Using social media networks are a great way to gain attention for your appearance. To get started, we suggest that you create official social media pages for yourself or your business (if you haven’t already).

Create a Facebook Event Page

  • Create your own Facebook event for your Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 appearance. Invite your fans, friends, and family. Instructions how to create a Facebook event page, HERE:

To create an event for your Page:

  • Click Create an event at the top of your Page’s Timeline.
  • Add an event photo, then enter your event’s name, location, date and time, and category. You can include optional details like:
  • Add in a Ticket URL, for example:
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  • Once your Facebook Event Page is created, add Salt Lake Comic Con as a co-host for your Facebook event. This will allow us to invite our full network of Facebook followers to your Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 appearance. Find instructions on how to add co-hosts HERE:

To add a Co-Host:

  • Click Edit at the top right of the event.
  • Add “Salt Lake Comic Con” to the Co-hosts field.

More Tips for Facebook

  • SHARE YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! After we announce your participation for the event, share your Announcement or Showcase Image (more info below) from the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook page to your professional and personal Facebook pages. This will help spread awareness of the event and your appearance. Instructions on how to share, HERE: [PASTE INSTRUCTIONS.]
  • POST ABOUT YOUR APPEARANCE ON FACEBOOK. Don’t forget to post about your upcoming appearance on Facebook on your business and personal pages using our official hashtag #SLCC17. You can share or post directly into the the official event page for Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 to post related updates, such as product showcases, special offers, and Exclusives (more info on this page). You can also join our Facebook Group to get to know our fans. Although, your posts in the group must follow our community guidelines.

More Social Media Sites: Twitter, Instagram, and more!

In addition to Facebook, you can share announcements about Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 on other social media sites such as Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat. Some important things to remember:

  • Use the official event hashtag (#SLCC17) on all related posts made to your own social media networks. This will help our attendees and social media team find your posts.
  • Another way to make sure our social media team is aware of your posts and accounts, you should also tag Salt Lake Comic Con’s official social media accounts. We are most likely to share posts on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Vendors: please include your Booth # on your posts. (Booth #s will be assigned closer to the event. If you have questions please contact your Utah Media Group representative.)
  • Panelists: please include all panel information (location, date, time, etc) on your images or in the description.


We invite you to participate in the Vendor and Artist Showcase for Salt Lake Comic Con 2017. Your self-produced Showcase Image will be shared* to Facebook and most of our official Salt Lake Comic Con social networks.

Follow the directions below to submit your Showcase image.

  • Please create your own promotional art. Preferred size: 1920 x 1484 pixels at 72dpi resolution.
  • Image needs to be well-designed, artistic, and look cool. Graphics that don’t meet our visual standards may not be featured. Example of a promo image we love: Promo Image.  
  • Make sure you include all important information on your image. Name of business, booth number, social media links, website, etc. Showcase Image should include clear images of products you will be selling.
  • Submit your Showcase Image as a jpg file to by Friday, September 15, 2017. In the subject line of your email, please identify that your are submitting an image for the Showcase: VENDOR SHOWCASE – [your name]
  • Please upload your image to Dropbox or Google Drive, then share the link to your file with us in your email. No email attachments please.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your image. Once approved, your Vendor Showcase image will be added* to our Vendor Showcase album on Facebook.

* Images submitted after the deadline cannot be guaranteed to be shared.


Here’s your chance to promote your appearance and participation for Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 on Twitter!

Follow the directions below to submit your Showcase image.

  • Post your own promo image, photo, or video to your own Twitter account.
  • Make sure your image and/or tweet copy includes important info like: Booth #, panel info, etc.
  • Also use our official hashtag: #SLCC17
  • Tag @slcomiccon in your tweet copy and/or image.
  • Our social media team will retweet as many promos as we can leading up to the event.

Note: You or your business must be directly participating with the event. We cannot guarantee any promo will be shared.


A full list of vendors and artists is now available on our website. Please help us proofread and make sure your information and booth number are correct. If your listing requires updates, please email


A fantastic way to get your Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 appearance or local business noticed is by offering a Salt Lake Comic Con “Exclusive!”

What is an Exclusive?

It is common at conventions for Guests, Vendors, and Artists to offer an exclusive item or offer that is only valid for that particular show. Offer a limited-edition print, debut your book, offer a discount, or even a freebie with purchase to drive attendees to your booth.

We also welcome local businesses to submit an Exclusive Offer for our fans, especially if you are located around the Salt Palace Convention Center. Offering an Exclusive is a great way to gain exposure for yourself or your business during Salt Lake Comic Con 2017, September 21-23, 2017.

How do I submit an Exclusive?

  • Submit your Exclusive item or offer to by Friday September 15, 2017*. We’ll need to know the details of your exclusive item/offer, plus an image of your product or business logo.
  • Please upload any images to Dropbox or Google Drive, then share the link to your file with us in your email. No email attachments please.
  • You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your item/offer. Once approved, your item/offer will be added to our Exclusives page on our website, which will be shared on all of our social media sites.

* Images submitted after the deadline cannot be guaranteed to be shared.


Social media contests are a great way to raise awareness of your appearance and grow your social media following. We find that contests work best on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out this article for social media contest suggestions.

You are welcome to share your contest(s) into our official Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Facebook Event Page. Please note, Artists/Vendors are responsible for providing giveaway prizes and fulling prizes to winners.

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