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This Event is Over – Thanks to Everyone Who Made it So Fun!

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Saturday, August 10th

Cosplay Games Salt Lake Comic ConCalling all comic lovers, super hero wannabees, costumers, cosplayers and just anyone who is geeking out over the first ever Comic Con in Salt Lake!  That’s right, Comic Con is coming to town and we are taking  the lid off for this momentous occasion with a fun-filled, action-packed, 3 part geek festival that will spread the buzz about Comic Con all over the Salt Lake area!

Part One of the festivities, the “Pre-Party”, is a Scavenger Hunt/Photo Contest going on all over downtown Salt Lake City.

Part Two, the “PARTY”, will be a FREE Comic Con Bash at the Fear Factory haunted house.

Part Three, the “AFTER PARTY”, is a 21 and older Costume Mix and Mingle at the Hotel & Club Elevate night club.


To get this party started we invite you to dress like and become like the character of your favorite Comic, Video Game, Super Hero, etc.  Then, in full costume regalia, you will have the chance to parade through the streets of Salt Lake City collecting raffle tickets and snapping pictures of you and your team at 10 secret locations.  These 10 locations will be announced Saturday morning on the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook page.

Upon arrival at each location, anyone dressed in costume will be given a raffle ticket from the Comic Con volunteer (also dressed in costume) stationed there.  Raffle tickets can be turned in later that afternoon at the Fear Factory party for a chance to win awesome giveaways.  Our outstanding volunteers will be stationed at each location between 12pm and 4pm.  Make sure to visit the designated locations during this 4 hour block if you want to obtain raffle tickets.  You may have to search for the costumed volunteers, but they will be somewhere in or around the specified locations.

In order to enter the Photo Contest, you are encouraged to take the most unique and creative photos of yourself or team (only 6 people per team) possible, post the pictures on Facebook.  Photos will be awarded in separate categories (for example:  most creative, best represents Salt Lake Comic Con, all around best photo, etc.) at a later date.

If you just want to enter the photo contest and are not interested in collecting raffle tickets, you can take photos at these locations any time during the day on August 10th and mark them accordingly.


Fear Factory SLCAt 4:00 pm a mass of Costumed, Characters will converge upon the Fear Factory, located at 666 West 800 South, SLC, Utah.  There we will have local celebrity MC’s, live music, food vendors and a whole lotta fun for FREE!  Come meet and mingle with others who are just as excited about Salt Lake Comic Con as you are.  Oh and did we mention that this incredible party is FREE?  Because yeah, it’s FREE!!!

When you arrive at the Fear Factory, you will have different chances to get free stuff.  Yes, again, we did say FREE!   Woohoo!  Each participant who can show pictures of themselves or their team at 5 out of the 10 designated locations will receive a FREE, official Salt Lake Comic Con T-shirt.  You can’t get these anywhere else and you will be the first people to wear a Salt Lake Comic Con  T-shirt ever!  How cool is that?

At the Fear Factory party you can also turn in all of the raffle tickets you collected during the Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win great prizes, including some coveted tickets to the actual Salt Lake Comic Con.  Keep in mind, the more designated locations you visit, the more raffle tickets you can obtain and the greater your chances are to win!  Winners will be announced by our stupendous MC’s during this fabulous, FREE party.  Contestants must be present to win.


Club Elevate Salt Lake CityBut wait, there’s more!  This amazing Geekfest is not over yet, at least not for the adults.

An After Party is being held at The Hotel & Club Elevate night club at 155 W 300 S SLC, UT from 8:00pm until 1:00am.  Come in full costume and enjoy the rest of the night with great music, food and drinks.  Remember, this is a night club so according to Utah law it is required that you be 21 or over to attend.  You must have your ID to get in to the after party.  Cost for this event is $10 for men and $5 for women.

Join the scene and help us spread the word about Salt Lake Comic Con, generate some more noise, and get everyone else in Salt Lake City excited for our first ever pop culture extraveganza!!!

42 Responses to “Cosplay Games”

  1. Robert says : Reply

    What if your costume is a muggle?

    • That’s great! Wear it and join us in downtown SLC! Any costume will work as long as it decently covers you up. Just come have fun, play the games, get raffle tickets at all 10 secret locations, take photos of yourselves at 5 of the 10 secret locations (they will be announced right before the games begin next Saturday here and on our Facebook Page) and get a FREE SALT LAKE COMIC CON t-shirt at the FREE Fear Factory Party and chances to win awesome prizes… including 3 Day Passes to Salt Lake Comic Con.

    • Ged says : Reply

      well according to the movies Muggles dress in authentic 1930s streetwear – could be harder to source than a wizard costume.

  2. Taylor says : Reply

    So when will we find out the locations??

  3. melissa says : Reply

    wish i lived close enough to attend this too! sounds like so much fun!

  4. Dart says : Reply

    If only my costume was mobile enough.

  5. Jeff says : Reply

    Will the ten locations be within walking distance or drive around?

    • All but one location are in close walking distance (a block or 2 at most) from stops along the Trax “Free Zone”. One location could still be a place considered walking distance, but some will probably drive there because it’s not as close to Trax as the other locations.

  6. bart Simpson says : Reply

    sounds really awesome until it goes to the Hotel. that place is a shit hole folk of Utah’s finest trash. I don’t want to get raped or stabbed.

    • Dylan says : Reply

      Sorry you feel that way @Bart Simpson. When was the last time you were at The Hotel? I suspect it’s been a while, and probably before their rebranding of two floors.

  7. Alysa says : Reply

    I wish the after hours bash was being held somewhere else. Some horrifying things have happened there in the past and I do not think I will be attending for tht reason.

    • We have reserved the entire “Hotel” side of the Hotel & Club Elevate just for ComicCon. It’s a private party and no one will be let in unless they are associated with ComicCon, show up in a costume, bring a copy of their ComicCon ticket, or are wearing a ComicCon T-shirt. We will consider giving wristbands out at the Fear Factory Party for those who want to attend the Cosplay Games After Party Bash to ensure ComicCon people are the people at our private party.

  8. Ronni Sorensen says : Reply

    Not fair!! We’ll be in Colorado this weekend or we would have been all over this :/

  9. Kenny G says : Reply

    BOO Got to work that day Will be there in spirit! :(

  10. E.Nigma is pleased

  11. the place you should fear is the fear factory itself, theres more to fear there than there is anywhere else

  12. Jeff says : Reply

    So can people in plain clothes scavenger hunt for raffle tickets or do you need a costume?

  13. The GD Utah Batman says : Reply

    What if three of us have costumes and out fourth teammate is our camera guy for the checkpoints, would be OK or will he need a costume?

  14. Zombieneedsbrains says : Reply

    I hope you do end up giving wristbands to the people who maybe work at fear factory Duing the FF SLC party

  15. Creeper says : Reply

    If my costume can’t climb stairs, will I be in trouble? I know I’ll probably take longer since I can’t jump on TRAX, but most locations should be wheelchair friendly, right?

  16. Kat says : Reply

    When is the party going to end at fear factory?

  17. RawrRawr says : Reply

    would you have to puchase a ticket to comic con to participate?

  18. Colby Griffis says : Reply

    Can we bring kids to the first 2 events?

  19. TheNeff says : Reply

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  20. DMG says : Reply

    where are you guys finding the locations ive looked everywhere!

  21. kayla says : Reply

    I have been looking for the locations and haven’t seen them posted yet!

  22. kayla says : Reply

    Would it be weird if I showed up alone?

  23. StJared says : Reply

    We had a great time! Thanks for putting on the event!

    So, here’s the question. We took the photos, and uploaded them to Facebook, and put Salt Lake Comic Con as the location. Was that correct? And do we upload them to our own Facebook page (like I did) or do we post them on the Comic Con Facebook page?


    • Post on Salt Lake Comic Con page.

      • StJared says : Reply

        So, I posted them on the Comic Con Facebook page days ago, and while they appear in the posted section, where others posted their Cosplay Games photos, my family/group photos haven’t been placed in the official Cosplay Games Album. I just want to make sure the photos are considered for the prizes. A family/group who went with us have done the same as I, and their photos aren’t in the album, either. Any idea what we can do to make sure our photos are still entered for the prizes?

  24. The_Fool_IXII says : Reply

    We should totally do a Karaoke Showdown Heroes vs. Villains! Basically have the competators each do one song, then each side picks two members of their faction to face off with a second song for the top prizes. Costumes would be required.

  25. a random Soul-Luss Posse member says : Reply

    can i cosplay as Den2e from the local rap group God’s Forgotten Children?

  26. Colt says : Reply

    Do time agents from Doctor Who and Torchwood count?

  27. Kat says : Reply

    I’m curious to when you are going to announce the winners from the Photo entries. Thank you.

  28. lila says : Reply

    so who won the photo contest? Has it been announced?

  29. StJared says : Reply

    I’d also like to know who the winners were in the Cosplay Event Photo Contest. Has it been announced? And where can I find the list of winners?

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