Herald Extra: COMIC CON-NUNDRUM Salt Lake Comic Con pushes back against San Diego in name dispute; files counter charges

(Herald Extra) SALT LAKE CITY — When it comes to pop culture and fandoms, a sense of community is pretty much a given. With such unifying commonalities, differences generally play second string to the impressive orchestra of camaraderie that exists. That is until two tiny words sparked an immense rift between comic convention giant San Diego Comic-Con International in California and Utah’s own Salt Lake Comic Con.

The words? “Comic Con.”

That was in August 2014, just one year after Salt Lake Comic Con’s record-shattering debut. San Diego Comic-Con issued a cease and desist in regard to the Utah convention’s use of the generic term “comic con” in its official name, claiming ownership of the term and starting a now three-year legal battle of epic proportions due to SLCC’s failure to, well, cease and desist.

Though two years of mostly simmering silence have ensued since the last big update in the case, Tuesday morning brought with it some big news for fans who have been following the lawsuit as it makes its way through California’s courts. According to a press release, the Salt Lake Comic Con petitioned the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board Tuesday to cancel all of San Diego’s trademarks claimed by what they claim are fraudulent means.

According to the release, Bryan Brandenburg and Dan Farr, SLCC’s co-founders, were scheduled for June 15 depositions and a settlement conference with the United States District Court Judge Jan Adler in San Diego. Though depositions did take place, irreconcilable differences led to legal briefs being filed and ultimately the settlement meeting being cancelled (…)