Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Exclusive Feature

Quest Givers

  • Guest Info

    APPEARING: All Three Days
    KNOWN FOR:  Interactive Group

  • Guest Bio

    Greetings, adventurer! We are background NPC’s (Non-Playable Characters) and we’re here to send you on a quest. Our purpose is to enrich your con experience by sending you on a side-quest to capture the best, silliest, or geekiest Salt Lake Comic Con has to offer.

    Find us on the floor to receive your quest. Complete the request for a reward. Complete harder or more quests than your friends for bragging rights and to become a Quest Master!

    *SLCC Quest Givers is an independent, community-based group dedicated to improving the Con experience for cons, big and small, in Utah and beyond. Their mission is to celebrate nerdiness, in all its wonderous forms.

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