Cosplay Crossroads Rules:

  • Table rentals and timeshare sessions rentals are first-come, first-served.
  • Each table or session rental is non-transferable. You cannot pass your rental to another cosplayer.
  • Sharing table space or sub-letting space is not permitted.
  • All costumes and displayed imagery must be family-friendly and is subject to review and evaluation by Salt Lake Comic Con staff. Both must comply with the cosplay guidelines of Salt Lake Comic Con.

FanX 2017 Exclusive Feature

Cosplay Crossroads

  • Info

    APPEARING: Both Days
    VENDOR FLOOR HOURS:  Friday 11 am to 8 pm -and-  Saturday 10 pm to  7 pm

  • About Cosplay at Salt Lake Comic Con

    Salt Lake Comic Con and FanX have always been places where fans of the coolest geek genres can express their love by dressing as their favorite characters. Those with particular crafting skill can create real-life versions of these fictional characters that really bring them to life. This hobby can become more of a serious pursuit, in some cases leading to significant income generated from ever-growing fan bases.

    Professional cosplayers from all over the country have attended our shows, delighting fans with their artistry and creativity and leaving some to aspire to be the same kind of personality.  Salt Lake Comic Con often receives a multitude of requests for assistance coming to the show from cosplayers of this variety, but many times it has not been possible to grant these requests due to various factors. In a new effort to provide an equal-access platform of support for our local cosplayers and help those with larger aspirations get a head-start, we are pleased to announce a solution: Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Crossroads.

    If you have any questions, please email

Rent A Cosplay Crossroads Timeshare Session or Table

Cosplay Crossroads is an affordable option for cosplayers who wish to make a convention appearance at FanX 2017. Promote your cosplay career and develop a fanbase by selling autographs and taking photos with fans

There will be 7 Cosplay Crossroads tables available for rent. Prices start at $35 for a single quarter-day timeshare session and up to $250 for the full two days of FanX 2017.

Quarter-day Timeshare Sessions

March 17th  -or- March 18th

  • Morning session: $35
  • Afternoon session 1: $45
  • Afternoon session 2: $45
  • Evening session: $35

Single-day Table Rentals

  • Friday, March 17: $150
  • Saturday, March 18: $150

Table Rental for FanX 2017

  • March 17 & 18: $250

As always, cosplayers of all kinds are welcome to rent larger, more prominent vendor booth space. More info.

Meet the Cosplayers

Cosplay Crossroads Schedule Coming Soon

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