Film Festval-01

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Film Festival Winners:

The Freemason

Best Director: Sohrab Mirmont
Best Editing: Timothy Ray Arnold & Mark David Spencer
Best Cinematography: Thor Wixom



Best Feature Film
Best Musical Score: Stefan Lessard



Best Screenplay: Guy-Roger Duvert
Best Short Film


Being Doug

Best Actress: Kristen Rogers
Best Actor, Chuck Raucci


The Portal

Best Supporting Actress: Erin Karpluk


The Search for Sasquach

Best Supporting Actor: Walter Gene Mecham


Star Trek: Axanar

Best Visual Effects



Audience Choice


Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival 2014

The 2nd Annual Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival will featured some of the latest and greatest in Independent Film. All Screenings were held at the Gateway Megaplex Theaters (165 So. Rio Grande St. Salt Lake City, UT. 84101) a short walk or TRAX (commuter train) ride from the Salt Palace Convention Center. Salt Lake Comic Con will also provided a shuttle bus for transportation to and from the Gateway Shopping Center. All screenings were FREE for Salt Lake Comic Con attendees.


Thursday, September 4, 2014 Schedule:

3:00pm – Black Tiger: Hunter Hunted (Action/Superhero)
3:30pm – The Hitman’s Progeny (Action/Thriller)
3:40pm – The Within (Action/Science Fiction)
4:00pm – Orion Command (Comedy/Science Fiction)
4:30pm – Sold Out (Comedy/Fantasy)
5:00pm – Chasing Moonflowers (Horror/Suspense)
5:30pm – The Slendering (Horror)
5:45pm – The Rake (Horror)
6:00pm – Darker Side of the Moon (Alternate Reality)
6:30pm – Emma’s Quest (Fantasy)
6:40pm – The Last Case (Mystery/Film Noir)
7:00pm – Lloyd Alexander (Documentary)
9:00pm – L.A. Slasher (Comedy/Fantasy/Crime) Special Advanced Screening


Friday, September 5, 2014 Schedule:

12:00pm – The Search for Sasquatch (Mockumentary/Paranormal)
12:45pm – Whip Brawler (Mockumentary)
2:30pm – Dink (Comedy/Superhero)
3:00pm – Nerds in Love (Comedy/Geek Culture)
3:15pm – The Hunter (Comedy)
3:30pm – Elsie (Comedy/Geek Culture)
3:45pm – Dark Roast (Comedy/Fantasy)
3:50pm – Being Doug (Comedy/Fantasy)
4:15pm – The Portal (Comedy/Fantasy)
4:30pm – Cassandra (Fantasy)
5:00pm – Star Wars Baseball (Comedy/Science Fiction) Fan Film
5:10pm – Starship Rendezvous: The Inquiry (Comedy/Science Fiction) Fan Film
5:30pm – Star Trek: Anaxar (Action/Science Fiction) Fan Film
6:00pm – Wheel of Time: Golden Crowns of Ellisande (Fantasy) Fan Film
6:30pm – Done the Impossible (Documentary)
8:15pm – Face to Face (Thriller)
8:30pm – Martha’s Key (Dark Fantasy)
9:00pm – In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission (Fantasy)


Saturday, September 6, 2014 Schedule:

11:45am – Owned (Animation) BYU Animation Studios
11:50am – Eye of the Beholder (Animation)
12:00pm – Stripped (Documentary)
2:00pm – Vortex Film Festival (Science Fiction Short Films)
4:30pm – Mythica Sneak Peek (Fantasty/Adventure)
6:00pm – Kevin Sorbo Presents Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Fantasy/Adventure)
7:00pm – Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival Awards Ceremony
7:30pm – The Shadow Watchers (Horror/Suspense) Trailer
7:35pm – The Freemason (Mystery Suspense)
9:30pm – Akira (Animation/Science Fiction)
Midnight – L.A. Slasher (Comedy/Fantasy/Crime) Encore Presentation

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