EVE 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con Costume Contest Photo Gallery

Thank you to all who came out for the Salt Lake Comic Con Costume Contest at EVE SLC 2014!

Costume Contest winners have been announced –
1st Place: Mark Fordham as Darth Vader
2nd Place: Olivia Wood as an Ewok
3rd Place: Leron Weeks as Gandalf
4th Place: Lesly Weeks as Professor Sprout
5th Place: Rosie Oliver as Batgirl

See some of the amazing costumes from the contest in the photo gallery below. Photos taken by Farris Gerard and Comic Con Photographers.

Click on an image to enlarge:

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  1. Richard Barnes says:

    The photo of Darth Vader reminds me of Shakespeare’s Hamlet,
    “Alas! Poor helmet. I knew him well…”

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