Fundraiser for Comic Artist Sal Velluto

June 11 from 10AM-4PM
at Dragon’s Keep in Provo

Several local comic book artists and con alumni will be appearing from 10am – 4pm on June 11, 2016 at Dragons Keep in Provo, Utah. These artists will be doing sketches and commissions for donations to raise money to help Salt Lake Comic Con Alum and friend Sal Velluto. Check out the raffle, courtesy of Dragons Keep, where you can bid on donated art, merchandise, and Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 passes. Stop by to get some great custom artwork and help a local artist and his family!

Stop by the Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 booth to enter to win a Multipass to our upcoming show! Purchase your Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 Tickets at the event, and we’ll donate 50% of the proceeds to the fundraiser.

Artists Attending:

(Updated 6/6/16)

  • Chad Hardin (DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Harley Quinn, Zatanna)
  • JJ Harrison (Adventure Time, Clarence, Mondo)
  • Bill Galvan (Archie Comics, Simpsons Comics, Pink Panther)
  • Adrian Ropp (Archie Comics, Pink Panther, Disney)
  • Brad Ashworth-illustrator
  • Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary)
  • Jess Smart Smiley (Adventure Time, Upside Down: A Vampire’s Tale)
  • Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, Witchblade, Magdalena)
  • Phillip Q Hudson (hellion: the comic book, Illustrator)
  • Nathan Shumate (Writer, Illustrator)
  • Jason N. Rivera (Illustrator)
  • Scotty Clawson