CosPlay Rules

Online Registration for the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplay Contests will be available very soon.


Salt Lake Comic Con encourages attendees to show their enthusiasm by dressing for the event. We challenge you to surprise us with amazing costumes. We want to make it fun and safe for all attendees so please carefully read our Cosplay rules and guidelines.


Event Floor Cosplay Rules:

1. Use common sense
2. Cover your body parts. No intentional or unintentional “wardrobe malfunctions” allowed.
3. Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments.
4. Do not wear any uniforms that may too realistic. You should not be confused with official law enforcement.
5. Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols, will not be tolerated at Salt Lake Comic Con.
6. Please no signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched.
7. No “drive-by” hugging with strangers. We want everyone to feel comfortable.

If you’re not within guidelines, you will be asked to cover up.



Weapons Policy:

No functional weapons are allowed at Comic Con. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to prior approval by security and compliance with the following guidelines:
1. All costume weapons must be inspected at the Weapons Check Desk
2. All costume weapons must conform to state and federal law
3. Projectile costume weapons must be rendered inoperable (air-soft guns are allowed as long as they are modified to be inoperable)
4. Costume swords must be tied to your costume in such a way that they can’t be drawn
5. Weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons; all prop firearms must have an orange cap on the barrel and projectiles are forbidden.
6. Metal weapons are not permitted. Prop weapons should be made of lightweight materials such as foam, cardboard or plastic.
7. Do not display your weapons or props in a threatening manner. Security and convention personnel will be monitoring the convention floor.
8. Keep weapons in convention areas. If you leave the Con premises, please put away any and all prop weaponry.
9. Any prohibited weapons purchased or won at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX must be securely packaged and immediately removed from the convention center and its premises.
10. All prop weapons purchased at the convention must be approved by Salt Lake Comic Con security if they are to carried during the convention. These weapons must also adhere to the above guidelines.

After each person’s costume weapon has been checked, it will be tagged by security. You will be given a wristband to designate that your weapon has been checked.

Security will escort you to the security station for inspection if your costume is not tagged. If you do not want to have your costume weapons inspected and tagged, or if you are unwilling to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume weapons.

***All Rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice. ***



Salt Lake Comic Con 2014: September 4-6

Expo Hall Hours:
Thursday: 2PM-8PM
(Gold/VIP: 1PM-8PM)
Friday: 11AM-7PM
(Gold/VIP: 10AM-7PM)
Saturday: 10AM-7PM
(Gold/VIP: 9:30AM-7PM)
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