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Cosplay Contest Registration Page


We are looking for the best of the best in Cosplay and want them to show off their creations at our contest. Register for free and you could win a chance to be crowned the 2017 FanX Cosplay champion!

Contestants who make it past our preliminary/prejudging round will get to display their Cosplay creation on our biggest stage in front of a 5 thousand seat ballroom while our professional media team captures all the action. Winners will be awarded cash and prizes as well.

*Prejudging and Categories for the FanX 2017 Cosplay Contest will be done differently so please read the following below.*

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Anyone interested has to register as a contestant. Simply click on the link to the registration page and fill out all the proper info to create your account.
  2. Your registration account will ask that you provide us with a link to a photo/video gallery of the cosplay that you want to enter into the contest.
  3. We will use this photo/video gallery as your submission and this is what we will use to prejudge your cosplay.
  4. Prejudging starts after the registration deadline of March 10th. A prejudging panel look at each contestants photo/video gallery and score each entry (or “entries” in the group category) based on different criteria. Adding up all scores from each judge will give us the total for that entry.
  5. We will notify the contestants with the top scores of each category that they have moved on to the stage portion of the contest via email along with instructions.
  6. Contestants that make it past prejudging will be called to the stage the night of the contest one by one and have a maximum of 1 min to show off their cosplay creations while a panel of Cosplay judges watches and scores their performance. This score will be added to the prelim/prejudging score for the contestant total.
  7. We will pick the top 3 scores from each category and award those winners at the end of the contest along with an Honorable Mention, Judges Choice and the overall winner which is Best In Show!
  8. Registration for the contest closes at midnight on March 10th.

Changes in our contest:

After much talk and feedback from our cosplay community we have chosen to do things a bit

differently this time around.

1st change: Instead of a contest based on difficulty levels we are doing a contest based on Genres.


  • Sci-Fi
  • Anime
  • Comic Book
  • Games (video AND board games)
  • Fantasy
  • Retro
  • Ensemble/Group
  • Youth

2nd change: We do NOT need you present for prejudging!

  • This time around, when you register as a contestant you will be asked to give us a link to a photo/video gallery. This gallery can be from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook or any other gallery link you provide and make available to us.
  • Make sure that we have access to that gallery because without being able to see your cosplay we will not be able to to give a prejudging score.
  • Prejudging will be based on those photos/videos that are in your galley showing off your amazing creations.
  • No points will be deducted if you do not have professional film/photography equipment.
  • You can keep updating your photo/video gallery until the deadline for registration on March 10th at midnight. We will not be looking at your gallery until the day after registration has closed. This allows you to register for the contest today as you keep working on your cosplay and updating your gallery.
  • If we do NOT have a link to a photo/video gallery in your registration account by the deadline we will consider your registration incomplete and will unfortunately have to pass on your registration to the contest.


Register for the contest BEFORE the deadline! March 10th at midnight.

Still have questions about the contest? Just email and we will be happy to clarify or guide you through the steps of our contest. Can’t wait to see your cosplays so register today and be a part of FanX 2017!


Registration deadline: MARCH 10TH, 2017

IMPORTANT: We are ONLY accepting online registration for the competition.  There will be no on-site registration!

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