Guest Master List

30000 Salt Lake Comic Con Tickets

Below is the Master Guest Schedule for Salt Lake Comic Con September 5-7, 2013.

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Purple Guests have yet to be officially announced.

Red Guests are Panelists.

Blue Guests are Spotlight Guests

Green Guests are Featured Guests

Celebrity Guest Thursday Friday Saturday Photo OP Autograph
Mystery Guest No No Yes TBA TBA
Aaron Hutgren Yes Yes Yes
Aaron Johnston Yes Yes Yes
Aaron Patterson Yes Yes Yes
Aaron Radl Yes Yes Yes
Adam Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Adam Sidwell Yes Yes Yes
Adam West No Yes Yes $65 $60
Adrian Paul No Yes Yes $40 $30
Ally Condie Yes Yes Yes
Alien Dave Rosenfield Yes Yes Yes
Alvin Ting Wen Lee Yes Yes Yes
Amy Atkins Yes Yes Yes
Amy Bruni Yes Yes Yes
Amy Frederico Yes Yes Yes
Anne Serling Yes Yes Yes
Aneeka Yes Yes Yes
Batton Lash Yes Yes Yes
Ben Hansen Yes Yes Yes
Bill Galvan (Panels Only) Yes Yes No
Blair Sterrett Yes Yes Yes
Bob Desendi Yes Yes Yes
Brad R. Torgerson Yes Yes Yes
Brandon Mull No Yes No
Brandon Welch Yes Yes Yes
Brendan Cook Yes Yes Yes
Brent Peeples Yes Yes Yes
Brett Madsen Yes Yes Yes
Brian Krause Yes Yes Yes $35 $20
Brian (B.C.) Hailes Yes Yes Yes
Brian Haberlin Yes Yes Yes
Brian Higgins Yes Yes Yes
Brian Wiser Yes Yes Yes
Britt Griffith Yes Yes Yes
Brittany Casselman Yes Yes Yes
Brittany Henry Yes Yes Yes
Bryan Leffler Yes Yes Yes
Bryan Lefler Yes Yes Yes
Bryan Young Yes Yes Yes
Burt Ward No Yes Yes $60 $50
Camden Toy Yes Yes Yes $35 $25
Cami Skousen Yes Yes Yes
Carter Reid Yes Yes Yes
Cerina Vincent Yes Yes Yes $35 $25
Chad Hardin Yes Yes Yes
Chad Morris Yes Yes Yes
Charan Prabhakar Yes Yes Yes
Chris “Doc” Wyatt Yes Yes Yes
Christian Jacobs Yes Yes Yes
Chris Jones Yes Yes Yes
Chunga Yes Yes Yes
Claire Coffee No Yes Yes $30 $30
Clare Kramer Yes Yes Yes TBD TBD
Clark Stacey Yes Yes Yes
Clint Vanderlinden Yes Yes Yes
Connie Beaty Yes Yes Yes
Craig Nybo (Panels Only) No No Yes
Curtis Hickman Yes Yes Yes
Dan Schaefer Yes Yes Yes
Dani Dixon Yes Yes Yes
Daniel Presedo Yes Yes Yes $40 $40
Daniel Vest Yes Yes Yes
Dan Willis Yes Yes Yes
Dave Hilden Yes Yes Yes
David (Wolverton) Farland Yes Yes Yes
David Boop Yes Yes Yes
David Powell Yes Yes Yes
David Prowse Yes Yes Yes
David Yost Yes Yes Yes $30 $20
Dayrn Tufts Yes Yes Yes
Dean Cain Yes Yes Yes $50 $45
Derek Hunter No No Yes
Dexter Vines Yes Yes Yes
Diana Teranova Yes Yes Yes
Dirk Benedict Yes Yes Yes $30 $30
Doug Vandergrift Yes Yes Yes
Doug Wagner Yes Yes Yes
Dwight Schultz Yes Yes Yes $30 $25
Ed Fries Yes Yes No
Elaine White Yes Yes Yes
Eric James Stone Yes Yes Yes
Eric MerrItt Yes Yes Yes
Erika Alexander Yes Yes Yes
Frank Cole Yes Yes Yes
Full On Fantasy Yes Yes Yes
Garrick Dean Yes Yes Yes
Glenn Morshower Yes Yes Yes TBD TBD
Greg Horn Yes Yes Yes
Heather Ostler Yes Yes Yes
Henry Winkler Yes Yes Yes TBD TBD
Howard Tayler Yes Yes Yes
Hraefn Wulfson Yes Yes Yes
Ian Johnsoton Yes Yes Yes
Isaac Singleton Yes Yes Yes
Jackie Estrada Yes Yes Yes
Jake Black Yes Yes Yes
Jake Parker Yes Yes Yes
James Dashner No No Yes
James Wymore Yes Yes Yes
Jamie Tyndall Yes Yes Yes
Jason Craig Palmer Yes Yes Yes
Jason Saller Yes Yes Yes
Jazz Bear Yes Yes Yes
Jeff Easley Yes Yes Yes
Jen Lyons Yes Yes Yes
Jenna Kemker Yes Yes Yes
Jenni James Yes Yes Yes
Jennifer McGrew Yes Yes Yes
Jeremy Gates Yes Yes Yes
Jessica Day George Yes Yes Yes
Jessica Nigri Yes Yes Yes
Jess Smart Smiley Yes Yes Yes
Jhonny K & Krew Yes Yes Yes
Jim Sands Yes Yes Yes
JP Roth Yes Yes Yes
Joel Mendias Yes Yes Yes
John de Lancie Yes Yes Yes
John and Brenda Romero No No Yes
John de Lancie Yes Yes Yes
John Moyer Yes Yes Yes
John Steiner Yes Yes Yes
John W. Morehead Yes Yes Yes
Jonathan Decker Yes Yes Yes
Jonathan Martin Yes Yes Yes
Josh Elmer Yes Yes Yes
Joshua Jones Yes Yes Yes
Justin Kunz Yes Yes Yes
Keith Champagne Yes Yes Yes
Ken Meyer Jr. Yes Yes Yes
Kenny D. Yes Yes Yes
Kevin J. Anderson Yes Yes Yes
Kevin Murphy Yes Yes Yes TBD TBD
Kevin Sorbo Yes Yes Yes $40 $40
Kohl Glass Yes Yes Yes
Kynan Griffin Yes Yes Yes
Larry Correia Yes Yes Yes
Larry Curtis Yes Yes Yes
Larry Thomas No Yes Yes TBD TBD
Laura Hickman Yes Yes Yes
Lauren McLemore Yes Yes Yes
LeeAnna Vamp Yes Yes Yes
Leo Leibelman Yes Yes Yes
Lisa Mangum Yes Yes Yes
Lou Ferrigno Yes Yes Yes $40 $30
Mac McCann Yes Yes Yes
Manu Bennett Yes Yes Yes $30 $30
Mario DeAngelis Yes Yes Yes
Mark Irwin Yes Yes Yes
Mark Jarmen Yes Yes Yes
Matt Miner Yes Yes Yes
McCord Larsen Yes Yes Yes
Mette Ivie Harrison Yes Yes Yes
M.L. Forman Yes Yes Yes
Michael Champion Yes Yes Yes
Michael Lovins Yes Yes Yes
Michaelbrent Collings Yes Yes Yes
Mike Baron Yes Yes Yes
Nate Van Hulten Yes Yes Yes
Nathan Dust Yes Yes Yes
Nathan Riddle Yes Yes Yes
Nathan Shumate Yes Yes Yes
Nicholas Brendon Yes Yes Yes $30 $30
Nicole Marie Jean Yes Yes Yes
Nick Gomez Yes Yes Yes $35 $20
Noah Hathaway Yes Yes Yes $30 $25
Obert Skye Yes Yes Yes
Pat Bagley Yes Yes Yes
Patrick Hayes Yes Yes Yes
Paul F. Anderson Yes Yes Yes
Paul Genesse Yes Yes Yes
Peter Mayhew Yes Yes Yes $30 $40
Peter J. Wacks Yes Yes Yes
Quinn Johnson Yes Yes Yes
Ray Park Yes Yes Yes $40 $40
Rebecca Moesta Yes Yes Yes
Rhiannon Paille Yes Yes Yes
Rich Reagan Yes Yes Yes
Richard Paul Evans Yes Yes Yes
Richard Hatch Yes Yes Yes $30 $30
Robert Kessler Yes Yes Yes
Robison Wells (Panels Only) No No Yes
Roger Altizer Yes Yes Yes
Ross Przbylski Yes Yes Yes
Russell Cook Yes Yes Yes
Rusty Joiner Yes Yes Yes
Ryan Burns Yes Yes Yes
Ryan Glitch Yes Yes Yes
Ryan Ottley Yes No No
Sal Velluto Yes Yes Yes
Mark Jarmen Yes Yes Yes
Sandra Taylor Yes Yes Yes  $40  $25
Scott Campbell Yes Yes Yes
Scott Harben Yes Yes Yes
Scott Taylor Yes Yes Yes
Serenity Moore Yes Yes Yes
Shaune Vanhuisen Yes Yes Yes
Simon FIsher-Baker Yes Yes Yes $30 $30
Sofia Milos No Yes Yes $40 $30
Spazmatics Yes Yes Yes
Stan Lee No No Yes $50 $60
Steve Argyle (Panels Only) No No Yes
Steve “Warky” Nunez (Panels Only) No No Yes
Steve Argyle Yes Yes Yes
Steve Fox Yes Yes Yes
Tae Kim Yes Yes Yes
Taimak Guarriello Yes Yes Yes TBD TBD
Tanglwyst de Holloway Yes Yes Yes
Tara Swenson Yes Yes Yes
Taylor Maw Yes Yes Yes
Tracy Hickman Yes Yes Yes
Tom Carr Yes Yes Yes
Tony Puryear Yes Yes Yes
Tom Durham Yes Yes Yes
Tommy Tallarico Yes Yes Yes
Tony Toscano Yes Yes Yes
Tyler Fedderson Yes Yes Yes
Tyler Kirkham Yes Yes Yes
Tysen Webb Yes Yes Yes
Veronica Lynn Harper Yes Yes Yes
Vincent J. Roth Yes Yes Yes
W. Thomson Yes Yes Yes
Walter Jones No No Yes $30 $30
Wesley John Yes Yes Yes
Weta Workshop Yes Yes Yes
William Kircher Yes Yes Yes
William Shatner No No Yes $75 $75


Celebrity Guest Cancellations Reason
Arthur Sudyan Filming Project
Jonathan Frakes Patrick Stewart Wedding
Tia Carrare Filming Project

341 Responses to “Guest Master Schedule”

  1. Bree W says : Reply

    Awesome! Thank you so much for posting this!

    • Subdivisions says : Reply

      Is there a set time for when William Shatner will be signing autographs?

      • Christopher C. Beebe says : Reply

        I don’t remember about the autographs but he’s having a photo-op session in the 11:00 hour and another in the 4:00 hour on Saturday.

    • M Owen says : Reply

      This guest list is super helpful.

      Now where can we get the list of panels? Is there a map of the con to help us navigate the place?

      I am the person who likes to plan ahead to reduce missing out on opportunities. Everything/anything helps. Please advise and post links.

  2. Evan says : Reply

    So no schedule for Jonathan Frakes?

  3. Megan says : Reply

    Hey! Do you think you could invite recent celebrities like the Supernatural cast, Doctor Who cast, and the Psych gang?

  4. Madison says : Reply

    Where is Mr. Frakes?

  5. Yay this is so exciting!

  6. rhonda says : Reply

    Oh NO!!!! We need William Shatner to be there on Friday too!!! Please??

  7. Jessi says : Reply

    I wish there was more emphasis being paid to COMIC artists instead of celebrities. When you have more then one webcomic artist attending, I will consider coming.

  8. Trev says : Reply

    From what I understand, we are luck to have Shatner show on Saturday.

  9. RJ says : Reply

    No Shatner on Friday? why wasn’t this info given BEFORE people buy tickets??!!!! I asked for this week’s ago and Now they publish this!?!?

  10. RJ says : Reply

    Have you looked into inviting anyone from the three stargate shows? Or other star trek cast members?

  11. Mark says : Reply

    I understand that Balitmore ComicCon is the same weekend but you’ve really got to do more to get some comic artists out to this show. At this point it would be better to call this Salt Lake Pop-Culture Con.

    I’m sure there has to be some Indie/web comic artists that would like to attend. Is there going to be a list of local artists/illustrators that may be in the gaming community and not necessarily in the comics community?

  12. Scott Miller says : Reply

    Here’s hoping for more comic artist/writers

  13. Jason Becker says : Reply

    I heard that Nathan Fillion might be making an appearance. Has anyone else heard this?

  14. Rockasockee says : Reply

    Freakin’ Lou Ferrigno!!! The Incredible Hulk is gonna be there all 3 days!! Now that is super cool!!

    I agree with “jessi”- definitely need more artists to show up if you want to consider this a legitimate comic convention.

  15. RJ says : Reply

    while i respect that some want artist, many of us want more actors actors from popular sci fi shows…..

    • Mark says : Reply

      Perhaps we should start a “pop culture and Sci-Fi Con” then? Though, I would admit being ecstatic over any StarGate guests… You know, there is a new MacGyver comic currently in print. So, by the comics extension, let’s get Richard Dean Anderson to come out to the con!

  16. Jessi says : Reply

    Ok, I admit I would be there for Nathan Fillion, even without more comic artists. There are quite a few webcomic artists in Washington/Oregon now. Many will be exhausted from PAX, but not all of them will be going to it. I would love to see Dylan Meconis or pretty much anyone else from Periscope Studio. Writers….how about Cherie Priest, John Scalzi, etc?

  17. Aaron says : Reply

    Will anyone from Evil Ink Comics be making an appearance? Even if it’s just a booth, I’d love a chance to get my hands on some Kill Audio, Key of Z and Amory Wars material…if you could get Claudio Sanchez there, it’d be even better!

  18. Megan says : Reply

    Well, the San Diego Comic Con has tons of TV and movie actors. Just because it’s called a Comic Con doesn’t mean they can’t/shouldn’t invite famous people.

  19. Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

    My two teenagers and I are just very grateful for the opportunity to attend our first ever Comic Con. We went to one of the first few Color Festivals and it was so small the entire thing was held on the back porch…now it is massive. Just like that it will take community support (and the realization that the first few will not be as big as established Cons) and attendance to get to the point where we will be on par with San Diego or other cities. I, for one, will happily come every year that I’m able ;-). Thanks for creating what I hope will be the start of many more Utah Comic Cons to come!

  20. Will there be any WWE superstars coming??

  21. Jeff says : Reply

    Any chance of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan showing up for a Deadpool panel? Also, Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson would be pretty awesome!

  22. Cory Loughmiller says : Reply

    Thank you for giving us the schedule of who is going to appear on what day. Now could you tell me when the panel schedule will be up on your website?



  23. Josh says : Reply

    Is there any chance you will have a Robotech guest? PLEASE?

  24. Vivian says : Reply

    You guys should try to invite some voice over folks. Rob Paulsen, Grey DeLisle, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Bill Farmer are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head that would love to come, and they each have giant fan bases.

  25. NB says : Reply

    Any Dr. Who characters to be announced??

  26. Kait says : Reply

    I think it would be freaking awesome of we could get more geek culture celebrities here. Felicia Day or anyone from the cast of The Guild would be awesome. Maybe someone from shows like Supernatural or Doctor Who, even if they only played minor characters would be really neat. I know it’s asking kind of a lot, since these are big shows and this is the first SLC Comic Con, but if you got someone that would be freaking awesome.

    Also, I’m super glad you guys are getting authors. I think think that Heather Dixon (she’s a local artist and the author of Entwined) would be a great addition and might not be too hard to get since she’s local. I also think that it would be completely AMAZING if we could get George R. R. Martin. Other authors from out of state, though it might be harder to get them to come due to travel expenses, would be really great too. Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Neil Shusterman, etc. I know this is COMIC Con, but I think it also represents geek culture. And what geek doesn’t love reading?

    Also are there going to be booths there were we can buy action figures, comic books, books, movies, movie/tv show replicas, and other things that represent geek culture? I would totally blow a LOT of my money on stuff like that, just saying.

    • Kait says : Reply

      Oh my gosh! If you guys could get the Green brothers, Nerdfighters everywhere in Utah would weep with joy! Hank and John Green would be the absolute best guests EVER

    • Megan says : Reply

      I’m with you, Kait. They need to invite more celebrities from recent times, and not just the “original Batman” and comic book artists.

    • Kait & others,

      My bookshop will be there with a booth full of golden age comics,graphic novels, comic book artists books like Steve Ditko, Walt Kelly, Carl Barks and hundreds more;but also original wordless novels from Lynd Ward, Franz Masereel and others, and everything from fantasy and sci material, including vintage sci fic & horror movie posters, Fantasia ceramic figurines, and a whole lot of pop culture more.

      More importantly, comic icon and legend, Bud Plant is exhibiting with me. Bud Plant has been an important figure in comics-dom since the sixties. He has attended and exhibited at every one of the 42 original comic book cons in San Diego. He founded the first comic book shops in the 70s, Comics & Comics, and together with east coast legend Phil Seuling; Bud Plant and Phil created comic book stores and direct comic book distribution.

      He and partner Anne, will be bringing an amazing selection of comics , sci fic and pop culture material. There is no one more knowledgeable about golden and silver age comics than Bud Plant. Come and pay homage at his booth.

      Ken Sanders

  27. Joel says : Reply

    Is this the complete guest list or will there be more added?

  28. Michele O'Neill Eder says : Reply

    I got the VIP pass :) , does this include a photo op?. Also, Will any actors from Big Bang Theory or other such popular shows be appearing?

  29. Julia says : Reply

    This is really helpful, thanks! Nice that the two authors I want are on different days so I have time to see both!

  30. Jeff Fitz says : Reply

    Would like to see more comic book creators at the con. Also is there going to be any booths selling comics or comics related product? Finally, you really should advertise on the Geekshowpodcast. They are THE final word on geek culture in SLC. Not including them is kind of out of touch. Looking forward to the the show!

  31. Stephan says : Reply

    Will a VIP pass get me a Shatner autograph?

  32. Megan says : Reply

    I’m with Kait. You guys need waaay more actual celebrities. I understand that it’s COMIC Con, but if you want lots of people to go, you’ll do what SDCC does and get actors and actresses from popular TV shows.

  33. Kara says : Reply

    Yes, I would like to know if Doctor Who and Supernatural will be there?

  34. Idris says : Reply

    DEFINITELY need Doctor Who at SLCC…it’s the 50th Anniversary year! Would totally love it if you could get John Barrowman or Matt Smith, but anyone would be fine, it just needs to be represented :)

  35. Ace says : Reply

    The poster on facebook has Adrian Paul… What days will he be there?

  36. Devon says : Reply

    I haven’t seen a request for him yet…but a BIG request for Joss Whedon

  37. kelsey says : Reply

    will Brandon Routh be there? :O

  38. Remo says : Reply

    Will you be posting a photo op schedule any time soon? I’m trying to plan attendance of some non-die hards around the chance to get a photo with their celeb of choice.

  39. don says : Reply

    Are you working on getting someone (or 2, or 3) from one of the 3 stargate shows?
    About any other star trek cast members? Quark of DeepSpace 9 would be awasome….

  40. Jessi says : Reply

    Any word on the schedule?

  41. Malinda says : Reply

    A lot of questions. Very few answers. Is the SLC comic con staff even reading these?

    • Yes we are. Not all quick answers but we will respond to everything, especially after the weekend. Most of us haven’t had a day off in two weeks because of comic con so please be patient. We will answer all the questions.

  42. Bry says : Reply

    Ok – seriously – Is Adrian Paul going to be there???

    The poster on Facebook has him and the announcement for the venue change said he was coming!!

    Confirmation either way would be awesome!!

  43. andy randall says : Reply

    So what time do the doors open on Thursday for the VIPs? I’m coming in a day early, just so I don’t have to fight the traffic.

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Thursday 3:00pm – 8:00pm
      Friday 11:00am – 8:00pm
      Saturday 9:00am – 7:00am

      For VIP you have an extra hour each day.

  44. Lisa Miller-Carlson says : Reply

    I’m really excited about all this, I know it is hard work that makes days and weeks long. I’ve worked a few Sundance Film Festivals in the past and there is no rest, but when this is over there will be much reward. Thank you fellow geeks for bringing this to SLC!

  45. B Gallegos says : Reply

    Salt Lake Comic Con is there any way for you to get these hollywood stars to appear at this years Salt Lake Comic Con here is my wish list for the hollywood stars i would like to meet.Alyssa Milano,Jessica Alba,Natalie Portman,Rachael Leigh Cook,Keira Knightley,Kristin Kreuk,Eva Green,Eliza Dushku,Shannyn Sossamon,Mila Kunis,Rose McGowan,Kari Wuhrer,Sarah Michelle Gellar,Emmy Rossum,Heather Graham,Rachel Weisz,Emma Watson,Anne Hathaway,Angelina Jolie,Salma Hayek,Liv Tyler,Christina Ricci,Claire Danes,Morena Baccarin,Mena Suvari,Gemma Arterton,Olga Kurylenko,Milla Jovovich,Penelope Cruz,Anna Paquin,Reese Witherspoon,Charlize Theron,Charisma Carpenter,Alexa Davalos,Mandy Moore,Sophia Myles,Erica Durance PS Does a VIP ticket get me both a celebrity autograph and a celebrity photo op or do i have to choose one or the other also how long do i have to buy a VIP ticket?

  46. Jeff says : Reply

    Is there a master schedule of events not just when celebrities are coming. When are the panels? What are the panels planned? When is the Zombie walk? What other events are scheduled. What vendors have committed to coming? Is there a list of companies by booths that have already reserved them so we can have some idea of what there may be to see? Are the vendors having any events? If so when? When is the costume contest? Why haven’t the maps and information been updated to coincide with announcement of the venue change to the Salt Palace? Where are the panels, events, zombie walk taking place? The only information on the website promises celebrities on a given day but does not say anything else. It would be extremely helpful to have such information beforehand so people could plan on making there way to stage c or panel room b to attend the events they wish to attend and to make sure they are there early for seating.

  47. jared r says : Reply

    Who are the dealers selling comics and how many vendors will be there. It looks like this is not a comic book convention but a media showcase. If there are comic sellers I might attend.

  48. Lauren says : Reply

    I don’t know what y’all are complaining about. We are lucky to even have a comic con in utah. And as any real nerd knows. Comic con is well known as a scifi convention not strictly a comic convention. Especially since a lot of the celebs are from shows and movies based on comics. So just quitcha complaining about technicalities

    • melissa says : Reply

      agreed. im just glad there is a comic con close enough for me to attend. im so grateful to these guys for putting in all the hard work to make this possible.

    • Buzzy says : Reply

      No one’s complaining, Lauren. Some of us collect comic books, toys, comic book related merchandise, etc. and will attend for that reason alone. We would just like to have an idea on what vendors will be there. We will await their list of vendors/booths.

  49. Dan Dan says : Reply

    There have been lots of request for more star trek and stargate actors, yet you (comic con) seem to ignor those comments. Why is that? Any chance of that actually happening? (Hopfully more than just saturday)
    It that in the works at all? I know that there peoplee concidering buy tickets if there were a cast member from star– ‘trek’ ‘wars’ or ‘gate’.

  50. andy randall says : Reply

    It looks too have an awesome lineup. I’m hoping Scarlett Johansen would show up. Its still early yet.

  51. Renee says : Reply

    No Walking Dead or Harry Potter??

  52. Abigail says : Reply

    This is going to be my first Comiccon ever! I’m super excited and am trying to learn as much as I can about these guys as possible. my dad is helping me out with all the tv show characters, but I’m on my own with everything else. I’m really quite excited so far for all the people who are coming out.

  53. Emily Johnson says : Reply

    Any of the actors from Buffy would be so so so awesome. Please invite :)

  54. B Gallegos says : Reply

    Will any of the hollywood actresses i mentioned be invited to the Salt Lake Comic Con at all???

  55. Derrek says : Reply

    What about anyone related to TWD like Andrew Lincoln, Robert Kirkman, Norman Reedus? Please invite

  56. chad says : Reply

    what about some on from the big bang theory

  57. dbr says : Reply

    Still haven’t seen any comic items. Who are your vendors? Where is DC, MARVEL, DARK HORSE, et al? Had been going to SD Comic con for 25+ years tho the tickets now go in 30 seconds. Still quite a lot outside. Great parties too.
    There was a note that you would be announcing any comic vendors etc. Any info on that?
    Any current actors or ones from recent shows? Course having Shatner and Adam West works well.

  58. Ron Wright says : Reply

    are you going to post individual prices for photo op (this person this much etc ) ? if we buy a pre photo op and have some left can we use that towards a different celebrity autograph ? when are you going to have a master schedule for the artist alley ? i know there are more artist than being advertised .

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      We will be posting that shortly. We will have a schedule up soon as well. Stay posted.


  59. Diego says : Reply


  60. Andi Rodriguez says : Reply

    Orson Scott Card. With the Ender’s Game movie coming out, it would be cool to have him show up.

  61. jake says : Reply

    Is there a way to get pictures taken with them?

  62. Clueless says : Reply

    Thank you for making SLC’s first comic con a great start. I know that it’s not easy to get so many wonderful guests, and sometimes some get … impractical with their requests. But for what has been done so far, thank you. I can’t wait for this con to grow through the years. :)

  63. Josh says : Reply

    So, with two new comic series coming out soon, a new OVA released two weeks ago and another in production and a potential live action movie, any chance on a Robotech panel ?

  64. jodeee says : Reply

    I was / am REALLY hoping for the cast of SUPERNATURAL!! PLEASE PLEASE

  65. Jenn says : Reply

    Invite Tom Hiddleston!!!!

  66. andy randall says : Reply

    So is anyone writing any books on the SLC Comic Con? I have one on the 40th anniversary of the San Diego Comic Con? I for one, will be their with my trusty camera.

  67. Bonnie says : Reply

    Would love to see some of the syfy channel people there. Josh Gates, Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, or anyone from Destination Truth and Ghost Hunters

  68. Tara says : Reply

    Gini Koch who wrote the “Alien” series, Touched by an Alien was the first book in the series, would be a FANTASTIC addition to your panels. She’s been at quite a few comic cons and I’m disappointed she is not at ours. You can contact her at and her website is

  69. AJ says : Reply

    So we’ve got Deathstroke… anyone else from Arrow? I hope! Or maybe a certain Capt. Mal?

  70. Julie says : Reply

    Please get Brandon Sanderson as he is a fantastic local artist. Please, I would die!

  71. Julie says : Reply

    Please get Brandon Sanderson as he is a fantastic local author. Please, I would die.

  72. The GD Utah Batman says : Reply

    Still love the idea of Kevin Conroy. Having two different Batman celebrities would be great!

  73. Ashlyn says : Reply

    Are we going to be able to get anyone from the supernatural cast? Mainly Jensen Ackles,Jared Padeleckie, and misha Collins?

  74. matt says : Reply

    I think Simon Pegg would be awesome, he is Scotty, plus has new movie, not to mention he is into this stuff. If i had one choice I would love Shatner and Nimoy!
    I personally prefer people in the video game industry, and people who make movies, not so much of the ones who are in them, like WETA is so cool!

  75. Cinnamon says : Reply

    Wish that So-So Happy was coming!

  76. jason says : Reply

    Comic Con, is there any chance of someone from one of the Stargate shows coming?? How about Amanda Tapping or David Hewett?

  77. B Gallegos says : Reply

    Salt Lake Comic Con have any of the hollywood actresses i mentioned in my wish list said yes yet and if not which of the hollywood actresses i mentioned will be the most likely to attend like which will be easier to get?

  78. Kody says : Reply

    Is David Yost coming to Salt Lake?

  79. David B says : Reply

    When are you gonna update the Guest Master List? It’s been almost a couple weeks since you updated it last!

  80. Tommy says : Reply

    Why did SLCC change the schedule for Brandon Mull?

  81. Kody Ortega says : Reply

    Is David Yost really coming to Salt Lake Comic Con?

  82. dave says : Reply

    This going be awesome, thank you for bringing a fantastic event here. this is going to be the best and biggest event!!! i really would like to win a pass. thanks for bringing all the stars,actors,writers.

  83. Kody says : Reply

    David Yost aka Blue Power Ranger coming to Salt Lake?

  84. M. Peterson says : Reply

    My goodness, all the whining and moaning!! Seriously, this is the first year for SLCC, people. Lets face facts…

    1. Comics have pervaded every aspect of popular culture, So this IS a pop culture con. Just because it has the word COMIC in the official title does not mean it has to just be pure comics. I for one am glad of the TV and movie personalities, the authors, and EVERY single guest willing to come to a brand new, untested con.
    2. Its great seeing all the requests for guests, but I seriously doubt we will be getting any of the HUGE names requested this year. Its the first con, and I assume its too risky to hope they (the con itself) make enough to invite the bigwigs. We need to make this con an over the top success before we can start rating the megastars.
    3. Same as above, but for the stars themselves rather than the con. They are not going to be willing to come to an untried con and risk their fees, rep, WHATEVER unless they are sure its worth their time. And again, we are the ones that can show them it IS worth it.
    4. I’d love to see more gaming…board games, card games, RPG GAMES, LARPing (which for me is just the unknown cousin of Cosplay), etc. There are comics based on games, games based on comics, and every other combo you can think of that would tie into comics. Maybe next year :)
    5. Why can I not find any info about hotels associating with SLCC to give special rates? Totally missed opportunity, in my opinion.
    6. Parking info and other such mundane issues being in the FAQ would be great. For those not familiar with SLC or the Salt Palace area it could be confusing or intimidating trying to get there/get around. Just saying.
    7. A list of those appearing in Artist Alley would be nice. Then I know if I’m safe to bring the ol’ debit card, or leave it home for my own safety. :)

    Cant wait to introduce my three little princesses to the other side of life…the geek/nerd side. The pink princess/talking cutesy animal side is getting really old. Must start their indoctrination before its too late.

    • Zee says : Reply

      If I could like or thumbs up this comment, I would. I agree with everything you’ve said here. I am SO excited that we get to do this!

    • BabyBiohazard says : Reply

      thank you everyone read this comment and disregard the rest.

    • Allison says : Reply

      Actually in regard to the gaming content, there are going to be quite a few board game and RPG groups there. Hastur Hobbies, Fongo Bongo, Board Game Revolution, 5th Street Games, Midnight Campaign, Eagle Games, and more will have booths in the vendor hall.

      I’m helping out at the Midnight Campaign booth. We’ll have demos of a card game called Goblin’s Breakfast that is fun for all ages. We’d love to teach you and your family if you have time to stop by. =)

  85. Nancy says : Reply

    I’m so impressed with the complexities involved in bringing this event together.. nice going SLCC! It will be amazing! That being said.. you had me at Shatner and Ferrigno. And West. Now all I need is to win a pass and the dream comes true!

  86. andy randall says : Reply

    They had me at ferrigno and sorbo. When I first heard that SLC is having one, I bought my vip tickets right away. I’ll be there with my camera. Hoping to get some awesome cos players pics and an autograph photo of Darth Vader for my son will be awesome too.

  87. mariah says : Reply

    i highly doubt he would come, but Andrew Hussie is the my favorite web comic artist of all time, he is brilliant. Just saying, it would be the best thing ever if he did.

  88. […] are you most excited to see? The list of guests is down right […]

    • Anthony says : Reply

      I want to bring a scabbard (Not the sword, just the scabbard) for Adrian Paul to sign. Will that sort of thing be allowed? If not the sword scabbard then I would like for him to sign the mount I hang the swords on. More than anything I just want his signature on something other than a picture.

    • Angie says : Reply

      No Yaya Han :'(

  89. David B says : Reply

    So David Yost announced on Twitter that he was coming to SLCC, and Sofia Milos mentioned on Facebook that Walter Jones was coming to SLCC! Is there any chance that Jason David Frank will attend too?

    • Kody Ortega says : Reply

      Jason David Frank, I swear few days ago said he was going to be in Mexico on the weekend of SLCC but now on his fan page says nothing for that weekend so there could be a chance he could come to Salt Lake and hope he does

  90. Malcolm Rasmussen says : Reply

    Two of the original first season Power Rangers? Morphinominal! I’ll be the 31 year old guy trying not to act like a fangirl…

  91. Ben says : Reply

    Have you considered inviting Adam Koford (aka Ape Lad)? He is a local artist that created the long running comic Laugh Out Loud Cats. It would be great to have him there!

  92. Lucy says : Reply

    I have heard that Nicholas Brendan (Xander) will be there, why isn’t he on the master schedule? what day(s) will he be there?

  93. Sarah says : Reply

    I wish David Hasselhoff would come, he has a new comic coming out and would love to see it.

  94. John A says : Reply

    Will anyone else be showing up from Battlestar Galactica??? Maren Jensen, Noah Hathaway, Laurette Sprang?? Would make my life complete!!!!!

  95. Trent says : Reply

    I saw Henry Winkler on your graphic at the top of the page, now he’s gone. Not gonna happen?

  96. Mistyamber Osborne says : Reply

    Are you going to post a timeline of events by day soon? Also, are you going to do a grand opening event?

  97. paige says : Reply

    I’m confused, is Comicon at Salt Palace or Southtowne?

  98. […] Salt Lake Comic Con Master Guest List […]

  99. paige says : Reply

    Thanks for the quick response….really excited for my first ever Comicon

  100. Tyler says : Reply

    Does anyone one know what time comic con starts? When do the doors open?

  101. dbr says : Reply

    Still haven’t seen whether there will be any comic related artists, boiths, or presentations. If it is only a used to be fan fest doesn’t seem to be a comic con. Would love to come if there sre comic related events. Thanks

  102. David B says : Reply

    I know you mentioned that Con Hours might be extended in the Con Q&A. Is there any chance that Thursday will start earlier?

  103. Steven says : Reply

    Any one know general autograph pricing?

  104. Zac says : Reply

    The only Comic-Creator that I wish was attending is Michael Allred. Really hoping there’s a chance he might be a guest in future years.

  105. Abram Neel says : Reply

    You should try and get Brandon Sanderson there. He lives close enough

  106. ronni says : Reply

    I heart Adam West!

  107. BATMAN is an American once again.
    Heritage heroes are making back.

  108. Patrizia says : Reply

    Will this be available by PDF format or another way to print out this list? Will it be distributed at the door or at the event?

  109. Bobbi says : Reply

    Will there be any cast members from the TV series “Merlin” in the future? That would be AWESOME!

  110. Idris says : Reply

    Just saw that Simon Fisher-Becker (The Fat Friar in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Dorium Maldovar in Doctor Who) was just added to the Salt Lake Comic Con!

    John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness, Doctor Who, Torchwood) has no events scheduled Sept 5-7 on his calendar-maybe we can get him too :)

    • David B says : Reply

      I read on a Facebook post a few weeks ago that John Barrowman was invited to attend.
      My guess is that for whatever reason he declined to attend.

  111. berry west says : Reply

    Any stargate guest coming?

  112. David B says : Reply

    I saw Dean Cain was gonna be a guest through I.P.A Network. Is this True? It would be Awesome if it was!

  113. John N. says : Reply

    Have any invitations gone out to voice actors like Jess Harnell and such? I’m sure the fans would LOVE seeing the faces of some of the most loved cartoon and gaming characters.

    • John N. says : Reply

      Jess Harnell has done COUNTLESS voices for both TV and movie. Most notably Wakko in “Animaniacs”, Ironhide and Barricade in “Transformers”, and MANY MANY other characters!

      Might I also suggest the following voice actors…..
      Dan Castellaneta – “The Simpsons”
      Peter Cullen – Optimus Prime in the ORIGINAL 1980’s TV series and the recent movies.
      Dave Fennoy – “The Walking Dead: The Game” (Lee Everett), “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” (Pong Krell), and games like “Mass Effect 2″, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm”, just to name a few.
      Mike Henry – “The Family Guy”/”The Cleveland Show” (Cleveland Brown)
      Trey Parker & Matt Stone – “South Park”
      Tara Stong – “Ben 10″ (Ben Tennyson), “Fairly Odd Parents” (Timmy Turner), many others!
      John DiMaggio – “Futurama” (Bender), “Gears of War” (Marcus Fenix), “Generation Rex” (Boo HaHa), “Penguines of Madigascar” (Rico)

      Those are just a few that I could come up with! There’s some even BIGGER names, like Seth Green or Seth McFarlane, that would be fun to have at the Con. But, that’s a start. I know it’s down to the wire, but hopefully you can get a couple of these fine actors to make it to the Con.

  114. Mark says : Reply

    Is Melissa Clarke going to be there?!

  115. Megan says : Reply

    Why won’t you guys answer? I keep asking if you’ve asked real TV stars like Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins!

  116. Brian Peek says : Reply

    Why don’t I see Arthur Suydam on this list? Is he still coming? He’s one of the few people I cared about seeing. More comic book creators please.

  117. Catrine McGregor says : Reply

    Seinfeld’s SOUP NAZI, LARRY THOMAS, will be signing pix, soup cans and ladles Friday and Saturday!!!!

  118. Andrew says : Reply

    Are the photo op’s a per person thing? Like I’ll be attending with my wife and kids. So would a photo with us with the Shat be $75 total, or $75 for each person in the photo?

  119. Wendy D says : Reply

    If I have purchased a 3 Day VIP Pass, does that include a photo op? If so, is are there any rules? Meaning, do I get to choose the photo op, or is there a $ limit that I have to work with. Thanks!

  120. AnjLof says : Reply

    Sad! We can’t get Henry Winkler’s autograph? What is the point of him coming out if we can’t even get is picture and autograph?

  121. Katie says : Reply

    If I purchase a Photo op, does that come with a signature on the photo or do I have to purchase them separately? I’m buying a Photo Op with Adrian Paul for my moms birthday (she loves him!) and I want to make sure she’s getting it all.

  122. Jason says : Reply

    Is Tia Carrera not doing signings?

  123. Devon says : Reply

    Will there be a cost for a photo with David Prowse?

  124. Will blank photos be available to purchase to be signed by those doing autographs?

  125. Connie says : Reply

    Who will be there from Weta

  126. Katie says : Reply

    I don’t see a spot for $30 autograph price.

  127. Claire says : Reply

    Thank you for listing the schedule and photo op prices. How to we reserve photo ops?

  128. Kimi says : Reply

    I do believe you spelled Simon Fisher-Becker’s name wrong!

  129. Wendy says : Reply

    Can you have more than one person in a photo?

  130. Sarah says : Reply

    I have a VIP pass, when will we know who the photo op will be with?

  131. AnjLof says : Reply

    Great! Thanks!

  132. Marc says : Reply

    So are all the guys without prices by them are Free? How many items can you have them sign? can we take our own pictures as well? Thanks

  133. Mel says : Reply

    I already have a VIP Pass. So if I want to meet Dwight, I could still pay the extra to have my picture taken and have an autograph? This is great! How do I go about paying for this?

  134. James says : Reply

    I would love it if Peter David could attend. I have always wanted to meet him.

  135. Heidi Mason says : Reply

    A question that may or may not have been answered already… When paying for a photo op, is the price per person or is it per photo? I’d like a couple of friends with me in the picture, and I need to know if each of us need to pay separately for the one photo, or if the price is included for all 3 of us.

  136. Trent says : Reply

    No Tia Carrara now?! Oh man. Way excited still, but that sucks!

  137. Jeff says : Reply

    If I pre buy a photo op when can I get them taken ? Like b4 the doors open? Also can me n my wife be in the same photo?

  138. danny says : Reply

    AWWWW Tia Carrare cancelled…..BUMMER Hope someone else just as good will be there :( but we’ll still make the best of it

  139. Meagan says : Reply

    Will Peter Mayhew be signing Chewbacca pictures? If so then I will get his autograph.

  140. Splattum says : Reply

    Are the autographs only available on the Official Pix portraits or can we pay to have them autograph something else? I’d like to get a picture with Peter Mayhew and have him sign it. Is that possible if I pay for both the photo op and the autograph?

  141. Preston McBaine says : Reply

    What is a premium Autograph????? I see it is $20 more just curious.

    • David B says : Reply

      A regular item means that he will sign a photo or something you bring.
      A Premium Autograph usually means that he will have an item or two to purchase that he will sign as well.

  142. Matthew says : Reply

    Can I use Priceline to get a better deal on the Bill Shatner autograph and photo-op?

  143. Katie says : Reply

    If I purchase a photo op, can my husband and me both be in it? Or does that require purchasing 2?

  144. Brandon says : Reply

    How will the Photo Ops and Autographs opportunties be sold? Will they be available to purchase online in advance?

  145. Idris says : Reply

    Priceline…HA! That’s funny :)

  146. B Gallegos says : Reply

    Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano would make a great replacement for hollywood actress Tia Carrare Alyssa Milano is a very talented actress,singer and she is a great humanatarian and a gorgeous sex symbol and if not Alyssa Milano then perhaps hollywood actress Kari Wuhrer

  147. Michael Williams says : Reply

    will there be any Godzilla related events

  148. Lindsey says : Reply

    If there is not a price listed next to a guest, does that mean they are not doing autographs and pictures? Or does that mean they are not charging for them?

  149. amy sawyer says : Reply

    So I noticed on the google app that had the plan and you can schedule your time accordingly based on which panel or workshop you would like to attend, Karl Urban is listed as a guest for Saturday night. Is he an ad of yet UN announced guest or was that entry made by mistake? If he’s really coming I’m so stinking excited. I mean even if he’s not coming, I’m still way excited, but my curiosity really wants to know if the schedule is correct or if it was published by mistake.

  150. Topher says : Reply

    If there is no price or tba for pricing of autographs is that person not signing? say someone like David Prowse or Kevin J. Anderson ?

  151. Justin says : Reply

    Will the celebrities autograph anything? I have a batman collectable I’d love to get Adam West’s autograph on.

  152. Steeldrake says : Reply

    Next year maybe get Ben Browder and Claudia Black of Farscape.

  153. WileysMom says : Reply

    Will there be panels discussions and are those specific days and times posted yet?

  154. Riley says : Reply

    How can there be panels starting at 2pm on Thurs when doors don’t open until 3pm for VIP and 4pm for the rest of us?? Very confused?!!

    • Convention Floor and Panels are different things.

      • Riley says : Reply

        Still confusing. So the doors are open at 10am if I want to get the psychic reading? Also, the floor plan doesn’t show where the panel rooms, main stage etc. are. I am handicapped, will have a walker and plan to get around best as I can. How will I handle seating for panels?with first come first served I might as well sit at the back or get trampled. Lol I need to have the walker. Any suggestions? I have also heard on good authority that Adrian Paul w/be there Thurs too. Any truth to that? Thx, know your busy.

    • Idris says : Reply

      I was confused by this too-There wasn’t an explanation that The Convention Floor and Panels were different things – It just said that Comic Con doors opened at 4 pm on Thursday, 12 pm on Friday, and 10 am on Saturday. Now there is a statement on some of the pages of the website saying they are different, and events and panels will happen at the times posted, so even though The Convention Floor doesn’t open until 4 on Thursday (3 if you are a VIP), you can get into the building for the panels but won’t have access to the Convention Floor until later.

        • Wendy D says : Reply

          It might be useful to be a bit more descriptive here, SLC ComicCon. This is the first event of this kind in SLC, so folks are naturally a bit confused. I’ve attended dozens of trades shows in my life, so I understand the difference between the Convention Floor and the other events. I think it would be useful to explain 1) what time do the “doors open” for VIPs and for the general admission ticket holders (I’m talking, what time does the actual convention *start* each day—the first event time; 2) explain that the vendor area has specific hours that the “floor” is open. These are not necessarily the hours of the convention for that day. Some folks might think that the Convention Floor *is* the conference.

          Again, remember that you have 25,000 people who likely haven’t done this before. We’ve paid a lot of money, taken time off of work…and just want detailed answers to marginalize the frustration and confusion about what to expect. A bit of educating would be nice here. The answers seem curt and dismissive. Even though I’m an experienced conference go-er..including HUGE tech conferences, I am still finding it difficult to navigate through all of the information. Please take a few extra seconds and provide some more guidance/detail when people ask questions. We’ve got a lot invested in this and want to maximize our time and experiences. Thanks.

          • Teauhna says :

            Wendy, I agree with your observations. I’ve never attended this sort of conference but I have attended various conferences and conventions relating to education and non-profits. I find the format to be similar, regardless of subject matter. In the case of this event, there is a lot that needs clarification, or maybe definition. I think the term, “VIP” has been used to define both the type of ticket-holding attendee as well as celebrity/skilled “attractions”. I think very few people are going to have a good idea of the kind of cash they need to have on them. I get the feeling there will be a large portion of us milling around, trying to figure out where to go and what to do. I’m sure things will clear up a bit once we’ve all gotten in there and had a real idea of what’s in store…but a lot of anxiety is developing within the crowd because of so much that is unknown and unclear. We’re all learning together and I hope we pass the test!

  155. Ron Wright says : Reply

    so are the artist alley vouchers only good for the artist there in artist alley ? or can you use them for ryan ottley or tyler kirkham outside of artist alley

  156. Lisa says : Reply

    Will there be a price listed yet for Brian Krause, Nick Gomez and Nicholas Brendan before the convention or will I have to wait to see what the charge is for their photos at the convention?

  157. Ken says : Reply

    Is there a specific time schedule that the celebrity guests will be available for photo ops and autographs or will they be available ALL day at the days they’re scheduled for?

  158. Philip Van Hise says : Reply

    I looked at the vendor list and did not see Marvel, DC or Image. Do you know where they will be set up? Also Under the Guest Master Schedule it has price options for photo ops or autographs. Some say TBA. If it is blank does that mean there will not be any charges for autographs or photo ops?

  159. Anna says : Reply

    Seriously people are whining? This is amazing for a start up con to have the people we’re getting! So excited!!!!

    • SGAFan says : Reply

      Agreed! Is this the first time for this con? I just moved here so I don’t know if there is a history. if this is the first one the turn out is amazing and the guest list is impressive (though I can think of a few actors/tv people on the con circuit that would be GREAT additions) If this is the first one, then WELL DONE!

    • SGAFan says : Reply

      Just adding… that being said, one thing that con goers appreciate is clear scheduling and timing. Cons are hectic places with lots going on and we all usually have lots of people we want to see. its an exercise in logistics and requires good planning.

      As a con veteran, that’s one improvement I’d strongly suggest is clearer, more concise schedules so people can plan. I guarantee it will make things go MUCH smoother for everyone involved both organizers and con goers. :)

  160. Jennifer K says : Reply

    There are a few scheduling things I’m curious about in regards to the guidebook at .

    Are there actually items starting at 10am on Thursday the 5th? (If so…who can get to those?)
    Are the ‘Life in Sunnydale’ and ‘Nicholas Brendon’ panels listed from 2-3 on the 5th the same panel?

    (Timing looks fine but mini typo of ‘Battlestar Calactica’ from 4-5 on Friday the 6th)

    Is the ‘Couch Party with William Shatner and Adam West’ actually happening from 6-9 on Friday as listed?

    Also looking forward to any of the items temporarily stored in the 9th actually being put into slots. Thanks!

  161. Ron says : Reply

    I’ve attended a lot of different “Popular Culture” Conventions over a 25 year period… Although I’m really excited about seeing this even finally happen in Utah… Bottom line?

    Not counting Admission Tickets… You’ll need at least $500-$1,000 for all the Actors who want payment for their autographs (even if you bring in stuff by them that you already own), if you want at least 5-10 of them…

    Then, there is the Parking… Not many places where you can park for less than (@) $25 for 8 hours…

    I’m a HUGE fan of TV and Movies… But I’m also a COMIC COLLECTOR… and you know what? After many years of experience in attending ‘Cons (both as a Vendor/Dealer/Fan)… at least the Comic and Book Authors/Artists have NEVER charged a fee unless you want to buy something new from their Table (which means, you get some new stuff, the Autograph is free)…

    My biggest gripe is that all these “TV-Movie” people who are charging at least $30-$70 for an autograph is that… They are probably having all their expenses paid… they attend many ‘Cons during the year… plus they get residuals (I would assume), from the shows/movies they appeared in… so some of these people can make (with 25k people attending at even $10 per autograph) about $250,000 in one weekend just for signing there name… Do they report that income on their taxes? And if they attend just 4 Cons a year, that’s like 1 Million Dollars!!!!


    That is just wrong, IMHO….

    Now, let’s see how long it takes for SLCC to delete this post…

    • Trent says : Reply

      Move on Ron. The guest determines what they charge, not the Con. If you don’t like the price, DON’T get an autograph or photo. No one is holding a gun to your head. Taxes? Are you serious? That’s none of your concern. Enjoy what we’re getting!

    • Teauhna says : Reply

      Ron, you had a point until “blah de blah..taxes” and “blah blah blah…delete this post”.

      • Trent says : Reply

        I don’t agree on any of his points. What they make is their business. If you don’t like the price, DON’T buy! I don’t have enough money to get autographs or signatures, but I’m not going to start crying about it. I’m just thrilled we get a con!

    • BabyBiohazard says : Reply

      I agree with everything you said except for the part re: actors.
      Actors never see that money. that goes to their agencies. I know this because I work cons. I’ve worked cons bigger than SLCC has dreamed of becoming. While it is harsh, a lot of times it’s easy to get freebies. What they don’t say is your first autograph is usually free or discounted, the prices only come in if you want more than what’s offered.
      I’m just hoping the con budgeted out if things go wrong.

    • Val says : Reply

      Ron has a point people, c’mon! He’s not saying he doesn’t like Con. He’s not saying he doesn’t like the guests. He’s not saying he doesn’t like you and your Momma, so relax. It doesn’t have to ruin Con for YOU. Stop taking it so personally. Frankly, I think he makes a great point. I have like 75 bucks to spend myself on this event. And after looking at the schedule and realizing I really can’t afford any autographs I was a little disappointed too. Charging a large fee for an autograph isn’t really a nice thing to do to your loving fans, imo. Hate me if you want, but me and Ron will be there having just as much fun as you, even if we made you question the perfection of this event.

  162. Ron says : Reply

    Trent… I think you have a basic misunderstanding of what I posted…
    1) I never said the Con determined the Guest Autograph/Photo fees… I’m fully aware that the Guests set their own price… What I said was that Writers and Artists have never (in my 25 years of attending Cons) charged for signing a book that a person has brought in, although I also stated that, yes, you can buy stuff from them, but they have never charged an extra fee… It only seems that the TV/Movie Stars charge extra… Am I wrong?

    2) You say that, even though they might make thousands of dollars at just one Con, that it’s none of my business if they pay Taxes?

    D’Oh! I’m a published Writer, Editor and Book Publisher… I know that if I pay a Writer or Artist to work for me, I have to declare that, and they have to report that income… So why is my QUESTION wrong? I’m just asking… When people make $$$, don’t they have to report it to the IRS? I’m simply curious as to whether or not some of these people are actually reporting their “Con Profits” as income, because if not, well, that reduces my opinion of them as honest people… Again, isn’t that a fair question?

    3) I will be attending to have FUN… I’m not rich (been out of work for almost a year) but I was given Tickets as a GIFT because of my love for things like this… So, are you saying that if I can’t afford to attend, I shouldn’t go? I plan on attending for FUN, and I WON’T be spending $$$ I don’t have just for an Autograph or Photo…

    Dude, either you have money to burn, or you just didn’t get the POINT of my post… :D

    Live long and prosper!

  163. Ron Wright says : Reply

    pretty cool that you can only use artist alley vouchers in artist alley . but so many things in artist alley that has nothing to do with art (American family insurance ) glad i wasted my money . really bought my vouchers for tyler kirham and ryan ottley , etc . I’m one disappointed customer. If your going to have comic book artist PUT THEM in artist alley . watch slcc delete this comment just like my previous one .

  164. SGAFan says : Reply

    So am I to understand that only the guests listed in red will do panels? then what is the “QA with Kevin Sorbo” on Saturday when his name is in green?

    Can someone clarify the color coding for me? Trying to plan. Thanks.

  165. Lisa says : Reply

    Oh I would swoon to have Aquabats perform at the Con…superhero costumes, stage fights with giant eyeball aliens and screaming guitar! Crash McLarson, my personal crush!

  166. Kade says : Reply

    What does it mean if there isn’t a cost for an autograph or Picture?

  167. Vikingwixard says : Reply

    How are the tickets transferrable if I am buying them from someone online that cannot go anymore?

  168. B Gallegos says : Reply

    Salt Lake Comic Con is the mystery guest one of the hollywood actresses from my wish list you do not need to name them because then it would not be a mystery guest i just need a yes or no answer if the hollywood actress is someone from my wish list i will be buying tickets but first i need to know if the hollywood actress is someone from my wish list please respond as soon as you see this message:)!

  169. Brett says : Reply

    Is there a schedule that shows times and places for panels and Celeb Photo ops and autographs? All I see is the day they will be there but no actual info on time and place. I got the program today and it didn’t have anything in it either. How can you plan ahead when you don’t know what time and place things are being held at?

  170. Wady says : Reply

    Would love to have a few old star trek posters signed by Mr. Shatner ,is that possible or is there items we can’t bring in to sign.
    Small comic Collector 4000 + and art.
    last time Salt Lake had a Comic Convention was 15+ years ago, hope we can do this on a regular basic, It’s cool and Fun to see our Movie and T.V Stars..

  171. SGAFan says : Reply

    Question about purchasing autographs. I’m not a big fan of carrying a lot of cash, but will if I have to. Will we be able to use credit/debit cards or will you have to have cash to buy an autograph (or photo ops for that matter)


  172. Michael Williams says : Reply

    Will there be any Godzilla related events?

  173. Sarah says : Reply

    PLEASE, provide a more clear schedule when it comes to the guests. I understand that planning this for the first time must be hectic, but if people take time off of work after paying for tickets to discover that the guest(s) they want to see are only available during hours they weren’t/aren’t able to be there on that day, it’ll be a nightmare.

  174. Jonn says : Reply

    While I am sad that Tia Carrare Bailed ;………….(

  175. Ed says : Reply

    Any chance of David Prowse & Peter Meyhew or Lou Ferrigno speaking again?

    Missed both sessions since nothing was announced in the vendor room & the schedule of events was not obvious in the convention center.

    Really disappointed to miss them today.

  176. Ed says : Reply

    BTW really nice staff & well laid out con. But, lack of schedule knowledge & publication of a printed schedule to the attendees in the the salt palace were disappointing.

  177. Mel says : Reply

    Could somoene please tell me when the Dirk and Dwight A-Team panel will be? I can’t find times for them..

  178. Ed says : Reply

    Are any of the panel events being recorded for posting here or on youtube or somewhere?

  179. Breann says : Reply

    I do not see the days William Kircher will be here. Is he appearing on Friday?

  180. Wendy D says : Reply

    Loved ComicCon Day 1. When will we find out info about the Stan Lee VIP event (per the message posted on FB for VIP ticket holders) and if he’ll be doing autographs? Also, I heard that Shatter was going to be in a special location (not the Main Stage). Fact or Crap? Seriously, for day one, you guys did a GREAT job!

  181. Christopher C. Beebe says : Reply

    Where the FAQ about the photo-op/autograph vouchers say they’re not restricted to any specific celebrity – are they still restricted by fee ($75 voucher used only on $75 photo-ops/autographs) or could higher vouchers be used on lower-fee photo-ops/autographs? Also, could any voucher not used on one day (assuming it’s not Saturday) be carried over to the next (example: if I don’t use a voucher on Friday, could it be carried over to Saturday if I have a ticket for Saturday)?

    • Wendy D says : Reply

      You are smart to ask in advance. Here is how it works (and I know this because I went through it today…and it was a PITA!) You take your paper voucher (pdf) printed copy and go to the “fulfillment center.” This is located very close to the main exhibit hall entrance. If you go down the main escalator and hook a left (toward the bathrooms), you’ll see it.

      What they do at the fulfillment center is give you ComicCon money. It looks like monopoloy money.

      You then take THAT to the Froggy booth in the exhibit hall. This is located way in the back of the exhibit hall…opposite of the doors that you came in….almost against the west wall. It’s closer to the north end of the hall.

      There, you will stand in another line and tell them that you want to buy a photo op with whomever. They’ll take your ComicCon cash and give you a printed receipt with a bar code. Just so you know, if you want the digital image, it is an extra $10.00, and they will email it to you sometime after the show.

      If you were like me, you purchased a voucher based on a specific celeb. Yeah, that doesn’t really matter. When they trade he voucher for Con Money, you have to go re-purchase your ticket anyway. Once you buy THAT ticket, that is what you are locked into…although I have to imagine that there is some refund protocol.

      THEN… come back at the designated time for that star. They seem to be in 30 minute increments. You line up outside of the photo booth (there are people there to direct you). The line moves VERY fast. They will tell you that anything you don’t want in the picture should be left outside on a table. NO cameras allowed in the booth area. The celeb was seated. Scan the receipt. Walk over. Take the picture. Boom, you are done.

      Your printed image is available approximately 90 minutes later, and they set it on a table.

      It is a process.

      I’m very disappointed that the people at the Froggy booth can’t just honor the vouchers. That silly middle step is a really PAIN. I spent about 2 hours today working on this process. You CAN buy all of your photo tickets at once and then just show up during the time of the photo op.

  182. Marcie says : Reply

    I’ve purchased a ticket for Saturday only and I’ve also purchased the $40 Photo Op and all I want to do is see Adrian Paul and take a picture with him but I’m not sure how that works. Any suggestions?

  183. Hailey says : Reply

    When is the mystery guest announced???

  184. Christopher C. Beebe says : Reply

    Totally awesome!!! I got a photo-op with William Shatner today!

  185. Christopher C. Beebe says : Reply

    I got a photo op with a celebrity. How long would I expect to wait for an email?

  186. Jamie says : Reply

    So…how far in advance are we going to start hearing things about Salt Lake City Comic Con 2014?? That way I can book a room in a hotel in SLC in advance. Im just curious.

  187. Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

    I won a free photo op with Kevin Sorbo that I couldn’t use. I went to the photo op booth and showed them my ticket with the free photo op and they gave me $75 in “comic cash” and told me that I could actually use it for a photo op or autograph with anyone that took them. Of course, Stan Lee did not take them. So I went to use it for an autograph from William Shatner (because Kevin Sorbo was not at his table any of the times I went by) and the volunteer told me that I could only use one of the $10 (or the $5) “comic cash” per autograph or photo (for Sorbo or anyone else) and had to pay the rest in cash…that it said that on the back of the money. Which it did…but which meant I didn’t get (and there was no way to get) the free photo op that I had won :/

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  189. Ink says : Reply

    Are any anime voice actors coming? This is going to be my first comic con but from what I understand anime is usually a part of them, right? If Vic Mignogna came my life would be complete – especially cause my friend and I are going as Edward and Alphonse(and another as Envy probably).
    Well, I’m not really into comic books or a lot of popular shows, so I hope some anime VAs come. But even if they don’t I’m sure I’ll have an awesome time. x3 I’m really excited for this!

  190. sloanet says : Reply

    Please invite Toby Turner! (tobuscus)

  191. Heidi says : Reply

    And please invite Julie Newmar!! :D (I know, that one may be a long stretch. A Catwoman cosplayer can dream ;) )

  192. Steven Guzman says : Reply

    I was wondering if you guys could bring a WWE superstar to the next comic con?

  193. W says : Reply

    Anyone from the Big Bang Theory tv show would be truly so cool! They are one of the sole reasons for comics being so admired!! They would be awesome to attend this event! How about an invite? Thanks!

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  195. Cherri says : Reply

    When are tickets on sale???

  196. Dwight Smith says : Reply

    Bruce Campbell needs to on the list.

  197. Jen says : Reply

    Stephen Amell and John Barrowman are advertised as coming, but i don’t see them on the schedule. … ?

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