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***This list will change between now and FanX. If you are an expert, media person or professional with concerns or comments about this list, please comment on the page below with details. All Panels, Panelists, Times and Locations are Subject to Change.***

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***THIS LIST IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED. The times and guests are continually being rescheduled, please keep checking back for updates***

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121 Responses to “Master Panel List – FanX 2014”

  1. Rachel says : Reply

    I love that you’re having a Veronica Mars panel, but having a panel with a bunch of people that have nothing to do with it is kind of weird. Even if you could get one of the minor actors from the show or the movie, that would be fantastic. Thanks for all that you’re doing!

  2. Trevor Trevosawrus Pearce says : Reply

    i cant wait to go!!! :D

  3. Angie Wilcox says : Reply

    I was looking at the Thursday panels and you have the Star Trek Reunion on here twice — once on the Main Stage from 6-8 and once from 7-9 in room 355. You have the Bridge Restoration on the first one (6-8) along with Dorn, Sirtis, Frakes, McFadden, and Crosby. No Spiner and no Shatner. On the second one you have Dorn, Sirtis, Frakes, McFadden and Spiner. No Crosby and no Shatner. ??

  4. Byron says : Reply

    No panel with Cassandra?

  5. Cali says : Reply

    I don’t see the panel for the Rocky Horror group (the Latter-Day Transvestites). Is that still going on?

  6. Deb says : Reply

    Hours show convention does not open until 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, 12:00 for VIP. There are panels starting at 12… Do you have to have VIP tickets to get into these panels????

    • Jeff says : Reply

      No you don’t need VIP to get into those panels. VIP gets you into the floor with vendors and autographs early. The panels anyone can go to no matter the time because they are not in the floor area they are in the conference rooms. VIP’s will be first seated usually though at panels. Hope that helps.

  7. Nikki says : Reply

    Personally I dislike the idea of Karl Urban being late in the day on Friday since the Red Carpet event will begin at 7:30 that evening, and I would rather not choose betwixt the two events. Thanks for asking for feedback!

  8. Amy says : Reply

    I love the ingenuity exhibited towards the panel creation. I would recommend a website page illustrating a day grid view. Y axis would show room number, x shows time. This will allow FanX attendees the ability to adequately plan there day for the upmostup most experience. In the program guide (provided with ticket purchase), the daily grid would be centrally placed. More details about panels and events could be placed in the rear portion of the program organized in sections based on area of interest. Currenly I see some scheduling conflicts with Riggs and Star Trek. Also, keep in mind how attendees will be notified of event cancellations. This is a pparticular concern for any celebrities flying in that day. I would also be interested in a panel about copyright, trademark, and protecting the rights of artists and performers.

  9. Kayleen says : Reply

    I know that I had to purchase separate tickets (an additional cost) for the panel with william Shatner and it said 6-8pm on that one. A bit nervous about being late because we have to work that day til 5 and then we still have to drive there, get checked in, and be seated by 6. I better ask to get off work early, it sounds like the times are till a bit uncertain.

  10. brooke says : Reply

    will there be a printed version of the schedule handed out at the con? or will we have to print this out?

  11. Cinnamon Hayes says : Reply

    You listed the con lasting to 8pm on Saturday on your website and then post the Doctor Who ball after that?!! We already made travel arrangements to leave right before it starts.Also I’ve never seen a headliner give their panel 2 hours before the con close. We won’t even be able to see Karen Gillan. We have to take the last flight to Phx right as she starts (It is Easter the next day). I’m bringing my daughter who wanted see Karen Gillan and Norman Reedus and now she will see neither?

  12. Cinnamon Hayes says : Reply

    Please please please put Karen’s panel earlier in the day at least. :(

    • kat says : Reply

      agreed! i have similar things for rides and travel. i would like to see the Karen panel earlier in the day. and i would LOVE to attend the DW ball but if that will still be at 8pm then the karen panel earlier would be appreciated very much!

      • Cinnamon Hayes says : Reply

        Thanks for backing me up my fellow Whovian. I may have to miss my flight and hitchhike home to Arizona, I seriously don’t want to miss her :(

  13. Brandon says : Reply

    So if Fan doesn’t open until 1 pm, how is anyone going to see panels that start at 10 am? Do the convention hours need to be updated?

    • Jeff says : Reply

      The show floor where the art vendors and celebrity photos and autograhps are, opens later than the panels. Panels are held at the salt palace in the ballroom and conference rooms. So while the show floor isn’t open the panels will be going at the time listed, As SLComicCon posted at the top of the panel page do check often cause the times may change.

    • Pamela says : Reply

      The convention floor is where the vendor, celebrities, and artists spend their days. The panels are in the rooms around the rest of the building. You’ll just need to check in and receive your passes before you can attend the panel.

  14. Kaitlin says : Reply

    I am a little confused on the Thursday plan. FanX doesn’t start until 1 on Thursday’s but there are panels that start at 10 AM. How?

    • lacey leblanc says : Reply

      If its like last year, the convention hall opened at 10am…but the “Dealer’s Room” opened at 1pm. The dealers room is considered the main show.

  15. Cinnamon Hayes says : Reply

    You also have the Doctor Who companion panel at the exact same time as Karen Gillian which likely to have the same target audience. Just wanted to let you know. :)

  16. Brandy Blackerby says : Reply

    I wish Drea & Jon WEREN’T AT THE SAME TIME!

  17. Amy says : Reply

    I noticed that the con is from morning until 8pm each night but there are several events that run from 8pm on. Is this an error or are these special events we need to pay for to get in or have special tickets for or what?

    • Dan says : Reply

      Last year they showed the Con closing at 8pm also. What it really meant is that you weren’t supposed to be able to ENTER after 8pm. The Con itself kept going until about 10pm.

  18. Chris says : Reply

    How can you have Star Trek Reunion from 6 – 8 on the main stage and also Chandler Riggs from 6 – 7 on the main stage and another Star Trek Reunion from 7 – 9 in 355 F? Conflict much?

  19. Mike Redford says : Reply

    Whoever designed this page GREATJOB! Very informative & easy to use. Greatly appreciative.

  20. i’m personally very interested in the anime/manga panels you’ve worked up for this year. if i can be in attendance all 3 days i’ll be sure to stop at all of them.

    as well if you need someone who knows a lot about it, feel free to let me know! i’d love to help if you guys need it, i loved last year and can’t wait for this year

  21. kat says : Reply

    just wanted to comment though and tell you the layout for this is pretty neat and it’s easy to manage and direct. thank you for that and thank you for all the awesome panels. how hard it will be to pick and choose

  22. This is just personal, but I would love to see the Dragonlance, Edward James Olmos, and Cosplay Armory events staggered to different time slots. Those are the three events my group most wants to see and they’re all same day/time, lol

  23. Marial says : Reply

    You have the SLC Pops and Karen Gillian on the main stage at the same time on Saturday, not sure how that’s going to work :)

  24. Brad says : Reply

    I see Dr Jeff Meldrum is hosting a panel and yet he isn’t listed in the special guests. Do you know if he will have a booth?

  25. Nathan Caldwell says : Reply

    I am most looking forward to the Michael Dorn Panel, but was hoping it would have been Friday evening or later in the afternoon/evening on Saturday. I am also curious if the Star Trek Bridge Restoration Panel is just about the restoration process, or if that will be the only time to get a picture on the bridge? Along those lines is the bridge going to be like the TARDIS last September, or a pay like the Delorean?

    • The Restoration Bridge will be there for anyone to walk around on, it does not cost extra, although they will be collecting donations. The Star Trek Bridge panel will be about the restoration process.

  26. nancy says : Reply

    Could you spread the celebrity panels out more? Too many are up against each other, forcing us to make unholy choices.

  27. Sherry says : Reply

    “Dancing w/Stars Show” on Friday still has greek text and overlaps several panels on the main stage.

  28. maggie a says : Reply

    Dr Horrible and Dr Who AT THE SAME TIME??? WHO… WHY… that’s HORRIBLE!!!!!
    Oh, DO please consider rearranging these. That’s worse than asking Ollie to choose between Shado and Sara!

  29. maggie a says : Reply

    Is there going to be a mobile app of this like last year?

  30. Angela says : Reply

    Love all the panels, it is really hard to decide – one thing would make it easier, can your IT team make an option on the site to view the panels as a grid (like a cable guide menu) so that I can see everything that is available and what overlaps on time – Thanks

  31. Angel WIlliams says : Reply

    Ok this is a nice try but would be more helpful is to see time segments lined up so we can see easily what is going on at each time segment and the scroll bar is really clumsy as it is in side of the page and the go to top function only works for the page.
    However the panels are looking great and I am eager to see many of them that I can get to … some are going to be at tight run for me :)

  32. Eric says : Reply

    Which day is anticipated to have the smallest crowds? I’m bringing children and would rather not fight the hoards.

  33. Angie says : Reply

    I really want to go to the sasquatch panel on Thursday with Jeff Meldrum. Do I need a VIP pass for that? Regular admission is at 1:00pm and the panel begins at 12:00.

  34. Cinnamon Hayes says : Reply

    I see the Doctor Who prom is not listed now?

  35. Rich says : Reply

    What happened to Lindsay Stirling and the Utah mascots?…

  36. Tanya says : Reply

    You have Chandler Riggs at the horrible time slot of 6-7. The Star Trek event we paid for is at 6:30. So we paid for VIP Tickets and Star Trek Event tickets…yet the poor timing punishes us and denies us the pleasure of the pannel of a great cast member from the Walking Dead. You would think with losing out on a major cast member you would make sure not to have this kind of conflict. This is not cool and not fair.

  37. I am on an 8pm panel on Friday about Writer/Artist collaboration. I would be happy to appear on any other writer panel that you could use me on, especially character development or humor in any genre.

  38. Ashlee says : Reply

    You have Nathan Fillion’s panel listed on Saturday, but you also have listed that he’ll only be there Friday???

  39. kat says : Reply

    thank you so much for rearranging to make the karen gillan panel earlier on saturday! you have a very happy and relieved whovian right now!! :D

  40. I see panels I created that I don’t even appear on. I guess this is still being updated.

  41. Melanie Farley says : Reply

    Hi. I was wondering something: If you leave, could you come back later in the day?

  42. Rich says : Reply

    Since no one reads my posts I will try again…what happened to Lindsay Stirling and the Utah mascots?…

    • Amy says : Reply

      I think she’s still going to be there because she’s still on the guest list for Thursday… but I’m not sure :\ I hope she’ll still be there… She’s the best!

  43. Alex says : Reply

    Like Rich, i’m wondering about Lindsey Stirling too. Did she cancel too? I don’t see her up on the panel list anymore….

  44. Janean says : Reply

    Are you going to kick us out of the Main Stage area Saturday between Nathan Fillion and Karen Gillan? I’d rather wait an hour in line for both than have to choose, but let me know sooner rather than later so I can choose.

  45. Ashlee says : Reply

    So, if a panel starts at 10, can you line up as soon as the building is open at 8?

  46. Noticed the Poe/Lovecraft panel is on Friday i’m unavailable on Friday-if you decide to move it on sat I would be avl I’m working on illustrations for a Poe novel for clients currently

  47. Cinnamon Hayes says : Reply

    Thanks for moving Karen Gillian earlier! So many great guests and panels! You guys rock!!

  48. Sean Hoade says : Reply

    Hi, SLC folks! Dan Farr personally invited me to come to both Cons this year, saying that he would like to have me on some panels. I’m not listed on any panels, although I would be glad to serve on as many as you might like me to (even if that’s none).

    I created and taught one of the first university classes on zombies and am finishing a contracted zombie novel. Check out my bona fides at . I might be right for the Physiology of Zombies panel and certainly would be right for the Undead, But Never More Alive: Why Zombies Continue to be an Active Part of Popular Culture panel.

    I also taught a popular university class on the Apocalypse, so if you’d like me to be part of the Choose Your Own Apocalypse —The Game panel, I’d be happy to.

    I’ve been a university creative writing teacher for 10 years and a published novelist, so maybe I would be right for the Top Things to Do or Not to Do As an Aspiring Fiction Writer panel and/or the Self-Publishing, Indie Publishing, and Traditional Publishing: Which One Is Right for You? panel.

    Those are all Saturday panels. On Thursday, I think I would be perfect for these panels:

    Zombie Enfranchisement: The Court Battle panel.
    The Psychology of Superheroes
    How to Survive the Impending Apocalypse (In Whatever Form It Takes)

    Ones I can sit on that are on Friday:

    Lovecraft and Poe: What Influence Do They Have on Modern Horror Storytellers? (My new novel, Deadtown Abbey, is Downtown Abbey meets Lovecraft.)
    Brainstorming for Writers and Artists
    Writing Humor
    Which is Better, Books or Movies? The On-Going Debate Over the Hobbit, Percy Jackson, Enders Game, and Other Adaptations (I just finished teaching a graduate course on Fiction vs. Film.)

    If you don’t need me for any panels at all, I’m great with that! (Maybe just let me know either way?) I just want to be of service because Dan was nice enough to want me to be a part of your awesome event.

    Sean Hoade

  49. Marlee D says : Reply

    I’ve been looking all over this site… anyone know when or if Nathan Fillion is having a panel/spotlight? If so, when is it?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Nathan Fillion’s panel is scheduled on Saturday from 10-11am in the Main Ballroom. All panel times are subject to change.

  50. Sydney says : Reply

    It says that you have to buy a ticket for the Star Trek Reunion Event, but I can’t find where you can buy them online. Help please? Also do you have to pay as much if your a VIP ticket holder?

  51. Sydney says : Reply

    I can’t find the place where you can buy Star Trek Reunion Tickets. Help please?

  52. Byron says : Reply

    Program guide has him listed on Saturday at 10 am

  53. mjkbk says : Reply

    Why is the James Marsters panel info accompanied by a photo of MATT FREWER? Instead of a photo of, you know, James Marsters?

  54. K. Williams says : Reply

    ok I need help. I just got a Ticket for my Nephew for the Power ranger school and Im obviously not participating in the “Ranger training” or the photo opps, Im just chaperoning him because hes 6. Do I need to buy another ticket for me to come with him to this or am I good with just my one ticket for him? Also the Power Ranger event page it says that the Saturday sessions start at 11am but this page says the Saturday session starts at 10am and the PDF program guide says at 11am is the princess parade and there is nothing at 10am. Can I get the right times and room number for this? thank you.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, you will need to purchase an adult ticket in order for him to be let in the door. He will be able to attend the event under your ticket. The event will be on Saturday at 10:00 AM in the South Ballroom Stage.

      • K. Williams says : Reply

        Im sorry, Im still alittle confused. Ok, I have A VIP ticket to attend FanX and Im Now bringing my little niece and nephew because they are free. They Both want to attend the Power ranger school, so I just got them 2 tickets to this event. was I right to buy 2 tickets for to the power ranger school for 2 kids, or do I need a refund on a ticket because power ranger school is considered an Adult ticket and I can get 2 kids in for free. OR do I need to but a 3rd ticket to chaperone them even tho Im not participating in the photo opp and autographs at this event.

        • Your kids under 10 can enter with you free into the event, but they still require their own ticket to special events that cost extra, such as Power Ranger Samurai training. You do not need to buy a ticket for yourself to chaperone them, but do if you are to participate.

  55. Cori says : Reply

    Hey! I have a show with 801FM (Femme Fatalacast), and my producer has been working on the station as a whole instead of some individual handling, and not specifically with panels. Forgive me for posting this publicly (per the red text), but you guys have been pretty great about responding here. I’m on a panel, as suggested by a college, but I’m not sure who exactly is “in charge” so I can be aligned with prep and whatnot. Also, I’m sure the panels are pretty “fleshed out” with whom will be on the panels, but I was wondering if there was a way to throw my hat in the ring for some other panels as well. I can provide my experience/show listeners/drop a few names for references if you wish.

  56. Sheena says : Reply

    I’d like some more info about the the Enterprise D Bridge Restoration. Is the one panel listed here the only time to see it? Will we be able to take pictures on the bridge? Are there any extra costs involved with seeing it outside of the panel or taking a picture on it?

  57. Camryn Stegmaier says : Reply

    Do these panels cost money? Most specifically the Chandler Riggs panel? If they do, how do I purchase tickets for them?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      The FanX panels are covered under the cost of your FanX ticket (Day Pass, Multipass, or VIP). The extra events such as the ST:TNG Ultimate Xperience, Jason David Frank Meet & Greet, and a few other special events are extra.

  58. Ashlee says : Reply

    I see that some of the panels are now listed as north and south ballroom stage? What’s the difference?

  59. maggie says : Reply

    Micky Dolenz and Sean Patrick Flanery panels are at the same time.

  60. Kim says : Reply

    if one of the panels I want to see starts at 10 am on Saturday and you don’t open the doors tell 10 am will I miss the panel I wanted to see then I wanted to do the sat apr 19 panel about Saturday moring tv with tom cook and Kerry Jackson and jimmy martin and jeff vice so if my pass is for that day will I get in in time to see this panel then or will I miss it on the panel and whole show all so I want to see Elvira too will she be doing panels or just sitting were you can meet and talk with her and take her photo with her do I have to buy a photo opt thing to have photo with her or can I use my own cam or cell phone cam then .

  61. Kim Yoder says : Reply

    if I have day pass for the april 19 show ok and I want to see a panel that starts at 10 am and the doors don’t open tell 10 am will I miss the panel I want to see then its the Saturday Moring Tv shows with Kerry Jackson Tom Cook Jimmy Martin and jeff Vice

  62. Rich says : Reply

    OK GUYS…3rd post…WHAT IS GOING ON REGARDING LINDSAY STIRLING?…Yes, I MEANT to type in all caps since I have NEVER received a reply regarding ANY post I have ever taken the time to post…great customer service guys…also still looking for my $40 credit I never received…

  63. Rich says : Reply

    Lindsay was booked as being in a panel when the list started…that is disappointing…I was hoping to see her…thanks for the update…

  64. Jessica Moore says : Reply

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a photo op with Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin. The Firefly team up option is the best idea! If I won, all of you wonderful folks at Salt Lake Comic Con would be my Big Damn Heroes! :) Can’t wait!

  65. Dallan says : Reply

    Where is the “north” ballroom stage? I only see 1 ballroom on the map, on the south end of the convention center.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      The North Ballroom is the same place as the Main Ballroom. It had just been split into 2 event rooms, North and South. There will signage directing you at the convention center.

  66. Dan says : Reply

    Is Karen Gillan not going to be at the “Spotlight on Karen Gillan” panel? She’s not listed on it here, and that panel isn’t listed under her in your mobile app. Thought that seemed a bit odd.

  67. Kennedy says : Reply

    Do you have to preregister for panels or can you just go in? Thanks! i’m new to comic con, this will be my first year and any advice would be really really appreciated! Thanks again in advance :)

  68. Katee says : Reply

    Is Chandler Riggs still on for tonight from 6-7? It was on the thursday list last night and now it’s gone. I can’t find it on friday or saturday either.

  69. So let’s say you’re going on Saturday and you’re planning on going to Nathan Fillion’s panel at 10 when it opens (and getting there at the latest 9:00), but then you also want to go to Karen Gillan’s panel that is RIGHT after in the same room. Is it ok to just stay in the room between panels? I REALLY want to go to both!

  70. Ashlee says : Reply

    If the building opens at 8 but you can’t get through the vendor floor how will the line for Nathan Fillions panel work? I want to get there as early as possible to line up because I don’t have a VIP pass.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      You can still enter the convention center at 8:00 AM, just the Floor Expo (vendors) will not be available until 10AM for GA. You’ll still be able to line up for Nathan Fillion

  71. Jake says : Reply

    You have 2 things scheduled at the same time in the south ballroom Saturday night. Dancing with stars and power rangers. Is the dancing supposed to be one hour, our are the rangers an hour later?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      The Ranger School on Saturday is scheduled for 11:00AM. Dancing with the Stars is in the Ballroom at 5PM.

  72. Jake says : Reply

    Is Patrick Stewart going to have a panel?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Please watch for an official announcement, stay tuned! We will be letting everyone know when his official schedule is.

  73. Jake says : Reply

    We saw Lindsey Stirling here early on. Did she end up canceling?

  74. James says : Reply

    Amazing panels! And I ended my Comicon experience laughing and singing along with 700 people to the Dr. Horrible Sing-along Blog. I can’t imagine a better finale… next year do Dr. Horrible again, at the end of the day, and in one of the larger rooms.

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