Quick and Easy Cosplay Ideas for Salt Lake Comic Con

By Aimee Gertsch

While dressing as your favorite character at comic con isn’t mandatory, it sure can be fun! Here are a few quick and easy cosplay ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Clark Kent– A nice suit, slicked back hair, and of course, a pair of glasses. Stylish reporter hat to complete the look. Superman tee underneath is optional, but might come in handy should there be any trouble.

Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory– Printed dress with a fuller skirt. Button up cropped cardigan, and tights. Long blond hair (or wig) with curls, and of course, glasses. Howard Wolowitz optional.

Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory– Green Lantern or The Flash tee layered over a long sleeved tee shirt, worn with brown pants. Messenger bag, watch, and an “I’m smarter than you are” attitude. Soft kitty optional.

Kaylee Frye– Sleeveless mechanics coveralls worn with a purple long sleeved shirt beneath, flowered if possible. Cute patches added to the suit; a heart and a teddy bear. Bonus points for an Asian style parasol and blue kimono jacket to wear with your jumpsuit. Strawberries optional.

Men In Black– All black suit, white button up shirt, and black tie. Black sunglasses with dark lenses. Best done in pairs, but can work solo. Memory eraser optional.

Lara Croft– With two versions to choose from, Lara Croft is a great choice! Green sleeveless top for classic Lara, or a grey tank top for new Lara. Khaki shorts or utility pants and a belt. Hair pulled back, classic Lara had a braided ponytail. Bow and arrow for 2013 version, gun holster for classic Lara (just adhere do SLCC cosplay rules). High hiking style boots with white socks poking out the top and black fingerless gloves for classic Lara. High boots, a watch, and a choker necklace for 2013 Lara.

Mario/Luigi– Overalls, green or red tee, green or red cap. Mustaches are a must (real or fake). White gloves, black work boots. Goombas optional.

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