Facebook Winners 9/11 – 9/19


Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on our official Facebook page. To enter, like/comment on select Facebook posts. The best comment wins.

To claim your prize, click here:

and fill out the form. Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, they will contact you as soon as possible!

Ben Jones

Video – Clear the Air Commercial


Stephanie DeDen

Video – SLCC 2015 is Coming

Pair of Gold Passes

Adam Talbot

Video – SLCC is Coming

Pair of Gold Passes

Uriel Lizardi

Video – One Month & Counting

Pair of Gold Passes

Deana Mae Nelson

Video – Star Trek Continues


Sabrina Gardner

Video – Less Than 3 Weeks

Pair of Gold Passes

Savannah Bennett

Video – Less Than 17 Days

Pair of Gold Passes

Jesse Park

Video – Less Than 13 Days

Pair of Gold Passes

David Therrien

Have a Nice Day

Photo Op with Emma Caulfield

Joyce Clark Keil

Bad Side

Photo Op with Emmanuelle Vaugier

Matthew Kartchner

Charles E. Gannon Announcement


Kayla Cono

Your Judges!


Elizabeth Estrada

Alan Tudyk via Skype


Isaac Coesens

Go! Go, Yellow Ranger!

Photo Op with Karan Ashley

Jared Nelson

Shadow Mountain Announcement

Thursday Pass

Kadi Redd


Photo Op with Sebastian Stan

Melinda Bagnes Owen


Photo Op with Ian Somerhalder

Willy Morriss

Rock Sugar

Pair of 2-Night Passes to the Bash

Terry Zubiran

Less Than 11 Days

Pair of Gold Passes

Heidi Barker

Anthony Mackie Announcement

Gold Pass + Anthony Mackie Photo Op

Erica Bishop


Thursday Pass

Runi Aranar

Record Update


Aaron C. Christensen

Meet Emmanuelle Vaugier

Photo Op with Emmanuelle Vaugier

Annie Zelasko

Meet Denis O’Hare

Photo Op with Denis O’Hare

Colten Blake Pfannerstill

Meet Vic Mignogna

Photo Op with Vic Mignogna

Holly Esch

Meet Walter Koenig

Photo Op with Walter Koenig

Anisa Marie Ferguson

Meet Jenna Coleman

Photo Op with Jenna Coleman

Adrianne Wilson Miller

Meet Dean O’Gorman

Photo Op with Dean O’Gorman

Adam Kipnis

Meet Anthony Daniels

Photo Op with Anthony Daniels

Orin Smith

Meet Karan Ashley

Photo Op with Karan Ashley

DeAnn Schmalz Kelly

Meet Daniel Cudmore

Photo Op with Daniel Cudmore

Sadie Quintana

Meet Linda Blair

Photo Op with Linda Blair

Coral Sherman Montgomery

Meet Felicia Day

Photo Op with Felicia Day

William Czech King

Meet Emma Caulfield

Photo Op with Emma Caulfield

Evelyn Carrillo

Nicole Marie Jean Announcement


Mischa Douglas

Manu Bennett Announcement


Sarah Hugo

Heroic: Tales of the Extraordinary

Copy of Heroic: Tales of the Extraordinary

Michelle Symmons Stoll



Allyssa Keogh


Copy of Heroic: Tales of the Extraordinary

Candace Tarkeshian

Meet Robbie Amell

Photo Op with Robbie Amell

Candace Tarkeshian

Meet James & Oliver Phelps

Photo Op with James & Oliver Phelps

Jasmine Burch

Meet Christopher Gorham

Photo Op with Christopher Gorham

Jennifer Lapachian

Meet Austin St. John

Photo Op with Austin St. John

Kristýna Blu Williams

Meet Joel Hodgson

Photo Op with Joel Hodgson

Kendra Ferrin

Meet Kristin Bauer

Photo Op with Kristin Bauer

Courtney Brigance

Meet Scott Wilson

Photo Op with Scott Wilson

Laura Naethe

Meet Sean Astin

Photo Op with Sean Astin

Gabe Davis

Meet John Barrowman

Photo Op with John Barrowman

George Hagen

Meet Anthony Mackie

Photo Op with Anthony Mackie

Brandy Taylor

Meet Marina Sirtis

Photo Op with Marina Sirtis

James Bennett

Meet Manu Bennett

Photo Op with Manu Bennett

Aimee Alexandra Shakira Granados

Cosplay Photo Meetups

Thursday Pass

Alicia Salter



Anastasia Poole

Baby Announcement


Noel Chu

PC Laptops Loves You


Lisa Worthen

Guessing Baby

Gold Pass

Jennifer Summy

Get a Room!


Russell Schuh

Photo Op Schedule


M-Jina Reeves-Summers

Album – Cosplay Showcase


Julynette Martinez

Album – Panel Showcase


Rebecca Hampshire

Album – Vendor & Artist Showcase


Candy Amodt

Album – Swiss Days Parade

Thursday Pass

Tisha Phillips Johnson

Album – Authors


Moriah Weaver

Album – Panelists


Heather R Acuff

Album – 3rd Annual Cosplay Games

Friday Pass

Johnny Rawtin Garage

Album – Captain America Motorcycle Unveiling

Thursday Pass

Cassandra Coronel

Album – 8th Annual Zombie Walk

Saturday Pass

Melanie Castillo

Album – Comic Creators & Artists


Aurora Eyre

Album – Celebrity Guests


Lisa Marshall Haskell

Album – Voice Actors


Josh Hunter

Album – Cosplay Awakens


Robin Johnson

Album – FanX 15 Tiny Superheroes


Cassidy Featherstone

Album – Draper Days Parade


Album – Bee’s Game


Ronan Angelos

Album – Star Wars at the Capitol

Saturday Pass

Cat Baker

Album – SLCC Superhero Training

Friday Pass

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  1. Evelyn Carrillo says:

    I’m sorry but i filled out the claim form for my comic con multipass that I won for a comment on a post and was wondering if there is a confirmation email of my QR or something cause I haven’t gotten anything and I really wouldn’t want to lose my ticket?

  2. Jennifer Summy says:

    I’m having the same problem. I have sent an email to support, but haven’t received a response or anything. Will we not be able to pre register tomorrow?

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