PC Laptops and Evermore Park offer scholarships for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014


Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 scholarships are being offered thanks to the generosity of sponsors PC Laptops and Evermore Park! Fifty scholarships will be awarded.

Apply here.

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  1. Jon Smith says:

    I have been a comicbook fan ever since I was a young boy. Reading those I could identity with, spiderman because he was just a kid with amazing circumstances that would over whelm adults. Superman because he was an alien that over came the traditional meaning over an E.T. Batman because he was orphaned at an age when your parents are all you know. I could list all the heroes I have from comicbooks, but the point I’m trying to make is that without comics generations of kids and adults would be without these heroes. We were wouldn’t have the Salt Lake Comic Con. Not the movies, cartoons or some many other things that have shaped not only the person I’ve grown to become but the world.

  2. Christopher Triplett says:

    I have been telling a story now for just about 20 years ago about how I met Jason David Frank in southern California at an IHOP. I was about 8 to 10 years old and my family and I had stopped for breakfast on our way back to northern California, towards the end of our meal, my little brother tells me he seen Tommy the white ranger and we decide to investigate! We walked up behind the man who we believe to this day to be Jason David Frank (tommy), as soon as I said excuse me! My little brother darted from my side leaving me there all alone to ask this man if he was a power ranger! I was terrified for some reason, lol! The man turned around and I managed to get out the words: ” my brother thinks you’re the white ranger”! The man just looked down at me and grinned from ear to ear! At this point my eyeballs became very large and I turned on a dime and jammed out of there! I would really love to win a scholarship for comicon so I could have the opportunity to tell Jason David Frank my story in person! How awesome would that be if for some weird reason that man in the restaurant really was him and if he remembered the account? That would be the most amazing thing in the world! Thanks for the opportunity to share my story! I know I’m not the only one trying to win here. So to everyone else on here trying to get tickets to comicon, good luck!

  3. Sean Sartori says:

    I just want to make a wish come true for 2 young ladies who gifted their passes for FanX when they became sick. Would be an awesome surprise for them and make me a hero again!

  4. Erin says:

    Hello there the givers of the Salt Lake Com Con golden tickets ,
    I entered this contest back on the 25 th of Aug ( 9 year anniversary of my husband putting up with me… Yes he is one lucky man ) and was wondering if you have given out all of those wonderful passes. I would love to be able to celebrate late of course the momentous occasion of him putting a ring on it. ( he doubts I can win tickets too )
    Thank you so very much!

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