Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017


We pride ourselves in being a family-friendly event, so bring the whole crew. KidCon is a special section of Salt Lake Comic Con dedicated to our youngest fans! With tons of fun activities, crafts, interactive booths, and pint-sized photo opportunities, you and your children will have a memorable experience.

Face Painting

Face Painting

Purple Monkey Paints
Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party

Hosted by Wish Upon A Party
Wizard Training Classes

Wizard Training Classes

Jason Fun of Utah Valley Magic Academy
Kids in Cosplay Panel

Kids in Cosplay Panel

Saturday, March 17, 2017 @ 2 PM

KidCon Attractions

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017

  • Kidditch

    Specially designed for indoor play where broomflight is not practical, Kidditch is the sport of choice for wizards looking to work with others to win the day. With shorter goals and modified play, even wizards without standard flying licenses can play!

  • Limestone Labyrinth

    Want to join the Wizard Academy? First you must solve the maze of the Limestone Labyrinth to begin on your journey. History books say it was a magical defense set up to protect the secrets of sorcerers from those lacking the determination to finish what they start.

  • Balloon Beasts

    Fan of balloons? We’ve got you covered! Come get a work of art to admire and play with! From poodles to doodles, there’s a wide variety of balloon art to choose from.

  • Magic Marks

    Visit the Magic Marks to have runes express themselves on your arms, revealed there by the Acolyte Artist. Take care, however, the magic fades after a few days.

  • Princess Tea Party

    Will that be one lump or two? Enjoy a magical experience while having tea with some of history’s favorite princesses! Don’t have to wait for the kettle to whistle as each cup of tea and crumpets are a product of your child’s imagination. Wish Upon a Party started with a desire to take the magic from the pages of a story to the lives of children who could make those stories their own.

  • Face Painting

    Purple Monkey Paints is run by an enthusiastic artist that loves to face paint parties large and small in the Salt Lake City and Northern Utah area. Take on a different persona or simply have a pretty pattern painted on your face by a princess. Face painting is always a hit and is sure to elicit a, “Look at me!” from your child. Face painting designs range from $5 to $15.

  • Reading Roost

    Settle in for a story read by one who has chronicled an adventure. Check the schedule for regular readings and relax with free reading in between. The serious sorcerer studies up!

  • Activity Tables

    Get arty with some activity pages. Take a breather between Kidditch, the Wizard Academy, KidCon Crafts, and the Reading Roost to let the magic flow from your fingers to the page.

Wizard Academy

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017

Held three times a day, these classes teach young wizards how to perform magic on their own with materials found around the house. Be sure to register for a class. Each student will receive a full-color folder with instructions for a multitude of tricks they can try out on their friends to amaze and amuse.

  • Dragon Egg Escort

    Cross along a treacherous route to return a dragon’s egg to its home.

  • Fire Swap

    Out of the fire, into the Fire Swamp? Navigate the expanse to proceed on your journey towards wizarding greatness!

  • Rope Romp

    Scramble across this final web and return in glorious victory to amazed onlookers!  You’ve proven yourself physically, mentally, and magically.

  • Monster Toss

    Monsters block the way forward. Lob spells at them to progress!

Fantastic Photos

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017

  • Sword in the Stone

    Do you know the legend? Test your might and worth and see if you can pull the legendary blade from the stone in which it rests.

  • Green Screen Scene

    Get your picture taken in front of a far-off vista and get it printed out on the spot!

KidCon Crafts

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX™ 2017

  • House Badges

    Take sides and align yourself with a house with these crafty badges. Show your support and meet others of your guild!

  • House Duct Tape Ties

    Look snappy in one of four Duct Tape ties to accompany your house badge! These are fun to make and fun to wear to show you’re brushing up on your wizarding skills.

  • Cheshire Cat Ears

    Get mischievous with these Cheshire Cat ears. Wear them with your favorite cosplay or by themselves around the house.

  • Poseable Acting Dragons

    Get your own dragon companion with these poseable pipe clean dragons. Wrap them around your finger, wrist, or anywhere they want to roost!

  • Bowtruckle

    This little fella is ready to go wherever you are. Bendable and green, this figgy figure can sit on a nightstand, perch in a pocket, or ride along in a backpack.

  • Apprentice Wands

    Your basic wand made of stout wood and crafted from the heart. Comes with a box for storage when not in use.

  • Sword of Sorcery

    Not all problems can be solved from a distance. The Sword of Sorcery can protect you in close quarters and from creatures that get a little too close for comfort. Customize your blade with characters of your choosing.

  • Duct Tape Crafts

    Use your favorite fixing material to make amazing purses and wallets!

KidCon at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX

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