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Please note: There are panels that start before the convention floor opens. This is not a mistake.

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  1. Carol M says : Reply


  2. Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

    Maybe have a panel on faeries (not Tinkerbell…but actual faeries…like kelpies, dryads, red caps, etc.). There is a professor at Utah Valley University that did a presentation that was very interesting. I’ve done a couple research papers about the Fae and was able to find a lot of information…so information is out there. It could also be tied into faerie tales (such as those by the Grimm Brothers), historical/folklore accounts and documentation, and films/books (i.e. The Spiderwick Chronicles, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Pans Labyrinth, Dreamfever series by Karen Marie Moning, Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr, Tithe & Valiant by Holly Black, etc.). It would be amazing if you could get any of those authors to attend, as well.

    And I think it’s great that you are planning a panel about writing. Thank you! A writing contest would be great too…for budding authors, screen/play writers, and poets. You could have categories for free verse, short stories, books, plays, scripts, poetry, etc. and then announce the winners at the writing panel. You could get in-kind donations (or gift certificates), from local businesses or booths participating in the Con, to use as awards. You could also publish excerpts or smaller pieces on a special page on the site.

  3. Matt says : Reply

    Dinosaurs! The state is full of dinosaur museums, dinosaur experts, enthusiasts and nerds. The next two years are full of big budget dinosaur films (Walking With Dinosaurs, Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, Jurassic Park 4). Jurassic Park 3D was just released in theaters a few months ago. A local dinosaur themed project just won Utah Game Wars hosted at the Adobe building. Dinosaurs are the new zombies!

    Also, there are quite a few video game studios here in Utah (Disney Interactive, EA, Chair, Smart Bomb, Eat Sleep Play, Wahoo, React Games to name a few). These studios house some extremely talented artists, it would be great to have panels based on either the studios, the games they make, the process of making games, or even separate panels on the different disciplines that make up the video game production pipeline; concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, etc.

    • emperorbailey says : Reply

      Those are both really good ideas. Nobody does dinosaurs like Utah. And I never really thought before about how many video game studios are here, but you’re right. Let’s get them in on the local action!

    • David says : Reply

      This is a very good idea. Besides, scientists have recently found the remains of new species of triceratops right here in Utah.

    • Cameron says : Reply

      And with the state recently finding a new dinosaur that would be super fun to go to and learn!

    • Shalen says : Reply

      Dinosaur idea is great! I know there are a few people visiting SLC for Comic Con and the panel could bring attention to all the cool dinosaur related tourist attractions.

  4. David B says : Reply

    I’ve been to many Sci-fi/Comic Book conventions and the funnest panels are the ones where you have joint guests doing panels. For instance at the Supernatural Conventions Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki do a panel together. So, you could have both Adam West and Burt Ward on the same panel. Group Photos are very Cool too! I also know that Richard Hatch has done acting seminars so if you got him to do one of those that would be Awesome as well. BTW, there are a handful of Buffy Actors that do conventions year round like Nicholas Brendan, James Marsters, Amber Benson and Juliet Landau . If you got a couple of them to do the convention you could have like a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Panel too. That would be a highlight for any convention. I know that James Marsters also does musical performances for Conventions. You could get him to do like a 30 min set one night for the convention. I’ve been to one of his performances and its really fun!

    • Nathan H says : Reply

      There is a HUGE Joss Whedon fan base out here for sure. To get a Buffy/Angel panel and above all a Firefly panel and cast for that panel would be very shiny. Any addition of Whedon films would increase SLCC stock for sure

    • Clare says : Reply

      If you had James Marsters, there is almost no amount of time that I would not wait in a line to see him. In addition to Buffy, he is also the voice of Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files. Speaking of no amount of time…Jim Butcher would also be awesome.

      Buffy, Firefly…anything else in the world Joss Whedon has ever touched…

    • Megan says : Reply

      You should also get the Supernatural cast to attend, or at least invite them.

  5. Levi Webb says : Reply

    How about a panel that has to do with the LGBT community in gaming, comics, graphic novels, Sci-Fi, Cosplay? Is it changing? How has it changed? Besides adult themes (porn), is there positive views of the LGBT community? Why or why not? Maybe it isnt a big enough of an audience, but Im just thinking outside the box.

    • Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

      There is a big enough audience, for sure ;-).

    • Kathy says : Reply

      I would love to see an LGBT panel!

    • Matthew says : Reply

      Why not just have everbody contribute to the panel instead of alienating the LGBT community. Why separate them out, that just seems odd. Just have LGBT people within the panel and not label them as such?

      • Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

        I don’t think the idea was to alienate the LGBT community. The post doesn’t suggest only having LGBT people on the panel, but for the panel to discuss how games, etc. are being impacted by the LGBT community. In light of the recent Supreme Court decisions and so many states now allowing equality in marriage, this is a timely subject. This would be no different than having a panel on the impact of women writers in the sci-fi genre (which I recently read an article about, that was written by a male author). And I don’t personally feel that the individual topics of the panels alienate the race, gender, or sexual orientation of that panel’s subject matter. At least it doesn’t offend or alienate me and I have many friends who would be very interested in a panel on this subject, as would I ;-).

      • Alicia says : Reply

        I agree. Why single out the LGBT community? Can’t this been for just “fans” in general? I mean, if you’re going to have something just for LGBT, why not have one for the African Americans, the Hispanics, the disabled? How totally redundant.

        • Shalen says : Reply

          The panel could include discussions about how race, disability, gender and sexual orientation are portrayed in the media and the geek community.

      • Anna says : Reply

        Although I agree that LGBT people should be represented on general panels and not relegated to only LGBT panels or tokenized, I don’t see how it would be alienating to have an LGBT panel. To say that there is no specific LGBT experience in the geek world or unique LGBT characters and experiences to highlight is wrong.

    • Shalen says : Reply

      Love this idea. It would be really interesting panel.

  6. Heather DeMill says : Reply

    I would love a Buffy Sing along for the episode “Once more with Feeling!” Or maybe Dr Horrible Sing along Blog!

  7. Nubs says : Reply

    Rooster Teeth. Red vs Blue.

  8. Jessi says : Reply

    There is a really awesome animated movie being made here in Utah that deserves a panel if the artist is willing to do it. The movie is called The Price (based on a Neil Gaiman short story and read by him for the movie). The artist who is putting it together is Christopher Salmon, and I think he lives somewhere down in Utah valley. You can find him online easily enough.

  9. Robert Mierow says : Reply

    When you say gaming do you mean video games? Because I would also like to see like some board game stuff.

  10. YES, Dinosaurs; we have more dino species than any country in the world, but China! Get Don Glut to do a history of dinosaurs in film panel. Heck; I could do the Utahraptor story. “Baddest raptor of them all gets plucked.”

  11. Patrick Kelly says : Reply

    Is CGC going to be attending? Maybe you could get them to do a panel on how to get things with a Signature Series (like who has to watch it being signed, etc.) Also, is there going to be an “Artist’s Alley” or a way for us to get sketches done by the different guests?

  12. Aquabat Fan says : Reply

    The Aquabats would make for an awesome panel.

  13. Rod says : Reply

    A DC comics panel!!!

  14. Cory Loughmiller says : Reply

    I would like to have all of the actors in one panel, the comic book artists in a another, and all the authors in another panel. Actually I don’t really care how it is organized, I am just curious when the panel schedule will be up on the website?

  15. Meagan says : Reply

    Would love something Doctor Who/Torchwood related that would be cool :)

  16. Sadie V. says : Reply

    So how much is it to get into a panel? I just read that my neighbor Jessica Day George is doing a panel and I’d love to go to that to show support. Does it cost a lot? Is it free? What do you have to do to get in?

  17. Kay says : Reply

    I heard on a radio show this morning that the paranormal/horror panel will include a few local ghost hunters! Just a small suggestion, but if they haven’t already been contacted or invited, can I suggest having Wasatch Paranormal on the panel? They’re local and an interesting group, and I’m sure they would be more than happy to come be on a panel-they did one at a library about a year ago and take groups out every now and then on public investigations.

    • Myron says : Reply

      Kay, I just looked at their facebook page it is nothing but an advertisement. It looks like all they do is beg for money for tours and for some “film” some guy is making. I’d prefer not to see them.

  18. Jeff says : Reply

    defiantly have an art panel. Tyler kerkham is gonna be there have him show off his awesome skills of his with the digital art. also the graphic novel panel would be awesome. just saying

  19. Shelby S says : Reply

    KEVIN SMITH would be Awesome also Rooster Teeth would be great. Did I mention Kevin Smith? and his movie is being promoted and he is touring: Jay and Silent Bob Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.

  20. Angela says : Reply

    Anyone from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and I would be in heaven. James Marsters….dream come true!! I would pay anything to get into that panel/event.

  21. Aspen says : Reply

    Lindsay sterling or the Piano Guys would be amazing! I know they live in Utah. Another great one would be the Youtube guys who do the “kid history” and bored shorts videos. The Blendtech “Will it blend” youtube guy

    • Anne says : Reply

      I second this idea. It would be nice to have some people from youtube/Utah do a panel, it would be a really interesting discussion.

  22. Preston says : Reply

    Mr, Shatner in episode 103 you are shown holding a phaser with your right hand that shoots blue laser then a fraction later its in your left and shooting red why is that?
    Ha HA Ha man oh man I crack myself up

  23. bob says : Reply

    wizkid need to de there for the heroclix fans

  24. Kait says : Reply

    I think you guys should try to get Heather Dixon. She’s an artist and an author in Utah. She does a lot of Disney related drawings and has recently directed a short animated film. She also wrote the book Entwined and I just think she’d be a great addition.

    • Lindsey says : Reply

      WHAT?! SHE DID?! I love that book. And HEATHER DIXON IS IN MY WARD. I don’t even know what I’ll do on Sunday now. I go to church with a celebrity. And I NEVER KNEW. -breathes into paper bag-

      Also, yes, she’d be a great addition. I’m sure she’d say yes, if she’s not busy those days. :) She’s really quite nice. I talked to her about learning 3D design once and she was very kind and helpful.

      … -hyperventilates into paper bag-

  25. vazor says : Reply

    I would love to help put together some video game panels. I can work with local game industry studios to make a game developer panel. There is also the Speed Run panel I could help put together where an expert plays through a video game really fast/well – it is really entertaining and great for fans of classic video games.

  26. Brian Cook says : Reply

    Hey! I’m Brossentia, a member of Speed Demos Archive, a site dedicated to speedrunning video games. In years past, we’ve held some speedrunning panels for Geex, and we would be highly interested in doing that for the SLC Comic Con! Through the panel, we have a live demonstration of a few different games, discussing the different strategies throughout. Just in Utah, we have several runners skilled in The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy IV and VI, Dr. Mario, and many other games, both classic and new.

    If you would like this, we would be more than thrilled to come and join you this year.

  27. C. S. Herrera says : Reply

    How about a panel on ghost hunting with guys from Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters?

    Or a panel on Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment.

  28. M. Roberts says : Reply

    I would love to see panels on how to be a concept artist, making comic books, and more on art. It would be interesting to see what all goes into comic book making, online and printed. I have seen some of the hard work put into it and would like to learn more. This can also branch out into concept artists for animation and video game design. Another fun panel could be costume design for movies and TV shows. There are obviously a lot of costumers coming to Comic con and it would very interesting to see the inspiration and work put into the designs of the costume that inspired the ones we wear. Thank you!

  29. StJared says : Reply

    I would like to see a panel with some more authors. They had an “Epic Fantasy” panel at the San Diego Comic Con, and I would love to see one of those. I would also like to see more authors coming to the Salt Lake Comic Con. Patrick Rothfuss would be awesome, as would Robin Hobb, and Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson is even a local Utahn. LE Modesitt Jr is in Utah, too, I believe. Half of the really good Utah Fantasy Authors are coming, already, let’s get the rest there. That could be it’s own panel: Utah Fantasy Authors.

    Some fun booths, for me, would include Think Geek, World of Warcraft, and how about some of the local game shops and comic book stores like Game Knight, Hastor Games and Hobbies, and Dr. Volt’s Comics?

    I purchased the VIP Pass, and I’m hoping for some more things added to that ticket, as well. I’m really looking forward to the Comic Con. Should be a good time. You (those of you involved in Salt Lake Comic Con) are doing great, keep up the good work!

  30. Skyler says : Reply

    Warner bros. Montreal with arkham

  31. Ashley says : Reply

    A Supernatural panel would be absolutely amazing! Or anything Supernatural related :D

  32. Nicole says : Reply

    I think you guys should reach out to Christy Seifert who is a communications professor at Westminster College. She’s done analysis on young adult fiction, including Twilight and that whole craze. She also coined the term “abstinence porn”. I’ve seen her speak before and I think she’d make for an interesting panel talk and something that many people would be interested in.

  33. Weston says : Reply

    You should get Microsoft and Sony to come and show off their new games.

  34. liz says : Reply

    wonder if there was any way to get little koriboh to come here and do a panel. the guy is halarious

  35. Kody Ortega says : Reply

    wondering when a master list of panels was going to be announce for the event

  36. Ema says : Reply

    Will we be allowed to film the panels or is that prohibited?

  37. Scott says : Reply

    What about a fighting game tournament? Especially with Injustice being so popular right now.

    • Lisa says : Reply

      Actually, a video game panel in general would be nice, something E3-like. Aside from that, would like to Supnatural, Kevin Smith and any of his guys from his shows and comic store in New Jersey. Just about any current running show that’s popular would fantastic to see (within reason, obviously). Would enjoy seeing Chris Hardwick from the Nerdist and The Talking Dead. Stan Lee would be a great add to seeing Shatner and West!

  38. Ricky Thomas says : Reply

    My favorite show is “Fact or Faked”” on SyFy. I would like to see Ben Hansen speak. Being a Utah native it will be exciting to hear his stories and talk about the show.

  39. Rashelle says : Reply

    you should have an Ouran High School Host club dare pannel i know a group that does it please consider them

  40. Mistyamber says : Reply

    You could get the Zombie Research Society to come to a panel on surviving a zombie plague or something. That would go well with the zombie walk.

  41. Megan says : Reply

    Do popular TV show casts. My examples?
    -Doctor Who
    -Supernatural (the three main guys I want there are Jared, Jensen, and Misha)
    -ONCE UPON A TIME!!! I love that show!

    Also invite people from upcoming/recent movies like any superheroes or famous book series (like Hunger Games). Just, don’t have everyone be from old shows or (comic) book authors. Please. I’m not a HUGE nerd, so I would like SOME well-known people there.

  42. Chandra says : Reply

    Any chance you could get a paranormal panel of the members of Ghost Hunters, GHI or Ghost Adventures? Also would love to meet Josh Gates of Destination Truth!! :o)

  43. Grace says : Reply

    Something Divergent-related would be fantastic!

  44. Grace says : Reply

    Adventure Time is something I would definitely want to go see.

  45. Lily says : Reply

    All of these panels! I’m so excited for this. I was crossing my fingers that we’d get some good panels that would garner interest and it seems like that’s the case :) I’m especially excited for the panel on Middle Earth and Tolkein, Miyazaki, and all the gaming panels! Especially the one about gaming degrees from the U since that’s what I’m going into.

    Thanks SLCC for bringing us awesome panels ;)

  46. Becky says : Reply

    Are all of these finals for sure going to happen or are these just suggestions people submitted? Because there are soooo many that I would love to go to!!! I am stoked for the Marvel/DC related panels, the LOTR/Harry Potter panels, and how to get into the comic book/video game industry panels. I hope these really happen!!! :D

  47. David B says : Reply

    Is that Dwight Schultz from The A-Team and Star Trek The Next Generation that I see listed?

  48. JL says : Reply

    Syfy shows- Defiance, Warehouse 13, Being Human, Continuum
    Anything/anyone from the Whedonverse
    Arrow, Supernatural, Walking Dead, Revolution, Orphan Black

  49. Parrish says : Reply

    Will there be an extra charge for panels? Also, earlier on there was talk of movies/shows hosted by guest. Is this still a possibility?
    Do Adam West and Burt Ward do photo sessions together? That would be photo heaven!
    I am so excited to be attending! Thanks to all who put this together!

  50. Allie says : Reply

    I am so excited forall if this but in especially happy to see that it looks like there is going to be a look at Enders Game. While I’m not a big fan of OSC as a person, I have read that book about a 100 times. Although I’m fairly certain the movie is going to a horrible adaptationof the book, I’d love to discuss all aspects.

  51. Tune says : Reply

    Love the writing panels!!! Hope most of those stay onboard!!!

  52. Chance says : Reply

    Wow, that is an amazing list of panels. This is my first con, so I wasn’t sure what there would be to do – now I am just overwhelmed by the variety. This is clearly something that will take a large degree of planning between me and my wife to decide on which panels to attend since you obviously can’t attend them all.
    I will be on the look out for when the times are finalized, so that we can start to plan our days! The quicker that gets put up, the better, although I know you guys have a lot going on in planning.

  53. Clueless_Bella says : Reply

    Is there a Guidebook schedule for comic con yet? If not you should look into it, it really is a life saver for getting everyone up to speed on agendas, plus you can update it on the go.

    • We’re all over it like Khan on Kirk.

      • Clueless_Bella says : Reply

        Yay. I remember when I had to plan my first convention. While it might have been a much smaller student org convention for 1000 or so people, it was still such a hassle.

        Keep up the good work and I know that the quality of your con will rival established conventions. :)

      • Meggie says : Reply

        I’m not seeing a guidebook yet? I would really like to know what times all of these awesome panels will be.

  54. Shalen says : Reply

    Since Claire Coffee is coming they should try to see about getting other members of the Grimm cast. I would love to see Monroe.

  55. Chaunsey says : Reply

    how do i get a signature from IhasCupQwake???

  56. Tara says : Reply

    What about somebody from the cast of Warehouse 13?

    • David B says : Reply

      I talked to Eddie McClintock on Twitter a few months ago and he said he’d love to come and I know his manager has reached out to them but I’m not sure why he isn’t a guest!

    • Clueless_Bella says : Reply

      I know! I got to go their panel at Denver Comic Con. Especially with the cancelling of the show, I feel like SLCC could get a couple of cast members.
      I know it would bring in more people. :)

    • vazor says : Reply

      That would be neat. :)

  57. Jennie Ostermiller says : Reply

    I am a newbie and want to know when specific panels happen, so i can come with my sons that day. Does this happen later how doifind out before comic con

  58. Heather DeMill says : Reply

    Is IhasCupQwake coming? My daughter will freak out if sooo…

  59. Mel says : Reply

    Dwight Schultz? Is he going to be there too??

  60. […] the committee are still working out the panels/presentations schedules, I’ve been invited to participate as a guest at the first Salt Lake Comic Con on September […]

  61. As a musician, I’d love to see a panel about video game music. Also, it would be awesome if you could line up a Video Games Live concert for next year…it would for sure guarantee my return next year!!!

    • Heidi Mason says : Reply

      This is one I’d love to see, too. I noticed Tommy Tallarico is on the guest list; here’s hoping he’ll do a panel!

      • I totally missed that announcement!!! I’m so stoked to see him there. I seriously hope he does a panel…that would be the one thing I definitely would not miss!!!

  62. Travis says : Reply

    You guys should get Disney Interactive to come have a booth or a panel talking about Disney Infinity!

    • vazor says : Reply

      I heard one person from Disney Interactive will be on the How to Get Into the Video Game Industry panel so if they do Q&A you could ask them about it.

  63. Ross Trowbridge says : Reply

    No DAZ panels? It would be fun to see their software featured. I’m trying to find time to learn Hexagon.

  64. Steven says : Reply

    Will the panelist speakers be signing autographs after the speaking panel?

  65. Steven says : Reply

    Can we get autographs from the celebrities after the panel is over?

  66. Chaonerd says : Reply

    I’m confused. Why do we have the schedules for the guest panels but not the others? The others are only listed. I want to know fast please because I’m trying to order my tickets early.

  67. MyComputer says : Reply

    Is there going to be a schedule with dates and times for all the panels? Will it be available online before the event so I can plan my days out?

  68. jim says : Reply

    It will be my first comic con and I was wondering if there is going to be a panel of each category each day or what?

  69. Tricia says : Reply

    Are you going to be posting the times the other panels will be? I am really interested in some of them but I don’t know what time/day they will be so I can’t “plan ahead” as the comic con tip suggests ;)

  70. Sarah says : Reply

    Please answer a question for a newbie – what are the event panels? (not the celebrity panels) Like presentations or booths? THere are several I want to see but the website doesn’t say when/where. Sooo – I’m hoping a recurring booth/presentation so that I can catch them all.
    and where can I see a list of authors that will be there? Hoping for Brandon Sanderson!

  71. Dan says : Reply

    Do we have a date and time for these panels?

  72. Gillian says : Reply

    When will the times be announced for the panels? We need to plan out our days and figure out which ones we’ll be able to go to.

  73. Nancy says : Reply

    Are we any closer to publishing a time schedule for next week?

  74. Kannon says : Reply

    These all look amazing! Will there be a schedule for the rest of the panels, so you could say, figure out how to do all the Doctor Who panels?

  75. Shaun says : Reply

    Is Shatner no longer having a panel on Saturday? He is listed as Saturday attendance only, but his panel times are listed for Friday evening with Adam West. Just looking for some clarification. Thanks.

  76. Heather DeMill says : Reply

    Um am I the only one who notice that the Nichola Brenden: Tales from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is scheduled before the Con opens? (Con starts at 4pm on thursday according to ticket) Please tell me that’s a misprint!!

  77. Johanna Cook says : Reply

    There is a typo for the panel: Nichola Brenden: Tales from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it should be Nichola Brendon :)

  78. David B says : Reply

    I saw that Evangeline Lilly and Karl Urban are both doing panels but Neither one has been announced as a guest. Are either of them gonna be doing Photo Ops or Signing Autographs?

  79. Idris says : Reply

    So I’m looking at the Main Schedule…

    The times don’t seem to mesh very well… For example, Thursday, for Simon Fisher-Becker’s panel, “From Harry Potter To Doctor Who”, it says it is from 3-4 pm, but if doors don’t open until 4 pm on Thursday, how can this be right???

    It isn’t just for this panel-it seems like it is for all of them-there are lots of things (particularly on Thursday) that have times set for events happening before the doors are even open… Please advise!

    • Shaun says : Reply

      I also noticed that it has Nicholas Brendon scheduled to be doing a panel on the main stage at 2 PM on Thursday and also scheduled to be doing the Tales from Sunnydale at the same time with Camden Toy in a smaller room. So seems doubled booked and going on before the doors open. This makes it kinda hard to plan.

      • paige says : Reply

        Yeah Nicky Brendon is my biggest draw for comicon. What is actually happening with him in regards to panels? And side note….will he be at the Buffy sinf along? *crosses fingers*

  80. Josh Jones says : Reply

    From what I understand the tickets open at 8am and then anything that is on the schedule will be happening. The website hours are more for main events and vendor booth times I think.

  81. Trent says : Reply

    Please, can we get clarification on times in the guidebook? Things don’t seem to make sense based on the “official” times.

  82. Wild tulip says : Reply

    Look is Manu Bennett having a panel or not???? He was scheduled for a panel on Thurs at 6pm– has that changed?????? I want some answers, solid answers.. I bought a VIP ticket based on a thurs panel. I want to Knoooowww ALL things Manu at this comic com.

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