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FanXperience 2016 Cosplay Celebration & Competition

Cosplay Contest (1)

Online Registration

Closed as of March 13, 2016 at 11:59PM

Prejudging Event

March 19, 2016 from 9AM-6PM (Fitness on 7th, 2226 S 700 E, SLC)

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After much input from our cosplay community we have decided to hold our main prejudging event A WEEK BEFORE FAN-X on Saturday March 19th from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm. This is considered “early prejudging” because it takes place before the actual convention.

Any prejudging for our contest is open ONLY to those who have registered online before the cut off date. No onsite registration will take place for those that have missed the deadline.

Special Thanks to Fitness on 7th for the use of space for our Cosplay Competition Early Pre-Judging.

ONSITE PREJUDGING – March 26 from 10:00am-1:00pm, Room 151D of the Salt Palace Convention Center

We also have ONSITE PREJUDGING which we are reserving for those who are coming from out of town or contestants that absolutely could not make the early prejudging event AND have contacted us ahead of time via email. If you do not make it in time you will not be prejudged. Room number is TBD, please check back on this page for updates.

Please note that because of such a high turn out we will unfortunately not be able to register any people on site for the contest. We are only taking people who have registered online BEFORE the cut off date.

We also strongly advise locals to be seen at the early prejudging event instead of the day of contest. This will free up their time during the event so that they can enjoy all that con has to offer instead of waiting to be scored the day of competition.

What To Expect During Prejudging

Cosplay contestants will sign in and be given a number. When their number is called they will be taken in front of a panel of judges who will ask questions pertaining to the outfit the competitor wants to enter. This is to see how knowledgeable the competitor is about their cosplay, the character they are portraying as well as the process in which it took for everything to come together and become a final product.

Questions might include but are not limited to:

  • Materials used
  • The process it took to create the cosplay
  • Time It took
  • Origins of materials
  • Reason why competitor chose their cosplay/character

We also require contestants to bring documentation pertaining to their cosplay. This might include photos, receipts for materials, a log of how many hours it took to make certain parts, and other useful information. This information always varies and ALL contestants will receive a detailed email for more information after the fill out the online registration.   

If you have any special accommodations that need to be met please inform our team at

How the Contest Works

We have two phases in our competition:

  1. Prejudging – Contestants are seen by a group of skilled local judges where their cosplay is observed in person and are asked questions about their cosplay. Contestants are also given scores based on different criteria. The contestants with the top overall prejudging scores will move on to the stage portion of the competition. Every skill level has a different amount of competitors that move on. It always depends on the amount of contestants who registered for that specific skill level. All scores and results for Prejudging will be posted after 2pm the day of the competition at all information booths set up around the event.
  2. Stage competition– Contestants that have moved past the prejudging phase can now compete on stage, in front of an audience and a celebrity-judging panel for cash and prizes while our professional media team captures all the action.

*Only the contestants that score high enough during the prejudging phase are given the opportunity to compete on stage the night of the contest for prizes.*

Cosplay & Costume Celebration

March 26, 2016 at 7PM in the Salt Palace Grand Ballroom

The time has come! Everyone who advances to this portion gets his or her time to shine on stage. They will be introduced and have a chance to walk out and showcase their outfit for everyone to see and be judged by a different panel of celebrity judges!

  • Please arrive early to the designated area to receive instructions.
  • Please be respectful to ALL competitors, volunteers and judges. (we reserve the right to disqualify any competitor who does not show courtesy and respect during the competition)
  • Contestants must remain seated in the Grand Ballroom for the entirety of the performance portion of the competition. There will be designated waiting areas pre and post judging. All cosplay outfits that don’t allow the model to sit will be given a different option.

How We Define Cosplay

Cosplay- Consists of an outfit that is mostly created or made by the contestant or someone they have paid to create a cosplay for them. Each skill level has a different requirement that the judges will take into account but would like that at least 50% of it is hand made, crafted, altered, painted, welded, put together, basically this we want to make sure that the contestants have “made” their own outfit/costume or at least altered it to a point where it is not just an off the rack costume.

Newcomers, please don’t let this scare you away. We don’t expect people entering into the novice skill level to have welded metal and ran electrical wire to light up their cosplay. The judges expectations will be different for every skill level so please don’t hesitate to enter into the contest so that you can be seen.

  • If you have commissioned a cosplay outfit, the “creator” of that outfit needs to be present at both prejudging and the actual competition. Same for your “model” if you have created a cosplay outfit for someone else to wear. (any questions, feel free to email us)

Contest Rules

  • All costume/cosplay must abide by the rules of Salt Lake Comic Con dress code AND weapons policy. If any staff, volunteers or judges discover a violation, we reserve the right to disqualify that contestant.
  • Cosplays that have won any major award(s) at any past Salt Lake Comic Con event may NOT be re-entered into the FAN X 2016 competition. Such awards include but are not limited to : (1) Best in show (2) Best in division (3) First Place (4) Second Place (5) Third Place (6) Judges Award and (7) Honorable Mention. If they have won at OTHER contests, it is still ok to enter them into our competition.
  • Each contestant may present or wear only ONE cosplay. Unless they are also in a group category. Example: You and some friends enter as a group of storm troopers BUT you also enter yourself into one of the skill levels as a solo storm trooper.
  • Your costume and cosplay should allow you freedom to move. If any assistance is needed you may have up to two assistants help you but they will not be provided by the event staff.
  • No pyrotechnics, live flame , live projectile shooting devices or smoke generators allowed in the convention center.
  • No electrical power connections will be provided. If your costume requires power it must be part of your costume/cosplay.
  • No microphones will be provided
  • All cosplay contest participants must have a Salt Lake Comic Con wristband (admittance into the con) in order to be eligible to compete.

While no changes to these rules are foreseen, there are always circumstances that may require that some rules or times be changed. We appreciate all of our audience and contestants and will try our best to keep this to a minimum.

Skill Levels

Here is a guide if you are unsure of the skill level that you should enter into:

Novice- Beginners in the cosplay competition world. Usually haven’t entered or placed in other competitions.

Intermediate- Competitors who have already entered and/or placed (been awarded) in other competitions.

Master- Contestants who have entered many competitions and/or have placed high among those competitions previously entered.

Original Character/Mashup- This category is for those characters who are a blend of two or more characters or genres as well as completely never seen before original characters.

Groups- If you are entering as a group, please enter in the difficulty of the highest-ranking member of your group.

*Judges reserve the right to move any contestant into a different category should they feel the skill level exceeds or doesn’t fair the category initially entered. *

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for online registration?

March 6th, 2016 at 11:59pm. No exceptions.

What if I missed the online registration?

Due to a high volume of applicants, we are only allowing for online registration this time around. There will be no on-site registration.

What kind of cosplay can I enter the contest as?

We offer a Costume and Cosplay category that gives everyone a chance to join in on the fun in various ways. Remember that our genres for every category include but are not limited to: Comics, Sci-fi, Anime, Zombies, Steampunk, Graphic Novels, Television, Film, and Theatrical. Because of the huge collection of genres, please feel free to contact us if you have any question about your entry for clarification.

Why can’t the Celebrity Panel see ALL contestants?

We are fortunate to have so many amazing celebrity guests wanting to be a part of our event every year. With that said, every celebrity judge has a different schedule with specific details about where they need to be during the event. Some celebrity judges may be doing autographs while others are taking pictures with fans; this is a huge reason why we sometimes aren’t able to schedule them to be together until the contest. Prejudging would take almost a full day of their visit and since most of our judges don’t make it out any other time of the year, Salt Lake Comic Con wants to make sure that they are seen by as many people of the event as possible.

I’m still not done with my cosplay yet, should i register?

YES! Register as soon as possible so that you can secure a spot in the contest. You have until the prejudging date to have everything ready and set to show off in front of our judges.

Why is there a Prejudging event?

We only have a limited amount of time in the largest ballroom of the largest convention center in the state, so everything must be timed with precision. We plan on having an amazing competition that celebrates cosplay and entertains the audience but doesn’t go too long. With so many entries, it’s important to have a prejudging phase so that we don’t end up with a 4-hour competition that makes everyone involved miss out on other events at convention.

Why is prejudging a week before the convention?

The main reason is that we want all of our contestants to enjoy as much of the con as possible. Instead of waiting in line, waiting to be seen by our pre-judges, missing a panel, missing an activity or not seeing a favorite celebrity, we are prejudging a week prior to the event so everyone can enjoy more of the attractions at the convention. You wait all year for this event and we don’t want you to miss out on any of it.

What if I’m from out of state OR can’t make it to prejudging on that date?

No problem, everyone who has registered online before the deadline can still be seen the day of the convention if they have reached out to us. This way any of our cosplay friends that can’t make it to the early prejudging event can still be seen and given an opportunity to move on to the stage portion (if they score high enough). Please remember that this is ONLY for those who have registered online and have reached out to us so that they can receive a scheduled time to be prejudged onsite.

How will I know if I’ve qualified for the stage competition?

After reviewing all the scores and finalizing how many entries we can have for each category and division, all participants be be contacted and informed of the results.

Any questions? Please email us at and our production team will answer in the order that your email was received.
We work hard to make our community proud of this event and want to invite everyone to join in on the fun. See you soon!

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  1. Alia Sujay says:

    I haven’t gotten an email confirming I’m in the contest yet. Am I still in the contest even if I haven’t gotten anything from you guys yet?

  2. Becky says:

    1) Is there no longer a costume category where you do not have the creator of the costume present?

    2) Can a creator enter 2 costumes (themselves and a model) as two separate entries?

  3. Jaryll Bailey says:

    I’m trying to find out when the cosplay contest is for Comic Con 2016 (Sept 1-3) but it’s not listed, is there any way to find this out?

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