are not answering my emails. I would like to know now in order to decide if we want to do photo ops again at these events. Thank you.

  59. Tracie says : Reply

    I went to Las vegas comic con last year due to that SLC, UT had not offered comic con on internet til after we purchased Vegas tickets.. Curious could we possibly get the discount returning utah comic con visitors are getting ?? I live here in UT..

  60. Marscaleb says : Reply

    Is there anything fundamentally different between FanX and Comic Con?
    I imagine that people would expect Comic Con 2014 to be bigger than FanX, but is there any particular difference in the events and expectations? Does FanX have a different focus?

  61. Stephanie Bullough says : Reply

    So I am among the many other fans that are in a great need to meet Norman Reedus. I have seen some talks about a specialized VIP package for his events. I was going to buy the normal VIP tickets, but if something more specific to him comes out, I’m going to obviously want those instead. Is that package something we can upgrade to and just pay the difference or will it be an additional cost for autographs and photos like last year? I really don’t want to miss out on this!!!

  62. Holly Mahan says : Reply

    I was wondering if Norman Reedus will be doing a meet and greet all 3 day of Comic Con or just one day?

  63. Unsuccessful getting tickets online, I keep getting booted out, I'd like tickets to the Salt Lake City event, can u contact me please. says : Reply

    Would like tickets, cant get them at your online site, please contact me. Thanks.

  64. Deb says : Reply

    I already bought a VIP ticket for the Comic Con in September. I paid $150.00 plus tax etc. It now shows the price to be $175.00 plus taxes etc. Will I still be able to get in with my ticket?

  65. Stacy says : Reply

    I ordered my VIP tickets before the 15% off was offered for attending the 2013 comic con, which I attended. Is there anything I can do about this difference?

  66. Rosa Garcia says : Reply

    What are the chances of selling out before Dec. 31? My husband and kids definitely want to come but cant afford this until after Christmas. Will you be sold out?

  67. Lindsey says : Reply

    If we buy tickets to this event, will the tickets be good for the September event? Or will SLCC offer a discount if we go to this as well?

  68. Erin D says : Reply

    1. When will daily tickets be sold?
    2. Is there a difference between the two different dates besides different guest stars? If so, what are the differences please?
    3. Are the different shows are April and September?

  69. Hi! Do all veterans get the 15% discount and will we be able to combine that discount with the 15% 2013 attendance discount to get 30% off the FanXperience passes? Thank you!

  70. Matthew says : Reply

    Hey guys, You probably know this already but April 17-19 is Easter weekend. I don’t want to be a buzzkill but this is a pretty major holiday for non-LDS Christians with services going all three days. It’s also the tail end of the Lenten season for which you are encouraged to curtail frivolity and celebration. For everyone else, it’s a family holiday that may take them out of town. My wife and I may not be able to attend, and I imagine there will be others put in a similar situation. Obviously, scheduling is a complex issue but I urge you to consider avoiding major holidays in the future to maximize attendance.

    • Marscaleb says : Reply

      Most holidays are actually good times for a con because people usually have those days off anyway, ESPECIALLY if you want to encourage more youth to attend because they will have school off.
      Easter is actually a pretty good time for an event. People spend a lot of money researching stuff like this, and although I haven’t seen the numbers personally, I suspect most people would gladly go to a convention at this time. Businesses don’t suffer any in sales on Easter weekend AFAIK, suggesting that most people don’t celebrate the whole weekend but just Sunday.

      And the con isn’t going on Sunday.

      • Meghan says : Reply

        Since it is going to be on the Easter weekend is there anything planned on the kids track for it? Maybe a killer bunnies mini tournament or some sort of egg hunt. It’d be nice to be able to take the kids to something more interesting than a pile of plastic eggs in park this year.

        Also an “Easter Egg” panel of some kind would be too good a joke to pass up.

    • Mary Angel says : Reply

      THANKS Matthew! You brought up exactly my concerns. Unfortunately, I don’t think many people are going to sympathize with our dilemma! But I am very happy to see at least one other person thinking of this. In a state where Granite School District is not giving even one day off during Holy Week, we are probably outta luck! :-) Peace.

  71. Matthew Moore says : Reply

    I was wondering about the VIP tickets. It says more will be added. The Comic Con said the same thing but not much more was added. Will this be any different for the additional cost? Thank you.

  72. My friend Alyssa was a photographer for last year’s Comic Con. I went for one day and really enjoyed all the fun. My mother loves photography and does it for people for their parties. I have expirience in photography and would like to help. Is there a way I can be a photographer with Alyssa?

  73. Elias Gonzalez says : Reply

    What’s the difference between fanXperience and comic-con, and when will tickets be available for comic-con in September 2014?

  74. Ehrin jordison says : Reply

    I was just wondering, what is the possibility of the deadline for the previous comic con attendees discount being extended? I would like to buy VIP passes, and having the deadline just after christmas is kind of harsh, especially for those with limited budgets.

  75. david says : Reply

    I want to purchase tickets but do you know if all the celebrity guests will be doing autographs and pictures? I can’t seem to find a schedule that says who will be doing this and who won’t. I want to go cause Im a fan of Kelly Hu but if she won’t sign then there really is no point in me going.

  76. Stephanie says : Reply

    I want to buy my VIP ticket now to get my 15% off and avoid the event selling out, but if I need to purchase additional tickets for family/friends before the December 31st deadline, will I still get the discount? Or do they all have to be ordered together?

  77. I have got to have a table at this and all of your future events. I was SOOO dumb not to at last year’s.

  78. Jodi Phillips says : Reply

    Is there a way i can get on a waiting list or be contacted as soon as meet and greets and photo opps go on sale?

  79. joshua lewis says : Reply

    awesome thanks for the info my questions have been answered. Also hysterical nathon fillion you didnt really answer the question but great to know you want it to happen too.

    Okay my question. by any chance is there a way to know what vendors will be returning or not yet? also i was wondering if you have contact information from those vendors from 2013. I got a lot of signature frames and would like to call those people about having a personalized one for this year’s comic con. thank you for you help.

    side note thanks for taking ALL OF MY MONEY!!!

  80. I really, really hope that at one of these you invite Julie Newmar along! I want to meet her so badly *lol*

  81. Rosa Garcia says : Reply

    So I see people asking about paying for the celebrity autograph and photo opp. Does that mean you have to pay to meet the celebrities? Just the multi pass wont get you the opportunity to meet them? We are coming from Boise and taking my daughter for her 13th birthday. She is a HUGE fan of Chandler Riggs but I want to make sure she gets to meet him and get an autograph and photo with him. We have never went to one of these so this is all new to me.

  82. Lisa says : Reply

    When this was announced I seen some names on the list that haven’t been announced officially. I happened to catch Wil Wheaton’s name and Sean Patrick Flanery. Is it true that they will be coming to this one too?

  83. Montana says : Reply

    Are the people listed the only people who are coming to fanxperience? Im trying decide if this is worth the money or if I should save it all for big comic con

  84. nancy says : Reply

    To clarify, can a 15% discount be applied to a 3 day pass upgrade to VIP after Dec. 31, 2013?

  85. DoneaW says : Reply

    Wow, great list of celebs so far! I sooooo want to meet James Marsters ~ *swoon* But, if I had to miss out on Would’ve event, what’s the likelihood of any of these celebs returning in Sept.?

  86. Creepy Stalker says : Reply

    So question about the guest. is there anything we as fans could do to get certain celebrity’s and artist to come? like petitions, Hoards of emails, Creepy stalk them at starbucks? what can we do as fans to help out?

    • It is great when a lot of fans encourage celebs to come to Salt Lake and does help them get interested. Beyond that, please have the celebrity manager contact us/our Producer directly to negotiate the terms of their participation.

  87. Bobby says : Reply

    Is the military discount for active duty only or are veterans able to get it as well? What proof do we need to show to receive the discount?

  88. Neil says : Reply

    Do the discounts stack?

  89. nancy says : Reply

    Are there going to be single day VIP passes for people who can’t go all three days?

  90. Ginille says : Reply

    Is there going to be single day VIP tickets available for fanXperience??

  91. Heather Lyn Ackley says : Reply

    What is a Bonus Multi-Pass?

  92. Gary says : Reply

    I read on Facebook about a free Thursday pass for multi-pass buyers. I bought 3 tickets for Saturday do i qualify?

  93. Mark M says : Reply

    I bought three VIP passes. How do I claim my free Thursday pass?

  94. Lindsay says : Reply

    I purchased 2 VIP passes earlier this month will I still receive the free Thursday pass? And if so, will it just be emailed to me?

  95. Heather says : Reply

    Any idea when meet and greet passes will go on sale? I want to purchase them before christmas.

  96. I have two questions:

    1. If I sign up as an Artist Alley Vendor, does the registration fee cover all three days of the event, or does it only pay for one day at a time?

    2. The book I will be selling is for kids, but since I’m only promoting one book right now, I only need a small spot, such as one in the Artist Alley. Will the Kid Con Pavilion have smaller spots as well, or only the larger booths?

  97. Cheap guy says : Reply

    hi so i just bout my VIP ticket today. Super excited. but i heard somewhere if you wanted to upgrade your thursday only pass you can??

    how do i go about doing that?

    Also if i upgrade the thursday only pass to get a VIP pass do i get another thursday only pass? and does this turn into a never ending cycle?

    thank you for your time. Ill be getting another vip for someone soon. super excited!!

    this might be more appropriate.

    • You can upgrade your pass by going back into the ticket page –


      On the right hand side, it will ask you, Already have a ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014 and want to upgrade?

      Enter the email address you used when buying your ticket and your voucher or order # and it will take you to a menu where you can change or upgrade your ticket and pay the difference.

      If you upgrade a pass to VIP, it does not send you another bonus. Only when you buy VIP/Multipass to begin with.

  98. Brandy says : Reply

    I also bought a VIP pass & didn’t receive a Thursday pass when are they going out???

  99. Tom says : Reply

    Do kids require a VIP also to get in with VIP adults or just the normal 3day pass for 12 year olds?

  100. Bridgett says : Reply

    How would we gift the extra Thursday passes to someone who may want to upgrade? They will not be riding in with us, so I want to make sure they can still get in.

  101. Judy Smith says : Reply

    I never got an email telling me how to get the free Thursday ticket if I already purchased my tickets. Why not? Supposedly I was going to receive an email by the 3rd, but nothing. Just got an email announcing it, said to go to the website and that said I’d get an email. Now what?

  102. Shauna says : Reply

    I recently bought two multi-day passes for the April 2014 Xperience and already have the QR code for those. I just received two emails saying that I’d received a bonus pass for one day. At the bottom, there is a link for a QR code, but below that, there is a price and tax total. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t accidentally being charged again for something I didn’t order? Sorry if that is a dumb question.

  103. Isabella says : Reply

    I was wondering if it is possible that you have VIP tickets for just Saturday at a slightly lower price possibly. I’m a student so I can only come on Saturday, but I would like to have the VIP privileges, yet $175 for one day is a bit steep. What can I do about this?

  104. Mariah says : Reply

    Hi there,

    I know this is probably going to be a really silly question, but here it goes anyways. If there is someone (celebrity guest) that we want to meet, but not get a professional photograph or autograph, are we still allowed to walk up to their table and talk to them? Also, are we allowed to take pictures of the celebrity quests with our own cameras, granted, we get their permission of course?


  105. Rich Lewis says : Reply

    Still looking for an answer as to getting a refund for not receiving the 15% discount for buying my tickets for last year’s event…got my tix just looking for the extra 15% times 2 VIP passes….

  106. Casey Hansen says : Reply

    How can we purchase celebrity autographs and photo ops online?

  107. Jeff says : Reply

    How much will it cost to upgrade from a thursday to VIP?

  108. Scott says : Reply

    How do you change the name on a badge for example if you buy 2 badges: one for yourself and one as a gift, how would you put your name on one and someone elses on the other badge?

  109. Anna says : Reply

    When will the meet and greet tickets go on sale, and is the entrance included with that ?

  110. Anna says : Reply

    Thanks, how much will they run for?

  111. Hi!
    I submitted a registration form for an Artist Alley table order on 12/5/13 or 12/6/13. I didn’t see any confirmation page or receive any confirmation email, and I haven’t seen the transaction show up in my bank account yet. I was wondering if my order went through, or if I need to register again. Also, where it asks for “Artist Alley Table Preference 1 or Artist Alley Table Preference 2″ is that the number and letter of the table I would prefer?
    Thank you.
    Johnathan Whiting

  112. dalton says : Reply

    i was wondering if you guys were doing a battle cosplay this year

  113. Kallen says : Reply

    I bought a VIP pass, but in check-out it also says I got a free Thursday-only adult pass. I even have a print-out ticket for it. Is this actually a legit ticket? And if so, why did I get it?

  114. Ben says : Reply


    Quick question, didn’t see it asked already. I did see that if we buy a ticket and then win one we can give it away or get credit for its value to upgrade our existing ticket. If we however buy a VIP ticket now and then win a ticket before the event, can that ticket be exchanged for credit towards autographs/photos? Or converted for value for anything else? Just trying to weigh our options.

    First ComicCon experience for my son and I, want to make sure we do it right! Thanks!

  115. Cheap coworkers says : Reply

    Hi again,

    So coworker wants to know. If he buys let’s say Thursday only ticket now and gets 15% off ticket price. Then let’s say in February after your sale he wants to buy VIP, we’ll he still be able to get 15% off total price or will he have to pay full price??

  116. Rich says : Reply

    Are the 2014 guests set? I would love to see CM Punk here.

  117. Nicole & Her Mom says : Reply

    My mom and I would really like the chance to meet Ioan Gruffudd. Will he be at Comic Con all 3 days? We actually would likely not attend Comic Con until we found out he would be there, so we are wondering which day he will be there, if we can buy a 1-day only pass the day he’ll be there, and if you know yet if he’ll require a separate meet and greet/photo op fee. Thank you!

  118. Oswaldo v says : Reply

    How much would an autograph cost without discount. From the pass?

  119. Taunee says : Reply

    What day(s) will Norman Reedus be there? If we buy a ticket is it a guaranteed meet and greet?

    • He is scheduled to be there for all 3 days unless something changes. There will be a Celebrity area where he will have a table, where you will have a chance to meet him. There will also likely be additional more private meet and greet events that will cost extra.

  120. Susan says : Reply

    I purchased tickets for ComicCon in September. How do I take advantage of the 15% discount?

  121. chandreyee says : Reply

    I want to go to which ever event will specifically have Jdf, Spf, and j marsters. I would like to be able to meet them and maybe do a photo. What do I need to do / purchase in order to do this?

  122. Zac says : Reply

    Honestly, I really just want to get Ryan Ottley to sign my Haunt comics, and maybe do a sick spider-man sketch on a blank variant I have, is that going to cost me an arm and a leg?

  123. Tasha says : Reply

    I received the free Thursday Only pass with my VIP purchase, and now I am wanting to upgrade that to VIP as well. However, when I go in to upgrade it, it does not have anywhere to put in the “previous attendee” discount or select the military discount either. How do I get these discounts applied to the upgrade?

  124. kim says : Reply

    can I get tickets art smithtix or only on here scare my credit card info will be stolen how can I get tickets also do I have to print them off if so I don’t have printer then what do I do

  125. Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

    So how soon will you have information (day, time, COST, etc.) for the pre-event with George Takai? My kids and I REALLY want to meet him (we were thrilled to meet Stan Lee last September), but due to finances, I’m only going to be able to get the three of us into one event (and I’m already struggling with the decision of whether to go in April or in September…which I’m unable to make a wise decision regarding because I have no idea who will be the guests in September)…and if the Takai event is going to be too expensive or a bad time I want to still be able to purchase one day passes to the Fan Experience while my 15% discount applies. Thanks in advance for your response :-)

  126. Jwnnifer says : Reply

    Do 911/Emergency Medical Dispatchers count as First Responders? In our business, they call us “First First Responders” because we are the first people you come in contact with when you have an emergency. And we have to go through things like POST and everything too.

  127. Ana says : Reply

    What is the difference between Photo Ops and Meet and Greets ? I though that we get to take a picture if we purchase the meet and greet?

    • Photo Ops are a professional photo taken with the celebrity by a professional photographer. Meet and greet is an exclusive event in a separate room, with catered lunch, where you can meet and talk with the celebrity, have your own photo taken with them with your camera, get their autograph, etc.

  128. Buzzy says : Reply

    This con is great if you’re a Star Trek fan. Not so much if you’re not.

  129. I keep reading & reading but it’s so much to read & I don’t have much time throughout the day. My husband is a big time nerd/geek & that’s why I married him. I’m currently trying to win tickets on fb so I will keep trying on there..but he really wants to meet george takei & today is actually our 5 yr anniversary so I want to be able to let him know that one way or another we will make it so at least he gets to meet Mr Takei..I don’t care if I do or not, I’m sure he is a great guy but I’m all about getting dressed up and just participating in the fun so I don’t care much about celebrities, but I want to do what I can for my husband to be able to meet this guy. Let me know what else I can do other than just the liking/commenting on fb..thanks :-*

  130. preston says : Reply

    I Bought VIP tickets For The Wife And I How Do I Tell You About Our 4 Year Old To Get In For Free?

  131. Anderson says : Reply

    I really want to meet Jon Bernthal and Norman Reedus. Do I need a special ticket to meet them or can I have a normal one day ticket? And what events are they featured in? Thanks.

    • You can meet them at their Booth at the event with your regular attendance ticket. There will be additional meet and greet opportunities available for purchase at an extra cost. More information about these is coming soon.

  132. I am afraid that Comic Con will be sold out before I can buy my ticket. Just like last year’s Comic Con.

  133. When I buy my VIP pass online, where do I pick up the actual pass?

  134. benihimeshimizu says : Reply

    Will the military discount apply for children of military veterans if the children have their own military IDs? (I still have a valid military ID)

  135. Alison says : Reply

    I was wondering if you were going to offer one day VIP passes at all this time around. I saw a post that said you weren’t doing that, but I thought I also read a post a while ago that said it was in the works but you hadn’t figured it out yet. I hope you do have the one day VIP passes because not everyone can get to Comic Con for all three days to make the extra money worth spending. Take pity on the students and people who have to work! :)

    • You can still come for one day by buying a Single day pass Alison! You just can’t come one day and be ‘VIP’.

      • Alison says : Reply

        Well I do thank you for offering single day tickets, but I would like to have the (albeit lessened) perks of VIP for one day without paying for the other days that I can’t attend. Tough decision…

  136. Charlie says : Reply

    I am trying to get the people for Harmony Gold/ Robotech to come, but they require an invitation from the Con organizer. how do I go about this?
    the contact information is:

    Kevin McKeever


  137. Chase says : Reply

    I’m wondering a couple things. First, I’m not understanding what this fan experience is exactly, versus official comic con in Sep? What’s the difference?
    Second, can people dress up to this event? Do you need the VIP pass or will multi cover it?

    • The FanXperience is an additional event by the same Producer held on April 17-19, 2014. There is still the official Salt Lake Comic Con on September 4-6, 2014. Both events are at the Salt Palace in Downtown Salt Lake City.


      Yes of course you can dress up. You do not have to be a VIP to participate in the Cosplay. It is highly encouraged and there will be a Cosplay contest.

  138. Charlie Pozo says : Reply

    I was wondering if you guys can Invite the Robotech 2014 tour for the coming convention in september?

  139. Megan says : Reply

    If I was fortunate enough to win a 3 day pass, can I upgrade it for VIP myself or am I stuck with a regular pass?

  140. Jenny says : Reply

    So are we unable to buy comic con tickets at this time or are the FanX tickets here are also for the con? So if i wanted to go to both I would just buy two here?

    • The tickets for the Salt Lake Comic Con September 4-6, 2014 event are not on sale yet. These will be available for sale in the coming months.

      Only the FanXperience April 17-19, 2014 tickets are on sale right now.

      Tickets do not transfer.

  141. Um huh says : Reply

    So I read earlier you said 2014 comic con tickets weren’t out. I bought my 2014 tickets in October. My email says 2014 so I’m confused. I spent $150 for VIP. I also spent an additional $150 for fan-x. So did I just give you guys $150 for no reason or do I have tickets to both events and as of now your only releasing tickets for fan-x

    • The tickets to Salt Lake Comic Con 2104 September event are not currently for sale, but they were briefly in October – November 2013. If you bought your ticket during this time, they are absolutely valid. It will say on the ticket which event it is for.

  142. Ryan says : Reply

    Has there been a discussion about capping the amount of VIP tickets to ensure the benefits of those that have purchased the tickets early on? For instance 120,000 tickets sold and only 10,000 are alotted to be VIP. I am just worried that the VIP pass that I bought for my wife and I will be lessened in value as more people either upgrade tickets or buy VIP tickets.

  143. Nancy says : Reply

    Will this be like an ordinary convention? or is it like for that special guest?

  144. Angela Wellington says : Reply

    Back on Nov 17th you answered a question about applying extra tickets that have been won toward photo ops and autograph vouchers; didn’t know you could purchase these before the FanXperience as they were not offered as a presale during the inaugural Comic Con last September. I have been lucky enough to win a Multipass and photo op with George Takei (Thank you again :) ) but I also have purchased a multipass that came with the free Thursday pass. Will I be able to apply these to photo op/autograph vouchers? and if so do I need to do it on line before the FanXperience (I actually prefer that) or do I need to do it when I register before the FanXperience?

  145. Rosa Garcia says : Reply

    I know the general admission ADULT tickets can be upgraded to VIP but can the children’s tickets (that cost 40.00)be upgraded to VIP as well?

  146. Rosa Garcia says : Reply

    I know the ADULT general admission tickets can be upgraded to VIP but can the Childrens tickets (the 40.00 ones) be upgraded? Also can we upgrade at the last minute or does it have to be done now.

  147. Rosa Garcia says : Reply

    Do you have any idea when the photo op tickets will be available?

  148. Buzzy says : Reply

    You want another sell-out and record breaking attendance? Here’s a few available celebrities you should try and get to attend the Con:
    Sigourney Weaver
    Linda Hamilton
    Lynda Carter
    Richard Dreyfuss
    Raquel Welch
    Cheryl Ladd
    Lindsay Wagner
    Linda Harrison
    Gene Hackman
    Lee Majors
    Maureen McCormick

  149. ronnie says : Reply

    When will september tickets be available?

  150. Donna Orton says : Reply

    Lindsay Wagner, Lynda Carter and Linda Hamilton would be awesome!!! Grew up watching Wonder Woman- and dressed up as her at Comic Con last year! Strong women! love it!

  151. Dalia says : Reply

    If you get a VIP ticket do you get to meet the stars for free?

  152. Beth Slaughter says : Reply

    Is Patrick Stewart coming please?

  153. Robert Williams says : Reply

    I am having trouble buying my VIP ticket with my Debit Card. Tried another card and it still shows the same error stating that they can’t accept the payment. Need help!!

  154. PaulyG says : Reply

    So when you say military does that include vetrans? As far as the discount goes?

  155. A Williams says : Reply

    When can we start to buy the Photo Ops for FanX I want to do it way before this time so I only have to stand in line to get the photo taken :)

  156. Mario says : Reply

    Who is eligible as a FIrst Responder to receive 15% Discount ? is it still available?

    • First responders are EMTs, emergency physicians, nurses, or paramedics. Yes it is still available. When you go through the process to purchase your ticket, there will be a checkbox you mark for first responder. The discount will be applied automatically at check out. You will need to present your ID at entry.

  157. Mario says : Reply

    I am looking to purchase tickets from Australia. Billing options does not allow you to choose international address.
    Is it fine to purchase tickets with international card and billing address?

  158. Tracy says : Reply

    I’ve already purchased my VIP ticket. How do I get the free Thursday pass?

  159. Vanessa says : Reply

    My sister and I want to meet Norman Reedus. Is there a way we can purchase VIP tickets that aren’t for all three days? If so, what day will Norman be there so we can go meet him? Does the VIP include the meet & greet or do we have to pay separate?

    • The VIP ticket is for all 3 days only. Norman will be there all 3 days. You can still meet Norman as part of your entry pass, but there will likely also be a Meet & Greet event that will be extra as well.

  160. Doug says : Reply

    My wife bought my multipass ticket in December. How do I get the upgraded Thursday ticket?

  161. Calvin says : Reply

    I submitted the information for the pass that I won this past week, but have not received anything as of yet, is it being mailed to me or is there something else that needs to be done?

  162. Lutz says : Reply

    Does your First Responder discount apply to Law Enforcement and Fire Department personnel?

  163. Beth Slaughter says : Reply

    when you releasing meet and greet info and prices?

  164. Dave says : Reply

    I want to buy passes for my sister and her husband, and I want to use my military discount. Would I be able to buy them as gifts, using my military discount? Do I just have to show up with them to register?
    Thanks for your time.

  165. Sheila says : Reply

    Question- Ordered my 3 day pass, and one for my 12 year old daughter…..I have a 4 year old and a 10 year old. I know they are free, but is there paperwork I need for them?

    • There is no paperwork needed for the two children ages 10 and under. They can just come and enter as part of your ticket.

      • Sheila says : Reply

        How do I go about getting the 2 $5 off photo op vouchers that are listed when I bought my multipasses? I don’t see them in the email…………

        • Breann Jensen says : Reply

          They’ll be given to you at registration. They can be used to buy Photo Ops onsite or, if you buy Photo Ops online, can be turned in for a rebate.

  166. ruby says : Reply

    I’ve never been to comic con before do you have to pay for every picture and autograph you take/get from the celebrities and such?

  167. Kirstie and Jace says : Reply

    what will it take for you guys to get some One Tree Hill guests preferably B. Davis (Sophia Bush)? Please help us out and we will totally come all three days.. Thanks!

  168. Brandy says : Reply

    If McFarlane Toys wanted to come(they carry walking dead & many other collectable action figures) who would they contact? Also Jamie Campbell Bower from The Mortal Instruments would be cool!

  169. jason e says : Reply

    So besides the celebrities, what else will the fan xperience have to offer. I can only go for one day so I don’t want to stand in lines all day waiting for celebrities.

  170. Michelle says : Reply

    How does the Valentine’s Day special work? I would like to get the VIP but it looks like it’s for all three days not 2, so would I be discounted a day if Thursday is free with the offer?

    • No. The VIP is for all 3 days only. The special is that when you buy a Multipass or a VIP pass, you get a free Thursday only ticket. You can use that ticket as a credit to upgrade to any other pass or you can gift it to someone.

  171. Augusta says : Reply

    What does the FREE upgradeable Thursday Only ticket imply if bought between 11/14/2013 and 2/14/2014.. does it just mean free early entry or something?

    • For each Multipass/VIP pass you purchase during these dates, you automatically receive a Thursday only pass. You can use this bonus pass as credit towards buying another pass or you can gift it to a friend.

  172. Brandi says : Reply

    Will you be getting Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny to Comic Con? I would love love love to see them!!!

  173. Richard says : Reply

    Can you buy a VIP for only 1 day?

  174. ag99 says : Reply

    When can I purchase a Norman reedus signature??

  175. Anthony Angelos says : Reply

    Will the celebrities, who are doing autographs and meet & greets, be taking photos with everyone? Or will we be allowed to take photos with our favorite celebrity?

  176. Emily says : Reply

    So me and some friends really want to go and meet all the star trek people plus the walking dead, and we were wondering if they were going to be there for all three days or if we would have to go multiple days to be able to catch them all. Super excited though!

  177. Angie says : Reply

    When photo op tix become available, do I have to purchase two of them for my son and I, even if we want to be in the same pic? I assume the details may be available once those are released, but I want to be sure. Thanks!

  178. Brad says : Reply

    I purchased a VIP pass, and it said that I get a free t-shirt, and vouchers and other cool things. When will I get those? Will they be given to me at the door?

  179. Nina says : Reply

    I’m confused on the first responder thing does that mean that if I bought my tickets before valentines day I’m a first responder? Also if my children are 4 and 1 years of age do I still need to buy them seperare tickets or am I OK??

  180. Brandy says : Reply

    I read about the “VIP MEET N GREET” Is that purchased separately from the VIP PASS OR IS IT A PART OF THE VIP PASS? Also when I was emailed all my VIP’s & my Extra Thursday only passes I just marked them as VERY IMPORTANT EMAILS & left then alone… Was I suppose to print them or register them or are they ok like I have them until closer to The convention?

    • It is purchased separately.

      They would be okay, but it is probably a good idea to redeem and print them, so you know for sure that this is done. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute, in the rare chance that there is some sort of an issue with redeeming your pass.

  181. Nina says : Reply

    So if I already purchased the tickets as first responder is there any way that I can fix it and pay the difference??

  182. Brandi says : Reply

    Would Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny would ever come to salt lake comic con. I would really love to see them there

  183. tlc says : Reply

    When will the pictures and autographs go on sale?

  184. Blake J. Gray says : Reply

    What is all this talk about Valentine’s days at the Salt Palace? Are they having a little single thing for Comic Con V.I.P.s?

    • There is not a special event by Salt Lake Comic Con at the Salt Palace for Valentine’s day. What might be confusing you is that you are seeing lots of promotions we are doing for Valentine’s day for the April 17 – 19, 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience event.

  185. Sheila says : Reply

    Greatly confused……. I purchased a pair of Multipasses, but when I go to print them, the Thursday pass is not listed……….. :( HELP!!!!

  186. I Felt The Need To Again Thank Those That Are Making The Con Experience Available For Us Dedicated Die Hard SLC UTAH Fans. After Days Of Planning For Last Years Show, Myself And My Son And Daughter Set Out To Enjoy Everyday That The Con Had To Offer. Tickets In Hand Ready To Rock Ran Into A Problem Quote Literally. I Am A Single Father, Always Trying To Give My Kids Opportunities To Experience Great Things That I Myself Was Never Able To As A Child. And Having Kids That Get Good Grades, Have Made There Schools Sports Teams, And Are As Passionate For Comics And The Arts That Coming Con Brings , Feel That They Deserve To Go. Back To Last Years Story We Were In A Automobile Accident And I Already Disabled From A Past Back Injury Didn’t Get To Enjoy Last Years Con. We Made The Last Hour Of The Last Day, Which Was A Let Dow For All Of Us. We Did Make Some Con Fans Happy, We Were Dressed As CheWY, Leia, And Lando Which Made A GreatpPhoto OP. Being Said, I Am Still Awaiting Settlements, AnD Am Unemployed Making It Rather Impossible To Afford This One. I Know They Say Lightning Doesn’t Strike The Same Place Twice , But Knowing My Luck Maybe A Dream Could Come True Again, And This Time Be Truly Fulfilled. We Were Hoping For The Last Con To Meet Some People, But We Are Die Hard Walking Dead Fans,. My Son Wants To Meet Chandler, Myself Laurie, And My Carburetor Course Norman. If Ever There Was A Huge Favor To Ask Or Given, I Beg That We Might Be Given A Shot. If There’s Anything Your Can Do To Help Out I Would Be For every Greatful. And You’d Be Leading The Next Legacy By Giving My Kids The Opportunity To Fulfill Some Dreams. Thanks For Your Time, Please Let Me Know If There’s Anything You Can Do To Help.

  187. Desiree McArthur says : Reply

    i was told that vips get tshirts when do they get them and can we pick them up before the event?

  188. Desiree McArthur says : Reply

    cool thanks

  189. tlc says : Reply

    I bougt tickets and got the confirmation email however there are no tickets attached. Do i just bring the email reciept when i register or was i supposed to get the tickets in the email?

  190. Japanese Soda Cosplay says : Reply

    Do parents who are watching their kids have to pay the full price of admission?

  191. Melissa Pike says : Reply

    Will there be tickets for photo ops and meet & greet because I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan and I would love to meet Chandler Riggs or Norman Reedus. I am just a bit confused about it all. I am just going to be there for one day and want to make sure that I go on a day that they will be there.

  192. Riley says : Reply

    Haha I love how people always ask a question that has been asked before. I hope I’m not making the same mistake in asking this: How is FanXperience different from Comic Con? Is it just for meeting celebs and going to panels? Or is it very similar to last year’s comic con?

    • FanXperience will be very similar to Salt Lake Comic Con, but with entertainment coming from all over pop culture, not just comics related. There will be lots to see – celebrities, panels, speakers, musical and performance acts, games, booths, vendors, artists, not to mention dressed up Cosplayers and Costume Contests and more!

      Check out the FanX Guests and Events tabs on our website for more of what will be at FanX. We will be updating these regularly as much more is in store that we haven’t announced yet!

  193. Tracy says : Reply

    Is there an early list of panels available? I’m sure the schedule is far from being worked out, but I’m anxious to find out what will be available. The panels were, by far, my favorite part of September’s Con. Especially the panels on writing. I loved being able to listen to all the authors. Also, is there a chance there might be another Disney panel, or two? The Haunted Mansion panel was a definite highlight.

  194. Jim Astin says : Reply

    When will the schedule of panels be announced? (Who is speaking when/what day?)

  195. Bertha Mejia says : Reply

    Hello and thank you for answering all these question. I just purchased 2 multipass tickets and I was wondering if with this tickets are enough to meet and greet celebrities and take my own pictures with out having to pay any extra if the pictures are not taken professionally or if I need to upgrade to the VIP tickets. This is my 1st time ever going to a comic con and I am not sure how all of this works. Does the VIP tickets is only for faster lines and entry or also to meet and greet without having to pay extra for photos. Thanks

  196. Heber Johnson says : Reply

    Man i wish i could get vip tockets but had to spend all my money on family surgeries

  197. Nina says : Reply

    Curiously Question Do You Send The Tickets In The Mail Or Do We Pick Them Up At The Door??

  198. Jessalynn says : Reply

    What day is Yo Gabba Gabba coming? What ages have to buy tickets?

  199. Kody Ortega says : Reply

    Question I have, for the three day passes, is it going to be wrist bands or will three day passes get a badge this time around? I remember back in Sept for comic con the wrist band got annoying having to wear it for three days with no way to take it off.

  200. Alanna says : Reply

    So I bought a VIP ticket to FanX. Will this purchase get me a discount toward purchasing a ticket for September’s ComiCon? Trying to decide if I can schedule both events with work, etc.

  201. Ryan says : Reply

    Any word on the meet and greet cost with the Enterprise Crew on the Enterprise Bridge??

  202. Calvin says : Reply

    When will the events schedule be posted? I Bought a Multipass but just found out that i have to be out-of-town on Saturday. If I miss too much, I may want to give my pass for all 3 days to a friend.

  203. Angela says : Reply

    Earlier in this blog (last November & January) you mentioned that you would have a link to purchase photo-op and/or autograph vouchers. You have also mentioned that extra Multipass and single day tickets could be applied to those vouchers. I have already purchased a Multipass and was then lucky enough to win a Multipass. As most everyone I could gift the pass to is either unable to attend or already has a Multipass, I wanted to use the funds I spent on the extra Multipass on photo-ops and autographs, which is the whole reason I want to come to FanX in the first place. There is now only 44 days until the con and I work during the day and usually am very busy at night as well, leaving only the weekend days to do the purchase of these vouchers; of which there are now only 5. I have noticed that prices have not yet been posted for this and I know that once you have the prices it will take your IT team some time to create the necessary links to make it possible to purchase and/or apply credit toward those vouchers. If you have decided against allowing the use of the extra tickets that are either purchased or won in a contest to be applied in this manner please let me know so that I can either trade or sell my extra ticket to someone so that I will not be out the funds needed to purchase photo-ops & autographs while at FanX

    • Hi Angela. We did not confirm that it will be possible to trade passes towards photo-op vouchers. This function might not be available in time as you guessed correctly, so if you have extra passes, you may want to consider gifting or selling them.

  204. Brandy says : Reply

    I know you have been asked this A HUNDRED TIMES…. but with FanX coming so quickly I’m starting to stress over how much $ I need to BE prepared to bring to make sure I GET photo op & autograph tickets for The people I want to get them from! I would like to know enough in advance to BE able to save for it as well as The EXTRA NORMAN REEDUS VIP! Do you have a guess as to when these will be available or at least how much they will all be?? I have VIP PASSES ALREADY & WANT THE EXTRA PARTY FOR NORMAN AS WELL AS PHOTO OPS & AUTOGRAPHS! PLEASE

  205. RyanW says : Reply

    Any word yet when photo op tix will be on sale?

  206. Troy says : Reply

    As this is my first comic con event, when will the times be announced for individual signers and their costs? Only 42 days left!!

  207. Fianna says : Reply

    So I am only going to be able to make it one day, but I still want VIP access- can I buy a one day pass and upgrade it to VIP for the FanXperience and, is so, how/where do I go about doing that?

  208. Desiree McArthur says : Reply

    how do i upgrade my free thursday pass to vip for just thursday

  209. Desiree McArthur says : Reply

    so how do i upgrade thursday to vip

  210. Desiree McArthur says : Reply

    thank you

  211. Bobbi Warburton says : Reply

    When will you be posting the panel schedule?

  212. Rock says : Reply

    i saw while purchasing my tickets, that there is a discount for first responders, What is your definition of first responders? Does that include EMT’s, Firefighters, And police? and if so, do we need to bring anything at the time of entry?

  213. Dennis says : Reply

    Will there be a photo op for the cast of the Boondock Saints together? (Norman, Sean and David… and maybe Julie Benz)

  214. Eric Bayerlein says : Reply

    If you don’t have the VIP, could you still do the meet and greet with the guests?

  215. Eric Bayerlein says : Reply

    And also if it is just for one single day.

  216. Dez says : Reply

    Are the photo op tickets available for purchase yet?

  217. Carla Herrera says : Reply

    Will we get the opportunity to meet any of the stars of these shows? Thank you.

  218. Amanda says : Reply

    I won multi-day passes, and want to upgrade to VIP passes but I’m not sure how to do that without the original e-mail address and purchase order.

  219. Tim says : Reply

    Is first responder considered Federal Officer/employee with ID that states Federal emergency response official??

  220. Alayna millburn says : Reply

    What days will Karen Gillan be there?

  221. Lynell Twiner says : Reply

    Any chance that the cast of Vampire Diaries or The Originals will be making an appearance this year at either the April or Sept event?

  222. Daniel says : Reply

    When will registration for the cosplay contest open?

  223. Kody Ortega says : Reply

    Think it has been asked a million times already but when will the autograph and photo op price list be available to view?

  224. Lex says : Reply

    My other half is a retired NYC Firefighter/first responder who is coming out to SLC to join me. He was at the towers during 9/11 and the Rockaway plane crash and a host of other major catastrophes. Although he is retired (early due to complications sustained in 9/11) the con will happen 2 months before his 60th birthday. Is he applicable for a discount if he shows his retired firefighter card?

  225. Nick Slaughter says : Reply

    Is Patrick Stewart coming to fan X yes or no? please tell me.

  226. Dave says : Reply

    So will the walking dead people be meeting people that have VIP tickets?

  227. Alyssa Johnson says : Reply

    If we purchased the Multipass that (for the limited time only) came with a free Thursday pass, could we give the pass to someone else since we bought the multipass for ourselves? Is that how it is supposed to work? Thanks!

  228. Angie G. says : Reply

    if I buy regular passes can I upgrade them on day I attend the comic con??

  229. Stephanie says : Reply

    Hello. I don’t know, you may have answered this question already. But I purchased my V.I.P. and was wondering how long does it usually take for it to be delivered? and How long do I have to purchase another V.I.P. with the FanX just around the corner? Can I pick one up at the convention, like a “Will Call”?

    • Hi Stephanie, your VIP pass is emailed to you immediately after your purchase is completed. If you did not receive it by now, please email ticket support and they will re-send you the link. http://saltlakecomiccon.com/contacts-page/ticket-support/ VIP tickets are almost sold out, so it is very unlikely that there will be any left if you wait until last minute.

      • Stephanie says : Reply

        Oh I see. I must not have caught that that were being emailed. I was expecting them in the mail. I’ll check my old email before contacting support. I bought them a month ago. I am saving up for the second ticket so hopefully by the time I am able to get the second ticket, the V.I.P’s won’t be sold out. *Fingers crossed* Thank you for your help! :D

  230. Brenda A. says : Reply

    I won multi-day passes, and have them in hand, so no email/voucher number. They say they are upgradable to VIP, but there seems to be no way to do this online with hard tickets. How can I get these upgraded? I have already contacted ticket support, and they were not helpful.

  231. nate says : Reply

    hi there was wondering if V.I.P tickets were sold out yet?

  232. ray says : Reply

    i am bringing my daughter to meet chandler riggs which days will he be there. Also how much will it be to take a photo with him?

  233. Julie Kay says : Reply

    Will Autographs/Meet and Greets/Photo ops need to be pre-paid? If so, are they available for purchase yet?

  234. Spencer says : Reply

    I am planning on getting a photo and autograph with Karen Gillan. If i bring my own camera, will it cost anything, or will i still have to pay photo op price? and does getting their autograph cost anything?


  236. Spencer says : Reply

    If one on the guest list says N/A, does it mean that they are not doing photos or autographs during the convention?

  237. Zachary says : Reply

    How do we get the tickets after we bought them? Is the only way to print them off?

  238. Where can I buy an actual ticket?

  239. Brad says : Reply

    If I buy a ticket for my wife and for whatever reason she can’t attend is it possible to have someone else go in her place even if the ticket is in her name?

  240. JT Smith says : Reply

    when is pre registration for the fanX tickets

  241. Shani Knighton says : Reply

    Just wondering when tickets will go on sale for the next Comic Con? Will it be shortly after Fan X?

  242. nina says : Reply

    Trying to find out if Norman Reedus is canceled???

  243. Shiela says : Reply

    Who are considered first responders for ticket discounts? Would 911 dispatchers be included in that?

  244. Jeff Lyon says : Reply

    will credit cards be able to be processed on the show floor this year or is going to be another cash only event?

  245. Amanda says : Reply

    Problem! Won multi-day passes from X96 and can’t get ahold of them for the info needed to upgrade to VIP passes, Is there any other way to get this info without having to buy whole new passes?

  246. Jesús Ramírez says : Reply

    I am 14 years old, what kind of ticket do I need to buy to go with my sister if she bought a VIP ticket. Or do I need to go with my parents. (My sister is 29 years old)

  247. john says : Reply

    Just for confirmation, I can register and get the pass at 8am at the box office on Thursday right?

    • Amanda says : Reply

      I had a question about pre registration too, it says it starts wednesday the 4th…..The 4th of April? That’s Friday not wednesday…

      • This year, you will be able to pre-register (Pick up your wristband) at a PC Laptops location on Monday – Wednesday, April 14 -16. This adds a level of convenience for folks outside the Salt Lake Valley who would like to pre-register but don’t want to drive down Wednesday just to get registered and drive back home. We will also be holding pre-registration again on Wednesday April 16 at the Salt Palace.

        • Stacie says : Reply

          Wow, this is the first I heard about pre-registration. I just need some clarification, does this mean if I have printed out my Fan Xperience Multipass and/or Quick Pass QR code, I can go to a PC Laptops location from Mon – Wed [Apr 14-16], and receive my wristband? If so, does this also mean that they will hand out the 2 vouchers for $5 off celebrity photo ops, or would I receive them at the door?
          Thank you for your time and answering all of my questions :)

          • Yes, you can bring your printed pass with a QR code on it to a PC laptops location and get your wristband, voucher and program guide. Stay tuned for an official announcement of all the participating locations and times.

  248. Jesús Ramírez says : Reply

    I was wondering what kind of ID you need to get into salt palace?

  249. Amy says : Reply

    I am wondering if the military discount also includes veterans too? And if so how do you get them?

  250. Amanda C says : Reply

    When is ticket Registration Day?

    • This year, you will be able to pre-register (Pick up your wristband) at a PC Laptops location on Monday – Wednesday, April 14 -16. This adds a level of convenience for folks outside the Salt Lake Valley who would like to pre-register but don’t want to drive down Wednesday just to get registered and drive back home. We will also be holding pre-registration again on Wednesday at the Salt Palace.

  251. Connor Evans says : Reply

    If my brother decides to get a VIP pass can I get a child multipass and be with him. (He’s 18 and im 15)

  252. Caleb says : Reply

    Where can I find promo codes?

  253. ashlee says : Reply

    Can you still by comic con tickets for September 4-6

  254. ashlee says : Reply

    And when can you buy Comic con tickets for September

  255. Nick Slaughter says : Reply

    any update on the norman reedus replacement miracle or 2 from the questionnaire?

  256. Natalie Struhs says : Reply

    My husband and I got excited and we bought our tickets for Saturday only before two people we REALLY REALLY want to see were announced…. Nathan Fillion and Karl Urban. Is there a way we can exchange our Saturday tickets for Friday? And if so, how? *please please please* Thanks!

  257. Britt says : Reply

    I just saw that Nathan Fillon has been added to the list (YEAH) but he is a spotlight guest. Can you please explain what that means and if he will be doing photo ops and/or autographs. Thank you.

  258. Holly says : Reply

    Does the VIP ticket include any kind of admission to the Star Trek: TNG Ultimate Xperience, or do I still need to purchase a separate ticket for that event?

  259. Angie Wilcox says : Reply

    I just saw the post for the t-shirts and they are beyond cool. I think I remember giving a size for a t-shirt when I ordered my VIP ticket back in November. When I upgraded my daughters ticket in March I didn’t get a chance to give a size. How can I make sure we get a size she can wear? And is there any way to see what size I ordered (if I remember correctly)?

  260. Johanna says : Reply

    Forgive me if I am blind and missing a bunch on the site, but unable to find answers for a few things. One, I just upgraded to a VIP pass. However, not seeing info on how we claim the extras that are listed, such as the vouchers for discounts on the photo ops. Or if we need to give a shirt size for our VIP shirt. And second, I keep seeing responses from a while ago saying that photo ops WILL be available soon to purchase on this site. However, con is now 2 weeks away, and still not seeing anything that even lists prices, let alone the ability to purchase them. Will any of this info be available before the con, or was this decided against? This will be very helpful for those trying to budget. I want to throw money at you, but need to know how much things are going to be:P

  261. Brandon says : Reply

    Just out of curiosity, how many VIP tickets are being sold to this event?

  262. Arieanna says : Reply

    When will NATHAN FILLION be there??? I am only interested in him and would like a date! Thanks!

  263. So since Nathan Fillion has been announced, I want to switch my tickets from Saturday to Friday, is that possible? I also got a discount for my Saturday tickets since I went last year? I’m not expecting to get a discount again but is there ANY way to switch days? I REALLY want to meet Mr. Fillion!!!!!! (my twitter is @blogofgeekdom so you saw how excited I am for him to come!)

  264. Landon Koch says : Reply

    I sent in a request for press passes a while back but I am looking at the submission page again and it says its for comic con not fan-xperience I am hoping i didnt file it incorrectly, i cant seem to find anything for the fan xperience press passes specifically. Please help.

  265. colby says : Reply

    If I buy a ticket from someone who can’t go. Is there a way I can make sure the email PDF is legit?

  266. Amber M. says : Reply

    2 questions:
    1.) When will the photo-op and autograph prices be listed for each celebrity?
    2.) If we buy our tickets online, how does that work? Do we get a printable emailed copy, or are our tickets mailed to us, or do we have to pick them up at the box office right before the event starts, or what?


  267. Stephanie says : Reply

    Okay. I seen an email come in about registration. What is registration and who is suppose to be registering? Even though I bought a ticket, am I suppose to register too?


    • Registration is the process of entering the event, where we scan your printed voucher/QR code and give you your wristband/lanyard that you will wear for the duration of the event. Everyone who bought a ticket has to Register. We will be making an announcement for locations where you can pre-register soon. Stay tuned!

  268. Kristen says : Reply

    You should give discount tickets to educators as well. Just saying. :-)

  269. Logan Scheer says : Reply

    1 question, I have a team to sign up for the LoL Online Tournament, There is no prices listed to pay the fee to enter in this tournament. Were can I find the prices to sign my team up?

  270. Heidi says : Reply

    My kids want to meet Karen Gillian and take a picture. How is the best way to to this? Is it possible to buy a pass to meet her in advance? Do I purchase them VIP passes? Once we check in, do they have to spend their entire time waiting in line? Can I take their pictures if I don’t have a VIP pass (just a regular pass)?

  271. Matt Carroll says : Reply

    This may have already been answered but…I’m active duty Air Force and have an ID card. I’d like to buy tickets for my wife and 16y/o daughter to attend as well. They are not active duty, and they only have military dependent ID cards. Can I use the military discount when purchasing their tickets as well, or only for my own ticket.

  272. Arieanna says : Reply

    If I purchased the “Friday (Adult) – $35″ admission ticket, will that allow me to see EACH of the following??
    1. Nathan Fillion
    2. Obert Skye
    3. Tadd Gadduang
    and will these guests me out all day?? I will not be able to get there until about 3:00 pm or so.

    • Nathan Fillion is now appearing on Saturday. Obert Skye and Tadd Gadduang are appearing all 3 days. http://saltlakecomiccon.com/fanx-master-guest-schedule/

      • Arieanna says : Reply

        Thanks for your help so far. I am extremely excited Nathan Fillion will now be there Saturday instead of Friday. On the guest list it says autographs and photos are N/A. In a previous comment you said they WILL be available. Is this correct that he WILL be doing them??? If so, when will prices be posted? If prices are too high, I am not going to buy an admission ticket at all (but I need to know before they are all sold out). Thanks again.

  273. JayNut says : Reply

    first start by thanking you all for fan-boy heaven last year, it was amazing cant wait till FanEx. question is where did the free day pass with the multi-pass go, I cannot seem to find it, and how do I acquire it later on?

  274. Jesús Ramírez says : Reply

    I was wondering if a driving privelage would be acceptable as a valid ID.

  275. Kelsey says : Reply

    I’ve never been to anything like this before. Is it weird to go alone? Especially since I’m socially inept and won’t know what I’m doing and will probably look lost and awkwardly alone?

  276. Ron says : Reply

    WE need Camden Toy. Back. He was one of the best guest you had in September.

  277. Jesús Ramírez says : Reply

    Will Norman Reedus be at the fan experiance on April?

  278. Jesús Ramírez says : Reply

    My sister bought a VIP ticket I was wondering if me and my cousin can go with her with our multipass ticket. (She will also be bringing her son who is 9) (I’m 14 and my cousin is 15)

  279. D says : Reply

    Is Shatner going to be behind a black out curtain this year also can you bring Monsterpalooza next year to S.l.C

  280. Spencer says : Reply

    So when you go to redeem your tickets do you only need to bring your confirmation number?

  281. Sami says : Reply

    Any idea of when photo ops are going on sale? Kind of cutting it close, here.

  282. Mariah says : Reply

    Hi there,
    How’s everyone doing? I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so I just wanted to ask a quick question. Are the guests from SyFy’s Face Off going to be around after/before their respective panels and the competition, so that we can meet them? It could just be me and it might just be super obvious and I’m being oblivious, so I really appreciate the help.
    Thanks for answering all of these questions and for all of your help!

  283. Desiree McArthur says : Reply

    how about our vip tee shirts will they be available at pre register and do kids getting in with vip need to be at pre reg to

  284. Desiree McArthur says : Reply

    cool beans thanks

  285. Eric B. says : Reply

    So when my dad tries to buy a ticket online it won’t accept his card. And as far as we know we can only buy tickets online.
    How can we resolve this issue? Because if we can’t get tickets then we can’t come to FanX.

  286. Marcie says : Reply

    Since the VIP passes have photo op discount vouchers will we be able to purchase at comic con or can we use them on line also to purchase passes?

  287. Liz says : Reply

    Ticket question – last year I showed up with a Thursday only pass and was able to upgrade it and add Friday for only $5. Will a similar option be available this year? My husband won’t be in town til Friday and so he’d like to do the last two days. If I buy the tickets separately, they are more than the 3 day price – so that is why I ask.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, you can upgrade your ticket on the ticketing page, please have your order confirmation number and email address ready.

  288. D says : Reply

    Can you bring Monsterpalooza to S.l.C next year? Also Is Shatner going to be behind a black out curtain this year?

  289. ben keller says : Reply

    are you running out of saturday only tickets

  290. Steven Farnsworth says : Reply

    Since VIP are sold out, does that mean we can’t upgrade from a multipass to a VIP at this point?


  291. Mike Lorenc says : Reply

    If one buys a ticket to the Star Trek Event does one also need a general admission ticket for that day?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, you will need either a Thursday ticket or a Multipass, plus the Star Trek Event ticket in order to attend.

  292. Clint Wilder says : Reply

    Hey I have a couple questions about the face on makeup contest. Will materials be provided- and if so what kinds of materials- or do we need to bring our own? Will models be provided or do we bring our own, or do we do the makeup on ourselves?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Thursday you will need to bring your own model already made up. Friday some materials will be provided and you will need your own model.

  293. Jade Peverell says : Reply

    Is the Nathan Fillion panel just for the VIP ticket holders? Just wondering because the program says regular ticket holders can enter at 10 am on Sat. and his panel starts at 10 am.

  294. Brad says : Reply

    Hey Salt Lake Comic Con,

    According to page 16 of your program guide that you just released it states that “Sir Patrick Stewart” will be available at the Comic Con for signings… I have not seen Patrick Stewart’s name listed on the master guest list so I’m wondering if his name was added prematurely or if he will in fact be coming to the Comic Con?

    Please let me know.


    • Jade Peverell says : Reply

      Awesome! Thanks for the quick answer. You guys are sure working hard to put this together and I appreciate it so much!

    • Brad says : Reply

      Hey SL Comic Con,

      I’ve not seen a response to my inquiry concerning Patrick Stewart….

      Please let me know.


      • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

        Please stay tuned this week for all guest announcements. If you have Facebook. that is the best place to watch for new guest announcements.

  295. Vivian Naylor says : Reply

    Hi, I’m sure this is a question you don’t get every day, but I think I might not be able to attend. I bought two multipasses and I’m wondering if there would be a possibility of a refund, for both tickets. I don’t want to just sell them to someone random, I’d prefer to go through the site and then someone else can buy the spots through you.

    Again…this is not final, but it doesn’t look friendly at this point. If it turns out for the worse…I’d like to be able to take care of it as soon as possible.

    Please let me know.

  296. Donna Orton says : Reply

    Just a couple quick questions… so we can pre-register at ANY PC laptops in Utah on Wednesday-( that would be awesome)! Also, please tell me about taking pictures with your own camera. Last year is was $10 a shot, and prices this year are a little steep- are you still going to do the $10 with your camera thing? Thank you

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, you can register at ANY PC Laptops on the Wasatch front on Wednesday. More details will be released soon so stay tuned. Prices of photos at celebrity row are left up to the discretion of the celebrity, there is no standard pricing.

  297. Michael Thompson says : Reply

    Clarification question please. So a VIP gets a 30 voucher and then also 2 five vouchers. That’s a total of 40 correct? My question is can they be combined to one photo op and if me and my wife both have a VIP pass can we combine for 80 total?


  298. Jakob says : Reply

    I’m a First Aid/CPR/AED teacher and First Aid/CPR/AED trained personal. Would i go under first responder because i would be the first in a emergency situation.

  299. Sheila says : Reply

    Quick question: We ordered 2 multipasses. I read they come with 2 $5 off vouchers each. Where do we get them? They were not in my email with the tickets.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      They’ll be given to you at registration. They can be used to buy Photo Ops onsite or, if you buy Photo Ops online, can be turned in for a rebate.

  300. Tiffany says : Reply

    If we have 4 people in our group, all of which have $30 off for a photo-op since we’re VIP, does that mean we can get up to $120 off on one photo-op? Or is it only one per photo-op?

  301. Autumn Gehring says : Reply

    Hey! Quick question, if we are doing the Jidai class, is someone allowed to come take pictures?

  302. Jesús Ramírez says : Reply

    I will be going with my sister who is 29 with her VIP ticket, me with a multipass ( I am 14) and a free child. Can we pass together everywhere even to get autographs and pictures? Do we still have to pay for the photos and autographs even though we have a VIP ticket?(also can we bring our own cameras to take pictures)

  303. Lindsay says : Reply

    I have two VIP passes (one for myself & one in my mother’s name)- can I go to the Wednesday registration and pick up here back/pass as well as my own? I work right across from the convention center, so it would be easier to register for both of us the day before, rather than me one day and her the next day.

  304. Jessy Salas says : Reply

    I’ve been trying to upgrade my thursday passes since before vip sold out and it keeps telling me it can’t find my order. I’ve put in a ticket but I’m kind of freaking out because I didn’t get a confirmation of submission or anything. Am I putting in the wrong numbers or something? Thanks in advance!

  305. Jordan Anderson says : Reply

    I have purchased VIP FanX tickets and I was wondering how you get the VIP t-shirts and how you get the vouchers for the photo ops and how you go about using them? Thanks so much!

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You will receive your VIP t-shirt and Photo Op voucher at registration. You’re welcome! Enjoy.

  306. faith says : Reply

    How does buying tickets online go through? Will we get an email response or will they be mailed? Will we have to pick them up?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Once your purchase your tickets online, you will receive a printable ticket in your email. You will need to bring your ticket to registration where you will receive your wristband and event program in your goodie bag.

  307. Jade Peverell says : Reply

    How much is parking at the Salt Palace?

  308. Spencer says : Reply

    So just to bring an item to be signed by Karen Gillan costs $60-80? Or is it lower if you bring an item yourself?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      That is the cost if you bring an item. Prices differ for personalization, memorabilia and complimentary photos.

  309. Spencer says : Reply

    So will the spotlight guests be in their booths the whole time except for the photo op time?

  310. JT Smith says : Reply

    Can your ticket be used to ride any UTA bus, trax or front runner train?

  311. Dee Norton says : Reply

    I have the Thursday only free pass but want to upgrade. I understand you need your email and order number to do this, but can’t find the order confirmation with the order number on it. Is the order number one of the numbers that is on the ticket itself that I can use? If not, is there a retrieval system to get it?


  312. Chris says : Reply

    Will there be any pre-registration sights to get our wristbands prior to the day of the event?
    If so when and where?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, The Wasatch Front PC Laptops locations will be able to help you pre-register. Also, the Salt Palace will be open on Wednesday for pre-registration.

  313. cristi says : Reply

    So, I just won a Thursday only pass, would like to upgrade to a multi-pass, how would I do that?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You can upgrade your pass by going back into the Ticket page. On the right hand side, it will ask you, ‘Already have a ticket to Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience 2014 and want to upgrade?’ Enter the email address you used when buying your ticket AND your Voucher # and it will take you to a menu where you can upgrade your ticket and pay the difference.

  314. Matthew says : Reply

    During ticket checkout there is a spot for a Promo Code. Can you please provide one or tell me how to obtain one?

  315. Colleen Witt says : Reply

    I purchased two VIP passes – for me and my daughter. My daughter will not attend until Friday – can I pick up her pass when I pick up mine? And when are the passes available for pick up?

  316. John says : Reply

    As of today, is that all the bonus for the VIP ticket holder? Will there be any further stuffs added to it? Don’t want to miss anything. Thanks for info.

  317. LaDawn says : Reply

    Two questions (1) everyone needs to pre-register ? Is that correct no matter what type of pass you have single day multi day or VIP ? (2) this is my first comicon and I grabbed s single day pass, are all panels free or is there an extra charge ? Would like to get my daughter into Chandler Riggs panel but wanna make sure if I need to pay before comicon starts thanx

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      1. Yes, everyone needs to register. When you register you get a wristband that will allow you to get into the convention center, Floor Expo and the panels, along with your program guide and goodie bag.
      2. Yes, you will be able to get into all the panels with your single day pass.

  318. Koko says : Reply

    I’m sooo sorry if this has been asked already, how or when do we redeem our VIP photo op vouchers? It seems like I will get charged full price if I buy my photo op right now?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You will be given your Photo Op vouchers at registration. You may purchase your Photo Op online first to avoid the chance of it being sold out. Once it is time for your Photo Op session, head over to the Photo Op area, where you can redeem your Photo Op vouchers at the Transaction Table.

      • Koko says : Reply

        YAY! Thanks!

      • Angela says : Reply

        I left a comment last night, which you deleted, about NOT receiving my Photo Op vouchers when I registered at PC Laptops in Murray. I also did not receive a Program guide. Now I know you don’t really care since I am only a lowly local and only purchased a Multipass, not a VIP ticket, but the Multipass (per this website) is supposed to come with two $5 photo op vouchers and I thought everyone got a program guide. True I downloaded the app, as the rude guy at PC Laptops pointed out I could do, but cell phones do not have an unlimited supply of power, I would prefer the old-fashioned paper guide. Do I need to now stand in line on Thursday just to get these? I really wanted to spend Thursday seeing the Star Trek stars – Please at least answer this question, even if you feel the need to delete this again.

        • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

          You will DEFINITELY get a program guide, especially since you are a special Multipass ticket holder! Now you’ll now get to bypass the on-site registration line at the Salt Palace and go directly to the Entrance Line. If you did not receive your Program Guide or $5 Photo Op vouchers at Pre-Registration, you can pick them up in the Registration Area at the PC Laptops Table. We haven’t deleted any of your comments, we are just trying to answer everyone’s comments as quickly as possible.

  319. Stephanie says : Reply

    Photo ops – can more than one person be in the photo with one voucher or does every need to have a voucher? Can you take a pic with a celebrity when you meet n greet? Sorry I have never been to an event like this, I am so nervous and excited. I just want to be able to take pic with my fav celebrity.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You can have up to 4 people with you in the Photo Op, plus the guest. The vouchers are good for the price of the Photo Op session. Most guests will allow fans to take photos with them at their Celebrity Row (Meet & Greet) booth with your own camera. There is often a charge for this, so bringing cash is strongly encouraged. Most often these photographs are less than a Professional Photo Op.

  320. Maureen Hager says : Reply

    We are traveling to Salt Lake City on Thursday to attend FanX on Friday. We have already purchased and printed our tickets. If we arrive early enough on Thursday evening, before registration closes, can we stop by then to register & pick up our wristbands for Friday? Thank you.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, you can definitely pre-register on Thursday so you do not have to wait in the Friday registration line. Smart thinking!

      • Maureen says : Reply

        Wow! Perfect! And thanks for your prompt reply! Now, to get there in time…I’ll try to keep it under the speed limit :)

  321. Angelina says : Reply

    Is the Ranger School for kids only at eleven on Saturday, or is it given several times throughout the day? I’ve read that you have to sign up for your time at the booth, but I wanted to check if that’s for just one time or many different times throughout the day. Thank you!

  322. James says : Reply

    Can I buy tickets at the Salt Palace, or do I HAVE to buy it online?

  323. Angela says : Reply

    I just went to PC Laptops and registered, dragged my friend down whom I was giving my extra ticket to, and I did not nor did my friend receive anything but our Multipass wristbands! No program (told it was still not finalized) I did not get my Star Trek Ultimate experience ticket (which I paid extra for) and NO PHOTO OP VOUCHERS. Now I have to stand in line again on Thursday, possibly missing out on getting photos with the TNG stars while in my Star Fleet uniform and possibly missing out on getting my picture on the bridge of the Enterprise D, again while in uniform and if I have to stand in two lines (photo op voucher line & Ultimate experience line) missing out on meeting William Shatner. So why did an answer posted on your blog today (4/15) state we would be given our Photo-op vouchers at Registration when I received none?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      We’re so sorry for any miscommunication. You actually did it the smart way by pre-registering! Now you’ll now get to bypass the on-site registration line at the Salt Palace and go directly to the Entrance Line. If you did not receive your Program Guide or Photo Op $5 vouchers at Pre-Registration, you can pick them up in the Registration Area at the PC Laptops Table at the Salt Palace upon arriving. If you purchased Star Trek Ultimate Xperience tickets, you will need to bring your ticket print out or confirmation code to that specific event in order to get in the door.

  324. Nicole Oakeson says : Reply

    Is there a way to get a refund on the paid Star Trek panel? I wanted to go, but the rest of my group doesn’t.

  325. Nicole Oakeson says : Reply

    Is there a way to get a refund on the paid Star Trek panel? I want to go, but the rest of my group doesn’t.

  326. For the convenience of attendees, could you please update the home page or the ticket page to illustrate the parking charges at the Salt Palace Convention Center. I understand that parking is limited in that facility.

  327. nick says : Reply

    if we paid for the vip passes where do we pick up our tee shirts?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Please come to the Salt Palace to get your t-shirts. They will be in the registration area once you’ve entered through the VIP entrance.

  328. Megan P. says : Reply

    Quick question. I bought a photo op for James Marsters last week for $40. I now see that they are $60. Am I going to have to pay the $20 difference when I get my photo, or will they honor the original price I paid? Thanks.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      They should honor the price you paid for. Just be sure to bring your confirmation code or ticket print out when you get in line for the Photo Op session.

  329. Vincent says : Reply

    So since the VIP tix are sold out, that means you can’t upgrade multipasses to them correct?

  330. Kaylee says : Reply

    Can i purchase tickets at the evnt

  331. Ari Beckes says : Reply

    Um, what do I do If I accidentally deleted the email with my tickets? I’m really worried, what should I do?

  332. alan says : Reply

    I was wondering if I could bring my airsoft gun as part of my military costume I wont take bbs just the gun and mag. will you guys allow that? Can I go on my own to the convention and pay for a ticket I am 16 ?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      No airsoft guns will be allowed at this event. Yes, you may go on your own to the event as long as you have an 11-16 year old ticket.

  333. braden says : Reply

    so i printed off my confirmation code is that all i need to get in the door

  334. Jasmin says : Reply

    Just to make sure, if I pay to have a photo op with a celebrity can a friend be in the photo with me or would they have to pay separately to be in the same photo?

  335. Austin Thorpe says : Reply

    Do you pay for autographs at each respective table or do you go some place else to pay for them? Does it have to be cash or can it be credit card?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, you pay for each autograph individually at each Celebrity Row booth. Most booths will on accept cash.

  336. Dave H. says : Reply

    I have a multiday ticket but I can’t wear a wristband at work on friday. What do I need to do?

  337. bre hollingsworth says : Reply

    Has Chandler Riggs canceled? I can’t find his panel anymore and we bought a photo op with him.

  338. Don says : Reply

    Is there a guest list for fall Comic Con

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      All September information will be released after FanX so please watch for announcements on Facebook and/or email

  339. danny mullins says : Reply

    When will tickets be available for Septembers event

  340. Brooklynne says : Reply

    When will the guests be announced?

  341. Never mind I just checked the master schedule and it says he’s only going Saturday now so I won’t be switching days. I’ll be there saturday.

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