Official Announcements

We have some important, and exciting announcements:

* Artist Alley is SOLD OUT.
* All Booths are SOLD OUT.
* All Sponsorships are SOLD OUT.
* We still have about 40 guests to announce, maybe even a couple of zingers.
* Press Pass Registration is CLOSED.
* Cosplay Contest entry is CLOSED.
* SWAG BAGS are only available for pre-purchased ticket holders.
* Early registration starts on Wed. at the Salt Palace between 10am and 6pm. First 1000 people to pick up their registration get a free figurine.
* Stay Calm and Comic Con.

Please purchase your tickets before the show. We highly encourage it.

Thank you FANS!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!

13 replies
  1. Alan Q says:

    What is the Early Registration for? I have purchased and am printing my VIP passes, do I need to do anything with the Early Registration?

  2. Jeremy Pedersen says:

    1. Will there be a VIP line for early registration?
    2. Will I be able to preregiser my wife without her present?

  3. Sadie Villagomez says:

    So what exactly does registration mean? Is it something besides buying tickets cuz i did that online weeks ago. Is it something required beyond that?

  4. Danielle Connelley says:

    With the registration, does each person have to pick up their registration package? Or can, for example, my husband pick up the registration items for all 4 of the members of our family as long as he has our tickets? Thanks!

  5. billy bluntz says:

    What is the point of registering? I’m not against it I just get it . Any answers are greatly appreciated 🙂

  6. Ethan Lutece says:

    Looking forward to it but “Keep Calm and Comic Con”…Really? Haven’t we exhausted the use of this phrase?

  7. Sam says:

    What’s the early registration for? I pre-purchased tickets and want to make sure if it is something I need to do our not. I appreciate your help.

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