Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Guest Comic Creator

Howard Tayler

  • Guest Info

    APPEARING: All Three Days
    KNOWN FOR: Creator of Schlock Mercenary
    PANEL:  TBA*
    RSVP: Facebook

    *Panels are subject to change or cancellation. 

  • Guest Bio

    Howard Tayler is best known as the creator, writer and illustrator of Schlock Mercenary, the Hugo-nominated science fiction comic, but he is also a contributor to Extreme Dungeon Mastery and Skull Island Expeditions. He podcasts weekly with Brandon Sanderson, Mary Kowal, and Dan Wells on Writing Excuses. He and his family live in Orem, Utah.

    Born in Florida in the late ’60s, he expected to grow up to be either a doctor or a rock star. He came into his cartooning and writing career later than most, breaking into the scene in his 30s in June of 2000. He is a vocal advocate of continuing education, focused practice, and will occasionally scold people for saying “I wish I could do that” when what they mean is “I want to learn to do that.”

    His most recent printed work is Schlock Mercenary: The Body Politic. His latest complete online story, Schlock Mercenary: Random Access Memorabilia, is an excellent place for new readers to get acquainted with the work which pays most of his bills.

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