Cosplay Games

Cosplay Games Clandestine Clues:

  1. The weekly news is and where it is spun. Find the yellow sign and the city has fun.
  2. If the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles visited he would be turned inside/ out
  3. The jazz played there before you were born, it was once a dome now flat as salt, but it is where comic con calls home.
  4. It’s been used as a school, every year its full of pride, its as old as can be, go here to get a license for a bride.
  5. Don’t confuse this with a Chinese gang. You can get your news by watching, listening or reading here. Look for the 5.
  6. This is the place to be in the center of SLC. Concerts in Summer, ice skating in Winter. Catch Mark Koelbel and Shana Lake weeknights at 10 don’t be late.
  7. At “16” you can drive here or any time take the trax. You may have seen Guardians, Turtles, or Lucy. Don’t be per-PLEXed.
  8. If you’re a child and you find yourself here, you can discover without fear.
  9. The race is long, your energy is spent. You’ll find your solution here.
  10. If your style is modern and you like art then go to E to the third degree on Broadway

When: August 16, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Where: 10 secret locations in downtown SLC and a party at The Gateway fountains

Channel your inner Peter Parker for the Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Games! Join our photo scavenger hunt for chances to win passes to Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 and fun prizes.

Gather your friends and track down our 10 secret locations (clues to be posted at 9am on August 16, 2014) for chances to win. Visit each location to collect raffle tickets from designated volunteers wearing Salt Lake Comic Con shirts. Take a photo of your group at each location as well.

Once you’re done, head to The Gateway Fountains for the official Cosplay Games after party! Turn in your raffle tickets to be entered to win tickets, merch, and more. There will be a DJ, food, and fun.


  • Everyone who participates will get two $5 off coupons for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 tickets.
  • Every team who gets photos at 5 or more locations will get a Thursday pass for each member.
  • Upload your best photos to your favorite social network, and tag one of Salt Lake Comic Con’s official social networks, and use the hashtag #CosplayGamesSLCC. The team with the most likes on their photos will win Gold Passes to Salt Lake Comic Con 2014!


Teams can have up to 6 members.

All members must be in costume.

This is an all-ages event.

*Some components of this event may be subject to change.

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