Deseret News: For Salt Lake Comic Con fans, semiannual nerd convention is an extended family

SALT LAKE CITY — For many, being a fan of Salt Lake Comic Con events is like being part of a family.  In some cases, it’s literal.

Kaylynn Wolfe, an elementary school teacher from Clearfield by day and costumed marvel by night, credits Utah’s semiannual nerd conference (at least indirectly) with creating a new hobby for her and her mother, and introducing her to her husband.

Now, as the couple is busily planning for their baby boy due in July, they’re also preparing to see their extended “comic con family” this weekend at FanX, happening Friday and Saturday at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Like Wolfe, fans, volunteers, organizers and celebrity guests alike have come to consider the thousands of people who attend Salt Lake Comic Con part of a special kinship that extends beyond the convention floor and keeps them connected between events.

Now in its fourth year, Salt Lake Comic Con floods downtown twice annually with its major pop culture and comic conventions. Its headline event, which happens each September, attracted more than 120,000 attendees last year. Attendance for FanX, a smaller event held each spring, was around 50,000 people in 2016. (…)