Herald Extra: Gary the Unicorn takes Salt Lake Comic Con: Weekend wrap-up

(Herald Extra) SALT LAKE CITY — Hello friends. Gary here, delivering my in-person account of the greatest event-filled weekend in the Salt Lake Valley. But first, a worthwhile thought:

Is this the year that Salt Lake City’s Comic Con finally comes to terms with the inevitable truth? Strangely out-of-place celebrity guests, a slew of absent artists and booth regulars, and virtually no new features are each breadcrumbs on a trail that leads not home, but perhaps to the ledge of a very tall cliff.

It’s not to say that fun isn’t to be found at the event, or that one’s hard-earned savings couldn’t be well spent on the convention and numerous nerd-ish offerings waiting inside, because for most who attend the value and excitement is surely still there, the pulse of pop-culture beating strongly with a mighty, calling rhythm … GEEK-GEEK, GEEK-GEEK, GEEK-GEEK.

 But the inevitable truth, hinted at before, tells a different story. With the obvious exception of newcomers having the time of their lives, what of those who’ve made the trek to each Salt Lake convention of the ilk that Salt Lake Comic Con offers? FanXperience. FantasyCon. Gaming Con. Rice Pudding Con. How many are repeat customers: most? I would be genuinely surprised if many who are familiar with these conventions aren’t, in the very least, a bit hungry for something new (…)


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