#FANX17 & #magicmoments Facebook Winners 3/28/17


Facebook Winners



Watch our posts on  our official Facebook page for chances to win event passes and other fun prizes. During FanX 2017, we held a contest for attendees who posted publicly using the hashtag #FanX17. An additional contest was held in our Facebook Group for the hashtag #magicmoments. The winners are listed below!

To claim your prize, click the button below, and fill out the form on the page. Your info will be sent directly to our customer service department. Please be patient, they will contact you by email as soon as possible!

Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Multipass Winners
(one pass per winner)

Liz Beck
Missa Jane
Parker Rivera
Holley Robinson
Frank Buck
‎Mindy Bollinger‎
‎Tim Costello
Shauna Kelly Lower
‎Kandi Prickett‎
Kristen Clymore
‎Serafine Kynaston
‎Marshall Scott Bowerman
‎Britain Hanna‎
‎Jenny Engleman Chavez‎
‎Michael Mohan
‎Cheryl Barton Mattson
Sean P Riley
Alex Silver
‎Kalli Coesens