Herald Extra: Dick Van Dyke slated for Salt Lake Comic Con

(Herald Extra)  From “The Dick Van Dyke Show” to “Diagnosis Murder” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” “Mary Poppins” to “Bye Bye Birdie” and the “Night at the Museum” series, Dick Van Dyke has been making his mark on the entertainment industry for decades now, and this September he’ll be making his mark on Salt Lake City as a celebrity guest at Salt Lake Comic Con on Sept. 21-23.

“I’m not a big fan boy,” said Salt Lake Comic Con co-founder Dan Farr, a comment he’s iterated several times. “I’m not someone who, when I meet someone I get kind of nervous and all that, but with Dick Van Dyke, I did.”

It’s been about 20 years and a children’s book collaboration since the first time Farr encountered Van Dyke, at a National Broadcasters Association trade show, but even now, Farr said the excitement is still there.

 “I’ve been able to develop a relationship with him over the years,” he said, “but even now, when I see him I still get this nostalgic feeling.”

The collaboration was on “Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest,” a book written by Farr and narrated on the audio CD by Van Dyke. It’s one of many chances Farr has had to work with Van Dyke, and has led to one of many reasons he’s enthusiastic about the announcement.

“Really, I get so excited about him coming mainly because I know the fans are going to have an experience that they couldn’t imagine,” Farr said. “He’s so nice — he’s so Dick Van Dyke. You can’t really describe him more than he’s the person he seems to be. When you see him on TV and in interviews, you think, ‘What a nice person,’ and that’s who he is.” (…)