Facebook Winners 6/15-6/21

Facebook Winners

Every week we give away free stuff for joining the fun on Facebook. Here’s the winners for the week 6/15-6/21.

Stacey Partner

Father’s Day Cosplay

Free 3 Day Pass

Torrence Wimbush

Manu Bennett Announcement 1

Free Photo Op with Manu Bennett

Nicole Carpinelli

Manu Bennett Announcement 2

Free Photo Op with Manu Bennett

Robbie Nims

Manu Bennett Announcement 2

Free 3 Day Pass

Laura Hernandez

Happy Saturday! LMVAO

Free Photo Op with William Shatner

Derrek Carman

Happy Saturday! LMVAO

Free 3 Day Pass

Jim Astin

Happy Father’s Day – Luke and Leia Card

Free 3 Day Pass

Lauren Pate

Batton Lash Annoucement

Free 3 Day Pass

Angela Sudweeks

Doctor Who Fans?

$30 Gift Certificate to Night Flight Comics

Casey McKay

Salt Lake Comic Con Producer Dan Farr on ABC4

Free Photo Op with Celebrity of Choice

Ross Trowbridge

Nana, Nana, Nana, Nana…

Free 3 Day Pass

Sara Wigand Wilson

I See Dead People

Free 3 Day Pass and a VIP Ticket to the Salt Lake Comic Con Zonbie Walk

Scott Lutgen

Adam West Announcement

Free 3 Day Pass and a Free Photo Op with Adam West

Jennifer Ellis

Burt Ward Announcement

Free 3 Day Pass and a Free Photo Op with Burt Ward

See Zombie Page

I’m Lovin’ it

Free VIP Pass to Zombie Walk

Mathew R. Daily

Epic Fail.  Those ARE the  droids I’m looking for.

Free 3 Day Pass

Kathleen Mock Harris

Salt Lake Comic Con on Daily Dish – ABC4

Free 3 Day Pass AND Free Celebrity Photo Op

Contact us to claim your prize

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  1. Jennifer Ellis says:

    I have never been to a zombie walk….tell me more please 🙂 I won that too??? OMG I think I am on excitement overload 🙂

  2. Salt Lake Comic Con says:

    Congratulations! Please submit a request through the following form stating your name, your winning user ID, email address and which contest you won: http://saltlakecomiccon.com/facebook-prize-contact-form/ and we will send you the info you need to redeem your prize! Otherwise, all and any prizes (unclaimed vouchers, gift certificates or tickets) can be claimed at the “Fulfillment Center” in the “Registration” area of the Salt Palace on the first floor in the main lobby. We will have record of your name and prize that you will be needing to collect.

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