Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Guide To Photo Ops

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Guide To Photo Ops

What is a Photo Op? It is a professional portrait taken with an individual star or a group of actors from your favorite TV show or movie. Each Photo Op includes a glossy 8″ x 10″ print and the option to purchase a digital copy. Schedule coming soon!*

Learn how the Photo Op process works below:

  1. You are allowed up to four attendees per Photo Op. No exceptions.
    If you wish to have more than 4 people in your session, you must purchase an additional Photo Op prior to your session (up to a total of 8 people for 2 photo ops). Otherwise, those additional people will be turned away at Photo Op Check-In. Babies under one year do not count.
  2. Arrive at Photo Op Check-In 15 minutes before your Photo Op time — no earlier, no later.
    Arriving too early clogs the Photo Op Area and makes everyone wait longer, so you will be turned away. If you are late, you may miss your Photo Op, and no refunds will be given. There will be volunteers and signage at Photo Op Check-in that will inform attendees which groups are allowed to queue.
  3. Print your Photo Op QR code**.
    Phone service at the Salt Palace is not reliable, so please come prepared with a paper printout of your QR code. This will keep lines moving quickly.  QR codes will be verified at the Photo Op Check-In and will be scanned in the Photo Op Staging Area prior to your Photo Op Moment.
  4. Once you arrive at Photo Op Check-In, volunteers will guide you through the process.
    Step 1: Photo Op Check-In – QR code is verified for correct Photo Op session and number of people in your group. You can also scan your wristband at this time if it is registered.
    Step 2: Photo Op Queueing Area – Where attendees will wait for their Photo Op session to begin.
    Step 3: Photo Op Staging Area – Your QR Code will be scanned at this time or your wristband if it is registered. You may leave your bags and possessions in this secure area while you have your Photo Op Moment.
    Step 4: Photo Op Moment – Step right up! This is your moment with your favorite celebrity. Don’t forget to smile!
  5. Pick up your Print and Check Out
    After your Photo Op Moment, you will pick up your Print. An Epic Photo Ops employee must scan your Photo Op Voucher when you exit the Photo Op area and check your Print before you leave the Photo Op Area. This is also where you can purchase digital prints and plastic sleeves.

*We have not yet posted the schedules for when the Photo Ops will occur. This is usually done closer to the event date. There are 2-3 Photo Ops occurring at any given time. We do our best to schedule them, but sometimes there is overlap with the ones you have purchased. If this happens, you are able to swap out your Photo Op for another one (provided they haven’t sold out).

**Photo Ops are NOT physical and will not be mailed to your or available to pick up at Registration. To access your Photo Ops, find your confirmation email from your purchase. Click the blue button, which will take you inside your GrowTix account. Each product (ticket, photo op, etc) should have a drop down menu on the right hand side. Use this feature to print out your QR Code for your Photo Op session.

Celebrity appearances and schedules are all subject to change or cancellation. All Photo Op Sessions are subject to change or cancellation. Make sure to check for updates on this page regularly.

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