Panel Q&A recap with Simon Helberg

By Jill Swensen

Best known for playing Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory, Simon Helberg answered fans’ questions at his Saturday morning panel at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, where he shared a deeper side of the “creep” (his words) and the antics surrounding his character on the hit show.

On playing a slime ball:

“They layered on the sleaze, but I had to cut through it. With pants that tight, it’s an uphill battle. There are ladies who are paid – not a lot of money – to take my pants on and off.”

On his favorite episodes:

“I like the adventure episodes. Seeing the four guys being dumber than ever. It’s fun seeing geniuses making the dumbest decisions you could ever make.”

On Howard’s belt buckles:

“There’s got to be probably over 100 – more than any normal man should have.”

On the ever-present lapel pin:

“Mary Quigley, our costume designer, placed the pin there. We discussed it in whispers and never talked about it again. Maybe at the finale.”

On Howard’s mother:

“The mother is the omniscient voice in his life – and [such is the case] in the lives of most Jewish boys. I hope, for your eyes, that we don’t get to see her. You might turn to stone.”

On being the first character to get married on the show:

“I loved all the shenanigans. It’s fun to see your character grow so much. Most characters don’t have such an arc.”

On which potential guest star he’d like to work with:

“William Shatner is the missing link in guest stars on our show.”

On who he geeks out over:

“As a filmmaker, Woody Allen. Robin Williams, who I had the pleasure of meeting. Your throat goes dry when you meet them.”

On his current acting gig:

“I’m in an incredibly lucky situation. It doesn’t feel like a job. It’s hard work, but incredibly fun.”

On the success of The Big Bang Theory:

“You can never really know what’s going to work or not. I felt something special happening during the pilot. Today [gesturing to the audience] is a reminder that it did work.”



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