Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Rules

Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Costume Rules

Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Rules

Salt Lake Comic Con is revising our Cosplay Rules. We always appreciate feedback from our fans and are opening several of the rules up for discussion. These have been listed below in bold.  Thank you for your continued support and contribution to making this the best show ever. We are giving away 4 Multipasses to fans who offer the best suggestions and comments. Official Cosplay Rules will be finalized and posted on Friday August 15 at 5 pm.

Event Floor Cosplay Rules:

  1. Salt Lake Comic Con is a family-friendly convention. Please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees and be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Cover your body parts. “No costume” is not a costume. “Paint” is not a costume, either. No intentional or unintentional “wardrobe malfunctions” allowed. Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments. If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change.
  3. Protective footwear is highly recommended, but not required.
  4. All military, law enforcement and other emergency service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.
  5. Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols like swastikas, will not be tolerated at Salt Lake Comic Con.
  6. Roller blades, roller skates and skateboards will not be allowed in the convention center.
  7. Stilts are allowed, as long as you are wearing them.
  8. Please, no signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched. We want everyone to feel comfortable.
  9. Service Animals are allowed, assuming they are wearing the proper identification and you pick up after them.
  10. There will be a cosplay “first aid” location on-site. Please do not bring items such as hot glue guns, scissors, needle and thread, etc., as any costuming issues will be able to be resolved by professionals. The Cosplay First-Aid Station is located to the north of the East Entrance Lobby (pictured below):

Cosplay room C14

Weapons Policy:

No functional weapons are allowed at Salt Lake Comic Con. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to prior approval by security and compliance with the following guidelines:

  1. ALL costume weapons must be inspected at the Weapons Check area. Security will thoroughly inspect and mark weapons of any kind to ensure that they are safe and inoperable.
  2. All costume weapons must conform to state and federal law.
  3. All weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons and must be constructed from safe, lightweight material. Approved materials are: rubber, plastic (PVC, worbla, etc.), foam, cardboard and papier-mâché.
  4. After each weapon has been checked, it will be tagged by security. Security will escort you to the Weapons Check area for inspection if weapons or props have not been properly tagged. Once your weapon(s) have been inspected, do not remove the tag for any reason.
  5. Costume props that do not pass security inspection may be temporarily dropped off with our weapons valet program. Our volunteer staff will store the weapon in question and provide the attendee with a ticket for retrieval of the weapon upon exiting the convention center.
  6. All prop firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles and have an orange cap on the barrel. Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden. BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, blow guns and water guns and their accompanying ammunition will NOT be permitted.
  7. Nerf guns are allowed, but ammunition of any kind (foam or otherwise) is prohibited. Nerf guns must pass weapons check and will have triggers zip-tied to prevent guns from firing.
  8. Plastic air-soft guns are permitted with several requirements: No ammunition or projectiles of any kind will be allowed. Air-soft guns must be rendered completely inoperable beforehand, that is the gun shall not have any batteries installed, nor gas/propellant in the chamber and the chamber must be filled with wax or similar material. All air-soft guns must have a clearly visible orange tip on the barrel. All air-soft guns will be marked by security at weapons check and have their triggers zip-tied to ensure that the gun is incapable of firing.
  9. Metal weapons of any kind are forbidden, including hammers, scissors (including “safety scissors”), screwdrivers, saws, chains, nun-chucks, brass knuckles, shields, X-Men-style claws, handcuffs and the like. No “live steel” is allowed, such as metal swords, knifes or blades of any kind. If you have any of these types of weapons with your costume, please make sure they are made out of approved materials.
  10. Small, lightweight, metal objects like Sonic Screwdrivers, Lightsaber handles and umbrellas and wooden wands a la “Harry Potter” are allowed, but must not be used as functional weapons. These items will all be subject to weapons check.
  11. Costume bows are allowed, insomuch as they are so loosely strung that they cannot shoot projectiles of any kind. Prop arrows are permitted, as long as they are not sharply tipped, cannot be fired, are made of approved materials and cannot conceivably hurt anyone.
  12. Costume swords/daggers made from approved materials are allowed, but may not have any sharp edges. Wooden swords are allowed, but must be tied to your costume in such a way that they cannot be drawn or unsheathed. Security will zip-tie swords to their sheaths to ensure that they cannot be drawn. If you wish to draw your sword to pose for a picture, it must be made of approved materials. Metal blades are not allowed, whether they are sheathed or not.
  13. No wooden or aluminum/metal bats are permitted. This includes baseball bats, cricket bats, clubs, paddles, golf clubs and similar objects. Bats made from approved materials are allowed.
  14. Staffs (staves), similar to those found in “Lord of the Rings,” for instance, will be allowed, insomuch as they are used for walking and/or decoration, and not as a weapon. Wooden staffs are allowed, but must be lightweight and may not have any sharpened edges or tips. All staffs must be inspected by security. Beards are highly recommended for those carrying staffs.
  15. Items such as bullwhips, ropes and lassos are allowed, but must remain rolled and secured at all times. These items will be subject to a weapons check.
  16. Incendiary or flammable weapons are prohibited, including any items that are capable of igniting sparks or flames, burning, exploding or combusting.
  17. Do not display your weapons or props in a threatening or menacing manner. (For instance, it’s ok to pose for a picture, but cosplayers should not brandish weapons while walking the event floor.)
  18. Keep prop weapons in convention areas. If you leave the premises or go out into public for any reason, please put away any and all prop weaponry immediately.
  19. Any real weapons purchased or won at Salt Lake Comic Con that would normally be prohibited by the weapons policy, such as pocket knives, swords, etc., must remain in their original packaging and/or checked in with our weapons valet station as soon as possible.
  20. All prop/costume weapons purchased at the convention must be approved by Salt Lake Comic Con security if they are to be carried during the convention. These items must also adhere to the weapons policy
  21. Bags and backpacks are allowed, but are subject to a bag check at the discretion of Salt Lake Comic Con staff and security.

If you do not want to have your costume weapons inspected and tagged or if you are unwilling to comply with these policies, please leave them at home. Failure to willingly comply with Salt Lake Comic Con’s official cosplay rules and weapons policy may result in ejection from the convention (without a refund) and/or potential legal action, if necessary. ***All rules and regulations are subject to change. ***

Salt Lake Comic Con reserves the right to inspect all costumes and weapons on an individual basis in order to ensure that the event remains completely safe and family-friendly.  Those who violate these rules assume all responsibility in the event of injury.


279 Responses to “Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Rules / Policy”

  1. McKell M. says : Reply

    Bare feet should be allowed! Think of all of the hobbits trekking from Middle Earth! It would be a shame if they traveled all of that way just to be turned away because they can’t find proper fitting footwear! We wouldn’t want to be found guilty of hobbit discrimination! :(

    • Kelly says : Reply

      You could either make feet or use those shoes that are like water shoes with toe slots, and dress them up as hobbit feet. Please save your feet. Mine got trampled at fanX and I was in sneakers. An uninjured cosplayer is a happy cosplayer

    • Lynsi S. says : Reply

      I really hope they allow it!
      Fantasy Con did and it was held at the Salt Palace as well. c:
      I was able to run around in my Jack Frost cosplay without needing to wear any shoes.
      So if they don’t allow shoes it would be based on their decision and not the convention centers.

    • trysten says : Reply

      Bare feet should be allowed. The person should be aware that there is a good possibility of their feet being stepped on, but i dont think that is a big enough deal to ban it. Other than that, everything looks good

    • Sue Grace Miller says : Reply

      It’s a liability to allow bare feet. All it takes is one person get their foot punctured or rolled over or mangled. If people weren’t so lawsuit happy we wouldn’t have such strict rules….

    • tikka says : Reply

      i agree barefeet should be allowed its the persons own choice and any risks are theirs i know some find it ikky but really its not their feet so i say allow it

    • Dee Code says : Reply

      there really should be a limit on all thermo nuclear devices.

    • Clarissa says : Reply

      My opinion on the barefeet debate would be- Barefeet should be allowed at the convention, however; there should be fair warning there are dangers wearing barefeet and SLCCC is not liable for what happens to your feet. Also, it is advised to bring a pair of shoes to the convention as a back-up.

      • Austin says : Reply

        Barefeet are allowed, if you look, it says that protective footwear is HIGHLY recommended (I recommend as well) but are not required.

    • Scott A says : Reply offers “Furry Adventure Slippers” (put that in their search engine) that look like big Hobbit feet.

  2. Amanda says : Reply

    Having been to the recent FanX I think bare feet are a bad idea. I know they are integral to many costumes, but the convention gets PACKED. It can be wall to wall people…a perfect recipe for getting feet stepped on. As the old signs say “No shirt, no shoes, no con”. Thermo-nuclear devices however should be allowed as long as Matthew Broderick is not in attendance.

    • Byron says : Reply

      Hey now, if Matthew can’t go you better ban Keanu too. Wouldn’t want a Chain Reaction.

    • Lynsi S. says : Reply

      I feel like if people do not decide to wear shoes, it’s at their own risk.
      They should go in knowing that, with their choice of not wearing shoes, it is possible their feet could get stepped on.
      So I think it should be up to the person if they choose to wear shoes or not.
      Salt Palace does not have a rule on wearing shoes because when Fantasy Con was held there, they left it up to the attendees choice if they were going to wear shoes or not.
      Therefore, I think it should honestly be at their own risk.

  3. Meghan Cline says : Reply

    I appreciate your costume guidelines, I have little girls and was apprehensive about taking them because of the costumes. This helps ease some worries. Also, in regards to wooden swords, They can do as much damage as a metal one. They have the same weight

  4. Claire Ulibarri says : Reply

    With regards to Nerf Guns: I assume those that have been obviously modified (painted, etc) for a specific costume and do not have any ammo/darts and firing mechanisms removed will be accepted?

  5. Thalia says : Reply

    I think the rule on bare feet should stay. I have worked many bars and retail places and had to deal with countless injuries because of people taking their shoes off or letting kids run around with no shoes. I know it is costly to a company and gross. This I understand could be annoying to some in costume but it just gives them an opportunity to create some fun foot wear :)

  6. Ann Hale says : Reply

    I like the cosplay guidelines of “covering up” . there were a few outfits at fanX that made me uncomfortable to look at and embarrassed for the person wearing them. Glad to see that thermo-nuclear devices are still a maybe. Where does one find a thermo-nuclear device now days?

  7. jamie says : Reply

    Overall I like the rules. I do think that being a bit more lax in regard to metal weapons could be good though. I think there should be a requirement as to no sharp weapons, but for some costumes there isn’t much of a choice other than metal.

  8. andrew Mitchell says : Reply

    I believe metal weapons, at least swords, should be acceptable under the condition that they have been dulled as well as an age requirement. Most adults are quite responsible when it comes to such matters. Nerf guns and wooden swords pose no threat either. not much difference between a nerf gun and a plastic gun. and wooden swords are just a slight more dense compared to a heavy plastic. wood should be an acceptable replacement to metal if not allowed at least.

    • Pete says : Reply

      I think that metal swords should be allowed. I like the age limit or rule of not being able to draw the sword. If it is strapped the the person, it should not pose a problem.

    • Landon says : Reply

      I thought it was strange that they banned metal weapons from being brought in, even if there was no edge or as a material, considering the first vender I saw after entering in April was a metal sword shop. It’s really counterproductive to prevent people from bringing in safe, checked weapons and then sell them sharp, ready to use weapons once they get inside. Sure they have to carry them around in a bag but if someone entered the con with the intent to harm the rules wouldn’t stop them from procuring a weapon once already inside.

  9. Paige says : Reply

    I think staffs should be allowed, as long as it does not have sharp tips. Same with wood. Many of the people are responsible enough to know not to hit people with wood planks. If they do not comply, weapons can be taken away by comic con staff until cosplayer leaves for the day.

  10. Con Guy says : Reply

    Thermo Nuclear Devices: To be determined :D Good stuff.
    As far as weapons I think this is a pretty safe list that gives a good amount of freedom but has safety as its main concern. The only one I’m really interested in is wooden swords, for my costume I use 2 of them. Not many other martials really work to well for a prop sword, foam to me looks silly. Thanks for having clear rules that makes things clear cut.

  11. Shad says : Reply

    Seems reasonable, I especially like the first aid station and the valet, but I need to know about the thermo nuclear devices. I may come as Maj. “King” Kong or as Paul Stephens. Also do lasers (laser pointers) need to be mentioned here or elsewhere?

    It would be really nice if we could rely on “be nice to each other” and “use good judgement”

  12. Joshua Webb says : Reply

    I think that prop weapons should be allowed. Airsoft guns and all those. Of course, clips taken out, CO2 taken out, batteries out, all that. Prop swords should not be made of any metal. Most importantly, No bare feet. With that many people walking around, some with combat boots for cosplay, someone’s toe is going to be broken. Can’t wait!

  13. Devan says : Reply

    I have a background in dealing with massive amounts of people and i think that due to hygiene and (more importantly) safety concerns, bare feet should not be allowed except when on the stage during the cosplay contest. At the very least, you should have some sort of footwear on in the vendor hall where things get crazy. A possible exception to that would be of a cosplayer was barefoot in their own booth, or an artist’s booth, but that can just get too complicated to enforce.

    Wooden weapons are difficult. I don’t think staves are an issue and should be allowed, especially when the top is decorative. Wooden weapons such as swords and knives should be allowed as long as they are zip-tied to the person’s body or sheath, especially if the egdes of the weapon are flat, not sharp.

  14. Aubrey Jeppson says : Reply

    So though I liked how the rules have been previously, I did not think that they were very strictly enforced. I’ve carried disabled air soft guns at both FanX and SLCC 2013, and though someone did look at them when I went through weapons check, they did not check to see if they were functioning or not.

    I think airsoft guns should be non-functional if they are going to be used. It’s not difficult to put wax in the front of the barrel of the gun, effectively preventing them from being used. Nerf guns I’m not as concerned with being non-functional, since the ability to injure someone with them is far less probable. I do think there should be a rule that if they function, firing them on the premises could get someone banned from the con.

    If Air-soft guns are not non-functional and someone brings them in, it might be good to have zip ties on hand to “Peace Bond” the weapons, so they can’t function. This process basically is just zip tying the trigger back so the weapon cannot be fired.

    I LOVE your rules for Bows/Arrows. It makes it possible to take pictures that look nice, without effecting the safety of those at the con.

    Also, the stickers that you had at FanX were much better than the “Dot” stickers at SLCC.I didn’t mind having them on my gear, since they were nice and had the Con logo.

  15. Amanda Daggett says : Reply

    I think bare feet are fine, “enter at your own risk” sort of thing. Nerf guns are fine, air soft not so much. Wooden swords and wooden staffs should be fine, in my opinion… however thermo-nuclear devices are a rather touchy subject…

    • Dustin says : Reply

      I’m a big proponent for airsoft guns. These guns look fantastic for cosplay and are very easy to treat responsibly.

      Please, I’d like to talk to you about why you are against them being in a convention.

      My defense of them is as follows.
      Orange tips can be required and are easy to find, obtain, and install
      Plugs are easy to make or get, making accidental fire a non-issue as nothing can leave the barrel
      A system with no ammunition cannot be shot
      A system with no battery or gas cannot be shot
      And a system that has been peace-bonded, preventing the trigger from activating cannot be shot.

      To check a gun:
      1. Orange tips are very easy to spot or to find missing. if required, plugs can be found to be present or missing at the same time with a simple tool that keeps the checker’s face well away from the barrel.
      2. A well-trained staff can quickly assess the presence of ammunition. BB’s don’t function like normal bullets where they are butted up against one another. They are stored in a chamber that lets them shake around, creating a very clear rattle.
      3. While many guns have different battery placement from one another, every airsoft owner can easily reach his battery compartment in a matter of seconds, showing the empty chamber.
      4. A well-trained staff can also easily peace-bond the trigger with a zip tie.

      Following these four easy criteria, staff should be able to quickly and effectively ensure that an airsoft gun is non-functioning and thus, completely safe for convention attendees. If a gun fails these checks at ANY point, or if the gun’s owner will not subject it to a check, it and it’s owner can be turned away.

      • Amber says : Reply

        I don’t like making it a matter of being loaded or not. Far too simple to pass the check and then load it if someone really wants to. At the least anything functional needs to be peace bonded. Maybe a different color sticker for “weapons” that should be (be it swords in scabbards or triggers) so those can’t be removed easily once inside. With the sheer number of people there will be someone who wants to do it just to have been a brat.

  16. Korrin says : Reply

    Bare Feet-Should be allowed but a notice should be posted like, “No shoes at own risk.”

    Nerf Guns-Definitely allowed, I mean really is this THAT dangerous? Plus at Steam Fest they had a Nerf Gun arena. I think you should do that. :)

    Airsoft Guns-Allowed with battery and amo thingy removed.
    **No airsoft gun batteries or amo holders are to be brought into comic con. Separated from gun or not.**

    Wooden swords/staffs-allowed. Just no hitting anyone or thing or you can never come to SLCC again…ever

    Sine note, in the rules it is pretty clear about covering up. Well last year there were a few people I would say did not cover up. I don’t feel like I’m being unreasonable. I saw a girl who used tape. She had maybe 6 going horizontal and one vertical. I think she had panties but her nipples were covered solely by tape. It was so revealing that I felt like I shouldn’t look at her. I just think if your going to be strict on what it usually the guys side with the weapons then be strict with the ladies too. Make every single worker responsible for potentially asking someone to leave. Because you can get in the door and then just take off whatever you want.

    Those are my thoughts. Thanks!

    • Dustin says : Reply

      Magazines are essential to the look of a gun. These can very easily be kept empty and the gun peace bonded so that the trigger cannot be pulled, rendering the gun one extra step of non-functioning. They can even be made into “mock mags” by removing any internal workings of the magazine and plugging up the chamber and feed with expanding foam. This is something that most airsoft players can easily accomplish because we all have a story about a magazine that broke in the middle of a game, thus we all have access to a mag that we can make into a prop. (I actually have four of these for that exact purpose and reason)

      Your arguments about women’s costuming seem to come from a repressed and sexist stand point. Weapons are not “usually the guys side”. Props are a central part of cosplay and the concentration of armed women in the media we enjoy is rather even with the men. The costume you are describing sounds like Leeloo from The Fifth Element, and that outfit follows all of the rules I’ve seen at any convention for coverage.

      • Kiki says : Reply

        There’s a big difference between Leeloo’s costume, and tape pasties. Hopefully the people deciding whose costumes are ok and whose aren’t will know the difference.

  17. JD Mowrer says : Reply

    I think bare feet is fine. I also think wooden weapons are ok too. If someone is gonna get all crazy, there are plenty of things to use as weapons that are just as bad as wood.

  18. Sara says : Reply

    How ’bout no to the thermal nuclear devices? I’m just sayin’ radiation would kind of kill the fun… Unless there was a way to guarantee we’d all become super heroes then I’m sure your attendance would be beyond through the roof.

  19. Nicole Larsen says : Reply

    I think rule #4 under weapons would allow nerf guns and air soft guns, just unloaded and no ammo for them, I think that is fair. I am curious about wooden staffs. Are they not allowed? I am cosplaying as Tasslehoffe Burrfoote from Dragonlance, he has a staff with a sling shot on the end. Thanks.

  20. David says : Reply

    Awesome rules. First a couple of suggestions/comments.
    1) wooden swords/weapons. I think should be allowed but the people who carry them have to be held responsible. Te wooden weapons can really add to a costume and help create a character
    2) I did t see anything about brass knuckles or boxing gloves or anything similair (I might have missed it) I think this should be looked into.
    3) the no costume/ paint rule I think needs to be extremely well enforced. My younger cousin is coming with me and I want this to be an awesome experience for him.
    4) the weapons valet thing is awesome. Just really cool. “Can i take your key blade sir?” Awesome.

  21. Jace nelson says : Reply

    I think the rules have been majorly thought through, and these are in place for a reason! I agree with all of the rules, in my opinion the air soft gun rule should be that they are not allowed. The reason I am saying this is, what if the gun goes off accidentally? Then proceeds to come in contact with someone or worse someone’s eye! Not everyone is going to have eye protection. And although it may not be on purpose, the gun my still go off, and with my experience with my own personal air soft guns they can go off at anytime.

    • Dustin says : Reply

      Since you play airsoft, you know that your gun can not accidentally go off when it lacks a battery, gas, or any bb’s (clear that one in the chamber at home), has a plugged flash-hider, and when the trigger has been peace-tied back to prevent it’s possibly being pulled.

      An airsoft gun is actually easier to keep safe than a wooden sword, which are made to replicate the weight and balance of the sword that they are designed after, making them a rather effective blunt weapon.

      • Danny Driggs says : Reply

        I completely agree. An airsoft can’t accidentally go off if there are no batteries, gas, or BB’s. This is what the weapon’s check is for. If people are worried about one going off in the weapons check area make the people doing the check wear safety glasses and put a barrier around the check area so in the event of an accidental discharge the BB will hit the curtain and fall harmlessly to the ground. Airsoft weapons, with empty mags in them are an important part of many costumes. To not allow them would be a mistake.

  22. Chase Schronen says : Reply

    Bare feet I don’t see an issue with, anybody who is in bare feet can handle it. It makes the costume more realistic too. Staffs shouldn’t be wooden because it would be too similar to a baseball bat. Instead it should be made of a material like paper mache, which is harmless and will still look realistic. I know for a costume I want to wear, it would include a strap around my torso, that would have shotgun shells on the strap. This should be allowed as long as it is hollow on the inside, and you can see that it is hollow. This way there is still fun and design put into the costume (which is the terminator) but remains harmless.

  23. Jayde says : Reply

    I think the listed rules are great, but we are running out of time to make costume changes if required by ‘to be determined,

  24. Daxton says : Reply

    What if the sword is sheathed and cannot be drawn because I bought a master sword replica and my costume doesn’t feel complete without it. Sorry if I’m causing any trouble I just want to see about that. Thanks a lot and I can’t wait.

    • Renee says : Reply

      I wondering that same thing, too. I also bought a sword for my cosplay and planned to keep it sheathed for comic con. I saw last year there were those with swords that couldn’t be pulled out because they had been zip-tied closed. It would be nice to get some clarification on that. I think it would be ok to have a metal sword as long as it remained sheathed.

    • Carter says : Reply

      If it’s metal you can’t have it at all

  25. Lisa Hall says : Reply

    If say nerf guns, wooden swords and wooden staffs should all be permitted as long as they are not shot or if people aren’t hitting each other. If the wooden swords are used for pictures and otherwise kept in a sheath or holder of some type I think it would make sense. Without these I think it would limit a lot of cosplayers who make their own props with those materials

  26. Lisa Hall says : Reply

    As for thermopolis nuclear devices, I say why not? One more thing we’ve got that San Diego doesn’t!

  27. Jessica says : Reply

    No opinion: bare feet
    OK: need guns, wooden swords, wooden staffs
    No: air soft guns, thermo-nuclear device

    • Dustin says : Reply

      Please expound on your reasoning against airsoft guns. I’m a big supporter for them. These guns look fantastic for cosplay and are very easy to treat responsibly.

      Please, I’d like to talk to you about why you are against them being in a convention.

      My defense of them is as follows.
      Orange tips can be required and are easy to find, obtain, and install
      Plugs are easy to make or get, making accidental fire a non-issue as nothing can leave the barrel
      A system with no ammunition cannot be shot
      A system with no battery or gas cannot be shot
      And a system that has been peace-bonded, preventing the trigger from activating cannot be shot.

      To check a gun:
      1. Orange tips are very easy to spot or to find missing. if required, plugs can be found to be present or missing at the same time with a simple tool that keeps the checker’s face well away from the barrel.
      2. A well-trained staff can quickly assess the presence of ammunition. BB’s don’t function like normal bullets where they are butted up against one another. They are stored in a chamber that lets them shake around, creating a very clear rattle.
      3. While many guns have different battery placement from one another, every airsoft owner can easily reach his battery compartment in a matter of seconds, showing the empty chamber.
      4. A well-trained staff can also easily peace-bond the trigger with a zip tie.

      Following these four easy criteria, staff should be able to quickly and effectively ensure that an airsoft gun is non-functioning and thus, completely safe for convention attendees. If a gun fails these checks at ANY point, or if the gun’s owner will not subject it to a check, it and it’s owner can be turned away.

  28. Nina Shaffer says : Reply

    I think the rules set In place are perfect :) you said no screwdrivers, does sonic screwdrivers count lol

  29. Dave Wheeler says : Reply

    Barefoot: Should be advised against, but allowed at the cosplayers discretion. This should come with the warning that SlCC will not be held liable for any crushed toes or other injuries from lack of proper foot wear. Let’s face it, there are some costumes that just don’t work with shoes.

    nerf guns: Should be allowed as long as there is NO AMMUNITION TO BE LOADED at any time. Any one caught firing a nerf dart will immediately be removed from the premises and denied further access to the event regardless of pass status. NO refunds will be given should a person be removed in this fashion. All fired projectiles have the potential to cause permanent and everlasting harm regardless if it was an accident or not.

    Air soft: not permitted as they are to similar to bb guns. Period.

    Wooden Swords: Allowed as long as the edges are dull and the tip blunted. No swinging of the sword will be allowed. Doing so will cause that the sword be removed from the premises.

    Wooden Staffs: allowed as long as they are not used in a threatening manner. Doing so will cause the owner of the staff to remove it immediately from the premises.

    Thermal Nuclear Devices: allowed as long as the core is removed, so that some scruffy looking nerf herder loving fangirl can’t blow us up if her boyfriend/girlfriend gets frozen in carbonite.

    • Mary S. says : Reply

      I mostly agree with Dave. Bare feet allowed with some kind of statement that it is at your own risk. Guns allowed as long as no ammunition is present and they are unable to be fired under any circumstance.
      Wooden swords and staffs, I am conflicted. These can make a costume, but with the sheer press and crush of so many people they could cause injuries. You’ll just have to find a bigger venue so everyone will have space to walk with their cool staff.
      Thermo-nuclear devices I believe would violate state and federal law, so not allowed unless completely inoperable. :)

      I think overall the rules are well thought out and appropriate when there will be such a mass of people in such close quarters. I think as long as staff at the weapons check are well trained and there are also some staff roaming to watch for inappropriate behavior, everyone should be able to be treated as adults and all can be safe.

    • Steph Lowder says : Reply

      Very well said. Although it should be at their discretion to not wear shoes. Lets face it, we are adults, and if they are kids its really their parents that should police it… sign a wavier and call it good on that one.

  30. Taylor says : Reply

    I personally wouldn’t go bare foot to any con because I don’t want to get my feet trampled on but I think it should be an at your own risk sort of thing. Even though the floor is packed It’s still probably wouldn’t be to big of an issue. As far as weapons go Nerf and Air-soft guns should be allowd as long as they are not loaded and unable to fire. Wooden swords, staffs, and other things along these lines should be aloud as long as they are determined to be safe and have been tagged (A sharp piece of wood can still hurt someone) I also think that metal swords should be aloud provided that they are sheathed, cannot be unsheathed, and have been determined to be safe and tagged (I know that last part wasn’t up for discussion but I thought I’d throw it in anyway.) I have nothing to say about Thermo-nuclear devices because I’m not sure what specifically its referring to.

  31. Chris says : Reply

    Bare feet should be fine. Personally, I hate bare feet, but Ryu and Ken are barefoot, as are lots of characters.Make them walk across Lego first.
    Wooden swords and staffs should be allowed as well. Best to look authentic.
    Thermo-nuclear devices should definitely be permitted. I mean, come on. How else are we gonna blow away the competition? (glares at San Diego)

  32. Claire McKellar says : Reply

    I think bare feet should be up to the person, but make it at their own risk.
    While the rest of the rules are about safety to other people, that one is just about risk to themselves.

  33. #5 Nerf guns annoy people if you shoot at people but are hamless unless swallowed. I think if guest are told to be considerate with them. Everyone should be ok. Airsoft guns can still have a misfire and hit the eye. as demonstrated by a test of how accurate it is calibrated. Unsure about wooden sword safety. Thermo nuclear devices are not the greatest if they contain real uranium or potoneium due to the radioactive side effects. This is my input for Cosplay costume rules.

  34. Envy says : Reply

    Treat nerf guns like the others. Make it inoperable, good to go.

  35. Chris F. says : Reply

    “Wooden swords: To be determined.
    No wooden or aluminum/metal bats are permitted. This includes baseball bats, cricket bats, clubs, paddles, golf clubs and similar objects. Bats made from approved materials are allowed.
    Wooden staffs, similar to those found in “Lord of the Rings”: To be determined.”

    These are very similar, If do not allow wooden bats/clubs/paddles, then why would you allow wooden staffs or swords…

  36. Calvin Kitchen says : Reply

    Hi, my two bits on the rules would be wooden staffs and swords should be allowed, I know my costume just wouldnt be the same without it. (Mat Cauthon from The Wheel of Time) I think nerf guns would be fine but airsoft is getting really close to real. Bare feet shouldn’t be a problem as long as people follow good hygiene and sign a waver. As always the goal being for everyone to have a great time and to be safe. Thanks for listening.

  37. Delyla says : Reply

    I definitely feel bare feet should be allowed. There are many cos players who will need bare feet as an important element. Wooden swords and staffs should be allowed but only if made totally by hand. The swords and staffs should never be purchased and can show great detail to the character as well as extreme crafting skill.

    • Dustin Flowers says : Reply

      These rules are not about the quality of craftsmanship in cosplay. This is about the safety surrounding fifty thousand people carrying weapons in the same space. Enjoy crafting your wooden swords and staves, and I do think they should definitely be allowed in the convention, but there is no reason to allow the safe one you carved and not allow the safe one that someone else bought.

    • Kiki says : Reply

      And how would you prove that you made it yourself?

  38. Annie Tautuaa says : Reply

    Nerf and air soft guns can be allowed as long as it has the orange cap and no ammo. Even nerf guns. One foam bullet in an eye can be painful. As for staffs like from Lord of the Rings, I quote Gandalf “You wouldn’t part an old man from his walking stick.” ;)

  39. Jason says : Reply

    I feel as long as you can tell what the weapon is it shouldn’t be an issue. I.e if it’s a gun and you can see the orange tip no issue. But if you can’t then I think it needs to stay at home. Some guns do look realist. As for swords as long as they can secure them and no be able to bring out the blade if it’s sharp no issue. You can tell the difference between real and fake

  40. Thomas Martin says : Reply

    I bought a set of ebony and Ivory guns at fanx. Not cheap and they are airsoft, I wouldn’t bring them loaded obviously. Would be a HUGE disappointment to not be able to bring them with my Dante cosplay.

  41. Josh Apato says : Reply

    What if a wooden bat is used as base for the handle for something, the rest of the construction being EVA foam and cardboard, for stability purposes. Using PVC pipe would cause it to be more wobbly and less manageable.

  42. Adam d'Hulst says : Reply

    Metal weapons prohibited? What about lightsaber hilts, the good ones are metal. The 501st and Rebel Legion will have those as part of their costumes. I think it’s silly to have a blanket statement like that when metal can be part of the prop as evidenced by the fact that they have been allowed at the last 2 conventions.

  43. Kiki says : Reply

    I’m really, really trying to be positive here. I’ve been checking these rules periodically for the last 3 months, to make sure my cosplay is con-compliant.
    Now, just three weeks before the con, you’ve basically banned my whole cosplay.
    I’m very, very disappointed.

    • Robert J. Walker says : Reply

      Were you at either of the previous conventions? The rules above are actually slightly more permissive than the previous cons, IIRC.

  44. Ryan says : Reply

    I don’t think bare feet are a good idea for those involved. There would be no protection from accidents should they occur and bacteria tends to stick around in carpet.

    Nerf guns are designed not to inflict harm. I see no reason not to allow them.

    Airsoft guns ought to be allowed as long as no ammunition comes along. You could even stipulate that batteries and air cartridges need to be removed as well. To allay potential fears you can keep the orange tip requirement. I don’t know what difference it would really make (with no ammunition or propellant) but some make a distinction between the mostly plastic and the higher quality metal airsoft guns.

    I have no issue with wooden swords as long as they are not artificially sharpened and they are a decent alternative if metal swords are not allowed. Honestly, anything (reasonable) peace-bound ought to be okay.

    Wooden staffs ought to be okay as well. Really the biggest issue comes into play when sharp or heavy parts are attached at the ends (like a pole-arm).

    Nuclear devices are not illegal to possess but they are illegal to detonate:

    Really it comes down more to common sense. All of these would be fine with a well-balanced person. Those that have degrees of neurological conditions are what might pose problems. In such cases problems can arise no matter what is banned.

    Props are fun and can be crucial to the success of a costume. I’m not doing a Dread Pirate Roberts this con mostly because he needs a sword and the way it’s outlined now that wouldn’t be feasible (to any good degree). If a prop is deemed unsafe for the con, it’d be nice to have a check system so that it can be held and claimed at the end of the day, rather than finding something to do with it, especially if attendees come via Trax.

  45. Dustin Flowers says : Reply

    “Bare feet: To be determined.”
    I think a warning about the dangers involved should suffice. If one is willing to walk in public bare-foot, they usually know the risk they take.

    Nerf guns: To be determined.
    Air-soft guns: To be determined.
    You have covered a rule that all firearms must be incapable of firing. This already covers nerf and airsoft guns. Cannot be fired, Orange cap, no ammunition. An airsoft gun with no ammunition, Orange barrel tip, a tied-back trigger, and no battery complies with that rule. and renders the potential firearm nothing but a prop.
    To add complication, if you were to ban nerf guns, you would be doing a disservice to a number of vendors who carry them, and if you ban airsoft guns, you may need to revisit the involvement of the charity CausePlay group: Umbrella Corp.
    (As a side-note: The wording of that rule technically classifies water as ammunition and therefore serves a secondary function of banning water from the convention)

    Wooden swords seem like something that should simply follow the “tied to you so that it cannot be drawn” rule of thumb

    Wooden staves are not weapons. They COULD conceivably be used to hurt someone, but so can many things that will be within arm’s reach of a hundred people per minute at the convention. Display weapons, sculptures, Pins/buttons, canes, and more.

    I cannot tell if thermo-nuclear devices was referring to props made to look like bombs (which could be an understandable concern, or if it was a joke made in an inappropriate spot.

    But the big reason I felt inclined to comment and take this chance to help shape the rules is paint.
    I am a body artist with the Salt Lake Bodypaint League. For Fantasy Con, many of us found ourselves rather confused at what we were and were not allowed to do. One friend painted a model, but made clever use of some minimal clothing integrated into her work. At FanX, your convention sported a compliment from Face Off, and in some part featured our own Josh Counsel. We take pains to ensure that our models are not revealing anything scandalous, and I’d like to see your rules at least tell us what we can do regarding our craft. Are we allowed to paint models wearing basic bikini level covering? (No nipples or pelvic/intergluteal cleft are visible) a more conservative bikini? (and exactly what does that mean if so) or one-piece swimsuit level? If one-piece, I’d like to see those participating in body art treated as fairly as anyone else in regards to what those cosplayers may wear, because if cannot hide a tummy with paint, I do hope that they cannot show theirs.

  46. Aaron B. says : Reply

    Inspected guns with orange barrels: agreed yes
    Paint-costumes: agreed no
    Bows: agreed yes
    Airsoft: no
    Wooden swords: yes
    Thermonuclear devices: yes

    Sonic screwdrivers: yes

    • Dustin says : Reply

      I’m a big proponent for airsoft guns. These guns look fantastic for cosplay and are very easy to treat responsibly.

      Please, I’d like to talk to you about why you are against them being in a convention.

      My defense of them is as follows.
      Orange tips can be required and are easy to find, obtain, and install
      Plugs are easy to make or get, making accidental fire a non-issue as nothing can leave the barrel
      A system with no ammunition cannot be shot
      A system with no battery or gas cannot be shot
      And a system that has been peace-bonded, preventing the trigger from activating cannot be shot.

      To check a gun:
      1. Orange tips are very easy to spot or to find missing. if required, plugs can be found to be present or missing at the same time with a simple tool that keeps the checker’s face well away from the barrel.
      2. A well-trained staff can quickly assess the presence of ammunition. BB’s don’t function like normal bullets where they are butted up against one another. They are stored in a chamber that lets them shake around, creating a very clear rattle.
      3. While many guns have different battery placement from one another, every airsoft owner can easily reach his battery compartment in a matter of seconds, showing the empty chamber.
      4. A well-trained staff can also easily peace-bond the trigger with a zip tie.

      Following these four easy criteria, staff should be able to quickly and effectively ensure that an airsoft gun is non-functioning and thus, completely safe for convention attendees. If a gun fails these checks at ANY point, or if the gun’s owner will not subject it to a check, it and it’s owner can be turned away.

      • Jarod Dedao says : Reply

        Dude, stop trolling everyone who says airsoft guns shouldn’t be allowed. Say it once and stop being a jerk.

  47. Jessica Watson says : Reply

    These are completely understandable and reasonable rules for cosplayers. I cosplay myself at times so I feel like I understand both sides.

  48. Sam says : Reply

    Bare feet: I feel is bad because the danger your putting your feet in. But if people really want to have bare feet you could make a form for them to sign saying Comic-Con is not responsible for and injuries case by wearing no shoes.
    Nerf guns: I think they are exceptible as long as no ammo is in the barrel or magazine.
    Airsoft guns: bad idea I think they must be sealed shut and not be able to be used at all. Also Orange tip must be there
    Wood swords: I don’t think there’s any problem there. Tips and edges should be dull tho.
    Wooden staffs: should be allowed too especially if wood swords are allowed. But even if swords are banned because they are more dangerous I think staffs are a low threat.
    Thermo nuclear devices: to be honest I’ve never heard of such a thing but sounds dangerous.

    • Dustin says : Reply

      I’m a big proponent for airsoft guns. They are very much NOT a bad idea, as these guns look fantastic for cosplay and are very easy to treat responsibly.

      Please, I’d like to talk to you about why you are against them being in a convention.

      My defense of them is as follows.
      Orange tips can be required and are easy to find, obtain, and install
      Plugs are easy to make or get, making accidental fire a non-issue as nothing can leave the barrel
      A system with no ammunition cannot be shot
      A system with no battery or gas cannot be shot
      And a system that has been peace-bonded, preventing the trigger from activating cannot be shot.

      To check a gun:
      1. Orange tips are very easy to spot or to find missing. if required, plugs can be found to be present or missing at the same time with a simple tool that keeps the checker’s face well away from the barrel.
      2. A well-trained staff can quickly assess the presence of ammunition. BB’s don’t function like normal bullets where they are butted up against one another. They are stored in a chamber that lets them shake around, creating a very clear rattle.
      3. While many guns have different battery placement from one another, every airsoft owner can easily reach his battery compartment in a matter of seconds, showing the empty chamber.
      4. A well-trained staff can also easily peace-bond the trigger with a zip tie.

      Following these four easy criteria, staff should be able to quickly and effectively ensure that an airsoft gun is non-functioning and thus, completely safe for convention attendees. If a gun fails these checks at ANY point, or if the gun’s owner will not subject it to a check, it and it’s owner can be turned away.

      • Sam says : Reply

        Sorry about the long wait. I like all you points very much, but already I’ve thought of many ways to get away with having a gun in the convention and still be able to fire it if I was an responsible

        • Sam says : Reply

          Unresponsible* (my phone spanzed out and I accidentally sent the reply early) person. You could sneak ammo in and you could sneak your batteries or c4 in. I am not trying to argue and I see from both point of views. I’m interested In this plug thing it sounds like a great idea. I’m also well aware that guns can complete a cosplay quite nicely I’m a sucker for a good cosplay with an awesome cosplay gun. But I still feel the need that the gun should be completely unable to fire at all at anytime. I know that sucks if you’re out buying a airsoft gun and you spend 40 bucks on a gun your not even going to be able to use but I think that’s safer than someone filing a lawsuit because some stupid person fired there airsoft gun in the convention. Now lastly I respect your opinion but I still hold to mine. So please do not be mad or irritated but I’m definitely willing to have a conversation tho we may not agree I’m all cool with that.

  49. Gerald Nichols says : Reply

    Well, the no chains kind of hurts Ghost Rider, but if it makes people feel safer, Ghost Rider sans chain it is. (Fake chain just doesn’t have the same effect)

  50. Braden Van Wagoner says : Reply

    I think bare feet and wooden swords and staffs are fine, after all there is no difference between a wooden staff/ sword and a person’s cane. I also think that airsoft and need guns are ok as long as they are inspected and cannot have any ammo.

  51. Aaron B. says : Reply

    Oh yeah: And bare fee are against fire code.

  52. Andrew Gallup says : Reply

    I was planning on a south park Cosplay and wanted to bring a “snuke”, I’m glad that may still be allowed.

  53. Nathan Caldwell says : Reply

    I think that for a cosplay contest bare feet isn’t a problem. But for the con in general it is a bad idea. Sometimes you have to protect people from their own stupidity. That includes the brilliant idea of being bare foot at an event with many possibilities of being stepped on.

    Nerf guns and airsoft guns with out “ammo” shouldn’t be different than any other costume prop. Where so many characters have guns as part of their character we need some way to display that. Same thing with wooden staffs and wooden swords. The worry about what might or could happen with them as weapons is not fair to fans who just want to represent their favorite characters as best they can.

    And as long as the thermo-nuclear devises are constructed in a way as to guarantee they do not blow up, I don’t see an issue with them either.

  54. Jeannie McMahon says : Reply

    Bare feet is important for some cosplays, if people are willing to not wear shoes then they accept the consequences involved. Maybe just a warning about not wearing shoes, an at your own risk type thing. Other than that the rules seem fair to me.

  55. traci16 says : Reply

    All very agreeable rules. Kind of on the fence as far as bare feet…could be part of a costume, but also could be foot stomping issues. And yes, please NO wardrobe malfunctions…respect the young uns that will suelrely be in attendance!!!
    As a side note: let’s get this show on the road….cannot wait

  56. Teresa says : Reply

    The bare feet thing… I’m sorry, it’s gross walking around barefooted. Unsanitary and unsafe. There are ways to walk around with something under your feet and still look barefoot. Nerf guns? They’re not harmful. Air soft guns? I think as long as it’s made inoperable they should be permitted. As for wooden swords and staves, I think if they’re lightweight and a big part of the costume, they should be allowed. There are so many things you can’t make out of foam and whatnot.

  57. Mary jones says : Reply

    I think it’s OK to relax the rules for adults. But keep them for the kids. Even if it means showing ID.

  58. Kevin Long says : Reply

    I say wood is good.

  59. Mike Hardy says : Reply

    Just copy San Diego’s rules.

  60. Alan Hill says : Reply

    - I feel that bare feet, while cool and authentic to many costumes is a bad idea.
    – Nerf guns? Sure why not? They are safe for toddlers, should be safe for the con.
    – Airsoft guns are probably too real looking to authentic weapons (especially when people paint the orange parts that show that it is safe, black to make it look real.
    – Wooden swords and staffs? Sure, as long as they are dull.
    – Thermo-nuclear devices are clearly fake but just cool looking and should be allowed. Would you like to play a game???

  61. Ginger Harvey says : Reply

    Bare feet are fine. Nerf guns minus the bullets should be fine. Wooden staffs and swords are appropriate. Some cosplay need these items to be better recognizable.

  62. Andee Forsgren says : Reply

    Just wear costumes that doesn’t show more skin then costume because why a costume if you only see skin. PG-13 please there will be children at this.

  63. Abram says : Reply

    Shoes should be required.1- no one wants to share nasty feet germs 2- we don’t want peoples feet getting trampled 3- if you wanna be a hobbit make proper hobbit feet
    Weapons should be brought to enhance costumes so as long as everyone plays nice I think anything safe should go
    Respect others choices on what they wear. I don’t dress up but those I know that do should not feel put down by trolls. Remeber fists will always be attached and you don’t know who you will make upset

  64. Anna Castillo says : Reply

    I think air soft guns should be allowed as long as it’s not functioning and not loaded. I know for the Zombie Walk that was the case for.

  65. Keith says : Reply

    Bare feet are dangerous. Many diseases can be passed on a floor through bare feet. Most of them fungal.

    There is no risk from nerf guns but air soft should be inoperable. A ball of wax or hot glue can fill the barrel. Maybe even an option to have hot glue fill the barrel there at the con.

    Wooden weapons are usually fair game. If safety really is a concern with wooden props, perhaps a size or weight limit could be imposed.

  66. Jade says : Reply

    “If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change.”
    This is too broad and the wording needs to be more specific. Last year I saw people who were fully clothed and nothing was wrong with their outfits but volunteer’s took it upon themselves to chastise cosplayers for their cosplay being inappropriate. Nothing was falling out, they were tasteful and well done, just shorter than what most people in Utah are used to. Not all costumes can extend to the knee (and below) and shoulders are not revealing. If you want to continue to attract and feature professional cosplayers, what determines “revealing” needs to be clearly defined.

    If it’s part of the cosplay and costume, nerf guns and wooden swords should be allowed, though I can see not allowing ammunition for the guns or as previous people have mentioned, “peace-bounding” fake, pretend, ‘weapons’.

    • Amber says : Reply

      Do we really want this to get press as the “Mormon Con” with jokes about covering shoulders and pioneer dresses? Because a few over zealous volunteers can make that happen. Face it, most options for women especially have a hard time being reasonably accurate to the source material without risking running afoul of the modesty doctrine here. And generally women can’t win with fashion anyway–one person’s prudish is another’s slutty. So it will come down mostly on women and get the rep (fair or not) of being an LDS problem with a heavy dollop of sexism. We are being watched because we pulled off something really impressive. That means there are plenty of people looking for things to criticize and to prove we really can’t handle playing with the big kids. Don’t hand it to them on a silver platter. Maybe only allow supervisors or special volunteers with some extra training (both on what to base it on and how not to be creepy about it) to make the too revealing call? Not just anyone with the T-shirt?

  67. Robyn says : Reply

    Please please allow sturdy staffs. My costume is an elementalist and I need my staff!

  68. Byron says : Reply

    Suggest those with characters that go bare footed have at least flipflops or sandals to walk around the convention in for their protection in case something that could injure them gets dropped on the floor then if the enter the contest the shoes are easily slipped off before going on stage. As everyone else has said put warnings it is at their own risk should they decide against wearing footwear.

  69. aaron says : Reply

    Any property should be allowed if it has been inspected and deemed safe. Any prop gun that can fire projectiles should be made inoperable so that they can’t fire their ammo. A person that has ammo for their gun such as a nerd gun should have to demonstrate that the weapon doesn’t work. I like the idea of having a storage area for weapons that are not approved as some of us take public transportation to the con and can’t store it otherwise.

  70. James says : Reply

    Please allow a wooden staff, I need one for one of my cos play outfits.

  71. Dallas says : Reply

    Wooden weapons should be allowed. They are the best, non lethal alternative to metal that doesn’t look cheaply made and doesn’t cost a fortune in both time and money.

  72. Squegee Pop says : Reply

    Bare Feet: Sometimes a cosplayer wants to do what a cosplayer wants to do. If people want to risk it let them, as long as it is clear Salt Lake Comic Con isn’t responsible for injured feet.

    Nerf Guns: Children play with these; they should be allowed as long as there is no ammunition included.

    Air-soft Guns: As long as the have zero amunnition and are appropriately marked with an orange tip they should be allowed.

    Wooden Swords: Should be allowed as an alternative for metal blades, but should be carried only by respsonible adults.

    Wooden Staff: Though the wooden sword is a gray area, wooden staffs should be allowed- how can you have the perfect Gandolf cosplay without one??

    Thermo-Neuclear Devices: Probably not. It sounds like something a super villain would use to blow up Comic Con, and I don’t think we want that!

  73. Flor De La Cruz says : Reply

    I think bringing the proper equipment to fix your cosplay costume, such as needles and thread should be okay. I mean, if a wedding planner carries a sewing kit, why not a prepared cosplayer?

    The thing about bare feet; I think people should have shoes. There’s a lot that could go wrong, and it could be a biological hazard if anyone gets cut and bleeds all over the convention’s carpets. Also, you risk passing things like athlete’s foot or warts or fungus….I’d recommend just wearing shoes and respecting the convention center’s cleanliness.

    Wooden weapons vs. Metal weapons….I think it’s the same. They could both cause a lot of damage. The same with staffs. Let’s not forget bullwhips…did anyone read what Adrianne Curry did to a guy with her bullwhip?? There are always risks with weaponry. Always.

    Airsoft guns and such should just all be non functional and checked and double checked. Bags checked too. Nerf guns aren’t too bad, but if a small child gets shot with one, then someone is in trouble. It can cause some damage to kids, especially the plastic tip nerf darts.

    That’s my two cents.

  74. Brandon Adams says : Reply

    If it make you fill awesome, your not ashamed for your Grandmother to see you in it, and you don’t need a concealed weapons permit to carry your boom stick then done and done.

  75. Karen says : Reply

    The no wooden swords rule seems absurd. We got one for my husband’s Cloud cosplay because we don’t have the skill/talent to make one from scratch and it is cheaper and lighter than a metal one. It very obviously isn’t real.

    And the rule about not bringing your own cosplay repair kit sounds questionable also. What happens if you’re clear on the other side of the salt place and something happens to your costume?! Try your best to hold it together while you shuffle through the crowds? It took me 40 minutes and countless volunteers to find that repair station at FanX

    • Hey Karen!

      This ‘No Repair Kit’ policy recently got pointed out to me by a member of the International Cosplay Corps (We roam conventions helping out cosplayers with costume emergencies for no charge at all) and it seems like this rule only turned up very recently, after an ICC member enquired about bringing along a hot glue gun and scissors and finally received a reply after 3 months (at which rule 8 turned up)

      We were wondering if this supplied ‘Repair Station’ will be free to use by all cosplayers, or will there be a charge attached? I feel that since cosplayers spend so much on their outfits already, it would be somewhat unfair to charge them again for simple repairs that would really only cost a couple cents. (1m of thread, for instance, comes out to approx 2.5 cents)

      Our main reason for asking is to determine if this ‘no hot glue gun and repair material’ policy is due to a safety concern (although all other conventions that ICC members have attended have been okay with this) or more from a business perspective, with the ‘professional repairers’ not wanting to lose out on business? Could this please be clarified?

      Captain Patch-It.

  76. Katie W says : Reply

    I feel like there should be a rule that clearly states no touching other people or costumes without direct consent.

    • Jarod Dedao says : Reply


    • Amber says : Reply

      Yes. I know I’ve seen a lot of of talk lately on the cosplay stuff I follow and geek-girl themed boards on people being groped and sexually harassed. There needs to be a clear policy about that. Not just victim blaming (which rule 2 risks becoming if not applied carefully.) And even when it isn’t sexualized, it is easy to damage the costumes and props.

      • Tabbi says : Reply

        Last year I found most people were very considerate. Only one person at the con made me uncomfortable. (He decided to let me know he was in awe of my chest) ahem! I was wearing a corset though…my own fault. Ladies be aware of how you are dressing! ^_^

        Everyone else asked very politely for my picture or if they could put their arm around me (for a pic). It was nice. ^_^

  77. Bare Feet
    I have done bare feet before, and I do NOT recommend it. It’s definitely a safety hazard, especially since the floors can’t always be cleaned up right after someone drops something dangerous, and there will be strollers that can’t see past the front wheels and people who aren’t paying attention and cosplayers with oversized outfits who can’t see what they’re doing.

    For everyone doing barefoot costumes, here are two tips to help out if the final cosplay rules ban bare feet:

    1) Wear shoes you can easily take on and off (flip flops, while not much protection against being stomped on or ran over by a stroller, will at least offer some protection), so you can take them off quickly for photos.

    2) INVISIBLE SHOES. They’re like flip flops but FREAKING INVISIBLE. Here, I have a tutorial:

    Nerf Guns
    Well, I assume the 501st will be using these for their charity fundraiser, but past that, I’d say they should be allowed but they’d have to be made inoperable. For example, some of the Mandalorian Mercs use heavily modified Nerf guns, and the modifcations have made them so all they do is look pretty. Past the 501st thing, I just don’t know why you would need an operable Nerf gun at a convention in the first place. Having operable Nerf weapons is too tempting for some people, and you run the risk of having people accidentally hitting other people with a Nerf shot. Yeah, those things are pretty harmless, but some people might have anxiety issues, and let’s face it, there aren’t many people out there who like getting hit with something by a stranger in a crowded convention hall.

    Airsoft Guns
    Ditto. You can let them in, but make sure they’re inoperable and clearly (CLEARLY) marked as props. Bright orange caps or tape or something. Operable airsoft guns can cause a lot of damage to the venue and other people and property, though.

    Wooden Swords
    Ohhh tough one. Really depends on the wood. Some of those made from heavier wood can hurt really bad; bad enough to break bones. Others are made from like balsa wood, and let’s face it — some balsa wood will shatter if you sneeze on it. I know at least one of SLCC’s invited professional cosplayers uses balsa wood in some of her weapon props. Maybe allow, but definitely put a disclaimer that if they’re misused, you as the convention reserve the right to remove the offender from the venue.

    Wood Staffs
    Well, one of our Wookies has a staff that he uses to keep his balance, so I’d have to say yes, please allow them. And honestly with these, you’re of course going to run the risk of someone losing their temper or being a jerk and hitting someone with it. They can definitely cause a lot of damage if used incorrectly by the wrong person; however, there are many costumes that incorporate them very clearly.

    Thermo-nuclear Devices
    Oh come on, guys, you know it’s illegal to detonate a nuclear weapon in Utah.

    Oh, you just want it part of your costume? Well, I hear Grant Imahara is coming. Maybe we can run a couple tests and blow up some myths. Haha. See what I did there. Yeah.

    I do have an ending question, though. I believe the old rules said that sword-type weapons have to be attached to the costume somehow so they cannot be drawn. That rule is gone, yes? Because I’m making a sword out of foamboard and clay for one of my costumes (it’s Mulan, OK, Disney princess needs her sword), and it’s going to be really pointless if I can’t draw it and pose with it. :(

  78. Mike Mutt Lavender says : Reply

    I think bare feet are a bad idea.
    Blunt edges metal, wood, and plastic weapons with age requirements are probably a safe bet, especially since a plastic sword with a sharp edge can cut you.
    Would thermal detonators be covered under the “thermal nukes rule”?
    I also think wood staffs, nunchucks (with age requirements), blasting rods, and so forth should be okay. I mean what’s a wizard without his staff? Or a Hobbit without a walking stick?
    As far as plastic firearms, that should be okay as long as they are marked someway to show that they are fake, but I’m on the fence about metal ones. Especially when you can make very accurate models out of foam, epoxy molding, and foam rubber. I think allowing metal firearms might be a recipe for and accident.
    Other than that, maybe consider peace bonds.

  79. Mirna Selmanovic says : Reply

    Backpacks and purses should be checked. It is easy to store weapons in them. And with such apacked convention it is easy for severe and mass incidents to occur.

  80. Kristen B says : Reply

    I don’t think bare feet are a problem, unless there were injuries at one of the last two cons? If so, maybe a waver would be best to keep SLC Comic Con out of trouble. Or if that is too much headache for you guys then just require sandals or jazz shoes or something.

    I can’t imagine a nerf dart can do that much damage to anyone. Say no ammo allowed, but if someone did manage to sneak something in they couldn’t hurt anyone.

    Air soft guns should have no clips of be rendered inoperable. And of course, orange tips on all firearms.

    As much as I hate to limit cosplayers with their props and weapons, wood isn’t much better than metal. Especially if it’s a hard type of wood. If you allow wood you might as well allow dulled metal weapons.

    As far as thermo nuclear weapons are concerned, I would say only allow thermal detonators. Anything else would just get too messy.

  81. JoLeigh White says : Reply

    The question of allowing bare feet or not is a pretty tough one since there are so many cosplays that require bare feet. I think it would be very wise not to allow them at the convention, because you never know what you might step on or what big clunky cosplay boots might crush your feet. I’ve heard of these sandals, though, called Sticky Sandals, that supposedly stick to your feet. Or you could just wear some sandals and take them off whenever someone asks you for a photo.
    I think that airsoft guns and Nerf guns should be allowed. Ammo for the guns should probably banned, though. But if you think about it, those guns can’t really do any damage. At all.
    I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT WOODEN SWORDS BE ALLOWED. I make swords out of wood and I know that MANY other cosplayers do as well. One of my cosplays requires a wooden sword that I made and banning wooden swords would be a HUGE problem for many other cosplayers. Please, if you’re going to allow any of these, allow wooden swords.
    Again, a lot of people work with wood for their weapons and wooden staffs are no exception. As long as they don’t have any pointed tips, they’re not going to cut anyone. If someone wanted to hit someone with a wooden staff, they could do it just as easily with a PVC pipe. So I think wooden staffs should definitely be allowed.
    As for the thermonuclear devices…. Hmm…. You know, maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea, but that may just be me. Explosions and people dying might not be too hot for the con’s reputation. Again, I could be wrong.

  82. Ashlea says : Reply

    As a cosplayer and friend of many cosplayers, I would say the orange tip on a $150 hand-made blaster can be a lot to ask. I feel there should be some sort of orange zip tie rule or special wristband instead. Something more easily removed after the convention than repainting. I know of several friends who simply left their plastic weapons (very cool and totally harmless) at home because they didn’t want to ruin all the hard work they put into them to make them “look safe.”

  83. Russ says : Reply

    Are light-saber hilts considered weapons as long as the power cell is discharged?

  84. David says : Reply

    I think wood staves should be fine, I would like to point out I had problems off and on at FanX with my cane, One person told me it wasn’t allowed, one put a sticker on it, and yet a third took the sticker off. While I was in costume, the cane is required for me to actually be able to walk, so I would love to have that little issue clarified :) Nothing says happy like telling the gimpy lef fuy too keep his cane at home lol.

  85. Jake says : Reply

    Bare feet should be allowed, sometimes in the spirit of keeping to the originality of the costume shoes of any kind ruin the over all effect. And Air soft and nerf guns are the safest and easiest to modify to look like the ones we love in our comics/films. We love you all for what your doing!!

  86. Scout says : Reply

    let nerf guns in! I there are no foam bullets they can totally add to the costume. I also think that if there are any harassment issues people be kicked out after more than 1 warning, this will help prevent any crap going down. SDCC was awesome but some sketchy stuff happened :/

  87. SeaWitch says : Reply

    Bare feet should be allowed for those that want to cosplay as hobbits and such as well as those that towards the end of they day would like to give their feet a break from shoes. Those that choose to go barefoot must understand that Comic Con can not be held responsible for feet getting stepped on or ran over during the course of the day. If you choose to dress that way you take responsibility for that choice.

  88. Casey Reid says : Reply

    I think plastic guns if all kinds should be allowed as long as they cannot fire, and squirt guns cannot fire or hold liquid.

    Wooden swords should definitely be allowed as an alternate to metal. Plus.. Can’t accurately cosplay Shawn Of The Dead without the cricket bat.

    Bare feet should be permitted as long as signage present and/or waivers signed stating it is at own risk. I personally would not want to walk through barefoot. Yuck.

    Definitely allow thermo-nucs. Great StarCraft cosplay potential there.

    And I love the ruling on body paint. I like looking at naked/near naked women… But there is a time and place, and the con floor is not it.

    Thank you for being awesome

  89. Mike Olson says : Reply

    As a police officer and a cosplayer I tend to lean toward less regulations. If a person intends to have a weapon it would be easy to conceal one or find a make shift item inside the con. No reason to punish good people who just want to share cool costumes. I worry about the weapons I don’t know about or see

    • Jerry Banks says : Reply

      ^ This, exactly. Please give him a multipass. If someone wants to cause damage, it’s most likely not going to be with a cosplay prop. I’d be more worried about someone swinging a fistful of keys than someone charging me with a wooden Buster sword.

      Wooden props should be allowed. I’d even be fine with metal props, including chains. Properly disabled nerf guns and airsoft with orange plugs should be fine.

      As for the bare feet, I agree with what someone else said. Foot protection for everywhere except on stage during the competition.

      • Crystal says : Reply

        I can not agree more with these two!
        It’s hindering good cosplay/costumes by being too restrictive.
        Common sense should come in to play with no REAL weapons like sharpened swords or knives.
        Wood should be allowed, I’ve never been to a con where it’s not allowed.

    • Danny Driggs says : Reply

      I’m with Mike. As a peace officer it’s the weapons we can’t see that we worry about more.

    • Danny Driggs says : Reply

      As far as airsoft and nerf are concerned. I think they should be allowed after a thorough weapons check to ensure there is no ammo, trigger is zip tied back, and the tip is orange, to include orange tape to allow those who spent a lot of time making their own weapons the opportunity to have them with them but easily remove the orange after the Con.

      In the end it comes down to this. Either Comic Con does or doesn’t trust the people doing their weapons checks. If they pick competent people to do thorough weapons checks all should be well.

      I’m a certified Utah Peace Officer and I will volunteer some of my time at the Con to do weapons checks on the airsoft and other guns that come in to ensure they are inoperable.

      Comic Con guys, you have my e-mail, let me know if you want to take me up on my offer.

  90. Jeremy Odenbrett says : Reply

    I like the rules. I believe bare feet should not be allowed, both for safety and hygiene. Thermo Nuclear Devices should definitely be allowed. If you allow wooden staffs, wooden swords should be allowed also.

  91. Brenner says : Reply

    Bare feet are just accidents waiting to happen. As far as the weapons go, I feel that you should allow wooden swords. You’ve already banned cosplay grade metal ones, which I still believe they should be allowed if they’re peace bonded, and that already upset several people. Wooden weapons are one of the few ways for us to get realisticish looking weapons, rather than foam ones

  92. Kaitlyn says : Reply

    Bare feet: I think this is a bad idea. Not only can people get harmed, but it’s also gross. Since it is so easy to prevent damage done by being barefoot, why would you want to allow it? For those wanting the effect of being barefoot (ie hobbits) there are certain sandals that are plastic and see through made just for the purpose of looking like you aren’t wearing shoes without the risks involved.
    Wooden swords: they carry the same danger that a blunt metal sword or baseball bat would. For this reason I don’t think they should be allowed.
    Wizards staff: I think that is they are made of the appropriate material listed in other rules that they should be allowed. But a wooden staff would carry the same risks as a baseball bat.
    Air soft and nerf guns: I think that if slcc is willing to really check all the guns carefully, then they should be allowed as long as they are completely inoperable. It’s a lot of trouble to check each one so I guess that’s the main problem associated with it. Otherwise they allow for cosplayers to have a great option for guns. I personally think that maybe a good route to go would to allow nerf guns (that aren’t operable) and not air soft guns, because is someone was able to sneak a nerf gun in and fire it then it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

  93. JL says : Reply

    I have a beautiful wooden staff that I’ve taken to other cons with no problem. They have told me that as long as it is a part of my cosplay (not just some random person walking around with a large stick) and has nothing sharp or swinging off it then it is fine.
    As for shoes, I think you should require them. For those that want to appear to have bare feet there are alternatives like clear plastic flip flops, or they can create something that matches with their costume. It might be ok to allow bare feet as part of the cosplay contest but not for walking around the con floor – yuck, who knows what is on that carpet! :P
    Nerf guns – without the darts they are no threat to anyone. There are a lot of wonderful painted ones being done and it’s a good prop for a lot of cosplay costumes.

  94. Ashley G says : Reply

    For bare feet I would say that they are only allowed during to contest, otherwise footwear is required on the floors to prevent injuries, and other things. I think all weapons need to be no functioning and that wooden swords need to be like other swords, the wooden staffs are fine in my opinion as long as they are used properly. A disclaimer can be that anyone using any weapon in a threatening manner will have it confiscated and may face any legal consequences that are equal to the threat.

  95. Nerf guns: Inoperable, and without projectiles, checked by staff. Certainly.
    Air-soft guns: Same as with Nerf. Yes.
    Wooden swords: Almost any wooden sword used as a weapon is going to break after one swing. Yes to wooden swords.
    A wooden staff, similar to those found in “Lord of the Rings”: An unwieldy weapon at best. Yes to staves.
    Thermo-nuclear devices: Inoperable, certainly.

    The thing is, if staff is doing its job, all of these things should be inspected at the door, and I can’t see a reason to ban them beyond that point if a proper inspection has been made. There’s also the point that you’ve got individuals with conceal permits walking around (as long as they’re properly hidden). There’s no guarantee that these individuals are any more responsible than a cosplayer with a wooden sword. It’s tough to make the argument that someone can’t carry an inoperable nerf gun, or a wooden sword, if someone can carry a live firearm.

  96. Anna says : Reply

    I would consider revising the last sentence of 7 under weapons. Something like: If you have any of these types of weapons with your costume, please make sure they are made out of the approved materials listed under number 3.

  97. Chad says : Reply

    If you disallow thermo nuclear weapons you may as well cancel the con. If there is one element of a costume crucial ensuring costume accuracy, it is this. Seriously, without it you have no Radioactive Man, that’s right, didn’t know that was an issue did you. Bounty hunters, uh uh. Iron Man, nope. It would be like saying Batman can’t have a batarang…wait you didn’t say not batarang did you?

  98. Alvin H Revilas says : Reply

    Hello Salt Lake City Comic Con!

    I hope these re writes are helpful to make SLCCC both fun and safe.

    Add to Event Floor Cosplay Rules #2:
    “Sturdily constructed” generally means that when fully constructed, the combination of the raw materials of the costume becomes something that is in a solid physical state, not a liquid state or gaseous state. Such a solid physical state may be flexible and/or malleable and/or segmented to allow mobility, such as cloth or fitted metal plates. Examples of not permitted liquids or solid particulate in a fluid like suspension include the aforementioned “paint” and peanut butter and mashed potatoes and gravy.

    Sentence from Weapons Policy Rule #4 should be re-written.
    BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, and blow guns and their accompanying ammunition will NOT be
    permitted. Water guns also will NOT be permitted. However, water inside beverage containers, inside the facility’s plumbing, inside food and beverage items, and inside living people and animals and plants, are allowed.

    Concerning Weapons Policy Rule # 10:
    Solid wood swords should be banned, since wooden bats are also banned (see Weapons Policy Rule # 11). Bamboo collapsible swords of the shinai type might be allowed since the design was to be a safety training type of sword. Shinai type weapons should be examined under modern safety purposes.

    Concerning Weapons Policy Rule # 14:
    Use the word “flexible” as the first word, to make this class or type of costume props distinct:
    Flexible items such as bullwhips, ropes and lassos are allowed, but must remain rolled or coiled and secured at all times. These items will be subject to a weapons check.

    Concerning Weapons Policy Rules # 13 & # 15:
    Can be combined and re written as below:
    Incendiary, flammable, and/or explosive weapons are prohibited. This includes any items that are capable of igniting sparks or flames, burning, exploding or combusting. Thermo-nuclear devices, photon torpedoes, bazookas, and flamethrowers also fall into this category.

    Concerning Weapons Policy Rule # 18:
    It may be re written to allow purchased items to be placed into weapons valet check in, to allow commerce:
    Any real weapons purchased or won at Salt Lake Comic Con that would normally be prohibited by the weapons policy, such as pocket knives, swords, etc., must remain in their original packaging and be either: Removed from the convention center and its premises as soon as possible, or; Be checked in and dropped off at the weapons valet service near the security inspection area.

    Weapons Policy Rules # 20 and # 21 should be moved to the head of the list so that cosplayers can see that SLCCC would be transparent about its own conduct.

    I hope these possible edits help promote a safe and profitable and fun Con.

    Alvin H. Revilas

  99. Charlotte says : Reply

    Bare feet, yes, those should be allowed. People wear flip flops and they’re fine, there’s actually things people can do like make clear coverings for the soles of their feet if they are worried, but leave that up to the players, as that won’t affect anyone other than the specific person.
    Wooden staffs should be fine, people,aren’t coming to the con with the intention of actually hurting people. I’d say no to the thermonuclear devices though :-)

  100. Jarod Dedao says : Reply

    I love the rule about covering up. It was really uncomfortable walking past the booth on the corner with all the scantily clad women in it on my way to take my kids to KidCon…
    Bare feet: highly discouraged but allowed at person’s own risk. People with unclean/smelly feet will be asked to put shoes on.
    Nerf and airsoft guns: must be permanently disabled and easily distinguishable from a real firearm.
    Wooden swords and staffs: Must be sanded smooth and in good repair. No slivers. No sharp edges. Must be stained and/or painted.
    Thermonuclear warheads: Must comply with the Atomic Energy Act of 1954. No riding on nuclear warheads, with or without a saddle. Bearer of warhead may be asked to take it out of the convention center upon the arrival of Dr. Evil, Bruce Banner or John Travolta. SLCC is not responsible for warheads that are lost, stolen or thrown into the sun.

  101. Jon says : Reply

    Bare feet I think should be a no. Nerf guns are fine as long as no ammo. Wood materials for a sword or staff or handle to a prop I see ok. As long as airsoft is checked well it will be safe. No propellant, no batteries, no ammo, orange tip there wouldn’t be a problem.

  102. Aspen Schumacher says : Reply

    I think that bare feet should be allowed, simply because it IS a large part of many costumes. In addition, it is a ‘participate at your own risk’ kind of situation.

    Nerd guns should be allowed, as long as they are not used to cause too much mischief. They won’t hurt if fired, but they can become annoying and should be confiscated after a few warnings.

    However, Airsoft guns should not be allowed. It breaks my heart to say it because some of my friends use Airsoft guns in their cosplays, but with a crowd this large, Airsoft guns become a big hazard and liability.

    Wooden staffs and swords should be allowed because wood is a common Cosplay material. On too of being cheap, wood can be easily altered, sealed, and painted. To ban these props would be alienating cosplayers. Many cosplayers won’t come if their beautifully made wooden sword/staff won’t be allowed in.

    I don’t know what is ment by “thermo-nuclear devices”. However, when dealing with scientific principles, caution should ALWAYS BE USED! On the “thermo” side,they should be allowed with strict guidelines. Before they are allowed into the convention, the owner of the devices should be questioned as to the exact aspects of their device. For example, if a person were to make a steam punk Cosplay with a heated and pressurized Cylindrical backpack, that person should be questioned on how the chamber was pressurized, the estimated PSI, the bonding agent between the pieces, ect. This would be just to ensure that the cosplayer understands the science behind thier prop. If they understand the science, there is a less likely chance that an accident would occur.

    Finally, as a side note, it may be good to have a small indicator that the weapon has been checked. Though I do not know how your particular convention handles weapon screenings, I do know that one of the biggest complaints at another convention was that the weapon certification tag was a giant red ribbon. This distracted from many of the props and took away from the character as a whole. Just a simply, small red sticker would be sufficient.

    Hope this helps!!!! ^~^

  103. Gillian says : Reply

    I think staff’s should be aloud, how else will you get a great Gandalf cosplay. :)

    I think the rules should be stricter about covering the body. There were some costumes that shouldn’t have been permitted at SLCC 2013. There was a girl dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element that was basically naked except for the little bit of fabric barely covering her private parts. I think that all costumes need to be appropriate for all ages, little kids should not have to see almost naked people.

  104. jc says : Reply

    I agree with some of the other thoughtful responses, but one in particular- requiring shoes just allows for more creativity. I’ve seen some great Hobbit feet that were shoes. It’s possible.

    Air soft guns are weapons- literally and shoot a form of amunition so they are covered in the rules which state that “No functional weapons are allowed at Salt Lake Comic Con ” and “Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden”.
    Cosplay is the time for imagination anyway. So get creative and encourage creativity.

    As for paint- I saw some professionally applied body paint that looked like a costume, but I also saw some scary after thought paint on bodies that should have been in clothes. I agree that the rules need to be very cut and dried on this topic and adhered to by everyone, because it can’t be left up to a “best judgment” call, everyone does not share the same version of best judgment.
    Luckily this one is covered very clearly in the rules, too, which state “Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments. If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change”
    Thanks for taking out the guess work and making SLCC a fun gathering for EVERYONE!!

    • Amber says : Reply

      Your comment touches on a concern I have about the costume rules. It is far too easy to leave it vulnerable to the biases of volunteers. Be it the risk of this becoming “Mormon-con” with no bare shoulders (a concern I have seen because of bad press from other events in this state and of course the yearbook picture thing) or a matter of “cute sexy girls can wear whatever but heavier people have to cover up” or the problem of fetishized races being automatically dinged extra. There really needs to be a process with not just any volunteers getting to make that call. I think only some with extra training both on making the decision and not being creepy or body shaming or racist or any other bias that could come into play.

  105. Megan says : Reply

    I’m pretty okay with bare feet being allowed, as long as it is not breaking policy of the convention center. I have been to conventions where feet had to be covered because it was a rule with the venue.

    Airsoft guns are my biggest concern. Perhaps having the tips taped closed and making sure that there is no way that they could fire would be best.

    Also, with Nerf guns, those would be fine as long as they don’t bring darts. I would be fine with the darts too, if I couldn’t imagine people shooting them all around the con and making a mess…

    Staffs are 100 percent fine with me. I don’t think anyone would take their carefully made/expensive staff and beat someone over the head with it.

    With swords, I know that some people like to go for authenticity, so maybe if they have a metal sword it must be kept sheathed at all times? Maybe peace bonded closed with tape?

  106. Kenji Mikesell says : Reply

    Airsoft guns should be allowed, for sure. They’re fantastic for cosplay, they’re not dangerous and they look a hell of a lot better than some garbage looking toy gun you bought at toys r us.

  107. Curtis says : Reply

    I know a lot of people are saying, “Hey, bare feet is a personal issue…” It’s not. There’s a reason that restaurants require shoes, and if you’re going to have on-site food preparation, you should at least give a nod to those same restrictions. Totally apart from that is the issue, made in several other points, of not making other people uncomfortable…I have several friends who are foot-phobic–if they see someone’s bare foot touching something, they want absolutely nothing to do with it. If you’re going to make people cover up body parts for the sake of public comfort, then feet should be on the list of body parts.

    And then there’s always the question of liability, and the fact that ‘do this at your own risk’ often fails as a defense in a civil court case.

    Personally, I’d be curious to know just how many of these are present to prevent repeat-performances, and how many of them are intended to preempt any problems…because a lot of them seem a bit over the top, to me. I know that looking through this list, just about every costume that I have considered wearing has something that would be frowned upon and/or taken away from me if I wanted to wear it into the con.

  108. Frances Baron says : Reply

    I believe what was done at FanX with the airsoft guns was nice. My friend had two, but he had to put clay and orange stopper in the barrel to prove he wouldn’t use them. As far as swords go… I think wooden ones should be allowed. As well as bow and arrows as long as they have no points.
    Lastly, I think flip flops would be fine, but I don’t think bare feet should be allowed. I have a feeling that would cause problems with everyone walking around.
    I hope this helps you decide.

  109. Jason Meyer says : Reply

    Shoes: no opinion
    Paint: as long as there is a base of at least “swim suit” (2 piece) below the paint, I’d love to see what people can come up with.

    Wooden weapons: yes. Foam is annoying and bulky, and it doesn’t go well with many costumes. Cardboard is flimsy, and I think it will have a difficult time surviving a 3 day con. Wood is a good option that can go well with costumes, as long as it’s not sharpened.

    Nerf/airsoft: as long as the gun is rendered non-operationable and either looms fictional or has the orange cap, it should be allowed.

  110. M Buttars says : Reply

    My biggest concern is how scantily dressed some cosplayers are. Both males and females are equally guilty of this.
    I witnessed, at FanX, a woman wearing no more than a ribbon wrapped strategically around her, and having to adjust her “outfit” every few minutes, so as not to flash others, and one man wearing nothing more than a Speedo and a cape. To make it worse, they were both within the KidCon area.
    If their chosen cosplay character dresses this way, the least they could do is wear a body suit, like I have seen many others do with great success.

  111. Wade says : Reply

    Bare feet: NO- safety and health reasons; Projectile Weapons (Nerf & Airsoft): Inspected at weapons check, no ammo (no BB’s or darts) must not able to be fired (no battery, gas), orange tip is a must on airsoft, zip tie on weapon.; Swords/ staves (non metal): Peace tying is an idea, but you really can not peace tie a staff. No one should be swinging any weapon around anyway. A lot of convention rules should be common sense, but we know how rare that is. The answer to the question about whether or not a wooden sword is more dangerous than a wooden staff or more dangerous than a metal shield is yes, all of the above COULD harm somebody. A nerf gun COULD harm somebody if they are shot in the eye or pistol whipped with it.

  112. Joshua says : Reply

    Pretty standard and I am glad to see that they enforce these guidelines but I don’t want to leave my nuclear devices at home

  113. Allison W. says : Reply

    Bare feet: Absolutely NOT! Cosplayers can wear flip-flops or those weird shoes with individual toes, but bare feet on the con floor are a health hazard. You’d literally be walking in con funk. Cosplayers should be allowed to take off their shoes for pics, but should wear them everywhere else, for the sake of their feet. (Hobbits or not, nobody wants to slice their foot open and bleed all over the con floor.)

    Nerf + Airsoft guns: As long as they’re demilled (incapable of firing anything), they should be allowed. Orange tips should still be present. Nerf darts or BBs or other projectiles in close quarters could easily damage a fragile cosplay, a dealer stand, or any number of things, so they shouldn’t be allowed to be fired.

    Wooden swords + staffs: Allowed, as long as the cosplayer doesn’t start hitting people with them or using them irresponsibly.

    Thermo-nuclear devices: Not allowed, because after that lawsuit, you never know what San Diego Comic Con might pull.

    I know it’s not among the bolded statements, but, in regards to the rule about covering up, Salt Lake Comic Con needs to specify what counts as covered-up so that there is no confusion among staff. For example, is a one-piece swimsuit the least amount of fabric you can wear? Is a bikini and nothing else allowed? What about women showing the underside of their cleavage?

    Also, if you could please specify somewhere in the rules that all body paint must be properly sealed, that would be amazing! I don’t want to end up with gray or green on my clothes because a Homestuck troll or the Hulk brushes against me!

    Thank you guys for reaching out to your fans! <3

  114. Stephanie says : Reply

    I’m curious about the restrictions on sewing materials like needles, scissors, etc. I made good use of the sewing kit I brought last year- it was really convenient to have it on person at all times without needing to hunt through the entire convention center for a “first aid” station. I’m sad to see that it’s been restricted now.

    If you ask me, I personally can’t imagine small needles and 2-inch sewing scissors being used as weapons. If they were to be used as weapons, they would almost certainly be less harmful than bare hands/fists, which can’t really be banned from the convention center.

    As long as you’re asking for suggestions on the rules, that would be my suggestion- allow us to bring small sewing kits to fix our own costumes so that the first aid stations can have more space to help the people who can’t fix their own. I would think the huge benefits of permitting sewing kits outweigh the hypothetical drawbacks.

  115. Josh says : Reply

    While I think they should be allowed and people should just have to take responsibility for their actions, I really don’t see any difference between a wooden sword or staff and a wooden bat. They are all heavy, solid and can cause damage. If being used as a prop for a costume I don’t see why one type would be allowed but the others would not.

  116. Cindy says : Reply

    Bare feet- that’s just asking for pain!
    Thermo nuclear weapons – what if the launch button is disabled? ;)
    On guns – I’ve seen places do the zip tie method around the trigger and thought it allowed more options with less safety risks…..
    My two cents spent!

  117. brenda says : Reply

    Why not a OK to be hug. Or not hug button. For those who enjoyed being hug. And other may choose to give hugs or not.

  118. Mal says : Reply

    #1: Guns are pretty vital to lots of cos-play. They should have orange barrel or cap, and be inoperable
    #2: Bare feet are probably not safe or hygienic
    #3: No metal weapons
    #4: Wood swords should be allowed if secured to their scabbard

    …just my 2 cents.

  119. Ryan Jensen says : Reply

    First off you guys have done a great job with these last two cons and you will do great with this one. I think that some of the things I have appreciated most was the video showing cosplay etiquette and second I know it was a joke but you guys should really think about having old spice sponsor a bit for con hygiene. I bet they would jump on that opportunity and everyone would benefit.

  120. My Question: has there been a problem?
    Walking sticks should be allowed.
    My plastic sword is harder (and hurts more) then any wooden sword.
    Guns ??? (that is a tough one)
    Radiation is not a toy. You could loose an eye.
    I say Draw a Line and stick with it.

  121. Sarah says : Reply

    I think wooden staffs should be allowed. One of my costumes is authentic enough to work he strictest Renaissance festival, and carrying a paper mâché staff would ruin it!
    The guns, whatever the rules were last year.
    Bare feet – put a clause in saying do so at your own risk.
    I think making the rules too strict will deter people that go to other cons from coming to ours. I think leave the rules how they were, it’s a slippery slope down to micro managing what people can do for their cosplays.

  122. No opinion on bare feet… except they could pick up some icky stuff or get injured by being stepped on. Proceed at your own risk then. Or how about wearing the new foot sandals with the toes in them. You can paint them or add embellishments to them very easy.

    Airsoft guns, yes great for cosplay, yes they can be checked and disabled and tagged.. so I think they should be allowed. But you do have to have the sense to remember not to be irresponsible (you know what I mean) with them especially outside of the convention. Yes they do look great…..sometimes too great.

    I am torn on this last one….
    Thermo-nuclear devices: To be determined. I was really looking forward to getting a photo op with that one.
    I think you have covered the bases pretty well here guys. With all the other comments, your right on track for another great year. See you soon!!!!!

  123. Adreanna says : Reply

    Bare feet should be up to the cosplayer, however I do think children should be required to wear shoes. Kid feet are a lot more likely to be injured.

    Nerf guns and airsoft guns should be allowed without the ability to be fired (which has been covered extensively in the other replies.)

    Wooden weapons I think should be allowed, even bats if they are secured to the person’s costume/body. There could be a special area where you can take photos with your weapon unattached to your person.

  124. Dale Kingston says : Reply

    I feel the rule about buying weapons at the con and having to remove them immediately is silly and it hurts those venders. I think if they remain in there box they should be fine to stay. I mean I can buy guns and knifes at a gun show and I don’t have to leave immediately.

    Also I don’t see why wooden swords and staffs should not be allowed. As long as they don’t have a sharp point to them they should be fine.

    As for guns of any type they should just be rendered inert that includes air soft and Nerf.

    Bows/crossbows should be allowed as long as there is no ammo and for the xbow its rendered inert.

    Thermonuclear devices should be fine so long as their fuel source is depleted and their residual radiation levels are safe for public health.

  125. Josh says : Reply

    So long as it doesn’t pose a direct threat to anyone’s safety, I think all weapons in question should be allowed. I liked the comment that othe people have made about an age requirement for metal weapons.
    As far as bare feet are concerned, I personally wouldn’t, but I think you should be allowed to walk barefoot if you feel so inclined.

  126. Sarah says : Reply

    I just read the cosplay rules for SDCC and they are very simple. Not that I’m saying we should copy them, but why should we need to be stricter? If you make the rules so specific, how will you be consistent? You’ll get all kinds of complaints about why this person was allowed such and such, but I wasn’t allowed this. I foresee a mess…and lots of angry cosplayers. If someone is causing a problem, address that person directly.

  127. lindie hone says : Reply

    I think the rules are very fare but I do agree bare feet should be aloud :)

  128. Kristine says : Reply

    I think that Nerf guns, wooden weapons and non-functioning air-soft is just fine. Saying no staffs is like saying no canes, some costumes just are not complete without their staff or cane. Were there a lot of problems last year? as for the shoes required,,,, I am kind of stuck. I felt horrible when i stepped on a fairies toes last year but she looked at me and said “my fault for not wearing shoes”. But last year was packed in tight and there was not much room for costumes.

  129. Rukind says : Reply

    Rule number one should cover it all “Please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees” Enough said.

  130. Mary C says : Reply

    Wooden staffs should most definitely be allowed. Unless the holder actually possesses the ability to use magic, they’re no more dangerous than any other prop weapon already being allowed. Despite being heavier than plastic, in a room full of that many people it would be difficult to take a good swing at someone. Bare feet should be at your own risk. Denying both of these runs the risk of alienating wizards and hobbits!

  131. Mortar Conn says : Reply

    I think we also need to discuss the pros and cons of allowing fifth generation plasma weapons. If the plasma core is removed, I find no reason to ban these fine armaments at the Con.

  132. Valerie says : Reply

    Bare feet: Should be allowed, provided it’s not against the health code. Anyone willing to go barefoot in a high-traffic public area should be smart enough to figure out the dangers of doing so. I love going barefoot, and five broken toes has simply taught me to be more careful.

    Air soft and nerf guns: Yes, but should not be loaded. I second the idea of providing an area to shoot them off, such as a “zombie hunt.”

    Wooden weapons and staffs: Should be allowed for the cosplay contest only and should be stored safely otherwise. They have the potential to cause a lot of harm.

    Thermonuclear devices: No, they should not be allowed.

  133. Kyle says : Reply

    So does this mean I have the potential to go as “Rockhound” and “Feel the power between my legs”

  134. Jennifer says : Reply

    Bare feet = no. . Just gross. Without foot protection injuries can occur. Pathogens and fungi can be passed around too easily.

    Air soft = yes. As long as it’s empty. I see no harm in this.

    Wooden swords and bows: as long as,they are not removed from,sheath I see no issues.

    Body paint. Please goodness no. As a mother I don’t want my child to be exposed to nudity, even if it is painted. A great compromise is the person can get one of those full body spandex or,latex suite and paint that.

    Thermo devices. Totally awesomesauce

  135. Kiki says : Reply

    Just looked at San Diego Comic-Con’s rules. Their rules are very straightforward. They don’t have any rules at all, that I can see, about costumes, just weapons.

    I know SDCC is the enemy du jour, but you might consider looking at their policies.

    If you make this too complicated, you’re going to end up with a lot of unhappy convention-goers on your hands. If you make a bunch of arbitrary rules that are haphazardly enforced, ditto.

    If you want to make your convention a success, and if you want to encourage people to come back again and again, and recommend your con to their friends and family, please consider each of these policies carefully.

    • Tabbi says : Reply

      I think the rules for Salt Lake Comic Con are great! SDCC is known for quite sleezy cosplay. For people that go for that/are okay with it, go for it… Personally I would not attend a Con like that…especially as a momma. I am so glad SLCC is an option for me!

      The rules are quite straight forward and are meant to make everyone comfortable! Don’t show naked or with dangerous objects and you are golden.

      Keep it up SLCC! ^_^

  136. Rosemary says : Reply

    Most of these seem very conducive to Cosplay shenanigans, although I do think that Nerf and particularly airsoft guns should only be allowed if ammo is left at home. Airsoft guns can leave welts or bruise depending on range. With so many attendees, it seems only fair to minimize the risk of injury, particularly since airsoft triggers get increasingly sensitive as the guns get older.

    Thanks for all you do!

  137. Shelby says : Reply

    I believe wood weapons should be allowed. A lot of people make their own weapons with wood and that. As long add they are not hitting/attacking anyone else with it, it should be alright. Same with staffs, most people just carry them around or use them as walking sticks.
    Bare feet should be the risk of the person deciding to go without shoes. I understand that most places do it to avoid injury, but people get their feet stepped on even with shoes. Outside for sure they would need shoes due to not knowing what they could step on. But they could bring a pair, just in case.
    Weapons purchased that are real, should be allowed to be put away in someone’s car if they have parked under the Salt Palace. Especially if they aren’t leaving soon. It would be put in the trunk out of sight and shouldn’t be a problem then.
    That’s all I have. ^^

  138. Kat Raines says : Reply

    Wooden Swords: Every convention that I have been to has allowed wooden swords. It’s the only alternative to real metal and it’s kind of strange being a character that uses them and to have them missing. I know I would not fully feel in character while playing Levi from SNK without my gear and swords. How am I suppose to defend our convention from titans without them. I can’t just clean up every mess with a duster.

    Bare feet: Is a huge no no in my option. No convention that I have been to has allowed it. There is always some way to seem like you’re wearing bare feet without actually doing so. There are dancers bare claws(they only cover the ball of your foot and protect it), clear shoes, shoe covers, and many other options. Shoes were created for a reason. To protect. I wouldn’t want anyone getting something in their feet because they weren’t wearing any sort of protection. And shoes can always come off for pictures.

  139. Mike says : Reply

    Ultimately it should depend on safety. Airsoft guns etc that aren’t loaded won’t pose a danger to anybody. Metal weapons are more of a grey area, I like the age requirement idea. Wooden weapons are fine. Thermo-Nuclear devices… well, it all depends on how cleverly they can be hidden. There could be reavers, reapers, brotherhood, hydra, and any number of other organizations present. We’ve gotta be prepared, afterall.

  140. MBJ says : Reply

    I would love to see a 12 years and under category for the contest. My daughter is so excited to dress up and be part of this, but I know her skills (and budget) can’t compete with some adults.
    She has been working for months on her costume ideas!!

  141. Sue Grace Miller says : Reply

    These rules seem pretty standard, however what are the parameters as far as to what is considered too revealing? We really to see example pictures of these overly revealing costumes! Just so we can make sure that we don’t don any offending clothing he he he !( That’s my story & I’m sticking to it ;-).

  142. Rachelle Hearn says : Reply

    I sincerely and thankfully applaud the no nudity rule, including specifying that body paint is not considered bein g covered up. Families with children will really appreciate this. I take my kids and it’s awkward trying to avoid people dressed too scantily or only covered by body paint. Great costumes don’t need to be revealing! I think bare feet are fine. Nerf guns and air guns are maybe OK as long as they don’t have ammo and don’t fire, because I can see some guests getting brave and hitting other guests inadvertently. I think the wooden staffs are fine and I think wooden swords are fine. I appreciate safety measures so all guests can enjoy themselves. I’m very excited for this convention! Thank you so much. :)

  143. Robert M says : Reply

    I suppose barefeet would be ok, though not very hygenic on their part

  144. Nona L. says : Reply

    Wooden staves are an integral part of many costumes. They definitely should be allowed.

  145. John Rakowski says : Reply

    To go over the Highlighted items.

    Bare feet: Nope, too much of a liability. Not everyone will understand the idea of “at your own risk.” and it might begin to tread on legal issues.

    Nerf guns: They can make great costume props. But if any of them are modified with better springs and then shot, especially at the face, they can cause harm. Consider peace bonds for them too.

    AirSoft guns: Same as the Nerf guns, but I would definitely peace bond them. Also require any realistic looking ones to have the orange caps.

    Wooden Sword: Wooden swords can hurt a lot. But so can other materials. I would say at least make sure it was peace bonded.

    Wooden Staff: This one I am a little on the fence about. While a wooden staff isn’t that much different from a wooden sword or bat (which is disallowed). I can understand the quality real wood brings to the costume especially if the staff needs to be crooked or knobby. Given that, I have made a realistic wooden-looking staff from PVC.
    I say, if you disallow wooden swords, then you might just need to disallow wooden staffs too.

    I would also like to make the comment that it was very unnerving to not be allowed something like a knife into FanX, but then see several booths with sharp knifes for sale. None of which were in any sort of packaging, and were not being monitored by the vendor staff. They had bins of them arranged in a wall facing AWAY from the vendor. How would anyone working that booth realize someone pocketed/stole a knife with ill-intent?
    Just a suggestion, that if ANY vendors sell anything that is banned for participants to bring in, it needs to be closely monitored and within sight of the vendor at all times.

    Thanks for always putting on an amazing and safe event.

  146. Andrew says : Reply

    Walking around the salt palace in bare feet is disgusting, but if they want to do it, it really only poses a risk to themselves so why not allow it. People should be responsible for their own stupidity. Airsoft weapons, too much like real guns, and if it had ammo could cause some significant pain, so ban those, unless clearly and permanently disabled, such as removing the mechanisms so that it could not fire. Nerf guns should not be allowed dart or balls to shoot, but otherwise should be allowed, as it provides an alternative for prop guns that people will not mistake for real ones.

    I feel strongly that wooden weapons should be allowed as long as they are not pointy or sharp as to cause a possible accident. So wooden knifes, forbidden, a staff allowed. The thing should be to minimize accidents. If someone wants to do harm there is very little to avoid it, but you should take everyone’s safety into consideration when allowing things in. Ask yourself what is the worst accident that could be involved in this, and how likely is it to happen. Carrying a sharp sword and accidentally poking someone with it in a crown of 100,000 people, very likely. Poking someone with a staff, not so big a deal. If it makes a reasonable person feel uncomfortable around you, don’t allow it/don’t bring it.

    Costumes that are too revealing needs to have more direction. If you are going to be so specific in the rest of the rules, be specific here. Since everyone has different standards, the standards that you are holding people to should be spelled out a little better. Slave Leia, will that be allowed? if not why not. What about ripped shirts or muscle shirts or even no shirts for men? If we can ask people to use common sense here we can ask people to use common sense elsewhere. I don’t like the idea that people could go to one door and be judged by one standard for costumes and go to a different door and be judged by different standards because it is up to the individual if it is too revealing.

    Last comment enforce the “Do not display your weapons or props in a threatening or menacing manner.” with some sense, if people are taking pictures and its reasonable don’t come down on them because that is part of the fun. But pointing sticks and guns at random people, makes people feel threatened or uncomfortable, don’t allow that.

  147. Rebecca Singleton says : Reply

    Bare feet no big deal, they take the risk by choice. Staffs and walking sticks should be allowed. Inoperable nerf and air soft guns are good. A minimum requirement for costumes should include a swimsuit clause. Wooden swords could be made unable to draw, stay sheathed or attached to a belt.

  148. Matt Damon says : Reply

    Paintball guns should be allowed if airsoft are, or even if airsoft isn’t. Paintball guns are insanely easy to make safe, just remove the co2 tank and it’s completely harmless. Also wooden swords and staffs should definitely be allowed, dulled metal as well. I mean SDCC definitely has you beat, there only rule is your weapon must inoperable, so, no ammo, dulled swords, short arrows that can’t be fired, they even allow sharp swords as long as they are ziptied in a fashion that they can’t be drawn.

  149. Benjamin Harris says : Reply

    Bare feet: One of the first rules of the theatre: Protect your feet. Nobody cares how thick your hairy hobbit soles are, and we will not be responsible when you when you get stepped on by a Guardian who was pushed by the Bounty Hunter who was staring at the Black Widow who was definitely (probably) more interested in your personality than your feet anyway.
    Nerf guns are allowed. Nerf ammo is not.
    Airsoft guns are not allowed. Carry all the ammo you want.
    This way, it really doesn’t matter who shot first, nobody gets hurt.
    Wooden accoutrements are fair game, such as staffs and melee weapons, excepting functional bows or staffs charged with any spell with a range greater than “personal.” Please remember, its not the size of the sword but how you use it. Beyond friendly posing and simple brandishing, please no flourishing, flurrying, ganking, spearing, runnin with scissors or any other pointy object, double strikes, multi strikes, power attacks, rages (this includes, but is not limited to berserker, barbarian, and Wookiee), sneak attacks, lines, cones, bursts, whirlwinds, decapitations, disintegrations, or other feats of violence that are all good fun til somebody loses an eye.
    Where can I pick up those multipasses?

  150. Matea says : Reply

    Bare Feet: should not be allowed except for performances in the competition (cosplay competition) on stage
    Nerf Guns: yes but no ammunition
    Air soft Guns: yes but no ammunition
    Wooden Staffs: yes but no mock fights, solo posing and mock fights on stage for the cosplay competition
    Wooden Swords: same as the wooden staffs
    Thermal Nuclear Devices: should check them at the door and then they can meet the avengers, the justice league, and all the other galatic earth saving agencies (that are compentint)

  151. Crystal says : Reply

    Wood should most definitely be allowed as all other cons allow it.

    As for the worry they could hurt as much as metal, almost anything can hurt if swung hard enough. Even my foam shield after it’s been fiber glassed is extremely hard. You’d have to ban everything including metal strollers if you’re worried about people getting hit with them.

    I agree that you should copy other con’s cosplay rules because it’s not very fair to be more strict especially with the professional cosplayers coming, you would have to restrict their prop/cosplays as well with these rules.

  152. Sarah says : Reply

    Bare feet can be gross (wo knows what you’ll step in) and painful but ultimately the decision should be left up to the cosplayers. If liability is an issue have them sign a waiver.
    I feel wooden swords and staffs should be permitted and that we really can’t be biased against thermo-nuclear devices, can we?
    Air soft guns and nerf guns are fine with me as long as they can’t fire.
    I hope decisions are made soon so those of us that need to make changes/alterations can do so with plenty of time before the con.

  153. Jez says : Reply

    So …
    I have a bow that is strung with some cheap elastic (rubber band). It can fire things but for a very short distance, since the elastic is really hard to pull on. I will have prop arrows that are rubber tipped, but they’re there for looks and staying in the quiver. I’m not gonna be firing anything. I wonder if I’m gonna have to restring the bow. :(

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      The bow itself will be fine. We just ask that all arrows be untipped and zip tied or attached to the quiver in some way that they will not be able to be drawn at all.

  154. Ryan says : Reply

    So I read the part about metal weapons, but what about other metal props? I own a metal replica of Captain America’s shield, but its the opposite of pointy… it could actually protect me from pointy things. Would metal items such as this be allowed?

  155. Keegan says : Reply

    I feel that there should be no issue with wooden weapons, or nerf/air soft weapons. Rather than banning the weapons, the policy should clearly state discharging any weapon, or striking another attendee with a weapon, will result in ejection from the event and criminal prosecution. Assault is assault, and we don’t need to go making things more complicated than that.

  156. Cassie says : Reply

    Suggestion as far as any cosplay contests that might happen- please have CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS as to how to enter and what steps to follow. Also educate your staff/volunteers about said contests. I put way too much work into my costumes for little pay off because no one could tell me where to go, who to talk to or even what times what took place last time.

  157. Lehi Jenks says : Reply

    Here are my suggestions:
    2. … Costumes should cover at minimum as much as a semi conservative two piece swimsuit, this is not an exact standard and individual body and costume style may affect appropriateness. Buttocks must be fully covered and genitals should not be distinguishable. …
    3. Bare feet are allowed but discouraged on the event floor, do so at your own risk of injury or infection. Flip flops at least are suggested.
    4. All military, law enforcement, and other emergence service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.

    5. Nerf guns are allowed but must not be loaded at any time. Air-soft guns are allowed but must be rendered inoperable.
    6. Low powered lasers may be used as props but must never be pointed near anyone’s face or used to disrupt presentations.
    7. … Metal rods and wires may be used for supports in props but must not be sharp. Small, light, blunt, metal objects like Sonic Screwdrivers and Lightsaber handles are allowed but must not be functional. Light metal chains may be used in non weapon, jewelry and costumes.
    10. Wooden swords, staffs, etc are allowed but must not have any sharp points or edges. Wands are allowed but must not be functional.
    11. …Foam or plastic bats may have wooden or aluminum handles.
    12. Wood or metal crutches, canes, and support braces are allowed, as are stilts and frames for digitigrade legs or articulated wings, and similar devices.
    13. Explosives of any kind are not allowed. This includes Thermo-nuclear devices. Replicas should be easily distinguished from the real thing. Functional Holy Hand Grenades are right out.
    18. … or dropped off with the weapons valet program.

  158. DJ Morrell says : Reply

    I see no problem with wooden swords or staffs as long as the are not sharp and are checked before going in I spent a lot of money on a wood sword as to avoid metal and now I might not be able to take it very disappointing and it ruins the excitement of getting to cosplay I really hope you guys decide to allow them in

  159. Andrew says : Reply

    Nerf and barefeet yes airsoft as long as it disabled and unable to fire yes. Thermonuclear devices as long as long as as the detonator is disabled I’m fine .

  160. Taylor says : Reply

    Any and all firearms that are brought in should follow all set rules. And everyone should follow safety rules, for good practice. The main one being; keep your finger off the trigger. This will prevent some people who are jumpy around guns to firmly believe that the firearm is truly incapable of shooting any sort of projectile.

    Airsoft guns may be brought as a prop, as long as they do not have a magazine or clip as if they don’t have those, they are incapable of shooting. This should be checked at the weapons booth by someone who knows what they are doing with airsoft guns.

    Also, please encourage everyone to point their guns in a safe direction, which is up or down, not at people. Pictures are obviously different, but just walking around, follow that rule.

    Bare feet?

    Good and bad idea, there are a ton of people, if you’re willing to bruise, break, or maim your feet, then go for it. Your choice. In my opinion.

  161. Alli says : Reply

    So… Wooden wands (Harry P style) are okay right? I promise not to poke anybody’s eyeballs with it.

    And foam shields are okay, yes?

  162. Jorge says : Reply

    I have two suggestions about costumes. Wooden, plastic, and other non-metal weapons should not be banned. For the last events in SLC, wooden props were not banned, and it made costumes look amazing. I am comfident the amount of security, police supervision, and people’s own vigilance will suffice to maintain peace and order during this event.

    Another suggestion, more events for cosplayers, maybe even a dance with an actual DJ? I dunno. I’m too old for that, but the younger audience members would probably make use of this.

    Thanks for taking our feedback.


  163. Logan says : Reply

    I believe that airsoft guns should be allowed under certain rules. I think all batteries, Co2, and green gas should be removed from the gun, and if need be you could make it so you needed an orange tip. Some people take off the orange tips, so it can not be see during ‘war-games’, or airsoft games. I really want these props to be allowed because my cosplay includes two of them.

  164. Amber says : Reply

    On number 5, I hope that it has some common sense leeway? Even in the swastikas example provided, you can cause issues with a number of things with an Indian or Tibetan flare. Most religiously affiliated symbols can arguably fall into this category as well as “mystical” ones. Be it crosses, crucifixes, crescents, pentegrams, runes… Things often incorporated into characters’ design.

  165. Chris Lawrence says : Reply

    What about wooden wands? Like from Harry Potter. Are they allowed?

  166. I think that LotR style staffs should bore allowed for the Simple fact that Chin goers might actually require the aid of a came or walking stick. As for bare feet, I agree that you should allow them for those who address cosplaying hobbits

  167. Meg says : Reply

    Shoes should be worn, they make a flip flop like shoe that just sticks to the bottom of your foot if you want to appear barefoot. Many different hings fan be spread through the feet, and it will also prevent injury if eceryone had shoes on.

    As for weapon, they should be allowed. People work hard to make heir weapons and most just have them to show off and enhance their costumes. Wooden weapons are just as dangerous as plastic so there ahould not be a restriction on that. I think it would be more logical to have rules about using weapons, such as if a weapon is raised to or used on another attendee you will be ejected from the convention. I think the only weapons that should not be allowed are sharp metal blades.

  168. Al says : Reply

    Thank you for getting rid of that rule that required swords to be tied onto the costume. I was very disappointed when I found that out last year and it was the main reason why I was originally planning on not attending this year since all but one of my costumes involve an unsheathed sword.

    I would prefer that wood swords are allowed. Wood is one of the best option for long narrow swords when it comes to hall cosplay. With a long narrow blade, cardboard and foam will be too flimsy, and metal swords are quite a bit heavier than their wooden counter parts of the same volume. Honestly, a dull wooden prop sword made from a low density wood is not going to be more dangerous than a sword made of solid plastic.

    Also wooden baseball bats are not the same as wooden prop swords. One is designed to hit things the other to look pretty. They are made of very different types of wood and the weight distribution makes bats harder to control. Based on experience and what I’ve seen other people use and recommend, wooden cosplay swords are generally made from white pine, poplar, or some other low density, easy to work with wood. Baseball bats are made from ash or maple which have a much higher density.

  169. Savanah says : Reply

    Cover your body parts. “No costume” is not a costume. “Paint” is not a costume, either. No intentional or unintentional “wardrobe malfunctions” allowed. Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments. If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change.
    I think guys without a shirt/open shirt is completely ok based on there cos play. I also believe that that wardrobe malfunctions like ripped pants are ok based on the cos play ex the Hulk should have rips in his clothes. I think as long as they can prove it’s for a cos play the costume should be able to match the character as long as there is no female nipples, or male/female lower parts showing. Some comics have guys shirtless and girls wearing just barely more than a bra as long as all inappropriate body parts are covered who cares? !?

    Bare feet: To be determined.
    Should be allowed at users own risk. Many cos play characters are bare footed. And a lot of women cos play characters wear heels but after time your feet need a break from the heels.

    Please, no signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched. We want everyone to feel comfortable.
    I see nothing wrong with a free hugs sign it shows that the cos player is approachable as well as the Free hug movement is a good thing not a bad thing, see website for more information On a side note Google hug facts 98% are positive things.

    All prop firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles and have an orange cap on the barrel. Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden. BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, blow guns and water guns and their accompanying ammunition will NOT be permitted.
    As long as no ammunition is allowed and guns have an orange cap I see no reason why BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, blow guns and water guns should be bannedNerf guns: To be determined.
    Should be allowed.

    Air-soft guns: To be determined.
    Should be allowed.

    Wooden swords: To be determined.
    Should be allowed.

    A wooden staff, similar to those found in “Lord of the Rings”: To be determined.
    Should be allowed.

    Thermo-nuclear devices: To be determined.
    Should be allowed, as long as are properly inspected and aren’t a real threat.

    Do not display your weapons or props in a threatening or menacing manner.
    I think as long as it it for a photo prop it is fine as long as the cos player(s), anyone in the photo, and the photographer knows it’s just for the camera, and the cos player (s) goes back to a non threatening manor right after. They can make some of the funnest photos.

  170. shannene23 says : Reply

    Like last year the rules are fab! As for the free feet thing it should be left up to the people to decide if the continued survival of their toes is more important than a authentic costume. The wooden sword/staff should be allowed to a certain degree, no sharp edges of course (god forbid there is a spree of splinters) and maybe weed the ones that weigh a certain amount an those that don’t have sanded down edges, points and ends out.

  171. Tammy says : Reply

    I am considering a cosplay for this con but really have no idea what to do. I have no money to but anything but I think I could make something up. It’s good to know the rules ahead if time invade there was an issue. Thanks!

  172. Faith Gudgell says : Reply

    I attended the FanXperience in April. I feel like your rules are not strict. Any type of wooden weapon needs to be sanded and probably not swung around when they walk through the halls. So, the person shouldn’t fling the weapon onto their shoulders (I nearly got hit by a wooden staff). And I feel like you guys, as the directors who put this convention together, have a remark to your rules. Any type of weapon is lethal. Even if the gun is unloaded or its plastic. It can still hurt someone. Cosplayers should be careful with their props.

  173. Chris Monroe says : Reply

    Please do not take away from what makes comic cons so special! I completely agree with age restrictions on certain items as being safe above all is most important! But adults need to have the freedom to accessorize their cosplays however they see fit. Just restrict the type of materials actually used not the weapons themselves, i.e. foam sword good, sharp steel sword bad :). Just don’t take away the great qualities that make this so special!

    Thank you.

  174. Clarissa says : Reply

    I feel there should be a general rule that goes something like this-

    If you wouldn’t wear it, hold it, or say it in front of a police officer/law enforcement, don’t.

    If you wouldn’t wear that costume or hold that weapon in front of a cop, don’t have it at the convention.

    For example, if I was stark naked, waving around what looks like a real gun or metal sword, screaming profanities, what would happen to me? I’d be apprehended in moments.

    The convention security are essentially acting as cops. They exist to make sure we are all comfortable, safe, and protected. So treat convention security with respect as a police officer and if they ask you to cover up, put something away, or leave, you should do so without argument.

  175. Tori says : Reply

    What about take claws, like with Wolverine and Nepeta?

  176. Tabbi says : Reply

    Bare Feet- Last year two young boys dressed as hobbits. They wore flip-flops as they sported their hairy feet. It did not take away from their costumes in the least. Also saw a Jack Frost costume and it was the same thing. “At your own risk” is an iffy thing nowadays. Though a majority of us would enjoy the ability to have bare feet. As for safety on that a bare foot is going to be just as damaged from being rolled over/ stepped on, as a flip-flop clad foot. I am torn on this as their are pros/cons to both sides.

    Wooden Swords/Staffs- As long as ruling is strict on the drawing/swinging of such weapons. It should be allowed. I am currently working on a staff for my elven caster costume and I’d hate to have driven for hours in the mountain the other day to have “my perfect stick find” be nothing but time wasted. If worried about these being used as a means of harming others make a weight requirement or something? Nothing as dense as a bokken or bat.

    Air-soft/ nerf guns- Should be allowed as long as they cannot be fired. Many other comments have great suggestions on this.

    Thermo nuclear weapons- Allowed with “to the risk of all within the city and that surrounding” signs posted of course. ^_^

    As for the “cover your parts” rule. Maybe have staff be a bit more cutthroat on this rule. A couple of the costumes I saw last year were a bit much. Nipple pasties and paint should not be a means of coverage. There were so many children around. Be considerate. Your costume should not make other people uncomfortable. Come on ladies! You can cover up and still look good.

  177. Matt says : Reply

    Bare feet should be allowed. Everyone who doesn’t have bare feet should be unconcerned, since they are protected, and those going shoeless know the risks and willingly accept them by going barefoot.

    Long wood staffs should be allowed, cuz they’re totally dope and as dangerous as a fist.

    I’d probably ban air soft guns/gas guns, since the people wielding them are usually clueless. Real guns would be safer, seeing as most carriers of real guns have training and respect a weapon and aren’t a bunch of teenagers running around pulling the trigger on their airsoft weapons. Boo on them.

  178. Aaron Fyffe says : Reply

    On the matter of barefeet, I strongly believe in the artistic freedom given to people to drees in the manner of their choosing as long as it does not interfere with others. However, due to the environment of the event I believe it would be in the best interest to require some form of covering on the sole due to safety and health standards.

    No tolerance policy on thermo nuclear devices. For everone’s sake

    As far as prop weapons are concerned I believe that they should be allowed as long as they are checked by staff. because let’s face it, 90% of all characters are eithermost recognizable by their weapons or their weapon is why you want to cosplay them in the first place. I know violence may occur but frankly if somebody is going to commit violence they will.

  179. Andy says : Reply

    I honestly thought that wooden staves ie. Gandalf were already allowed. I have an epic staff made of wood that I’d like to bring, and honestly it would break if I tried to use it in actual combat so I would like to see that one be approved. Frankly I think that weapons made of wood regardless of what it is should be allowed. As to nerf/airsoft guns I suggest that you do the same thing that Fantasy-Con did, which is allow them on the condition that they don’t have a clip and can’t function/fire. My opinion on bare feet is that it should be allowed but that it’s done on “at your own risk” terms.

  180. Brandi says : Reply

    As far as costumes, I think that as long as the genital areas are covered, it should be fine. Like if you would wear it to the beach, you should be able to wear it to the con. Yes there are children around, but as long as it covers approximately the same as a bathing suit would, I don’t see a problem with it.

    As far as the weapons. I think that so long as there is no ammunition and they have the orange cap it should be allowed. Airsoft guns, nerf guns whatever. Airsoft guns and Nerf guns are made of the exact same materials that are approved for prop weapons so I don’t see why they would be banned if prop weapons are not. Most people commonly modify the appearance of airsoft and nerf guns for their cosplays, and so as long as all weapons are examined upon con entrance and there is no ammunition, I think they should be fine.

    Wooden swords and staffs should be approved. Current rules state that all blades must be peacebonded anyway don’t they? so I don’t see what the material has to do with it. Wooden staffs should be approved as long as they have no rough edges, no one wants splinters.

  181. maggie says : Reply

    This just eliminated The Utah Browncoats!!! Many of us have REPLICA guns made of METAL of the specific make that was used in the Firefly / Serenity / Comics series. I understand hammers and scissors. Swung around carelessly, they could cause damage. Even then, if attached so as not to be drawn would solve the hammer problem. But a REPLICA old western gun??? Far too restrictive. Replica guns & rifles should be allowed with proper identification. Let’s not discourage cosplayers traveling to Utah who might decide to go elsewhere because we got “all-uptight” on yet another ATF policy. Two key words here solve the problem and keep it simple: “rendered useless”:

  182. Carl H. says : Reply

    I think foam-dart and airsoft guns should be fine with out ammo. you could mark them as “empty” or “not loaded” with masking tape signed by an inspector at the seam or some kind of temporary seal sticker; across the magazine or mechanism that shows the attendee hasn’t attempted to remove the mag or otherwise load the gun. as for wooden staffs as long as they are only walking stick type and follow the no threating gestures rule I don’t see a problem

  183. Benjamin Harris says : Reply

    If you have one, you deserve to show it off. Thermonuclear devices are permitted. Please note: Maximum output > 1.21 Gigawatts. “Show off” is different from “Set off;” Failure to follow this rule will result in getting us all killed – or worse, expelled. It’s a lose-lose-lose as they say. …nobody says that. We say that.

  184. Sarah says : Reply

    Past five and no update…

  185. Bryan says : Reply

    I think that in regards to airsoft weaponry that it is a good idea that these firearms are to not be able to shoot projectiles. However putting wax inside of a barrel of a weapon is not the best idea for some weaponry may be used outside of the convention and people don’t want to replace a potentially expensive barrel for their weapon. If the weapon doesn’t have projectiles and/or the internals were modified to where the weapon cannot shoot should be well within precautions to prevent accidents with these weapons. Also no acception for CO2 canisters and gas/propellant removed from the weapon and no refills of said gas brought it. Definite on the weapon checks and orange tips. Safety’s always on as well. If any regards to what I have to say, just reply.

  186. Josh says : Reply

    So I have a non firing Webley Mark IV .38 revolver with a red plug in the barrel for my CPT Jack Harkness costume. Am I understanding correctly that this will not be allowed since it is made of a metal material?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      That is correct. We will not allow metal weapons of any kind at our event. All prop weapons need to be rendered completely inoperable and be made of approved materials, approved materials being, plastic, cardboard, or foam.

  187. Al says : Reply

    So do swords made from approved materials need a sheath or not?

    Also why are only staves specified to be used as decoration and not to be used as a weapon? Isn’t that true of all props? Or am I misunderstanding the meaning of that statement?

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      Yes, if your sword is made of approved materials (plastic, cardboard or foam) it does not need to be sheathed. That statement is to say, that if you are cosplaying as Gandalf you can bring a stave, however, you can not bring a stave if it is supposed to be representing a weapon. Think walking sticks :)

  188. Morii-Chan says : Reply

    So, just to be clear, because i am a bit confused. Are bare feet allowed or not allowed?

  189. Mary says : Reply

    Does a fishing rod count as a weapon?

  190. dj morrell says : Reply

    The wooden swords policy is lame and this will probably be the last salt lake comic con i go to. Completely taking all the fun out of cosplay my sword is to big to strap to my costume and I wasted 120.00 on thank you salt lake for ruining a fun event

  191. Karen says : Reply

    Its 7, where are the finalized rules ?!

  192. Nate Bertelsen says : Reply

    So do sonic screwdrivers count as weapons? They’re pretty much a weird looking flashlight that makes noise.

  193. Erika McKinney says : Reply

    What about Acrylic and/or Resin swords/staves/arrow tops that look like ice if they are not too pointy and affixed to the costume? Trying to be white walkers ! :)

  194. Erika McKinney says : Reply

    Acrylic and thin plexiglass are plastic so are they ok if not pointy? Also, what about bones? Old cow shoulder blade on the end of an old stick wrapped in leather (think caveman) clearly affixed to the waist of the costume and not removeable..not useable just for show? Or a bow made out of cow rib bones that ckearly cannot be used ever?

  195. Jeff T says : Reply

    what’s the rules about nerf guns (inability to fire, or unable to chamber a dart)

    • Salt Lake Comic Con says : Reply

      As long as they are made completely of plastic and they are unable to fire (no ammo, and the chamber full of wax or a similar material) they are acceptable.

  196. Dirk Strider says : Reply

    Is is ok to have a plastic sword stuck “in” my stomach?

  197. Andrea Loya says : Reply

    I’m making a Big Sister from Bioshock 2,and a friend is making a Little Sister, and it wouldn’t be the same without the needle on the arm part for the Adam extractor, would it be ok to use a wooden dowel (unsharpened) for the needle part of the prop? Or do I need to find a different material to work it with?

  198. Tabbi says : Reply

    I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

  199. Josh says : Reply

    Would a gun made from resin be allowed?

  200. At FanX I recall seeing a few vendors selling metal swords, are those exempt from the no metal weapons rules?

    • Bryton Sampson says : Reply

      If you buy a sword you need to keep it in the packaging, and take it out of the convention center as soon as possible.

  201. Al says : Reply

    I heard that the weapons have to be all plastic is that true? I have a Air soft gun that does not work but has metal parts to it. The stock and the forward stock are plastic but the rest of it is metal. Will it be allowed in?

  202. Ryan says : Reply

    You have just eliminated all adult prop lightsabers as well. most of them are made of some sort of metal. even just the hilt without the blade.

    • Bryton Sampson says : Reply

      10. Small, lightweight, metal objects like Sonic Screwdrivers, Lightsaber handles and umbrellas and wooden wands a la “Harry Potter” are allowed, but must not be used as functional weapons. These items will all be subject to weapons check.

      • Ryan says : Reply

        Ok so hilts (handles) only are allowed. So what about a light up lightsaber? That hilt is metal as it houses batteries and the wires to ignite the LEDs in the plastic blade. Metal is Metal. Allow all of it or none of it.

        If the weapons check-in is securing (zip tie) all weapons so that none can be drawn, then why couldn’t metal be allowed. Did something happen at the last con that justified the change in whats allowed?

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