Fox13 News: Settlement talks are off in San Diego vs. Salt Lake Comic Con battle

(Fox13 News) SALT LAKE CITY — There will be no settlement in the ongoing lawsuit between San Diego Comic-Con and Salt Lake Comic Con. A federal judge on Tuesday canceled a final settlement conference, as one of Salt Lake Comic Con’s co-founders confirmed to FOX 13 they would not be reaching an agreement.

“We’re not interested in settling at all at this point,” Bryan Brandenburg said over the phone from San Diego, where he is scheduled to give a deposition in the lawsuit on Wednesday.

Brandenburg said Salt Lake Comic Con was planning to ask the judge to grant summary judgment in its favor, dismissing San Diego Comic-Con’s lawsuit. San Diego is also expected to ask for summary judgment, he said.

“Our position is if you come to us and drop the lawsuit and pay our attorney’s fees, we’ll settle,” Brandenburg said.

The lawsuit has been moving through the courts since 2014, when San Diego Comic-Con sued Salt Lake Comic Con for a trademark violation over the use of the words “comic con.” In response, Salt Lake Comic Con has argued that a number of other events use the words “comic con.” (…)