Instagram Contest Winners (8/12/16)

We’re giving away Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 passes and other cool prizes on our official Instagram. Watch your feed for chances to win, and follow direction in the post. It’s easy! THANKS FOR HELPING SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT OUR EVENT!

This week’s CAPTION THIS Contest Winners for Salt Lake Comic Con 2016
(September 1-3, 2016. One pass per winner. Passes may be upgraded after claiming.)

Multipass Winner



Thursday Pass Winners

Your info will be sent directly to our customer service department. Please be patient, they will contact you by email as soon as possible!

If your prize was fulfilled by Thursday, August 11th, your prize will be sent to you in the mail and you’ll receive 2 free children’s passes per adult pass.

If your prize was fulfilled on Friday, August 12th and after, your order will have missed the Shipping Deadline and the free children’s pass promotion. Please plan to visit Pre-Registration or Registration at the event to pick up your wristband, upgrade your ticket, and/or purchase children’s passes.