RIP Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015) Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Alumnus

We’ve got some sad news to report today as it appears that Salt Lake Comic Con Alumnus Leonard Nimoy has died at the age of 83 following a brief illness. Nimoy most famously portrayed Spock in the Star Trek TV Series and the films that followed. According to the New York Times, who reported his death, Nimoy had been hospitalized earlier this week with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Aside from Star Trek, Nimoy appears on the TV series Fringe and was an avid photographer and author, with several books published under his name. Nimoy was such a thoughtful and compassionate person who wasn’t afraid to use his celebrity to advocate for causes he cared about. He really did march to the beat of a different drum and, by example, encouraged other people to do the same. Born in 1931, he left an indelible mark on pop culture during his time on this planet.

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  1. Paul Chambers says:

    The original Star Trek was on before my time, but that didn’t stop this incredible person from leaving his mark on my life and all the other fans he has built throughout his life.

  2. Casey says:

    Thank you so much for showing this video, it means so much more now then it did the day we first got so see this wonderful man. Live Long And Prosper… RIP Leonard Nimoy

  3. Linda Jones says:

    One of my favorite CDs that I have is ‘Whales Alive’ narrated by Nimoy with voices of the Humpback Whales (Paul Winter/Paul Halley). Love his voice! We Will miss you!! LLAP!!

  4. Kayleen says:

    I loved the first half of the video, watching Lenord Nimoy singing and answering questions. With his passing I watched with tears streaming down my face as if Nimoy was my father (my father is two years older) and I just have to say, that I was loving this video until about half way through, when they stopped filming Nimoy and only showed the audience! why did they do that??? They never once shot a picture of the screen that Nimoy was speaking on again. why is that? I feel jipped so at the beginning, I had tears of love and joy, and at the end I had tears of ***k why did they never show him again, I ended up pissed! His last video, and they only show the audience, how deeply disappointing…

  5. Rish Outfield says:

    I didn’t go to this panel, though I was at the convention. Later I was told that Nimoy’s health prevented him from attending, and today, well, here we are. I wish I had gone to the panel now.

  6. Jeffery Mason says:

    Very few actors become directors and writers, and an even smaller group become legendary as both. Leonard Nimoy did all three. One of the few artists of our time who transcended genres, Mr. Nimoy directed comedies, dramas as well as a couple of exceptional Star Trek films which remain the most popular in the Star Trek Canon.
    While Leonard Nimoy will always be Mr. Spock, there is absolutely no denying his tremendous talent at all.
    I had the privilege of meeting him at a Star Trek convention, and was amazed at his presence not because he was there representing Mr. Spock, but because underneath that character he represented what everyone of us would hope to become: Happy, confident and living the dream and enjoying every minute of it.
    Leonard Nimoy taught me it is possible to live beyond stereotypes and type-casting as he was able to do both amazingly well. Judaism was an integral part of his life so much so that he felt it necessary to teach non-members the order of prayer in his faith with his simple hand sign of Vulcan goodwill, which that gesture alone brought a positive message to a faith which has been besieged by the worst of humanity. He narrated the “In Search Of” documentaries which amazed me with stories of UFO’s, paranormal activity and other unexplained events, but unlike today, the subjects were handled with both respect and dignity vs. tabloid fodder.
    While some other actors may have looked at their past work they are most remembered for with disdain and regret, Mr. Nimoy saw it as just a great opportunity in his illustrious career, he never regretted playing Mr. Spock even if writing “I Am Not Spock” in 1975 may have said otherwise, because just 20 years later he wrote “I Am Spock” as a realization that no matter what he always will be that character, and we loved him for it. He even enjoyed poking fun at himself playing Sheldon Cooper’s Action Figure Spock which shows his great sense of humor.
    We have lost a true artisan, an amazing gentlemen and consummate professional, but to me as a fan like many others, I have lost a dear friend,
    You have lived long and you have prospered Mr. Leonard Nimoy, and your star will shine brightly as your spirit has finally risen to the final frontier.
    Until we meet again, thank you for everything Mr. Nimoy,
    Jeff Mason

  7. Joree Felker says:

    You guys have got to google Mr. Nimoy singing his Bilbo Baggins song. It’s priceless! We’ll miss him!

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