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Countdown to The Con Twitter Contest Winners (Day 28-30)

We gave away one 3-day pass everyday up until Salt Lake Comic Con on our official Twitter page. Our followers answered a daily question to enter.

Winners, ——> Contact us <——- to claim your prize. Your info will be sent directly to our contest handlers. Please be patient, they will contact you as soon as possible!

All and any prizes (unclaimed vouchers, gift certificates, or tickets) can be claimed at the “Fulfillment Center” in the “Registration” area of the Salt Palace on the first floor in the main lobby. We will have record of your name and prize that you will be needing to collect.

Congrats, and thank you for your support!

 Winners Day 28-30

 3-Day Pass Winners
Darth Vader @SmallDreamer5
the Grower of Humans ‏@utahrugbybaby
Stephanie McGee ‏@StephanieLMcGee

Photo Op Winners
Eric Christensen ‏@superjedi1416
Sharae Tucker ‏@sharaewrites
Mistyamber Osborne ‏@MistyamberO
Benjamin Hunt ‏@overstimulated
Halo Cure ‏@HaloCure13
mimi ‏@missphire

Thursday Pass Winners
You are able to upgrade your Thursday pass to a 3-day Pass for only $30. After you claim your ticket (see CONTACT US above), come to Registration at the Salt Palace to make any changes, upgrades or transfers to your tickets. Registration starts Wednesday the 4th 10-6 at the Salt Palace Convention Center on the south end, main level. Thursday & Friday 8-8, Saturday 8-5

Alejandra Brown ‏@twinklelulustar
Alex Getts ‏@alexgetts
Amanda Jones ‏@amandajones7531
Andre O ‏@andregrrr
Andrew ‏@MedinitaGamer
Anna Betzer ‏@DantooineJedi
blanksugar ‏@blanksugar
Boomer HiddlesBatch ‏@BlondeNinja221B
buttocks smith ‏@buttocksSmith
caryn smith ‏@fayedstny
Connie Baete ‏@ConiMari98
DaMo Ba ‏@raceronesix
Devan Chatelain ‏@Dev_Chatelain
Dom Vintage ™ ‏@DomVintage
Edward Larson ‏@LarsonEdward
Elisabeth Haun ‏@MingoHaun
Emily Green ‏@arieidelmonte
Emily McLean ‏@orangemily
Gary Benson ‏@GCrozB
Geoffrey Briggs ‏@GeoffreyBriggs
Jake Sibulo ‏@imnumbereleven
James ‏@JR_UofU
James Lopez ‏@king28james
Jasmine Johnson ‏@thejazzkat
Jay Johnson ‏@JayBJohnson71
Jayne Hobbes ‏@hobbesdawg
Jeff Palmer ‏@jeffpalmer3
jenseals ‏@jenseals
jjaxula ‏@jjaxula
Julio Puentes ‏@JuliousPuentes
Kate Jourdan ‏@tamekate
Kelsey Rosemary ‏@KelseyRosemary
kendra ‏@the_randomist
Kody Ortega ‏@KodyOrtega1
Kortnee Graff ‏@KortneeG
Kourtney Joyner ‏@kourtney_joyner
Kyle P. Ford ‏@kylepford
Leslie Means ‏@lesliemeans
levi walrath ‏@magiciks
Lori Rubio ‏@larubio69
Malia ‏@davideddingsfan
Marlow ‏@marlow_c
Mason Hall ‏@MasonH_77
Mathew Levie ‏@Levie003
Melinda Bosen ‏@mbosen
Misty F ‏@Saintless
Natalie ‏ @nattuhlee
natalie sherling ‏@NSherling
Nathan ‏@nfergason
Nichole337 Official ‏@Nichole337_Talk
Nicole ‏@karmadownurgun
Pip  @PipSpeaks
Preston B ‏@Preston_Br
Robert Mierow ‏@RobertMierow
Roberta Betts ‏@RobertaSBetts
Robin ‏@PatsPrinceza83
Ron Jones ‏@Brucefan77
Sarah Jones ‏@XtremeAnimation
Sarah Lynne ‏@SoLoAndCo
Sharae Tucker ‏@sharaewrites
shawn gordon ‏@threepiomaul
Tammy Buckley ‏@tjcb1420
toni moore ‏@angel42710
Troy Kipp ‏@KippTroy
Tyson Cole ‏@thedeependcomic
Wes Farnsworth ‏@wes182
深夜・ハンター ‏@LateNightHunter


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  1. Candice Dudley says:

    Darn…was hoping I won a pass for my friend on the #30 question. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to see what’s available tomorrow. Thanx for the fun 🙂

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